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Lucian Build Guide by LegendaryOstrich

ADC [13.3] Ostrich's Lucian Guide [In-Depth]

ADC [13.3] Ostrich's Lucian Guide [In-Depth]

Updated on February 20, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LegendaryOstrich Build Guide By LegendaryOstrich 2350 108 7,324,246 Views 53 Comments
2350 108 7,324,246 Views 53 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LegendaryOstrich Lucian Build Guide By LegendaryOstrich Updated on February 20, 2023
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LegendaryOstrich's Featured Video

Runes: Optimal Runes

1 2 3
Press the Attack
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[13.3] Ostrich's Lucian Guide [In-Depth]

By LegendaryOstrich
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Optimal build = When you don't need BOTRK
VS Poke Lane = If you need sustain in lane from the Vamp Scepter OR if you are against tanks
VS Tanks = Anyone that will be stacking armor & hp, the BOTRK does %hp dmg and black cleaver will shred armor. Each bullet from your ult applies one stack of black cleaver
VS Assassins = Less DPS but you won't ever die to anyone that jumps on you because of the DoT from death dance, shield from Shieldbow, plated steelcaps to give you some armor and reduce auto attack damage, and black cleaver for the HP/CDR.

Primary Runes

PTA = If enemy team is squishy OR if you have an "all in" support like Thresh, Blitz, Nautilus, Alistar, Braum, Leona, ETC.
Alacrity = Building BOTRK
Bloodline = Not building BOTRK / Building optimal build which has no lifesteal in it
Overheal = Always take with BOTRK in your build
Triumph = No BOTRK
Coup de grace = Always
Cut Down = Only take vs 3+ Tanks

Secondary Runes

Domination = Taste of blood for early sustain and ravenous hunter for late game sustain
Inspiration = A losing matchup Boots + Biscuits always. Take this for the biscuits to help you sustain in a heavy poke matchup like Caitlyn.

Thank you all so much for 5 million views & giving me an award for my guide! Enjoy the season 11 Updates <3


Hello Lucian players! Welcome to my first Lucian guide here on Mobafire. My name is Sunjiv and I am currently a Challenger/Grandmasters ADC Player who was crowned Best Lucian in NA and 3rd Best in the World in season 8, 9, 10, & 11 by lolskill & LeagueofGraphs with over 3.5 Million mastery points on him. Proof is here: - Hitting Challenger - Season 8 - Season 9
Won NA Championships for Microsoft Stores (Video is gone because Mixer shut down RIP).

Wildturtle's seal of approval!


Just a signed Doublelift jersey that I also have :D

I killed Doublelift (ingame) with Lucian:

This Guide is for primarily ADC Lucian however I have the "Mid Lucian" Section below.
Please check out my Reddit & Twitch accounts!
My main account:

I first fell love this champion after seeing my long time friend play a few games with him. Soon I decided to pick up the champion myself and after playing him for so many years just the sheer feeling you have when you correctly weave in auto in-between abilities and using your e successfully with your passive, canceling animations and totally outplaying your enemy players. Just getting that Penta Kill because you played so well, and culling someone from 100 - 0. I live for that and I would love to share some of my knowledge with you all. Introductions aside, I hope you Enjoy my guide!

Check out my montage to see why I'm the best.

More recent clips!

For some players picking Lucian into everything and anything doesn't matter. However for those who do these are some reasons as to why you pick Lucian and reason you do not.


Can Dodge skills with high mobility
Easy to Position & Re-Position in fights
Very Fun/Rewarding When Mastered
Wins most Lanes/ Lane Bully
Doesn't Fall off/ Still Relevant in later stages of games


Low Range
Not Hyper Carry
Hard to Play Effectively
Not good at killing tanks
When behind extremely hard to come back into the game
I can ONLY play on NA server but can replay / spectate any region.
My name is Sunjiv and I've been playing league for 7+ years & have years of coaching experience. I am currently & consistently a Grandmasters ADC. I've won multiple tournaments across North America. I play all champions and I excel at everything that has to do with bot lane; but I know my way around the rift for all lanes. Check out my livestreams @

What will our sessions be like?

We will go through either a spectated game or play a normal game together and I will talk to you about many different ways you can improve micro and macro. I have a big brain in bot lane because I am both an ADC main, and a support main so I know exactly what should happen, where you should be, where to ward, and what do do in every scenario. I tend to be able to notice more of your micro mistakes during a spectated session however you can learn from me playing by your side just as well.

