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Shaco Build Guide by Maxwell_Shaco

Support [12.17] 💎 In-Depth Diamond AP Shaco Support 🤡 | By Maxwell

Support [12.17] 💎 In-Depth Diamond AP Shaco Support 🤡 | By Maxwell

Updated on September 20, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Maxwell_Shaco Build Guide By Maxwell_Shaco 75 3 155,102 Views 12 Comments
75 3 155,102 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Maxwell_Shaco Shaco Build Guide By Maxwell_Shaco Updated on September 20, 2022
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Runes: Comet

1 2
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[12.17] 💎 In-Depth Diamond AP Shaco Support 🤡 | By Maxwell

By Maxwell_Shaco

Hey, i'm Maxwell A.K.A Feint, a Diamond 1 peak AP Shaco connoisseur from the UK who has been playing league since season 7. In my first season I mained Zac jungle and I have memories of getting dunked on by Shaco players who took control of my jungle.

This led to me trying the clown myself where I continued to learn him in the jungle. As I got better with the champion I wanted to try different builds and roles, watching some Pink Ward content on YouTube sent me down the road of AP Shaco. Trying out and learning this new playstyle in the jungle was refreshing and I later moved into the top and support roles.

I hit Diamond this season, peaking D1 with primarily AP Shaco Support and decided to create this guide for fun. Keep in mind that this is all based on my own experience with the champ and the knowledge I have gained over the years.

This off-meta pick is great because it allows you to win games by outplaying your opponents with mind games when they often underestimate you. Shaco has a lot of depth to him due to this outplay potential, bringing him into the bottom lane means you don't have to spend time farming jungle camps and gives you atleast two enemies that you can mentally abuse from the start of the game.

Before you read any further if you are new to Shaco then I would recommend you learn him in the jungle with an AD build since you need some pre-existing knowledge and mechanical skill to play properly in this role.

If you are going to follow this advice then I would recommend checking out one of the following jungle guides:
Thanks for checking out my guide and hit the upvote button if it was useful (you don't need to be signed in).

+ Extremely fun to play and master

+ Great set-up for teamfights with Jack In The Box, especially with CDR items

+ Iconic tilt factor

+ Jack In The Box provides zoning and can create traps for your enemies

+ Can roam to gank other lanes or gain objective control for your team

+ Insane engage and escape with your Deceive

+ Gives your Jungler an early advantage with proper Jack In The Box leashing

+ Great outplay potential
- Struggles due to high base CDs on Jack In The Box and your small mana pool in early levels

- Harder to play than AD Shaco as you heavily rely on utilising your Jack In The Boxes and Hallucinate explosion properly

- Can struggle against certain comps, particularly high poke lanes in the early game

- Vulnerable to Control Wards and Oracle Lens as these can let opponents remove your Jack In The Boxes

- Certain players will grief or flame you for the pick

- Needs thought behind Jack In The Box placement to be effective




Shaco's basic attacks deal bonus physical damage when striking from behind.

Deceive and Two-Shiv Poison also have additional effects when they strike an enemy from behind. Backstab is affected by Critical strike modifiers and scales with bonus AD.

How To Use

To make use of this passive you should try to Backstab enemies whenever possible as it will simply increase your damage dealt. After using Deceive striking an enemy from behind in stealth or 0.25s after exiting it will result in a guaranteed critical strike for 130% damage. Two-Shiv Poison also deals additional magic damage when it hits an enemy from behind.




Shaco becomes invisible for a few seconds, and after a 0.125 second delay Flashes 400 units towards the target location.

After breaking the invisibility, Shaco's next basic attack within 0.25 seconds is a guaranteed critical strike for 130% damage and deals bonus physical damage affected by critical strike modifiers.

Deceives invisibility breaks when Shaco uses a basic attack or casts Two-Shiv Poison, but not from casting Hallucinate. Casting Jack In The Box causes Shaco to briefly shimmer revealing his position.

How To Use

Deceive tricks are discussed in the Shaco Tech section of the guide but this ability basically used to engage or escape since the blink will let you jump over walls and the stealth allows you to move in an unpredictable way in order to lose the opponents chasing you or to get into a better position to continue a fight.

