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Diana Build Guide by Prizum

Jungle [12.13] Prizum's New Meta Diana Jungle Guide

Jungle [12.13] Prizum's New Meta Diana Jungle Guide

Updated on July 27, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Prizum Build Guide By Prizum 16 3 30,911 Views 0 Comments
16 3 30,911 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Prizum Diana Build Guide By Prizum Updated on July 27, 2022
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Runes: Standard Rune Page.

1 2 3
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Standard Summoner's.
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

[12.13] Prizum's New Meta Diana Jungle Guide

By Prizum
About Me
I am normally a Master ELO Jungle Main on EUW and I am also a League of Legends Solo Queue Coach.

I often play Diana on my stream as she is really strong and is a really consistent climbing champion.

I also make YouTube videos explaining the thought process of Challenger players/myself to explain how to improve and climb.

You can find my videos at:
You can find my stream at:
Note: I normally stream FROM 09:00 - 12:30 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri London Time.

You can also join my discord server to get in contact with me, ask questions or to join a community of like-minded players who are all trying to improve: ^^
Why Play Diana Jungle?
Diana is an extremely powerful meta champion at the moment who is often picked in Challenger games.

She is an amazing champion to one-trick for climbing the solo queue ranked ladder or to build a champion pool around because she will perform in any elo range whether it be Iron, Gold or Challenger.

Diana is really great because she allows you to carry teamfights with ease. Even if your teammates are behind, one good Moonfall engage can turn a game around, especially if the enemy team is grouped up in dragon/baron pit and you get a huge 5 man Moonfall. She's also really forgiving, even if you fall behind you will always scale into a game and be useful/threatening with 2+ items.
Why Tanky Build?
Diana struggles against Bruisers and Tanks when built Full AP. With this Tanky Build you do % hp damage and combined with your Nashor's Tooth which enables Moonsilver Blade you can shred through them.

By going Nashor's Tooth first item you increase your clear speed and get to your item and level 6 spikes sooner.

You still have plenty of damage to one shot squishy targets even though you are building tanky.

Your survivability increases.

Your dueling is better with the tanky build because of your constant damage and you can even 1v1 champions like Mordekaiser which Full AP Diana struggles against.

You no longer are reliant on hitting your burst and being useless if you miss it or if someone outplays with Flash or Zhonya's Hourglass or Galeforce. There is less counterplay to you if you still do a lot of damage without Moonfall.

Your tower taking ability improves, in a game where you have losing lanes you can split-push to drag pressure towards you or make the enemy lose inhibitors very quickly.
Pro's & Con's
+ Easy to play and execute.
+ Extremely strong teamfighter.
+ Can engage and initiate plays.
+ Fast Clear Speed (3:15 Full Clear)
+ Really strong to solo carry games with.
+ Can snowball extremely hard with a few kills.
- Weak early game.
- Weak/non-existent ganking pre-6.
- Can be invaded early and put behind.
- Can struggle against a long range team comp.
Conqueror is the best keystone for Diana. She is able to nearly fully stack it with one combo which means that she gains a BIG boost in damage for her Moonfall and Moonsilver Blade 3rd Auto's. You also get some really nice sustain from the Conqueror healing which is huge in extended fights with Sunfire Aegis Demonic Embrace...

Triumph synergizes really well with having more HP through Sunfire Aegis Demonic Embrace and other tank items and this makes you really hard to kill in skirmishes and teamfights as you will be healing up with each kill you get an assist in.

Legend: Alacrity synergizes really well with Diana's passive Moonsilver Blade which means she can activate the 3rd hit more often and deal more damage overall which is insanely strong when paired with Nashor's Tooth. If the enemy team has a lot of CC you CAN consider Legend: Tenacity but I don't think it's really necessary since your Moonfall works through CC anyway and you can usually combo before anyone has a chance to really CC you.

Coup de Grace your initial burst will usually bring targets down to 40% health or at least near it so you again gain access instantly to more damage for one-shotting targets/finishing them off.

Magical Footwear this helps you reach your item spikes sooner by making boots cheaper to buy. The movement speed also helps you with moving around the map and can aid you in getting in range for engages.

Cosmic Insight having flash up more often means you can engage more often with Moonfall and make plays.
First Clear
At the start of a game when you're in loading screen identify if top or bot lane are easy for you to gank at level 6.

(Immobile enemy laner like Jinx Veigar Samira Draven Miss Fortune and CC/Gap Closing ally laner like Renekton Leona Karma Ahri Shen). If you see a side lane like this you should consider pathing TOWARDS them! This is so you can find ganks to snowball yourself and your laner and then find dives together to snowball even harder to win the game.

You can also identify if you have a winning match-up in a side lane and if you do, you can path towards them for some safety.

For Diana's clear speed you can comfortably do 6 camps before 3:15 even without a leash, because of this you will always look to do a full clear pathing in your first clear.

So your go-to clears depending on the side you start on will be:
1. Blue Buff Gromp Murk Wolves Raptors Red Buff Krugs Rift Scuttler
2. Red Buff Krugs Raptors Gromp Blue Buff Murk Wolves Rift Scuttler

So let's say you want to path TOWARDS bot lane because you have a Samira Leona and the enemy has a Jinx and Brand, you should start on the top side of the map with a leash and do either clear #1 or clear #2 depending on whether you are red team or blue team.