If interested, join my discord
FLASH: Taking flash on an ad carry is regular, however there are scenarios where you can use Piercing Light at the same time that you use flash in order to do something like THIS.You can also use flash to reposition yourself during The Culling
HEAL: Heal is a spell that not only heals but also gives movement speed. In some scenarios it is beneficial to use heal for the movement speed, not only the heal. Using heal without hovering over an ally will automatically heal the lowest health player unless you hover over a certain player will the heal take priority. Heal is cut in half if you have grievous wounds applied to you.
TELEPORT: Some ADC's like to take teleport because it allows them to farm up, sustain better and be able to constantly be at their tower to not miss experience. Usually taken in lanes where they do not want to fight in or a lane that the enemy will take teleport such as an Ezreal.
Lightslinger (Passive)

After casting an ability, Lucian's next basic attack, within 3.5 seconds fires an additional shot after 0.25 seconds, which deals 50 / 55 / 60% (based on level) AD physical damage, increased to 100% AD against minions.

The second shot applies on-hit and effects at 100% effectiveness and is affected by critical strike modifiers.

If Lucian's primary target is killed before the second shot can go off, he automatically shoots another enemy in range.

VIGILANCE: Whenever Lucian is healed, shielded or granted a buff by an ally, his next two basic attacks within 6 seconds are empowered to deal 14 (+ 10% AD) bonus magic damage on-hit. The empowered attacks can stack up to 4 times.

If Lucian's primary target is killed before the second shot can go off, he automatically shoots another enemy.
Your passive can trigger on-hit effects such as Conqueror or Sheen. Your ideal combo would be:
W > AA > E > AA > Q > AA

To effectively do smooth rotations and be able to kite enemies would be using dash first:
E > AA > W > AA > Q > AA
With around 20% CDR your dash should be on a relatively short cooldown.
Check out the Rotations section for more info!

Piercing Light (Q)
COST: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 MANA
COOLDOWN: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 ACTIVE: After a 0.4 - 0.25 (based on level)-second delay, Lucian fires a laser in the direction of the target enemy, dealing physical damage to all enemies in a line.

85 / 120 / 155 / 190 / 225 (+ 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100% bonus AD)
This ability CAN be dodged by simply sidestepping, dashing or flashing away from it. Your main use of this skill is to poke enemies down by using it on minions to hit them through the wave; pushing the wave, killing minions and simultaneously poking is the most effective way to use this skill.

Ardent Blaze (W)

COOLDOWN: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10
COST: 70 MANA ACTIVE: After a 0.25-second delay, Lucian fires a shot that explodes in a cross pattern upon hitting an enemy or reaching the end of its path, dealing magic damage.

85 / 125 / 165 / 205 / 245 (+ 90% AP)

Enemies hit are marked for 6 seconds, granting sight of them for the same duration. Lucian gains bonus movement speed for 1 second if he or allied champions damage a marked target.

60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80
Some people choose to start W on Lucian because of the poke and synergy it has with manaflow band. Personally I've never done this start because I think Q just works much better at pushing the wave in early and has a better all in at level 2. This ability allows Lucian to effectively use his ult because of the movement speed that this skill gives. I don't see any other use for this ability (damage wise) other than another skill to use your passive and give movement speed.

Relentless Pursuit (E)

COST: 40 / 30 / 20 / 10 / 0 MANA
COOLDOWN: 22 / 20 / 18 / 16 / 14
PASSIVE: Relentless Pursuit's cooldown is reduced by 1 second for each Lightslinger shot landed, doubled to 2 seconds against enemy champions.

ACTIVE: Lucian dashes a short distance.

Relentless Pursuit resets Lucian's auto attack timer.
This skill is what makes Lucian, 'Lucian'. The fact that each time you use a skill it lowers this skill down by 2 seconds is huge. This makes Lucian a very mobile ADC by effectively using your skill rotations you can use it to dodge abilities and reposition in teamfights. This skill can however be canceled at the beginning of the dash which will leave it on a high cooldown so be quick and cautious when using it. You can do a long dash or short dash depending on the scenario, a short dash will allow you to auto attack faster than a longer dash would. This ability can go through many small walls.

The Culling (R)

COST: 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 110/100/90 ACTIVE: Lucian fires shots in the target direction for 3 seconds, dealing physical damage to the first enemy they collide with. DAMAGE AMPLIFICATION TO MINIONS : [400%] ⇒ 200%

While using The Culling, Lucian cannot use basic attacks, Piercing Light or Ardent Blaze, but is ghosted, can move freely, and can activate Relentless Pursuit. The Culling can only be interrupted by crowd control that prevents the ability to use basic attacks.
At 0% critical strike chance, The Culling can fire up to 22 shots.
The total damage at the base number of shots is 330 / 660 / 990 (+ 550% AD) (+ 330% AP) physical damage.
Against minions, this is increased to 660 / 1320 / 1980 (+ 1100% AD) (+ 660% AP).
At 100% critical strike chance, The Culling fires up to 25 additional shots, for a total of 47 shots.
The total damage at the maximum number of shots (at 100% critical strike chance) is 705 / 1410 / 2115 (+ 1175% AD) (+ 705% AP) physical damage.
Against minions, this is increased to 1410 / 2820 / 4230 (+ 2350% AD) (+ 1410% AP).

