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Trundle Build Guide by Prizum

Jungle [12.13] Prizum's Tanky Trundle Jungle Guide

Jungle [12.13] Prizum's Tanky Trundle Jungle Guide

Updated on July 27, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Prizum Build Guide By Prizum 9 1 14,240 Views 2 Comments
9 1 14,240 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Prizum Trundle Build Guide By Prizum Updated on July 27, 2022
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Runes: Standard Page

Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Summoner Choice
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Ability Order Q>W>E AND Max In Order

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[12.13] Prizum's Tanky Trundle Jungle Guide

By Prizum
About Me
I am normally a Master Jungle Main on EUW and a League of Legends Solo Queue Coach.

I make YouTube videos explaining the thought process of Challenger players/myself to explain how to improve and climb.

In S10 & S11 I was Rank 1 EUW and Top 10 World for my Trundle stats on LeagueofGraphs as I had a 62% WR with a 4.16 KDA and 64% WR with a 6.42 KDA respectively on Trundle which you can find on my opgg

You can find my videos at:
You can find my stream at: FROM 09:00 - 12:30 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri UK Time.

Join my discord server to get in contact with me, ask questions or to join a community of like-minded players who are all trying to improve ^^
Why Play Trundle Jungle?
Trundle's kit allows him to easily abuse immobile champions, melee champions and players who don't ward or don't look at their map enough (most players below Diamond which is like 98% of the playerbase).

His pillar combined with his W movement speed combined with his Q slow combined with his early game damage means that he's really good at making plays happen and snowballing games. You can get a really high winrate with him because of how good he is at snowballing games.

Also, I think it's really fun to be ganking a lot, fighting a lot, snowballing games fast and making the enemy team surrender because you can be everywhere because of your Frozen Domain movement speed and low mana costs that allow you to spam abilities and not run out of mana.

He also offers a lot of versatility, if going full tank doesn't suit you, you can add in a damage item or two or even just go a damage mythic if that's your style but I think Trundle with FrostFire does enough damage anyway, it's better to get teammates ahead like a Vayne/Aphelios who can really carry a game, do a moderate amount of damage and be a super tank all at the same time.
Pro's & Con's
+ Super ganker.
+ Very strong 1v1.
+ Ranged Engage/Catch Tool.
+ Steals Tank Stats (no need for armor pen).
+ Fun movement speed which is nearly always up.
+ Easy to play.
+ Easy to snowball and carry with.
- Struggles vs long range if not ahead.
- Falls off super late game.
- Struggles vs extremely mobile champions.
- Can be kited easily 1v1 by ranged junglers.
Press the Attack allows us to lean into Trundle's early game power. It makes it so that one combo (AA Q AA) takes someone to half health early on. When you combine that with increased damage after activating PTA you should have no issue melting a squishy target 100-0 in a gank. At later stages of the game it also helps your carries carry by doing more damage to whoever you activate Press the Attack on. That can be extremely valuable for your carries for shredding a pesky tank or for melting an overly fed carry.

Triumph helps out a lot in skirmishes and teamfights in keeping you healthy (combined with your passive, ultimate and tank items it makes you a super tank which is really hard to kill).

Legend: Tenacity covers one of Trundle's weaknesses which is being smacked with crowd control and being kited. If you get CC'd you will have to spend more time catching up to the enemy but if you have tenacity you will be able to close the gap sooner and secure more kills.

Coup de Grace due to the nature of Press the Attack with AA Chomp AA combo you will be taking targets down to 40% health very quickly and Coup de Grace will only boost your damage output to finish off the target before they have a chance to run away from your slow, pillar and movement speed area and later on your frostfire gauntlet and other items that you will have.

Nimbus Cloak, this again leans into Trundle's kit and covers his weakness of being kited. Combine Nimbus Cloak Chilling Smite Chomp Frozen Domain and Pillar of Ice and it makes you inescapable and allows you get in range of targets EXTREMELY quickly so you can burst them and slow them for your teammates to also catch up and do damage.

Waterwalking, because you will be ganking a lot you want to have this so you can again move around the map quickly and go from jungle camp > river > lane > successful gank quickly. It also helps with early scuttle fights, dragon/herald fights and chasing people through river since you get not only move speed in river but also damage.
First Clear
At the start of a game when you're in loading screen identify if top or bot lane are easy for you to gank.

(Immobile enemy laner like Jinx Kayle Veigar Samira Draven Miss Fortune and CC/Gap Closing ally laner like Renekton Leona Karma Ahri Shen). If you see a side lane like this you want to path TOWARDS them!

For Trundle's clear speed you can only do 5 camps before 3:15, because of this you will be ignoring 1 camp in your first clear.

Your go-to clears depending on the side you start on will be:
1. Blue Buff Gromp Murk Wolves Raptors Red Buff Rift Scuttler
2. Red Buff Raptors Gromp Blue Buff Murk Wolves Rift Scuttler

So let's say you want to path TOWARDS top lane because you have a Renekton and the enemy has a Kled Kayle Volibear Yasuo what have you, you should start on the bottom side of the map with a leash and do either clear #1 or clear #2 depending on whether you are red team or blue team.

