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Darius Build Guide by Jewceratops

Top [13.10] Season 13 KiNG of Top - Darius Guide

Top [13.10] Season 13 KiNG of Top - Darius Guide

Updated on May 22, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jewceratops Build Guide By Jewceratops 70 6 92,784 Views 0 Comments
70 6 92,784 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jewceratops Darius Build Guide By Jewceratops Updated on May 22, 2023
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Runes: Standard

1 2
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[13.10] Season 13 KiNG of Top - Darius Guide

By Jewceratops

Trinity Force
synergizes with Darius kit very well. Weaker waveclear then [[STRIDEBREAKER]. Best Mythic for 1v1 in sidelane and to decimate tower.

Divine Sunderer
offers alot of sustain. The buildpath is not the best. Into champions that outsustain Darius Damage this Mythic is really strong. Good alternative Mythic to build in hard matchups.

this item makes it really hard to kite Darius. Once completed it is nearly impossible to escape Darius. Against a full ranged comp this item is a must buy. Very good item to push sidelane and quickly join skirmishes.
2ND and 3RD ITEM

Dead Man's Plate
the 40ms passive makes this item really strong on champs like Darius. Even tho it is expensive for it's stats it is worth it. Helps with the weakness of Darius getting kited.

Force of Nature
good movementspeed item with HP and MR, buy this if enemy has a big AP Carry or 2-3 AP heavy champs.

Sterak's Gage
allows Darius to skirmish much safer and offers good damage. Darius Hemorrhage keeps you in combat what gives a bigger shield. Good option if the enemy has burst damage. Since it scales with Base AD it works great with Trinity Force.

same stats as Sterak's Gage and offers good sidelane power. Downside is that there is no shield and the armor/magic resist are gone in teamfights.

Death's Dance
good armor item that offers good survivability against burst. Really strong item to take over a game.


Maw of Malmortius
good item against AP burst. Also offers alot of dmg. Can't be bought together with Steraks tho.

Black Cleaver
strong stats and offers movementspeed even from Hemorrhage. Downside is that there is no shield and the armor pen is not really needed since Apprehend's Passive is enough for most games plus Noxian Guillotine deals true damage.
Only worth it if the enemy has atleast 300+ Armor or your entire team is AD and lacks the dmg to kill the enemy.

Guardian Angel
good against a fed assassin/burst mage or champs with champs that heavly rely on their ultimates(Noc/Wukong/VI etc.). Also Darius Hemorrhage stacks last longer than Guardian Angel revive animation, so you don't lose your stacks immediately. Must buy if u are the wincon.

Anathema's Chains
this item offers an insane amount of HP and you can bind the biggest threat. Also the HP scales insanely well with Sterak's Gage and Gargoyle Stoneplate.

Gargoyle Stoneplate
offers good amount of survivability for Darius, but the buildpath is pretty bad. Lategame item choice.

OR OR Anti Heal Items depend on the game. There is no clear best item, but very often darius does NOT need antiheal.
Chempunk Chainsword
Mortal Reminder

OR Either of those items are good items if you get killed by ADC or Autoattack heavy champs. Randuin's Omen vs crit based champs obviously.
Frozen Heart
Randuin's Omen

All other Tank Items are great for Darius, since late game his role is more that of a tank than a bruiser.

Trinity Force/ Stridebreaker into Dead Man's Plate or Force of Nature then Sterak's Gage and then tanky items. Works in most of the games if u don't want to think about items.

Darius job in Lane is to punish the enemy for using long cooldown spells. You want to setup a bounce and all in them. Don't short trade too much with the enemy or you won't have enough HP to get your passive in an all-in before you die.
In the first 4 waves try to crash the 2nd or 3rd depending on matchup and let it bounce back into you and run the enemy down when the wave is close to your tower.


There are only a few champs that Darius can not beat with starting W Lv1. Against Meele try to get lv2 first and all in if possible. Against ranged farm as much as possible, but do NOT trade HP for minions. The enemy jungler can dive you and you will fall behind very hard. Especially if you get dove on the 3rd wave.

If you can get firstblood lv1 against a TP user - reset! Do NOT stay and fight again.

My goal is to crash wave 3 and get a deep ward. This does not work certain champs that are stronger than Darius lv1-3 or if you need to reset because of the Lv1/Lv2 all in. Crashing the 3rd waves also gives prio for top scuttle aswell, so unless it is not possible trying to crash the 3rd wave is good on Darius.
!BUT League is very chaotic do not try the same every single game!

After hitting Lv6 you want to look for all in windows after the enemy used a crutial cooldown. If the jungle Matchups allows it you can also go for 2v1's.

Look to fight for objectives with your sums up. Try to avoid skirmishes without your Summoner Spells and time your sums with neutral objective timers. Lv11 is a big Powerspike to play around, aswell as the 2 item powerspike. A Lv16 Item Darius with 3 items+ can take over a game.


Get your Noxian Might from a tank or low mobility champion before diving into the enemy team. Do NOT flash in 3+ enemy champions expecting to get the passive before they kill you. Playing it slow is almost always the best play.


Take as many ressources as possible. Enemy jungle should be your jungle. Deny as much ressources as possible by crashing waves in the tower and if possible zone the enemy away from the tower.


Depending on the amount of enemy engage options you need to group more or less. So for example against Tryn/Kata/X/Lulu your team should never get caught. But against Malph/Naut/X/Leona u should keep an eye on your team so they wont get engange on.

Darius Late game is more of a tank than a damage dealer. So you have to protect your team and look for good Flash Apprehend combos to pick someone or just play for a good reset with Noxian Guillotine.


At this point in game you just want to peel for your strongest carry. Stand next to them and deny the enemy a chance to kill them. Your best bet is to get a 5 Stacks Noxian Guillotine on the enemy carry.
Item Set
Darius Itemset
League of Legends Build Guide Author Jewceratops
Jewceratops Darius Guide
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[13.10] Season 13 KiNG of Top - Darius Guide

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