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Pyke Build Guide by Thats a OOF

Support (11.8) Pyke! The Dead Ghost Assassin in the Bottom Lane!

Support (11.8) Pyke! The Dead Ghost Assassin in the Bottom Lane!

Updated on April 27, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thats a OOF Build Guide By Thats a OOF 4,033 Views 2 Comments
4,033 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Thats a OOF Pyke Build Guide By Thats a OOF Updated on April 27, 2021
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Runes: My Favorite build

1 2 3 4 5
Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
Summoners Every Game
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role
Win 48%
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Support Role Ranked #31 in
Support Role
Win 48%
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Champion Build Guide

(11.8) Pyke! The Dead Ghost Assassin in the Bottom Lane!

By Thats a OOF
About me
Hello I am an EUW Silver 1 player who has played Pyke for almost all my games this season. I am Lv99OOF in EUW.
My ->
my leagueofgraphs ->
My MMR is approximately Gold IV.
just check what is my mmr ->
Pros and Cons

-Hook with follow up CC
-High damage
-Late game carry
-Forgives all mistakes with gold share
-Makes enemy team tilt so they start to play worse
-Synergy with almost any ADC (except for the ones that tilt)
-Can reverse ganks with R.
-Doesn't need ADC-Support synergy to carry fights in lane and out of lane.
-High mobility
-Even features skin in his champion spotlight!
-Powerful and easy to execute roams, even if roam fails you are still ahead.
-Converts bonus HP into bonus AD (this is a double edged Long Sword tho!)
-Easiest champ to get penta with if team sets up (well Master Yi is technically the best since he kills yall with new Duskblade of Draktharr build).
-Able to make any trade even with Gift of the Drowned Ones
-Easy to pick up and play well in first games
-Better than Lulu

-Can be locked down with hard CC
-No escape without E and W
-3 Damaging abilites that are skillshots (looking at you Xerath)
-Can't be a champ if 0/5 (this can be seen in many champs! most famous is Yasuo and second is edgy anime boy from ionia called Yone)
-Can't get HP from any source (except level ups)
-Dodgable execute, unlike Feast
-Can get flamed in lower elos since in that elo people don't know his R is a skilllshot and skillshots can miss!
-Easy to focus with no E
-Ability to get melted in seconds
-No shields or heals to teammates
-Kinda team relient (Don't forget to Stand United with your teammates in any match! Tilt only makes your teammates worse and makes you and them not focus on the game but more on the chat and each others mistakes!)
-Can't push well without Tiamat since his Q is single target (even tap)
-Can't do much damage against champs like Yorick, Darius, Fiora.
-Hard to master. Just practice, practice, practice.
-Team flames you because you didn't use your R that would have missed on a champ with 5 dashes Flash Riven
-Complete (family friendly) if team is behind.
"You are already dead. You just haven't caught up yet"

