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Lulu Build Guide by Navn

Support master

[11.4] Basics on How to Lulu

By Navn | Updated on February 21, 2021
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3 4
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Cosmic Insight
Magical Footwear

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2 3
Standard/Winnable lane
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role
Ranked #17 in
Support Role
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

[11.4] Basics on How to Lulu

By Navn
Profile: twitchtv navcast
Hi there! I've been playing Lulu since her release! This guide is just a very general guideline of how to play Lulu, with runes and itemization. If you'd like to ask more questions, drop a comment or drop by my stream! I stream almost everyday, and still play Lulu frequently. Thank you for reading!
Itemization Back to Top
There are 3 main mythics to buy, and generally speaking, you will be rushing one of these 3. Your early buys can include, Ruby Crystal, since it builds into all 3 items, and Faerie Charm, since that builds into almost everything you're looking to get anyways, so if you decide to get Locket instead of Moonstone/Mandate, then you can still turn the Faerie Charm into something regardless.


Reasons to get Locket
- There's a lot of AoE damage on the enemy team to mitigate.
- There's a lot of burst champs that can kill you easily.
- Good when you're going even or behind. Even good when you're ahead, but not as optimal.

Reasons to get Mandate
- You're ahead from lane phase or in general.
- When you're ahead, you generally want to get damage.

Reasons to get Moonstone
- You WERE ahead, but then fell behind. The components for Moonstone are exactly the same as Mandate, so you can change your build direction.
- More beneficial in front to back fights since it procs every 2 seconds, and the longer fights go, the more Moonstone will do.

Boots/Shoes Choice
- This is dependent on if you have Relentless Hunter or not. Means you're much less likely to buy Boots of Mobility
- Mercury Treads if there's an absurd amount of CC or vs high AP team comps.
- Plated Steelcaps if there are multiple AD threats (at least 3)
- Boots of Lucidity are a very safe choice and if you take Cosmic Insight, then you will have Flash every 4 minutes instead of 5, which is very nice for staying alive in fights.


Staff of Flowing Water
- This item in general is always going to be good. Granting movement speed to others is just good. Procs off Aery, when you W your ally, so you can keep someone sped up or 2 people moving relatively quickly.
- If you decide to get Locket, then with Locket's active, and Water Staff, whoever you shield with the Locket, also gets the Buff from Water Staff, which is pretty game changing. Its like a mini-Shurelyas.
- I generally buy this over Ardent Censor, because it's versatile.

Ardent Censor
- I usually don't end up buying this item in general, because if your ADC isn't doing too great, it ends up being a relatively weak buy, compared to Water Staff, which you can always benefit(more) from.
- The only reasons why I'd buy Ardent Censor, is because I have at least another ranged Auto-Attack focused carry on my team (Kayle, Corki, Graves, Kindred etc etc).

Mikaels Blessing
- I'd be looking to buy this if there's a bit of CC to get rid of, but if there's too much CC, then it won't feel impactful at all. The main choices of CC, usually Ashe Ult, or TF stun or other ranged hard CC abilities to get use against. Otherwise, better to just build other items.

- If you played with Redemption in previous seasons, this item doesn't feel as strong for a 2nd item, or even 3rd. Its definitely much weaker and probably not worth the gold investment. If Mikaels isn't a good buy and you don't have a 2nd ranged auto attack carry to work with, then this is most likely your 3rd item.

Knights Vow
- I would only buy this as a 3rd item, if I absolutely am looking to keep exactly 1 person alive. (Your Lane partner probably).
- In team fights, if somehow your Carry is dead(or not at the fight), you can always re-use it on someone else and then re-bind the carry after.

Stirring Wardstone
- This item should be your 4th(last) item. By the time you hit level 13 to buy it, you're most likely about 30 minutes into the game, so the stats it provides are going to be useful. I wouldn't buy this as my 3rd item as its most likely much better to just finish whatever your 3rd item would be instead.
How to use your abilities Back to Top
Passive - Pix
- Your passive gets blocked by minions, so if you auto attack, try not to have the minion wave between you and your target, or just have your E on them before you start auto attacking. However, you usually want to put your E on your lane partner(hopefully an ADC), because they (usually) attack faster than you, so they can proc your passive every time they auto attack.

Q - Glitterlance
- You want to try and get both bolts to hit the enemy(for the bonus damage), and generally, casting this at max range will rarely hit them(especially if you are walking at them). Try using your Q as you are moving away from them so that Pix trails behind you and the bolt from Pix can hit them.
- This usually ends up hitting the minion wave in some way, and you will end up pushing the minion wave. So if you don't want to push, avoid using this.
- In a situation you need to setup your jungler/mid roam/top teleport, you might be able to E an enemy(or ally!) minion, then aim your q at them for a sudden slow(assuming your Q wouldn't reach initially), and that might just be enough to get the kill for your team. But be careful of your E killing the minion.
- Most likely, as a support, you will be maxing this skill last.

W - Whimsy/Polymorph
- This is your best ability in your entire kit. It is essentially a point and click stun, and that is one of the reasons why you would max this first, after putting a few points into your E.
- To decide whether you should W your team mate, or to use it on an enemy, generally speaking, using it on anything that does a lot of damage is a good thing. Using it against tanks is pretty pointless unless you are trying to stall a critical ability they want to use. Otherwise giving your ADC more mobility to position in team fights is better (and the attack speed)
- Every assassin hates this ability with a passion. If you have W up and you keep your eye on them, and you time your W once they jump in, they are going to mald.

E - Help! Pix!
- You usually want to use this on your auto attack carry as they will proc your passive on every auto attack they do.
- In laning phase, you may want to shield yourself and auto attack the enemy (since no one has any items yet), and you can get some favorable trades and stay healthier. And since your auto attacks will usually do more damage than the enemy's if they auto attack back, you will win the trade.
- In certain moments, you can E the enemy, and auto attack them once, for all 3 spellthief procs and stack it quickly. You can sit back until all 3 stacks are up, and just rinse and repeat, however you usually will draw minion aggro or your enemies may just turn on you and since you only shield, but not heal, it can go pretty bad if you're not careful.
- Using this on champions that stealth gives True Sight and if you can E them BEFORE they stealth, you're going to ruin their day. Especially if they can be invisible and be right beside you (Wukong, Shaco, Akali etc). Highly recommend.

R - Wild Growth
- Most effective against Assassins usually, as they are sitting on top whoever is trying to kill your target(or even yourself). Which you can then W the enemy that is jumping on you to keep them there and maybe even kill them.
- You can try using this with an engage as well, such as Zac's slingshot, to chain the CC. But if there are several threats that can turn onto your carrys, its better to hold onto this until you need to save someone.
- You COULD try to engage yourself, by Flashing onto the enemy, and ulting yourself, since it applies an AoE slow around yourself, and if you're just trying to hold someone still as long as possible, this is an option.

E-Q-Auto attack
(On Enemy)
- Most common way to do damage.
(On Ally)
- Most likely peeling/saving ally.

W-E-Q-Auto Attack
(On Enemy)
- Same as above, except they can't hit you back, but you probably need to be careful with your mana.

- You can try to hit your Q, and if it connects, hit them with E for a sudden burst they may not expect. And if you take ignite, this could put them in kill range and take your opponents by surprise.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Navn
Navn Lulu Guide
[11.4] Basics on How to Lulu

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