Important Note: DO NOT ALWAYS follow clear #1 or clear #2 exactly every game. Some games you will be able to find free kills in lanes and if you do, you should stop clearing and go pick them up before resuming your clear. But usually you ARE AFK-Farming until level 6 when your ganks are actually potent just don't fall into the trap of getting lazy..

For Smite usage it is fine to use on your first camp or second/third camp and have smite again for Rift Scuttler. You can also use your 2nd smite on your 6th camp if your clear is a bit slow but I wouldn't recommend it because you don't have an ability that can remove Rift Scuttler shield.

Example OF First Clear Pathing:

You are on red team (top half of map).

Do Red Buff Krugs Raptors and if you see that the enemy mid laner Veigar is pushing up A LOT AND is around 35% hp in the lane you should probably try to gank him since that sounds like a free kill to me. If you successfully pull it off usually you can push the wave in and continue your clear maybe skipping wolves because of the time you used up ganking mid.

The important thing here is to adapt and make sure you're looking out for free kills before you hit level 6. Usually you will full clear though.

I must stress, ONLY gank before level 6 if you see FREE kill(s). If you have doubts in your mind about it being free just keep clearing. After your full clear, recall and start it again and repeat until you are level 6. When you hit level 6 you can start ganking each time Moonfall is up.
Gank Approach
For ganking, ideally you want to wrap AROUND and get BEHIND the enemy laner before level 6.

If you CAN successfully get behind them before level 6 and the tower is quite far away, DO NOT waste your Lunar Rush cooldown. Just walk up to them in auto attack range and then once you are on top of them you can land your Crescent Strike so that they do not have a chance to react with Flash so that way you can easily chase them and maximise your usage of Moonsilver Blade..

If somehow the target does not die (remember to only go for free kills pre-6) but you successfully make the enemy use Flash in a gank you need to engrain that in your brain as a memory for life. From now on (especially if they are an immobile laner) you can literally just RUN at them with Moonfall and Lunar Rush and they will struggle to get out alive.

In the scenario where the lane is relatively even you can usually run in with Crescent Strike Lunar Rush and Moonfall and make the gank work, just be aware that if they have Flash they can dodge your Crescent Strike or Moonfall.

If a target is low you might want to do Lunar Rush first and auto attack them so that if they Flash you can finish them off with Crescent Strike range.

Make sure to use your red smite for ganks for extra damage.

Avoid ganking bruisers like Aatrox and Sett pre-6 unless it is really really free. They will usually 1v2 you if they are like 50% hp and have a wave because of how weak you are.

Also do not waste time ganking champions like Katarina Vladimir Akshan Camille who have insane escapes from ganks.
Early Game
As Diana you are in no rush to snowball the game as you would be if you were playing a non-scaling ganking jungler like Trundle.

Your priority for the early game is to NOT die to invades and to clear your camps out as efficiently as possible. You want to powerfarm until level 6 (pick free kills up if you see them) and get to level 6 ASAP so you can start making plays with Moonfall.

You are really weak early so do not try to 1v1 anyone. You won't be able to 1v1 until around 1.5 - 2 items.

If you would like to get more familiar with ganking, jungle tracking, macro and so on check this video out:

Note: This video was using the old Diana build, but all the same applies.
Mid + Late Game
The mid and late game is where Diana really shines.

If you have farmed well, ganked at the correct times and have 2+ items you are pretty much unstoppable at this stage of the game.

From this stage onwards your job is to group up with laners who are strong when they push out lanes and when an objective spawns (dragon/herald/baron) look for Moonfall engages so that you can secure those objectives to try close the game out. Just be careful with engaging if you have a BIG 700G bounty.

When you are ahead like this you can usually pick off split-pushing targets with your Moonfall so make sure to look out for those picks. Look for dives as well if you can find them and try to start stealing away enemy camps with your laners who are strong and are pushing lanes. Just make sure to move as a unit and not blind invade solo.

Your own jungle camps become really unimportant at this stage so you can almost ignore them but do make sure to farm them when your laners are in base/aren't pushing/are dead etc..

You want to choke the enemy out slowly with dragon soul, elder dragon and baron but usually the game does not go this late if you snowball with Diana.

If you end up falling behind because you didn't make any ganks happen or you were invaded or made some mistakes the best you can hope for is for the enemy team to make some mistakes and give away their shutdowns. If they make one bad baron call and you get a big Moonfall engage you can completely flip the game around with one good teamfight.
Try not to use your Lunar Rush by itself. The cooldown is quite long and if you just use Crescent Strike before Lunar Rush the cooldown will refresh and you will have 2 uses of Lunar Rush.

When clearing camps make sure to pay attention to your passive Moonsilver Blade. It gives you attack speed after each ability cast and every 3rd auto attack does increased damage. Space apart your usage of Crescent Strike and Pale Cascade to increase your clear speed.

Be aware that you can use Moonfall WHILE your Lunar Rush is bringing you to your target. It allows your Moonfall to come out sooner rather than if you waited to use Moonfall after Lunar Rush ends fully.

Catch me streaming for more depth on Jungling or even join my discord server

Watch the video I added into the guide in the Early Game section.
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