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Ornn Build Guide by J98TheGreat

Jungle [11.24] Ram Jam In The River

Jungle [11.24] Ram Jam In The River

Updated on December 26, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author J98TheGreat Build Guide By J98TheGreat 12 4 17,733 Views 1 Comments
12 4 17,733 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author J98TheGreat Ornn Build Guide By J98TheGreat Updated on December 26, 2021
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Runes: Mitigation 1

1 2 3 4 5
Font of Life

Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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The Best Choice
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Build These During Clear

Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

[11.24] Ram Jam In The River

By J98TheGreat
Why You Should Play Ornn

Ornn might be a late-game champion, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t have a good early-game impact. Just like if he wins a lane top and influences the map with teleport, having Ornn in the jungle for the team can provide extra stats (roughly 1000 gold worth per item) and an explosive team fight potential. Sure, you might level up a bit slower, but you can roam much more and not be locked into the lane as much. His Call of the Forge God (R) can completely dismantle an enemy engage or make a brutal advantage for your own engage. Ornn Can also deal a hefty amount of max health damage with his Bellows Breath (W) and have a wide knock-up area on his Searing Charge (E) for a very deadly combo. He is an extremely proactive and aggressive champ that can turn the tide of a fight.

How Viable Is This?

With Ornn not locked to a lane, he can influence the game much more. He has a very healthy full clear record of 3:16 and can get boots earlier than any other jungle champ. The new tank mythic passives allow his mid to late game clear to be more viable.

His ganks can be quite useful as he ganks top lane well and you can get better at that by playing him there before you play him in the jungle. His mid ganks can be fairly convenient as the four straight walls are very useful tools to use to your advantage. His bot ganks are especially useful as locking down an enemy adc for free hits or even going for both of them if at all possible can help decide an even lane by allowing for your team to hit the first level 6 in that lane if done early enough.

You have unique opportunities with the terrain around you that forces the enemy to stay actively aware of how you might catch them near a wall, but with a great deal of experience sometimes the width of your Searing Charge (E) is too much for the enemy player to escape from.

This will not be an amazing idea to climb solo/duo within ranks lower than master considering you will have to have a lot of faith in people you don’t know or you might be more familiar with the players in master, grandmaster, and challenger queues to know if they will play well with it. Not knowing who you’re playing with can sometimes hinder if this is viable in terms of solo/duo, but if you are queued with someone you trust mid-lane to consistently win lane or not throw, that would be your best chance for this to work. If you want the very best results, full draft, ranked flex, or clash queues would be much better as it offers a consistent team that you can rely on.

Living Forge (Passive)

Innate: Ornn increases bonus armor, bonus magic resistance, and bonus health by 10% from all sources, further increased by 4% each time he upgrades a mythic item into a masterwork item.

(For example, a 150 health ruby crystal before your level 13 upgrade gives 165 health instead.)

Innate - Living Forge: Ornn can purchase non-consumable items from anywhere on the field by forging them himself, and is also presented a forge menu with his recommended items to select to be forged. Forging channels for 4 seconds and the process is interrupted if Ornn takes damage from enemy champions or turrets, disabling Living Forge for a few seconds.

Innate - Master Craftsman: When Ornn reaches level 13, the Mythic item he owns is upgraded for free. Additionally, for each level after 13 (levels 14, 15, 16, and 17, excluding 18), Ornn can upgrade one of an allied champion’s mythic item by selecting them within 600 range. Each masterwork item has roughly 1000 gold worth of additional stats.

(As soon as you start an ally upgrade, they can immediately start walking away. Not all people know this when playing with you so if you’re speaking to each other tell them.)

Innate - Temper: Ornn’s basic attacks Brittle enemies and knock them back for a short distance.

(Brittle is a status effect that can be applied by Ornn’s Bellows Breath (W) and Call of the Forge God (R). It temporarily reduces the affected unit’s tenacity by 30% and ends prematurely when they become immobilized. Anathema’s Chains reduces the Nemesis’ tenacity by 20% while at maximum stacks of Vendetta. This stacks multiplicatively with brittle for a total of -56% tenacity. Any tenacity below -100% increases the duration of crowd control.)