Jack In The Box



Shaco places a Jack In The Box at the target location which becomes stealthed after 2 seconds, lasting for up to 40 (+5% AP) seconds. The box is invulnerable and untargetable to enemies while stealthed but can be revealed with the use of Control Wards and Oracle Lens.

Upon enemy contact the box will pop out, causing all nearby enemies to flee and have their movement speed reduced for 2 seconds.

Once triggered, the box will start firing every 0.5 seconds at all nearby visible enemies, dealing magic damage with each attack. If the box attacks only one unit, it deals increased damage.

How To Use

Placing a Jack In The Box lets you and your teammates use it as a "safe zone" where enemies will be feared and damaged when activated giving you time to escape or engage on the vulnerable player.

The fear that the box provides lets your teammates (such as Ezreal or Ziggs) connect their abilities with the enemy for free, making it impossible for the enemy to dodge. It can also be great set-up for champions like Diana to engage and oneshot them.

This ability is one of your primary sources of damage so it's necessary that you and your teammates play around them. Try to set-up a series of boxes to repeatedly fear and damage your enemies. Tricks are discussed with examples in the Shaco Tech section of the guide.

Two-Shiv Poison



Shaco's basic attacks slow enemies for 2 seconds while Two-Shiv Poison is off cooldown.

Shaco throws a dagger at the target enemy that deals magic damage, increased by 50% if they are below 30% of their maximum health, and slows them for 3 seconds.

How To Use

Once you're in the mid to late game (when you have a decent sized mana pool and some CDR items) you should basically be using this ability on cooldown to poke your enemies, unless you are waiting to execute them with the bonus damage when under 30% hp or are still struggling with mana.

Remember that Deceive can provide gap closing to finish off enemies who are just out of reach, but that leaves you with only Jack In The Boxes or Hallucinate to escape.

Saving the Two-Shiv Poison CD will make your auto-attacks slow enemies for 2 seconds and will allow you to use the ability when the enemy is at a lower hp to make the most out of the execute. Using the ability early will let you slow an enemy for 3 seconds and potentially mean you can use the ability multiple times in a single fight.




Shaco vanishes for 0.5 seconds and then Flashes 400 units in the target direction while creating a copy of himself that is summoned in the opposite direction, remaining within control range of him as a controllable clone for up to 18 seconds.

RECAST: Shaco commands the clone to move to a target location.

When the Hallucination dies or expires, it explodes, dealing magic damage to enemies near it and leaving behind three mini-boxes at its location causing enemies to flee for 1 second.

How To Use

Hallucinate allows you to play much more aggressive than you otherwise could because the massive damage and AOE fear it provides has a lot of value. It will also make enemies gamble which is the real Shaco and which is the clone, as you practise with this ability you will get better at tricking the enemies into attacking your clone but I also discuss tips on how to do this in the Shaco Tech section of the guide.

Using Deceive and then Hallucinate will leave you stealthed and drop your clone often making enemies think it's the real Shaco causing them to quickly use cooldowns on you leading them to fear and damage themselves. This is great to use in a cluster of enemies in a teamfight.

......Flash Ignite

You might be saying to yourself "...but Shaco has flash built into his kit, why would I take it as a summoner spell aswell?", well it makes you even more slippery and it also opens up alot of playmaking opportunities.

For example, say you get caught out of position using Deceive over a wall to ward a bush, but an enemy Ahri happens to be there. She throws her Charm at you once you exit stealth, so you flash away towards a set of Jack In The Boxes you placed earlier where she immediately uses Spirit Rush to chase after you thinking she caught you with no CDs to escape. Ahri then runs into a series of boxes where you burst her down, turning a death into a kill.
Ignite is core to Shaco, giving him additional kill pressure and playmaking which helps win your fights. To execute low hp enemies from far away, you can use Flash, Deceive and then Two-Shiv Poison with Ignite.

At any point in the game when an enemy walks into a well set-up trap, Ignite can provide the extra damage needed to kill a target but also works as a source of antiheal, applying grevious wounds to the enemies for the duration of the Ignite.