Important Note: DO NOT ALWAYS follow clear #1 or clear #2 exactly every game. Your goal as Trundle is to MAKE GANKS happen, so while you are on your clear #1 or clear #2 you need to look out for ganks once you hit level 3 (after finishing the 3rd camp in both clears) and if you think that you can make a gank happen ditch the clear and GO FOR IT! If not, just continue the clear!

For Smite usage it is fine to use on your first camp or second camp and have smite again for Rift Scuttler .

Example OF First Clear Pathing:

Renekton Trundle (YOU) VS Kayle Top.
You are on blue team (bottom half of map).

Do Red Buff Raptors Gromp and if you see Kayle is pushing up slightly or is say 60% hp then GANK KAYLE AND ABANDON THE CLEAR!!! then Rift Scuttler Blue Buff Recall usually..

The important thing here is to adapt and make sure you're focusing on ganks after you hit level three but if you don't see any on the side of the map you're on you can just continue the clear !
Gank Approach
For ganking, ideally you want to wrap AROUND and get BEHIND the enemy laner but that is usually only possible for top lane or bot lane if the enemy is pushing up far in the lane.

But if you CAN successfully get behind them and the tower is quite far away, DO NOT use your abilities. Just walk up to them in auto attack range and use your Auto Attack Chomp Auto Attack combo, then you can potentially use Frozen Domain for movement speed or just keep walking with them towards their tower and keep using Auto Attacks to chase.

The reason we want to do this is so that we can make the enemy Flash before we use our Pillar of Ice so that once they do flash we can use Pillar of Ice, save our own Flash and pick up the kill(s) anyway.

If you successfully make the enemy use Flash in a gank you need to engrain that in your brain as a memory for life. From now on (especially if they are an immobile laner) you can literally just RUN at them with Frozen Domain Pillar of Ice them towards you and your teammate(s) and they will literally be unable to do ANYTHING. It will literally be such free kills. Do not be surprised when you gank someone 4 times in 2 minutes and they rage quit! XD

In the scenario where the lane is relatively even you can usually run in with Frozen Domain use Pillar of Ice and Auto Attack Chomp Auto Attack and make the gank work anyway.

Limit test a bit for yourself in your games and you will get a feel for it anyway for how often you can gank and which ganks you can make work or not.

Chilling Smite and Iceborn Gauntlet will help you a lot also in making ganks happen.
Early Game
Your job early game as Trundle is to gank lanes, kill enemy laners and in turn put your laners ahead so that you can take dragons, heralds, towers and win the game.

Your approach to the early game will always be the same.

Follow clear #1 or clear #2 and when you see a gank that looks like you can kill, go for it. If there are no ganks available after finishing off clear #1 or clear #2 then you can recall and restart the clear and keep looking around again for opportunities.

Be careful of lane priority for Rift Scuttler , you ARE strong 1v1 but you can always be rotated on by the enemy mid laner for example.

There are more advanced things that you can do with jungle tracking, counter-jungling, counter-ganking but I cannot explain these over text to you. That's where YouTube/Stream/Coaching comes in..

So check this out for more depth:

Note: I played Divine Sunderer in that video just to test it out but all the same applies to my Iceborn Gauntlet build which I find preferable.
Mid+Late Game
For the mid and late game if you have followed through correctly so far you are usually in a spot where you are 4/0, your teammate(s) are also 3/0 or something, you have 2 dragons, took a few towers whatever.

From this stage onwards your job is to group up with laners who are strong when they push out lanes, when an objective spawns (dragon/herald/baron) and to pick off targets who are alone in the side lane.

When you are ahead like this you can usually pick off targets with your Pillar of Ice or try to start fights with it so that you can win them which will allow you and your teammates to push towers. Just make sure not to take fights which risk you giving away big shutdowns like 700g.

Look for dives if you can find them and try to start stealing away enemy camps with your laners who are strong and are pushing lanes.

Your own jungle camps become really unimportant at this stage so you can almost ignore them but do make sure to farm them when your laners are in base/aren't pushing/are dead etc..

You want to choke the enemy out slowly with dragon soul, elder dragon, baron etc so don't feel like you have to force things to happen.

If you end up falling behind because you didn't make any ganks happen or you made some mistakes the best you can hope for is for the enemy team to make some mistakes and give away their shutdowns.

Maybe you can find picks or find people are not grouping up from the enemy team so you can 5v3 mid etc ..
Use your Frozen Domain almost every time it's off cooldown to move around the map, between camps, from base to wherever you're going, to get to a fight etc.

Always Auto Attack Chomp Auto Attack. It activates Press the Attack instantly and does A CRAZY chunk of damage AND enables your teammate(s) to do more damage.

Get familiar with your Pillar of Ice, you can cancel abilities with it like Elastic Slingshot Make it Rain Requiem and so on.

Also get familiar with your Pillar of Ice placements, you can put it slightly behind/ahead of enemy targets to push them towards you or away from you and force them to run around it, it acts as a mini-knock-up with no counterplay.

Be adaptable with your ability levelling order. Some ganks you want more points in Q for movement speed, sometimes more in W for damage/clear speed.

Catch me streaming for more depth on Jungling or even join my discord server

Watch the video I added into the guide in the Early Game section.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Prizum
Prizum Trundle Guide
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[12.13] Prizum's Tanky Trundle Jungle Guide

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