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Kayle Build Guide by maxlid3

Top [13.3] AD Kayle Top/Mid [Let all enemys explode at once]

Top [13.3] AD Kayle Top/Mid [Let all enemys explode at once]

Updated on March 3, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author maxlid3 Build Guide By maxlid3 552 56 1,263,899 Views 22 Comments
552 56 1,263,899 Views 22 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author maxlid3 Kayle Build Guide By maxlid3 Updated on March 3, 2023
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Runes: Lethal Tempo

1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Taste of Blood
Ultimate Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Table of Contents


Pros and Cons



Kraken Slayer
Immortal Shieldbow?



Thanks for reading!


Who am I even? Let's clear things up a bit. I am no special Challenger player who tries to teach anyone here. I am someone who really likes to play off-meta stuff or just tries to find fun new ways to play the game, either by trying something super crazy or something like this, switching up a couple items on Kayle to make her do the most AoE damage I have ever seen on any champion. It first started out as a funny little idea, since she already has AoE with her E Starfire Spellblade that has a lot of damage. Combining that with Ravenous Hydra makes everything just explode and so on, but we will talk about the items in a second.

Pros & Cons of this Build



+ really great carry potential
+ amazing AoE damage
+ great Teamfighting
+ also great Dueling
+ great Splitpushing potential
+ amazing healing
- kind of squishy
- prone to hard CC
- no proper engaging tool
- really difficult if there is no peel
- dependent on items
- useless if game ends quickly

Runes for this Build

Press the Attack is a really great Keystone Rune here. It will have us make great trades in lane with 2 auto attacks and E Starfire Spellblade afterwards. This rune is also really great in extended fights, since it increases the damage by 8%-21% after Press the Attack procs. Amazing dueling potential. Also possible Level 1 cheese.
Lethal Tempo is overall the best rune to use, in combination with your passive Divine Ascent you get a lot of attack speed. You can even try cheesing level 1 if the matchup is correct. You will use this most of the time since it just works really great on Kayle right now.
Triumph is the best choice here since it restores some health after a kill, which is really important in teamfights to just keep on fighting. We don't need Presence of Mind since we rely mostly on our auto attacks.
Here we can choose between Legend: Alacrity and Legend: Bloodline since both runes are really beneficial. But I think Legend: Bloodline is the better choice here since lifesteal plays a bit role in this build for sustain.
The reason we take Last Stand here instead of Coup de Grace is, that we simply don't even get to use Coup de Grace except in the early game maybe since our E Starfire Spellblade does so much execute damage. Also we deal more damage when low and therefore heal more.
We simply take Taste of Blood for the healing it provides with our aggressive playstyle in the lategame.
Since Ravenous Hunter has been removed with patch 12.6, we suffer a bit from less lifesteal, but we can take Ultimate Hunter instead, so we can use our ult more. Treasure Hunter isn't that good for us, because we are scaling into the late game, and Treasure Hunter is better when you can get early kills to snowball faster.

Safe Runes explained


So why would we take Kraken Slayer even though we can take Immortal Shieldbow and have more sustain and a massive shield? There are two things which make Kraken Slayer more viable. First of all it's the attack speed, that comes with the mythic passive, which will help us scale into the late game much better than Immortal Shieldbow with it's health and AD scaling. Also, the true damage passive from Kraken Slayer helps us kill squishy targets easier as well as being able to fight chunky targets which would be much harder without the true damage. Now let's talk about Immortal Shieldbow. It's true that this item is also really viable on Kayle since it increases our sustain with the lifesteal and it's big shield. Do note that this build is of course really focused on building lifesteal/omnivamp with Ravenous Hydra but since this item is enough alone to keep us alive in fights, we can not sacrifice the Attack Speed and true damage that Kraken Slayer gives us. If we really need the lifesteal in the lategame, there is still the option to build Bloodthirster which will serve Kayle even more since it has double the lifesteal.

So that makes it clear that in this build, Kraken Slayer is the better option.


Starting Items

Doran's Blade is a great starting item as it provides pretty much everything we need in lane. It has some Attack Damage, which is great for our auto attacks as well as scaling of our abilities. We also get some health which is always great and 2,5% omnivamp gives us great sustain in lane.
Doran's Shield is great against bad matchups. It doesn't give us any offensive stats since we lose anyway, but great defensive stats like regenerating health pretty quickly especially after getting traded. Great to survive lane.
Corrupting Potion isn't taken that often, but it is great in lanes where you will trade a lot as it will give you a lot of health and mana when you use it, as well as a burning effect on auto attacks which makes it really great for trading on Kayle since she mostly uses auto attacks.