Brittle effects the duration of Ornn and his allies’ immobilizing effects against enemies with Brittle will consume the debuff to deal 10%-18% (based on Ornn’s level) of their maximum health as bonus magic damage, capped at 250 against monsters, and lasting 30% longer.

Volcanic Rupture (Q)
Sending the Infernal Drake a warning, ca. 5:02

Active: Ornn slams the ground, sending a fissure in the target direction that stops at maximum range or 200 units behind the first enemy champion struck, dealing physical damage to enemies within its path and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds.

After 1.125 seconds, a magma pillar then erupts at its ending point, knocking aside enemies within and lingering as impassable terrain for 4 seconds.

The pillar will not expire while Ornn is charging with Searing Charge (E).

Bellows Breath (W)
Burning a... tree thing, ca. 1:32

Active: Ornn marches in the target direction for 0.75 seconds, gaining displacement immunity, becoming unable to act, and reducing his movement speed by 35% for the duration.

Over the march, he belches fire over a cone in front of him, dealing magic damage every 0.15 seconds to enemies within. The final gout of flame will apply Brittle for 3 seconds.

Bellows Breath has a minimum damage threshold, which is also the damage dealt to minions. Monsters take modified damage as well.

Searing Charge (E)
Failed clear w/ floating Blue Sentinel, ca. 2:45

Active: Ornn charges a fixed distance in the target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies he passes through, stopping upon colliding with terrain.

If Ornn collides with terrain while charging he creates a shockwave upon impact that deals the same damage to nearby enemies and knocks them up and stuns them for 1.25 seconds. Enemies can only be damaged once by Searing Charge.

The shockwave destroys the pillar formed by Volcanic Rupture and partially destroys terrain created by enemy champions.

(This destroys about half of the Jarvan IV ultimate, the whole Trundle E (including removing the slow zone, a roughly 2 champion wide segment of Taliyah R, the whole Yorick W, the whole Anivia W, the whole Azir R if hit in the middle.)

Call of the Forge God (R)
Waking up the Scuttler, ca. 6:27

Active: Ornn sounds his horn over the cast time, after which a lava elemental is summoned at maximum range from the target direction that stampedes towards his casting position for 3000 range at increasing speed, dealing magic damage to enemies within its path and slowing them for 2 seconds. The slow scales with the distance traveled by the elemental, down to a minimum of 10%.

Call of the Forge God can be recast after 1.25 seconds while the elemental is active.

Recast: Ornn dashes 300 units in the target direction, though not through terrain. If Ornn collides with the elemental, he headbutts it, sending it stampeding again in the new direction, dealing the same damage to enemies within its path and additionally Airborne knocking them up and stunning them for 1 second, reduced to 0.5 seconds after the first enemy champion hit.

(Sometimes you can hit this after it seems like you can’t when you are no longer stunned. Spam the recast while stunned and sometimes you can recast it after the stun when you’re unsure if you can.)

Using Your Abilities

When using your abilities, you need to realize that every single one of them has something related to crowd control and any initial ability can make sense depending on the scenario. Sometimes to catch someone you need to use your Searing Charge (E) to get close followed by a Volcanic Rupture (Q) and then Bellows Breath (W) to get a slow off and apply some damage sometimes with Brittle. This is not a commonly thought of idea when you start out and can especially be used when ganking because some people are already low enough for you slowing them and somewhat damaging them to be enough versus risking something like Ghost to close that gap just for a knock-up that would have yielded the same result. Your Brittle also increases the duration of certain crowd control effects. Some are excluded so understanding Brittle better will help with this. You can also use your Call of the Forge God (R) for starting a fight. Ideally, you want the R max range to be almost right on top of the enemy, but sometimes letting the enemy be around the middle range is much easier and useful for recasting. While you may initially offensively use your R, sometimes you need to change your mind and use it as an emergency peel ability to not only save someone but designate a new target to easily take out if they make that misplay. You mainly will be fighting with something like Q, W, and then E for a basic combo, throwing in an R before the W to lock a single person down and catch them out on the spot. Be mindful of abilities as they can shake up this engage fairly easily if you are not aware of certain interactions.

