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Sejuani Build Guide by Exs Xena

[13.22] Get boosted by former Sejuani Rank 1

[13.22] Get boosted by former Sejuani Rank 1

Updated on November 11, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Exs Xena Build Guide By Exs Xena 29 1 76,366 Views 2 Comments
29 1 76,366 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Exs Xena Sejuani Build Guide By Exs Xena Updated on November 11, 2023
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Bone Plating

Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+65 Base Health


Sumloner spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Hello everyone, and welcome to my very first guide here on Mobafire. I'm DRX Aubery (ig name), I am a Platinum jungle and support main (EUW), who has been playing League of Legends since the beginning of season 4, and ranked since the end of it. Ever since I started playing ranked intensively, I've always hit at least gold. This is the second season I attained the Platinum tier in soloqueue.

Furthermore I'm a engineering student at the Catholic University of Leuven. I'm a big fan of eSports, watching it ever since I started playing competitive League. I'm supporting DK Deft.

Since I'm a former Rank 1 Sejuani on my peak (early S10), I decided to help newbie Sejuani players with some information and coaching. I'm currently top100 Sejuani and top 400 in the world, with a 66% WR and 6.5KDA in Platinum. I think with these stats in regard, I'm quite a Sejuani one trick. I'm always open for DM (Twitter/Discord) for tips or coaching, so hit me up if you need to know something, and let's start grinding that elo!
I really do hope you enjoy reading my guide, well substantiated criticism is more than welcome, since it's my first guide. If you have something else to tell me, just comment on this guide!

DRX Aubery

+ Very strong pick potential
+ Tons of crowd control
+ Squishy one shot potential
+ Nasty tankiness in mid to late game, but still high amounts of damage
+ Great objective control
Sejuani is a monster in cc'ing enemy champions. Imagine having a hardfed Twitch on the enemy team, who's getting flanked by Sejuani in combination with Orianna's Command: Shockwave! Once late game has arrived, your entire backline will be safe when you'll play Sejuani. You'll have around 5k hp, and 200+ armor and magic resist, a true nightmare for every adc and midlane assasin.

- Slow clear if you don't know how to play her
- No real impact in early skirmishes when she has cooldowns
- Medium difficult micro mechanics
- Low game impact if you don’t properly know how to play her
Sejuani can be punished very hard by her enemies for over greeding. One of the biggest mistakes I tend to see is people getting too greedy because they miscalculate their tankiness, and they don't properly know how to set up plays with Sejuani, this lays parallel with the (perhaps) surprising fact that she has mid difficult mechanics. Furthermore she tends to be weaker in fights when she has cooldowns because she has no kite opportunity.

Attack speed
When you play tanky junglers such as Sejuani, Zac, Jarvan IV,... it's always necessary to take one tick of attack speed in your rune page. This will allow you to have much faster jungle clearing speed, which leads to you having a bigger early game impact. This is something a lot of people know, but still it's worth mentioning given the value of this point.

Vision controll is a key element in becoming a successful jungler. Since Riot nerfed the sightstone on junglers, it became a whole lot more difficult for the tanky supports to get good vision, one of the key things why tanky junglers were so strong in S6. So since it got nerfed, you should know the important spots to ward, because less wards equals better placing wards right?

Start/early game: At the very beginning of the game, the one thing you'll want to do is track the enemy jungler, both so you know which camps he has taken already, and so your laners know when to take a step back for a potential gank.
Post 10min: after 10minutes, you'll hopefully have gained an advantage, so you can start getting deeper wards into the enemy jungle. This way you can track the enemey jungler even more effective, and you can start dominating his side of the jungle when he makes a mistake.
mid to late game: At the moment the game is going to mid to late game, you want to keep good vision controll around key objectives, such as baron, and dragons. You should be aware of a steal opportunity, so you should always keep a ward on flank spots and behind the pit. Always bring a Control Ward!

Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk
The best first item for starting Sejuani players, or newbie junglers is Stalker’s Blade. In general it’s the most efficient choice in smite. Stalker’s Blade allows you to slow your opponent, which is a natural buff to Sejuani’s complete cc oriented kit. The Stalker’s Blade will allow you to cut down your enemies’ mobility even more, it’s definitely a good choice. If you think Sejuani has enough cc in her kit already, or if you play against heavy auto-attackers, the next one might be worth considering for first item.