......Exhaust Ignite

Taking Exhaust provides safety for your team from dangerous enemies at the cost of the extra elusiveness that Flash provides. Reducing a targets damage dealt by 40% and movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds can be vital for buying enough time to shut down champions such as Yasuo or Master Yi.

The movement speed slow is actually quite useful on Shaco because it makes it harder for enemies to run away from a freshly placed Jack In The Box.
The additional kill pressure that Ignite provides is a core part of Shaco as it helps you win fights aswell as finish off low health enemies.

In combination with Jack In The Box traps it allows you to solo kill enemies with proper set-up and execution. It also works as a source of antiheal, applying grevious wounds to an enemy for the duration of the ignite.

Keystone: Arcane Comet

This Arcane Comet rune build is perfect for Shaco support since it provides us with extra damage on our poke aswell as additional mana, CDR and lane sustain which are all incredibly valuable to us.

Sorcery Runes

Arcane Comet
This keystone gives Shaco a nice damage boost on his poke every 20 - 8 seconds and gives us access to the sorcery tree for massive runes like Manaflow Band. In the early game, you have a small mana pool and long CDs on abiltiies which make the sorcery tree so much more useful as it mitigates some of these problems.
Manaflow Band
Mana issues are a big handicap for an AP Shaco as you will notice in the early levels, since it means we can't always spam our abilities on cooldown which is what makes us useful. Having the additional 250 mana and 1% missing mana restoration every 5 seconds is massive and what makes us take Manaflow Band over the utility from Nimbus Cloak or the sustain that Nullifying Orb would provide.
Just like Manaflow Band, this is the best rune by far for Shaco among the options offered. The additional CDR and cooldown refund makes you able to set up plays faster and with more boxes. Having Deceive up earlier can also mean the difference between life or death.
This rune will give you some extra poke damage on your abilities and will proc Arcane Comet if it comes off cooldown. This can get you a kill on a 1% health enemy who believes they have escaped. Once you have purchased your Liandry's Anguish then this burn can also proc from Scorch if it comes off cooldown.

Inspiration Runes

Biscuit Delivery
Like a lot of supports do, I opt to take Biscuit Delivery since it provides sustain for the laning phase by restoring 10% of your missing mana and health. Consuming these biscuits will also increase mana cap by 50 or a total of 150 mana.
Cosmic Insight
This rune simply provides summoner spell and item haste which helps us with playmaking with Flash or Ignite being up more often and even being able to use items like Zhonya's Hourglass more frequently.

Rune Shards

Swap Armor for Magic Resist if the enemies have more AP than AD.

Keystone: Glacial Augment

While this isn't an extremely popular rune page, it can be very useful in games with melee heavy or immobile team comps as they will be slowed and have their damage output reduced by the glacial rays. Shacos Jack In The Box and Hallucinate fear along with Everfrosts root are the only ways to proc Glacial Augment, the keystone is very satisfying to play with and can give some nice utility at the cost of the additional poke damage from Arcane Comet.

Inspiration Runes

Glacial Augment
This keystone will cause 3 glacial rays to emanate from an enemy champion when immobolized from Shacos Jack In The Box or Hallucinate fear. When enemies are in these glacial rays they will deal 15% less damage.
Magical Footwear
You will receieve free Slightly Magical Boots at 12 minutes reduced by 45 seconds for every takedown you acquire. This item will give you 35 bonus movement speed and will save you 300g. It can be slightly annoying gaining boots later on, especially if you are planning on roaming a lot in the early game. If you want to build Zhonya's Hourglass then you could substitute this rune for Perfect Timing.
Biscuit Delivery
Early game Shaco can struggle against certain compositions such as Lucian and Nami, getting poked out of lane while suffering from his long cooldowns and small mana pool in the early levels. Biscuit Delivery restores 10% of missing health and mana, helping you stay in lane and continue to use your abilities. Keep in mind the lower your health and mana is, the more efficient the biscuits will be.
Cosmic Insight
This rune simply provides Shaco some additional summoner spell and item haste. This means you will be able to use your summoner spells and active items like Zhonya's Hourglass more often.