Laning Phase
Level 1 you will want to Q and AA 3 times on the target. That should get him to half. Kill minions with your steel shoulderguards and look for more Q's. They should have used 1 pot by now. Level 2 you can be more aggro with Q+E then just AA him. (Note: Use ignite when you see him below half with no escape!) Your W can be used as disengage or engage. For engage go to a bush with the stealth and go in a bush to look for a Q. You can go to base after 1 kill and shove the wave. Get a serrated if enough gold, if not get 2 long swords. I don't like boots first back on pyke since you have your W and if you get serrated your MS actually increases with lethality.(From W!) Look to do the same for levels 4-5 then post 6 in lane, look for Q,E aa to
threshold (Important!) AA more than the treshold then ult against champs like Lulu who has Wild Growth or Swain with Demonic Ascension who give an immediate max HP. Shields do not block your ultimate Death from Below. Wait for some cooldowns like Master Yi's Alpha Strike or Ekko's Chronobreak before casting your Ultimate Death from Below so you don't troll against these champs.
Late Game
In teamfights you will be a backliner looking for hooks and ultimates Death from Below. Once you ult someone quickly E Phantom Undertow out or fight the enemies head on. Remember to play against untargetability like Alpha Strike and Undying Rage (Even Zilean's Chronoshift). Your ult isn't put on cd by Sivir's Spell Shield. You get a reset but as you expect, no Your Cut so you can't abuse this. Make sure to avoid hard CC like Light Binding. Look for picks against their ADC if they're not Kai'Sa who has Killer Instinct, free stealth with evolved Supercharge and AoE damage with Icathian Rain or Samira with Blade Whirl which can deny your Phantom Undertow or Bone Skewer while being 200 years. I hate that freaking Inferno Trigger! An ADC with a Katarina Ult! Death Lotus
Don't EVER try splitpushing as Pyke. You don't melt towers without Demolish if you want to apply pressure don't show in map or just catch waves in lanes. Leave the splitpush to your fed Tryndamere or Fiora. Since you generally don't have high Attack Speed , you hover at 0.98 or 1.12 most of the game. And because the enemy will send 4 people ( Jhin) to stop your push you will die because you can't get bonus HP to help you survive and you have very little mobility without your E Phantom Undertow or W Ghostwater Dive
Pykes Bone Skewer is his hook/short ranged damage and is one of the best hooks in the game imo only falling behind of Blitzcranks Rocket Grab is a full ranged grab instead of a medium ranged one. Your W Ghostwater Dive is your stealth and your MS steroid. Not much here. Your E Phantom Undertow is your most versatile ability imo. Your E Phantom Undertow can be used to dodge,escape,follow up cc,outplay and plain epicness. Your R Death from Below is your bread and butter and is your execute. You will want to place your R in the direction that the enemy is going if you want to hit most of them. Do not and I mean DO NOT panic R Death from Below on an enemy. Especially against champs like Lulu who has abilities like Wild Growth where she boosts an allies hp yeah? If you are against a champ like that just wait for you to stun her or hard CC her then R her. Your R isn't blocked by shields .
Some basic combos

Well I dont have a Youtube channel to show these combos so my apologies. You will have to just read and apply these in your games.
Flash E-Use your E Phantom Undertow then Flash on them.
Better Flash E- Now your flash E is kinda predictable with the marker and the delay of ur E time to get the phantom to stun them. You can E, wait for the E to come back and Flash on them the second your E is coming to you for an almost undodgable stun. Same can be done with Prowler's Claw
Your Combo in Laning phase- Bone Skewer, Phantom Undertow AA 3 times ,disengage with Ghostwater Dive.
Combo Post 6- Press Q, E, AA to threshold, wait for key cooldowns and abilities, then press Death from Below and "Your Cut" the guy.
My thoughts on Pyke
Pyke is op his Death from Below is his trademark but dont use the ability with panic. Most Pyke players screw this up (even me).
Samira is my go to ban every game since her Blade Whirl blocks your Phantom Undertow and Bone Skewer rendering the stun useless and her mobility makes her hard to lock down. If you die as Pyke thats probably either you are in a losing matchup or you got caught out. Your Phantom Undertow should act like your primary escaping or follow up CC tool. Duskblade of Draktharr is still op and I don't go Prowler's Claw on Pyke since Im not fond of the dash+armor reduction. I hate the update on Pykes passive Gift of the Drowned Ones if the enemy sup is good they can abuse this by roaming with a champ like Alistar, Thresh, Nautilus and more. Sylas feels like a good counter pick to Pyke because of his R Hijack
"My teams are too heavy, they won't let me carry them."
If you are thinking this about your teammates, you are just an idiot. Pyke has the solocarry potential to win any game. If you make yourself and your teammates tilt, you make them play worse. This is how you end hardstuck bronze II with a high KDA but with a garbage winrate. Your skills dont do you any good if you make your team tilt.
Here are some videos from a channel called ProGuides which can help you deal with tilt.
The worst thing you can do is to type to your teammates with the goal to flame them. You can do 3 things:
1-Keep your chat open but don't type anything toxic
2-Slide your chat off the screen
3-The infamous /mute all.
You can carry any game with kindness. Maybe your babyraging teammates stop flaming after that.

"My team is so bad, they literally don't know how to ward (doesn't know to ward himself) look at him, he is feeding as Yone lol, I am very good but my team holds me back, I deserve to be Diamond II-Masters but my team is so bad lol."

-Person who knows tilt loses the game
Yeah stop chatting and press Death from Below
League of Legends Build Guide Author Thats a OOF
Thats a OOF Pyke Guide
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(11.8) Pyke! The Dead Ghost Assassin in the Bottom Lane!

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