Skirmisher's Sabre - Cinderhulk
Skirmisher’s Sabre grants you challenger smite (for newbie: players this is what red smite was called back in the days), a very strong buff against auto-attackers such as Twitch, Graves and Kindred in the jungle. Until the end of season 9, I always went for Stalker’s Blade since I prefered the extra boost of cc, but recently, I have started to use the Skirmisher's Sabre more often than the Stalker's Blade.

On Sejuani, there isn't really one type of boots you should always rush, like on Lee Sin, or on Janna, but still we got quite something to say about boots choices.
  • Mercury's Treads: Strong against heavy AP comps, with tons of CC, otherwise not that strong on Sejuani given her passive already gives a lot of immunity to cc.
  • Ninja Tabi: Strong choice when the enemey's have atleast 2 auto atackers such as Twitch, Ashe or Riven, furthermore interesting to rush on Seju when you are playing against a heavy phsyical damage early game jungler, such as Lee Sin or Xin Zhao.

Warmog's Armor
In modern day League of Legends, both in low elo soloq, high elo soloq and in pro play, the big second item for Sejuani is her Warmog's Armor. At the moment she'll start finishing her Warmogs, she'll already have boots for extra resistances, and she has her passive, combined giving her a strong amount of resitances available (eventually added with rune related resistances), which leads to a natural choice of the Warmogs as second item. You might fall 100 or 200hp short on its passive, but don't you worry, you can just buy an extra Ruby Crystal or wait for a level up. A thing I started doing since S10 is buying just the Bramble Vest after my Cinderhulk, in case the opponents have fierce auto-attackers. It's a very strong item in the current meta, as well as quite a cheap item for what it brings. But keep in mind, you should never complete Thornmail until atleast your third item, preferable fourth item.

Third and fourth item
For the third and fourth item, there isn't really "the one". It depends on a variety of matchups and comps, leading you to a third and fourth item. For instance, if the enemy teams is heavily physical damage, you'll want to grab a Thornmail and a Dead Man's Plate, opposite to a heavy ability power damage team, where you'll want to grab a Spirit Visage third.
  • Spirit Visage: Great third item, given it gives you cdr, which is handy for your Glacial Prison, mr, hp, and a heal buffing passive, which is a great combination with your Warmog's Armor.
  • Randuin's Omen: Very strong against 2 or more heavy attack speed focused champions, such as Twitch or Kindred jungle, and almost the entire adcarry pool. The crit reduction comes in clever against these types of champions aswell. I personally preffer this item over most other armor items, because you can slow their entire team, given you'll be in the middle of the fight.
  • Locket of the Iron Solari: An item I have fallen in love with on Sejuani is Locket. Since I play in (reasonably) higher elo, I’m not aiming to one shot people and carry on my own, I thrust my carries to carry the late game for me, and so I want to keep them alive. That’s exactly why I choose for Locket more and more often. The resistances are always welcome for a big tank. No seriously, if you play in higher elo, certainly consider this item, it’s very very strong on Sej!
  • Frozen Heart: Gives you a hefty amount of armor and mana, which is a good choice when you'll be doing a lot of fighting. Sejuani has quite a big mana drain, which can cause her to be out of mana when the fight is coming to an end. To avoid this problem, and to avoid the possibility of you not being able to Arctic Assault out of the fight, this is a valid option.
  • Thornmail: A very modern and often picked item these days. You'll often combine this one with a Randuin's Omen, so you have both attack speed reduction on the enemy and anti healing. A very strong item against pure auto attack champions like Caitlyn, Ashe and Master Yi.
  • Zeke's Convergence: An item you won't find much on your standard soloq Sejuani, but which is seen a lot in pro play. This item allows your adcarry to get extra protection early on in the game. This might benefit your marksman in early skirmishes, but if you don't know who you're playing with, I'd suggest skipping this item. Unless you have a trust worthy adcarry, this might not be the best option. The exact same strategy counts for Knight's Vow.

Gargoyle Stoneplate: In extreme late game when you need pure tankiness, you can go for Gargoyle’s. These days I lacked interest in the item under influence of LS, since the item can’t really win you the game. You’ll be much tankier, but if they oneshot your carries, it’s still GG. So I prefer Locket. Still, there's no better item than a Gargoyle Stoneplate when it comes to pure tanking. This item will give you around 9k hp for 4 seconds, which is a huge buff to Sejuani's natural tankiness.