Sorcery Runes

Manaflow Band
Mana issues are a big handicap for an AP Shaco as you will notice in the early levels, since it means we can't use our abilities which is what makes us useful. Having the additional 250 mana and 1% missing mana restoration every 5 seconds is massive and what makes us take Manaflow Band over the utility from Nimbus Cloak or the sustain that Nullifying Orb would provide.
Just like Manaflow Band, this is the best rune by far for Shaco among the options offered. The additional CDR and cooldown refund makes you able to set up plays faster, with more boxes. Having Deceive or Hallucinate up earlier can also mean the difference between life or death.

Rune Shards

Swap Armor for Magic Resist if the enemies have more AP than AD.

Core Items (Comet Build)

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
These boots will provide 20 ability haste and 12 summoner spell haste allowing you to use your abilities and summoner spells more often. CDR is really important and will help you have better and faster set-up for team fights, objectives or any fight in general.
Liandry's Anguish
Liandry's is the best AP mythic on Shaco because each Jack In The Box attack will proc the passive meaning it will be up on the target for a longer period of time. This item also provides Shaco with 80 AP, 600 mana and 20 ability haste, all of which are very important stats. Building this item means you can purchase a Lost Chapter, this will give you some more mana sustain to continue doing your thing.
Cosmic Drive
Cosmic Drive provides all the stats we need with 30 ability haste, 65 AP, 200 health and 5% base movement speed. On top of all these stats you also gain 15% bonus movement speed decaying to 5% over 2 seconds after hitting a champion with 3 seperate attacks or abilities and a whopping 40 AP until exiting combat. Everything about this item greatly improves our playmaking, making us even more slippery on top of the extra AP and other stats.

Boot Choices

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
As mentioned before, these boots are your core because they will provide 20 ability haste and 12 summoner spell haste allowing you to use your abilities and summoner spells more often. CDR is really important and will help you have better and faster set-up for team fights, objectives and any fight in general.

Building your Ionian Boots of Lucidity early provides you with much needed CDR in Shacos most vulnerable stage.
Sorcerer's Shoes
If you need the additional magic pen you can choose to build Sorcerer's Shoes over Ionian Boots of Lucidity but I would recommend to instead build an item such as Void Staff or Shadowflame instead.

Situational Items

(Most common items first)
Vigilant Wardstone
Most games Vigilant Wardstone will be completely worth building since vision is so important. This item increases the cap of Control Wards you can carry to 3, allows you to place 2 Control Wards and 4 Stealth Wards at any given time. Additionally, it provides a 12% increase to bonus ability haste, bonus ability power and bonus health.

This item transforms from Watchful Wardstone into Vigilant Wardstone at level 13, because of this you will start building this level 13 onwards. Some games you will need to substitute this item for something more important such as increased survivability, tank shred etc.

This item only costs 1100g!
Nowadays, half of the games played will require antiheal because of the vast amounts of healing in the game whether its Soraka, Sylas or even just a fed Vayne with Immortal Shieldbow.

If there is not a crazy amount of healing in the game you can often get away with just buying a Oblivion Orb after your Liandry's Anguish and completing your Morellonomicon as one of your final items. However, the order of which you finish this item is up to you (as long as its after Liandry's Anguish) and you should base this on how important it is to get the extra 20% grevious wounds on targets under 50% health.
Zhonya's Hourglass
This item is a life saver against any team composition and can be used to dodge skillshots like Lux's Final Spark. Becoming invulnerable and untargetable for 2.5 seconds is incredible at buying enough time for your team to back you up if you get caught or even just to delay to get your CDs up to escape.
Demonic Embrace
The max health burn from this item is great at shredding enemies with large health pools like Zac or Cho'Gath. You should keep in mind when you are versus these champions, they typically stack resistances too. Check the enemy itemisation and if they have a decent amount of MR then you should probably build an item like Void Staff.