Your Role When Fighting 5v5

Your role when fighting is to decide if the fight is worth it, who you need to take out first, who needs protecting the most, who they would benefit from taking out first, what abilities can dismantle your plan, and if we can bait things out before the initial engage. As a tank and a jungler, you have the unique role of knowing when to fight over something and you have a high level of control over if you go in or not as some champions cannot go in without throwing or getting dove. You need to balance your abilities between offense and defense and be ready to tell people to leave or die for them to leave in some scenarios. You will have to use your best judgment on this, but for the most part a lot of times people make big mistakes or die anyway when you try to save them so sometimes do not be afraid to dip out and live. Sometimes it's the right call and sometimes it's the wrong call. The more you play, the more you should understand how to be right about that.

Choosing Runes

When choosing runes, you’re really looking at a few things. Ornn into any matchup would almost always be best if you go with Aftershock. Aftershock provides so much mitigation on top of what you already have so you can stay in just a little bit longer for the sake of frontlining. You can also have a fair advantage over lethality champs so much that in some scenarios you can beat them solo at the first Rift Scuttler fight, for example.
If you are very new to Ornn, Predator can be your training wheels. You will fail much more so having an extra speed increase can make a difference, especially when getting someone first blood mid after getting a Rift Scuttler having already built boots during your clear. This can be done in any lane, but I find that ganking mid initially has presented itself as an opportunity more likely than any other lane.
Each variation of Aftershock and Predator runes is useful based on what you feel you need more of and you can improve that decision the more you play this. For the most part, you want to have Legend: Tenacity somewhere in your rune page as a beginner and just most of the time in general. The other options are more so for when you lack the necessary speed for ganking someone early that is hard to chase down but can be a problem when left alone or when the enemy jungler is playing someone like Talon who can make it around the map much faster than you.

Choosing Your Own Build

When choosing your build for Ornn, you have to keep a few things in mind:
1) Who is the enemy jungler? How do interactions go with them within the first 5 minutes? How do you interact with them early, midgame, and late game? How much of a threat do they seem to be?
2) What helps cover the bases for your team? What mythic item will best help you make the biggest impact on the game in favor of your team? Do you need Randuin's Omen to handle a team with a formidable ADC as well as someone like Yone? Based on the current threats after playing with only your mythic item do you need to fully build Thornmail as quickly as possible, or should you just settle for Bramble Vest for a bit? Do you not have much peel for your ADC and need Knight's Vow to help them out without compromising your tank capability?
3) What runes do you prefer to use? Do you want to choose your runes before your items? Do you want to choose your items before your runes?
4) What is your playstyle? What does that mean for your itemization? Do you love using Turbo Chemtank and want nothing more than to utilize extra movement speed? Do you want to build to be the most formidable raid boss? Do you not want Sunfire Aegis, hating the color orange because it might possibly begin to seem obnoxious by now?
These are all fairly important questions. Each item has its own use and I have no experience with you or the game enough to look at every single scenario and be right 100% of the time. The main thing is that you need to play with what will get you results. If you are struggling to come up with something of your own making, try to take each of my builds for, let's say, a dozen test runs each. Then see where you're at with each one.

Choosing Who To Upgrade

With your Living Forge's Master Craftsman trait, you want to typically upgrade your ADC, mid, top, and then support. However, sometimes you have to determine if someone is getting countered enough, getting targeted most of the time, is considerably behind, or is annihilating enemies enough to swap the order up.

Learning Matchups

The best way to learn matchups is to play as them. Ornn can have his strengths and his weaknesses, but knowing the enemy’s strengths or weaknesses can help you understand what might be annoying to face as those champs and whether Ornn can fit into that category. If you do not want to play as them, you need to just play Ornn and try things out. The Threats & Synergies section covers things from my own experience in terms of enemy junglers, but a lot of small things will be for you to discover that I may not know to point out. I will try to keep that section updated based on my experiences to provide as much help as I can. The section below covers certain things with your abilities that will help you go into playing matches with Ornn in general and not as an enemy jungle matchup.