By nature, Sejuani and Bristle have big tankiness and crowd controll. With base health ranging from 560 up to 2345, her high armor and magic resistance from her Fury of the North, she's a big tanky monster. In what follows, I'll give a short description of the "Warmother"'s abilityies, and how I think they should be used in early to midgame skirmishing and ganking.
  • Fury of the North: Sejuani's passive gives you passivly adaptive armor and magic resistance, as well as slow immunity, which comes in quite handy in skirmishes and ganks against cc heavy laners such as Lux, or Nasus.
  • Arctic Assault: Sejuani's Q has 2 big purposes, knocking up enemies and escaping over walls. So the big first question you have to make yourself when attempting a gank is, am I going to Arctic Assault onto the enemy to knock him up, or am I going to try and save it for an eventual countergank/counterplay? I suggest you judge this based on the situation. If your ally has cc of his own, I suggest you try and combine these to unlock Winter's Wrath, so you have escape tools up if needed.
  • Winter's Wrath is probably the most important ability to focus on. It might seem easy to land to first time Sejuani players, but as you climb the tiers, and if the matchups are getting more difficult, it can get a bit tricky to land the 2 stacks and the slow. As you start learning Sejuani, I highly reccomend you focus on using this ability alot, both because it gives a strong slow, and 2 stacks on your Permafrost.
  • Permafrost is a very handy tool for 2 purposes: fast clearing jungle camps, and killing enemies. Permafrost needs 4 stacks to get activated, once activated, you'll need to auto attack the target quickly, otherwise it will just disappear again. Stacks are granted by Sejuani's basic attacks, and all other allied melee attackers. When you destroy the frozen target, you'll deal a percentage of the target's max health as bonus damage, which leads me to the second purpose, fighting! Because of the percentage of max health damage, this ability is incredibly strong in early game fighting. Try to bait the enemy jungler when he's low, so you can Arctic Assault on him, Winter's Wrath him for slow and stacks on your Fury of the North, to finish him of with your Permafrost.
  • Glacial Prison: Sejuani's ultimate is her best known ability throughout the game. Back in the day you could stun up the entire enemy team with her R, in combination with an Orianna Command: Shockwave and a Jarvan Cataclysm, the key to success. But today her ult has been changed a bit, you have to target it onto one champion only. Eventhough the ulti has changed, it's still Sejuani's most know ability for creating picks and changing teamfights! When you ult someone, they'll become stunned for 1 second, up to max 1.5 seconds, depending on the travell time. Furthermore, Glacial Prison will create a surrounding ice cirkle, slowing all targets and dealing around 100 magic damage. It's very important to have a good basic idea of how to use this ability, it's the same as Rumble and his The Equalizer.

    Early skirmishes: Easy, just target the laner you'd like to gank, if possible try to get your Winter's Wrath - Permafrost combo of first, before ulting, this will guarantee more crowd control.
    Late game: You should play striker. What do I mean by saying this , you should look for a good flanking opportunity, to throw your Glacial Prison onto one of your opponents hardcarries. If you manage to hit the enemy adcarry or midlaner, you'll be guaranteed to get alteast a flash, or if he doesn't have flash, you'll get the kill, only a Tahm Kench might safe them.

Early game on Sejuani
As I said multiple times, Sejuani doesn't have a very strong first rotation clear, so you'll always want to start botside, so you have a strong leash to start your first rotation of jungling. What you could do for example, is Red -> birds -> wolves -> blue -> countergank. Most often, you'll find the enemy jungler topside for a gank just after you finished your blue, turning this via the river, could lead to a big advantage for both you and your toplaner, focus on this! As I said earlier, tracking the movement from the enemy jungler is a key factor in counterplaying him. Try get your first back at around 1000 gold, so you can buy Stalker's Blade with Boots or a Ruby Crystal. When you finish your Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk, you'll be able to clear a lot faster, and you'll be tanky enough not to need smite all the time to clear.

Early duelling
The moment Sejuani hits level 3, she has everything to go for early trades, especially against tanky opponent junglers. As you can see in my video below, you should focus on baiting the enemy towards you (he won't expect you to deal much damage given you are a Sejuani), you can then enter with your full combo and get some hard burst damage, which will either lead to a kill or a Flash blown by the opponent.
Sejuani has tremendous amounts of ganking power. When she enters a lane which is hard pushed by the enemy, no escape may be possible for this enemy. Chain your cc trough Winter's Wrath and Permafrost to secure the kill. You'll want to safe your Arctic Assault for the possibilty of a countergang. If needed you can still use this to gap-close after a Flash by the enemy. Once Sejuani has her Glacial Prison, you can start focussing on picking people up everywhere in the jungle and on lanes.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Exs Xena
Exs Xena Sejuani Guide
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