Demonic Embrace is a nice damage boost item even against a team composition that doesn't have tanks and can be perfect against a team with little to no MR.
Dark Seal
If you think there is any chance of snowballing the game you can pick up an early Dark Seal and if you start getting a good amount of stacks you can commit to a Mejai's Soulstealer. Just remember that you will be delaying your Liandry's Anguish by 350g.
Mejai's Soulstealer
Building this item is high risk and high reward. It's great if you are confident you can snowball a lead, if you die you will lose 10 stacks resulting in -50 AP which is quite devastating after investing your gold on into this item. However, if you manage to fully stack your Mejai's Soulstealer this will provide you with 125 AP on top of the base stats!
This item is useful against squishy oppponents and provides a noticeable boost to your damage output. The main part of this item is the 100 AP aswell as some additional magic pen. Void Staff would be a better choice against tankier targets who have more MR.
Void Staff
You would build Void Staff over Shadowflame because it provides 45 magic pen compared to the 10-20 from Shadowflame at the cost of 35 less AP. If enemies are tankier and stacking lots of MR then Void Staff is the more worthwhile purchase.
Banshee's Veil
This is a great survivability item since it gives you a spell shield that blocks the next ability, refreshing after 40 seconds of taking no damage from enemy champions. Crazy value can be gained from purchasing this item against certain team compositions. Examples include Karthus, Veigar, Annie and Nunu & Willump. Banshee's Veil also provides 80 AP, 45 MR and 10 ability haste for the low price of only 2600g!
Rabadon's Deathcap
Similarly to Mejai's Soulstealer this is a insane item for snowballing which would usually be built as one of your final items. It provides 120 AP with a massive passive of increasing your AP by 35%, which when you have other items can give you crazy value. In situations where you are snowballing hard or need the damage boost in the late game, you can build this. However, the 3600g price makes it harder to obtain and is the reason why you would only build it later into the game.
I have developed a very specific start that I use every game, this warns the team about a common invade spot and saves 10+ seconds on my junglers clear. I'd recommend following this to get your jungler ahead and make them happy right from the start.
Blue Side Start

Blue Side Start
AP Shaco Support Game Plan

AP Shaco isn't really meant to be played like an assassin, instead, a lot of your time will be spent focusing on poking and irritating your enemies by throwing Two-Shiv Poison and setting up choke points, objectives and general points of interest (where you think your opponents will path towards) with Jack In The Boxes. This off-meta pick allows you to use deception to trick your enemies into starting fights that they have no chance in winning.

Throughout the entire game, you and your team want to be playing around your Jack In The Boxes because of the fear and damage it provides. If Hallucinate is off cooldown it will allow you to play much more aggressive but if not, you can play around any existing Jack In The Boxes and use Deceive to engage or escape if necessary.

To get better at this playstyle it requires experience as well as knowledge on what can be done with the champ. I have compiled a bunch of useful tricks for Shaco that will help you become a better clown, these can be seen in the next section of the guide.

So what actually is your game plan?
* Provide safety to your ADC in lane, using boxes to escape engages

* Set up traps to kill enemies or provide zoning / kiting possibilties to your team

* Prepare objectives with vision and traps

* Start seeking plays more often once you've got your Liandry's Anguish and Ionian Boots of Lucidity power spikes

* Start poking and placing boxes as soon as they come off cooldown once you have these hit these powerspikes

* Distract targets in teamfights so your teammates have less to deal with

This is where AP Shaco shines, creating chaos, distracting, cleaning up and killing enemies. You should start placing Jack In The Boxes about a minute before a teamfight takes place for maximum preparation, these can be used by your team to kite or to burst down enemies.

Being the support and not the jungle role allows you to focus all your attention and time on being prepared for fights or seeking out plays, because it removes the need for farming. Using Deceive to drop a Hallucinate clone in the middle of multiple enemies in a teamfight is an incredible tool that should be used often, once it gets killed you will fear and damage all enemies nearby.

Distracting enemies in a teamfight means they won't be targeting the rest of your team and because of how slippery Shaco is you can normally get away or even kill the target.
Early Game

The most vulnerable point in the game for Shaco is the early laning phase, when you have a small mana pool and long cooldowns, this can make it hard to help your ADC against poke comps such as Lucian / Nami or Ezreal / Xerath. Against these comps you should try to soak some of this damage for your partner and play relatively safe.