Champion Interactions

Champion interactions in this section are more so geared towards things that might confuse you or can be useful to know at a moment’s notice for some champs. Here are some special interactions I’ve picked up on when playing Ornn:

Akali: You can use Searing Charge (E) to get under a tower if Akali is about to run to you with her E. If you time it right, however, you can knock her up with the radius of that ability to stop her from reaching you and immobilize her.

Alistar: If you are quick enough, you can preemptively use Searing Charge (E) to immobilize Alistar before he reaches you with something like a W & Q combo.

Anivia: You can knock down her entire W with Searing Charge (E).

Aurelion Sol: You can use Bellows Breath (W) to not get knocked back by his R.

Azir: You can use your Searing Charge (E) to knock down his R. You could also use Bellows Breath (W) to not get knocked back by it and be on the same side as him if you do it preemptively (this can still be very tough to pull off). Choose wisely as both can be decent options.

Bard: Your Bellows Breath (W) can allow you to avoid the effect of Bard’s R.

Blitzcrank: Your Bellows Breath (W) can allow you to avoid the pull from Blitzcrank’s Q and the knock-up from his E.

Braum: Braum can do a good job of keeping your team from capitalizing on your Call of the Forge God (R) with his abilities so be wary of this when in a 5v5 team fight.

Cassiopeia: You cannot use Searing Charge (E) when she throws down her W so look out for that. You cannot recast your Call of the Forge God (R) when this happens.

Camille: You can preemptively use Searing Charge (E) on a wall that you think Camille will jump onto with her E and prevent the recast. You will not be knocked away from her R with your Bellows Breath (W) being used if an auto or ability can make a difference for your teammate surviving or not. Most of the time you won’t do this as that won’t be the case.

Darius: You can use your Bellows Breath (W) in the opposite direction to avoid Darius taking advantage of hitting his E.

Diana: You can use your Bellows Breath (W) to avoid being pulled by Diana’s R and reduce the damage of it.

Gwen: You can use Searing Charge (E) to knock her up on terrain inside her W. Sometimes Gwen players don’t think of this as an option for you compared to other things she might be aware of. The same applies for any ability, of course.

Jarvan IV: You can use your Searing Charge (E) to destroy half of the terrain made by his R. You can also try to time Bellows Breath (W) with his Q cast to get to his E banner to avoid the knockup and use an auto or your Searing Charge (E) to proc the damage from Brittle.

Kayn: When Kayn is inside a wall with his E, you can knock him out of the wall with Searing Charge (E) to immobilize him for the full duration. This is something I tried one time just hoping for it to work without a clue that it actually did.

Lillia: If you use Bellows Breath (W) right before you would normally go to sleep from Lillia’s R, you won’t go to sleep.

Malphite: If you use Bellows Breath (W) right before you are hit by a Malphite R, you can damage him and get the Brittle proc off on him.

Mordekaiser: You can use Bellows Breath (W) preemptively to avoid Mordekaiser’s R and his E.

Nami: You can use Bellows Breath (W) to not be suspended by Nami’s Q or R.

Neeko: You can use Searing Charge (E) to knock Neeko up while she is R if you are close enough to her and some terrain to cancel it.

Poppy: Using your Searing Charge (E) close to Poppy can interrupt it and immobilize you with her W. This is a great reason to run Ghost over Flash. Also, you can use Bellows Breath (W) preemptively to avoid her R from keeping you out of a fight and then proc Brittle on her.

Samira: Samira can block your Call of the Forge God (R) with her W, so play around it by waiting for her to use it first.

Sejuani: Sejuani cannot knock you up with her Q while you are using Bellows Breath (W), so it will be just a bit harder for her to peel you off her teammates more than she might expect when you use it.

Sett: You can use your Bellows Breath (W) to avoid Sett’s R. You should also not stand directly at the middle of or further back from his W range as you will be unable to avoid damage a lot of times. Walking behind him is good for avoiding it.

Singed: You cannot use Searing Charge (E) when he throws down his W so look out for that. You cannot recast your R when this happens.

Tahm Kench: Your Bellows Breath (W) can prevent Tahm Kench from using his R on you if you happen to be using it.

Talon: This is just like the Kayn interaction. I saw a Talon E over a wall and when he was still mid-jump I knocked him out of the wall with Searing Charge (E) to immobilize him for the full duration.