Core Items

As already explained in the section above, Kraken Slayer is a key component in our build, since it gives us great attack speed with its mythic passive and some true damage which helps kill squishy as well as tanky targets. This item just fits Kayle in its entirety.
This is our optimal choice of boots. For this build we don't really need defensive boots since we compensate that with the sustain we have through lifesteal/omnivamp with Taste of Blood, Ravenous Hunter, Legend: Bloodline and Ravenous Hydra. The attack speed these boots give is really important on Kayle and our build.
This item is what makes this build so amazingly good. First of all, with this item we have even more AoE damage than we had before with our E Starfire Spellblade passive which makes wave clearing extremely easy. Also, it gives us a better two item performance than with Phantom Dancer that is build usually. I tested it myself. The omnivamp that comes with this item is just incredible as well. We heal so much with this.
Alright this item might seem a bit overkill at first but let me explain. Runaan's Hurricane is a key component in this build since we first of all need to compensate the attack speed that we are missing if we are not building Phantom Dancer. Second, we are going for maximum AoE damage which means with the passive from this item we can have even more Ravenous Hydra procs as well as the Kraken Slayer true damage on all enemys.

Situational Items

We want to go Infinity Edge as our 5th item most of the time since the damage it gives is just insane as well as the passive that activates because we will have 60% crit chance with this item. When everything goes optimal we will have 80% crit chance when we are full build that will give us insane damage in teamfights when we think about Runaan's Hurricane also being able to crit on the passive bolts.
Guardian Angel is a really special item. It's possible to buy this if you are really fed and you just can't afford to die to the enemy team due to some objective or some important teamfight. It also gives some armor which is great against AD opponents. The problem with Guardian Angel is, that is gives no crit chance which will lower our damage a lot. Also, it has a long cooldown on its passive. When you die and you have enough money, you can sell this to buy something better since it's not worth waiting for the cooldown most of the time.
Bloodthirster is an amazing item on this build. It gives a lot of damage, a lot of lifesteal and 20% crit chance which are all stats that Kayle needs. You can build this when you are really fed and want to become and unkillable machine. The good thing is, even when the enemy buys antiheal, you will still have 12% lifesteal and 8% omnivamp which is still 20% damage you will heal off.
Navori Flickerblade is a really great item to use as an alternative to Infinity Edge as it increases our damage from our passive Divine Ascent as well as our on-hit damage from our E Starfire Spellblade passive. Also, we get some CDR for our abilities which means we can spam our E Starfire Spellblade more which is OP as you get multikills and are able to finish off enemies more often with the execute damage.
This item is really situational. This is against AP threats that you can't just avoid or kill quick enough. Here, the same problem as with Guardian Angel arises which is that we don't get our 80% crit chance but only 60%. We miss out on a lot of damage but if you really need it, buy it and go get your LP.
This item is exclusively for big chunky tanks that you just can't manage to melt through just because the enemy is building full armor. You still do a bit of damage, since you have a bit of AP from your E Starfire Spellblade, but if you really need the armor penetration buy this item. It also gives crit chance which is great and gives us even more damage.
This will be an item you will probably buy second most often after Infinity Edge. This item provides you with attack speed, 20% crit chance and most importantly, anti-heal. In todays meta nearly every champ has some kind of healing that has to be stopped and especially champions like Yone, Yasuo, Aatrox, Dr. Mundo and so on will be unkillable if you don't buy this item.
This is an item I sadly don't see so often (at least in my elo). This item provides some damage, some MR against heavy AP items and most importantly its active which is a cleanse from all hard CC except airborne. This means that if you get hit by hard CC like a Morgana Q Dark Binding which can last years, just make use of this items active and you are all free and can continue punishing the Morgana for making you angry.

❤ Thanks for reading my Item Guide! ❤

I just want to thank everyone reading this guide. This is my first proper guide I made and my first attempt on this confusing BBcode which is really exciting to learn. I really tried to make this guide as exciting and informative as possible and hope it worked! I know I missed out on her abilites and her gameplay mechanics but this guide is more focused on the build itself rather than learning to play her (which is not super difficult lol). Also, I think I am not really qualified to teach people about gameplay mechanics just yet. I hope you liked my guide and I am open to any critique or suggestions! I have a Twitch channel that you can follow if you want but I don't stream there as often but that might change soon. Don't forget to leave a rating and comment if you have anything to say!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author maxlid3
maxlid3 Kayle Guide
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[13.3] AD Kayle Top/Mid [Let all enemys explode at once]

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