Shaco's main objective in the early game is to provide safety for your ADC to farm while starting to poke for Spellthief's Edge gold and Manaflow Band procs. Grabbing your Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Liandry's Anguish will give you much more impact in the game because of the extra mana, CDR and damage spike. Keep an eye on your mana bar and use Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will for sustain when necessary.

When facing engage supports like Blitzcrank you can peel for your ADC by placing a Jack In The Box in front of a hook or root. If you are expecting a gank and are lacking vision or want to push in the lane anyway, you can place Jack In The Boxes blocking the gank path. It is can also be worth buying Control Wards for drake vision and placing a few boxes if your team is planning to take it.

At this stage you should keep an eye out for potential roam opportunities as this can be extremely rewarding. However, the lack of mana and CDR can make this difficult.
Mid Game

People will start grouping in the mid game, so preparing objectives and teamfights will become extremely important. Luckily, at this stage we will start getting our Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Liandry's Anguish so we will have enough damage and CDR to be a menace.

This is the point in which roaming consistently could become the best option compared to sitting in lane, just make sure you are both gaining vision for your team and denying it for the enemies. You can even start seeking out solo plays with sufficient set-up and proper execution.

If you start an objective such as infernal drake when the enemy botlane is alive and they try to collapse on you, the Jack In The Boxes you placed before can help turn on them giving you free kills because of how much pressure they give your team. The main issue with doing something like this would be that if the enemy jungler is nearby then the drake is left to a Smite off.
Late Game

This is Shaco's strongest point in the game because you be reaching your peak playmaking potential. Getting picks in this stage of the game is the most rewarding due to the longer respawn timers allowing you to have more time on the rift with a numbers advantage and objectives such as Elder Dragon and Baron Nashor having such massive impact on the outcome of the game.

Gaining and denying vision is even more of a priority now. Continue setting up traps as normal and communicate with your team for follow up on Jack In The Box or Hallucinate plays. You can act like you are getting caught out of position once you have set up a trap nearby causing enemies to over commit to a fight.
Deceive Tech

- Faking Your Escape Route
You can evade enemies by running in one direction and then using Deceive to sneak away in a different direction. This strategy is very useful for when you have got yourself in a sticky situation e.g. when you are deep in the enemies jungle and need to escape.
- Buy Time For CDs / backup
Using Deceive in the middle of a fight to avoid being targeted for the duration can be a good tool to buy time for either cooldowns to come back up, or for your team to come provide backup.
- Nullify Hooks
Using your Deceive as a spell CC spell is about to hit you can cancel the displacement of spells like Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab or Nautilus's Dredge Line.
- Deceive Long Jumps
There are a handful of long jumps you can do with Deceive which can help you make plays. It's a situational trick but can definitely be worth learning:
Jack In The Box Tech

- Blocking Skillshots
Jack In The Box can be affected by CC, meaning that you can place one to block a Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab and other similar abilities. Being prepared to do this can help you peel your ADC incredibly well and render certain champions completely useless.
- Blast Cones Will Move Boxes
You can place a box on a blast cone and hit it to move a box. This is quite situational but can be a great way to suprise and catch nearby enemies off guard.
- Anti Gank Boxes
Placing boxes on a gank path can buy you enough time to escape or give enough fear / damage to turn it around.
- Use Boxes As Wards
If you have ran out of Stealth Wards or don't want to use one on a specific spot, you can place a box in the same location and you'll be able to see a slightly smaller area. This can be useful at all stages of the game when you are in an area that you don't want to commit to placing a ward but would like some information anyway. Keep in mind that boxes do have a shorter life span.
- Sidestep Chain Fearing
When you place a box on an enemy you can often make them sidestep into an old box, causing a chain fear to occur. This will CC them for a while and do plenty of damage giving you kill pressure on most enemies, especially if you have follow up from your team.
- Dive Trick
When placing a Jack In The Box under tower, it will be focused after the minion currently targeted dies. Champions will be prioritised over boxes once they attack an enemy so to use a box to tank a tower shot you have to start attacking the enemy champion AFTER the box has been targeted. Combining this with Hallucinate's tower aggro reset and clone aggro trick gives Shaco some great diving capabilities.
- Level 1 Cheese
If your jungler is starting top side then you can prepare a level 1 cheese instead. Red side is the best for cheesing level 1, by placing your boxes how I do in the clip below you can chain fear the enemy as they run into tri bush and get another fear off after they Flash the wall. The first box should be placed in tri bush at 1:05.
- Illuminati Box Placement
In this OG video from Pink Ward he explains why and how to do the illuminati box placement, it essentially uses 3 boxes to get the maximum efficiency by chain fearing targets and doing 3x box damage. Watch the video from 6:03 to 6:49 and keep in mind some of the information in the rest of the video is outdated e.g. "stacking boxes" on top of each other.
Two-Shiv Poison