Taliyah: You can use Searing Charge (E) to break open a section of Taliyah’s R.

Urgot: Your Bellows Breath (W) prevents Urgot’s E from moving you behind him so you can then proc Brittle.

Vi: When you see a Vi about to charge at you with Q, try to use your Searing Charge (E) blast radius to knock her up mid charge as it can cancel her charge and immobilize her for the typical duration. She can also likewise cancel your Searing Charge (E) with her Q charge. This is a great reason to run Ghost over Flash. It’s really more of a catch thing than a proactive guessing thing.

Volibear: When you cast Call of the Forge God (R), Volibear’s R cannot be stopped by the recast. He is immune from crowd control with the leap so he can dive on your team without opposition to make up for someone else getting caught by your R or as a way to cleverly trade ultimates with you when his own is of less value, which is something you generally want to avoid.

Wukong: You can anticipate the cast or recast of Wukong’s R and use your Bellows Breath (W) to damage and proc Brittle on him.

Xin Zhao: You would want to predict the most optimal time for Xin Zhao to use his R to knock you away from a teammate so that you can use Bellows Breath (W) to stay on him and proc Brittle to keep teammates safe.

Yasuo: You need to play around Yasuo’s W so that you can use your Call of the Forge God (R) without him blocking it. Someone needs to bait it out.

Yorick: You can destroy Yorick’s W with your Searing Charge (E).

Zoe: When Zoe makes you drowsy with her E, you can use your Searing Charge (E) to dash away and make it harder or impossible for her to hit her Q on you.

Tracking The Enemy Jungler (Not Ornn Specific, but essential)

***DISCLAIMER: I don't know everything about this and I cannot teach you everything about this. Most of this topic is experience-based, but I can give a shove in the right direction. Specific tips as to what to do, such as where to ward, are moreso posing an idea for you to add to your game knowledge and not something you should take to heart.***

Tracking the enemy jungler is very important when playing any champ in the jungle or even in another role. Always take note of the map extensively to see if the enemy jungler is in vision even for an instant. You need to know this for certain things such as when you go for an objective on the opposite side of the map or when a gank in a lane will not be counter-ganked.

You also need to keep track of your own jungle with the use of control wards in key locations. You will want to ward in areas that can see 2 camps at least (typically blue side) OR in areas that can spot an enemy invade to all 3 camps after first clear (typically red side) from any direction if nobody can go over walls and your first mid turret is still up. For the blue side you want to place the ward in the brush in front of the opening to the river that can see the path to the blue buff, putting it as close to the blue buff as possible without it being outside the brush. For the red side you want to place the ward in the brush in front of the red buff terrain close to the river, putting it as close to your raptors as possible without it being outside the brush as. This is generally not a bad idea, but there are other areas you might find useful with your own intuition. Your intuition will especially come in handy in countless matchups where there is a Chemtech Soul at play with the extra fog of war around the buffs that Stealth Wards cannot see in.

Getting the Rift Scuttler on either side can definitely have an extremely large impact on enemy ganks or your own ganks so even if the experience and gold are cut from their first spawn (as of patch 11.23), the value for getting them is still there if it can be done safely.

Depending on how many towers near your krugs are down, glance on your map at the vision near the passing minions as an enemy champ making a mistake will show up doing the krugs because of those minions.

The last tip here is to play around your teammates’ extra wards. Getting your top laner to ward the Rift Herald when you aren’t nearby is risky for them in part, but overall very helpful. The same can be said of a mid laner or support plater near the dragon. Your support can also do more aggressive warding like warding where I suggested your control wards to go, but on the enemy side. All three of these options are only worth doing if it is guaranteed to be safe or if they are not roaming alone for it.

Learning how to track each champ and what they will go for can be something to learn whether you’re Ornn jungle or even Sona support can help you learn to track junglers better and it will take time to get used to. Playing those jungle champs either as a jungler, or in some cases in a lane (i.e. Talon, Volibear, Zed, etc.), can give you even more insight into when they are weak, when they are strong, if they fight at the first Rift Scuttlers, what ganks they will go for, and where they prefer to start, but this can still be done without playing those champs to a lesser degree and can help in tough matchups especially.

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