- Use On Cooldown Or Save Shiv?
You should try to remember that saving Two-Shiv Poison will make your autos slow the target. However, using this ability early can allow you to get it off multiple times in a single fight and give you the additional damage you may need to win. If the target is going to be burst down, you can save this and use it when the target is at a lower hp since it works as an execute. When you aren't engaging on enemies you should be spamming this on cooldown assuming you have sufficient mana.
- Hit The Target From Behind
If possible you should use Two-Shiv Poison in a way that will make it hit the target in the back because it will deal additional damage.

- Ult tethering
Shaco's clone has a maximum range it can run away to and if it goes past this it is teleported back on top of him. This is extremely useful for creating fancy plays by baiting, suprising or bursting your enemies.
- Fake Clone Trick
An extremely effective trick which I use very commonly is that after using Hallucinate you can make the real Shaco stand still, auto attack the enemy or act in a way that the clone typically would while you control the clone to be in a position that you would normally want to position yourself in. This typically puts the real Shaco in a more dangerous position but because of this your enemies will assume it's the clone and therefore continue to focus the actual clone.
- Skillshot Dodging
Using Hallucinate at the right time can delete or dodge skillshots as shown in the video below. Tethers such as Nocturne's Unspeakable Horror, actively applied damage like Ignite and delayed detonations will not be dodged. In the video below you can see me dodge a LeBlanc's ultimate and delete a Veigar's ultimate.
- Clone Suicide On Towers
Running your clone into towers is a great way to cut off an enemies escape route or to finish off an out of reach enemy, doing this will fear them towards you and deal a burst of damage. If there are minions tanking the tower then you'll have to make your clone auto the enemy once (the real Shaco cannot be in range of the turret when it autos or you will tank the aggro).
- Clone Diving
You can cast Hallucinate to reset tower aggro and delete the current missile targeting you, giving you a great skillset to dive enemies when combined with the clone suicide trick.
- Out Of Position Baiting
You can pretend that you are out of position by moving your clone into a certain spot where you know the enemy has vision or are going to want to check, if enemies are nearby this can bait them into engaging into a spot where you are ready to collapse on them.
- Hallucinate Wall Jumps
Hallucinate can be used to jump various walls in the game, most notably the drake and baron pits. This allows you to ult yourself or your clone into the pit, leaving you with Deceive to engage or escape yourself whenever you want. A good strategy when your team doesn't have much pressure to engage on the enemy team taking the infernal drake , you can ult your clone into the drake pit and run it into the enemy team fearing and giving a burst of magic damage. This can provide your team the perfect opportunity to collapse and get some picks.
- Inhib / Nexus Attack Bug
To order your clone to attack an enemy nexus or inhibitor you have to use the shift and right click control, instead of pressing the R key. This is a weird bug but it is worth knowing so you can end games faster.

Thanks for checking out my In-Depth AP Shaco Support Guide, I hope that it was useful and if there is anything that you think i've missed out on then please feel free to comment or message me on discord @ Feint#4445.

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[12.17] 💎 In-Depth Diamond AP Shaco Support 🤡 | By Maxwell

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