The Culling can be reactivated to end its effects prematurely.

20 / 35 / 50 (+ 25% AD) (+ 10% AP)
20 / 25 / 30
Unfortunately this season Lucian's ultimate was nerfed hard in which the minion damage is very VERY low. This ability is now a good way to initiate fights because once you get Black Cleaver, each bullet adds a stack of the cleaver's passive, leading to a lot of armor shred. This ability also activates Lucian's passive. Once you get CDR, this ultimate can be used at the beginning of fights to help you gap close by using your abilities rotations correctly and always having your dash handy.

You can also use inside Tahm Kench's belly! EXAMPLE
Honestly the key to getting these rotations down without missclicking or using the wrong ability takes time and practice. I spend at least 10 minutes a day in practice tool warming up my rotations because they're not easy to master and weaving your auto attacks in to get your E cooldown lower takes practice.

Q Rotation
AA + Q + AA + E + AA + WW + AA + E + AA.
Used mostly during lane
W Rotation
W + AA + E + AA + Q + AA + E + AA.
This is the fastest possible way to kill someone because of the W not having a long cast time like Q, allowing your auto attacks to come out quicker for PTA.

E Rotation
E + AA + Q + AA + W + AA + E + AA + E + AA + Q + AA + E + AA.
You can use your Blade of the Ruined King’s Active before your E (Relentless Pursuit) since it has a longer range than your Auto Attack range.

W + R Combo
This lets you chase enemies that are very far away because your Ultimate (The Culling) is the longest ranged ability you have, so, with W applied, each bullet will give you increased movement speed to chase them down.

Ideal Speeds Of Rotations

Hitting an enemy champion with 3 consecutive basic attacks deals 40-180 bonus adaptive damage (based on level) and makes them vulnerable, increasing the damage they take by 8-12% from all sources for 6 seconds.
Press the Attack is always going to be a good rune because of Lucian's passive giving him 2 auto attacks. Your ideal trade situation would be W auto auto e auto auto, then Q so your Q damage is amplified. Use your full rotation on someone and proc PTA which would make them take extra damage once you activate PTA, as well as amplify your damage AND your teams damage. This is very good if you are trying to burst squishy champions.

Champion takedowns, after a 1-second delay, restore 15% of your maximum mana or 15% of your maximum energy.
Damaging an enemy champion increases your mana regeneration by 1.5 − 11 (based on level) mana per second, reduced to 80% effectiveness for ranged champions, for 4 seconds. When triggering this effect, energy users regenerate 1.5 energy per second instead.
Can't handle your mana? Take this! Gives regen for lane and lots of mana back on a champion kill. Lucian with navori quickblades and without essence reaver can have a lot of mana issues without this rune.

Converts 40% − 100% (based on level) of the Heal power healing in excess of your maximum health into a Hybrid resistances icon shield for an amount of up to 10 (+ 10% of maximum health).
After 6 seconds, the shield decays by 2.5% of its maximum value each second. Receiving healing, dealing or taking damage will refresh the shield duration to 6 seconds.

Overheal works well with Lucian because he will already be building a lifesteal item early. Pairing Overheal with Legend:Bloodline will allow you to have a large shield that you can then trade with and feel more safe. Overheal is good for trading, triumph for all ins. Always take this rune if you are going BOTRK.

Gain 3% (+ 1.5% per Legend stack) bonus attack speed, up to 18% with 10 stacks.
LEGEND: Gain Legend stacks for every 20 points earned, up to 10:
20 points for champion Damage rating takedowns
20 points for epic monster Damage rating takedowns
5 points for large monster kills
1 point for minion kills
Honestly this is what every ad usually takes. I take it cause I rather have more attack speed to allow me to effectively use my passive than more life steal in most cases. You can take bloodline I personally think its just preference. If you take bloodline you'll be losing a dagger and a bit. The gold value of Alacrity goes from 75g at 0 stacks (3% AS) to 450g at 10 stacks (18% AS).

Gain 0.6% life steal per Legend stack, up to 12% with 20 stacks.
LEGEND: Gain Legend stacks for every 20 points earned, up to 20:
20 points for champion Damage rating takedowns
20 points for epic monster Damage rating takedowns
5 points for large monster kills
1 point for minion kills
Bloodline is a good rune to take when you are against champions during lane that have a lot of poke and you need self sustain. I would recommend this if you are typically taking Overheal on other ADC's or just used to taking overheal. By taking overheal and bloodline you have a massive shield that allows you to take trades and come out on top. ALWAYS run bloodline if you are going the Crit build since late game you will still heal a lot of HP from your autos.

Deal 7% more damage to champions who have less than 40% health. Additionally, takedowns on champions grant an adaptive bonus of 9 Attack Damage or 15 Ability Power for 10 seconds.
I would rather take coup because Cut Down is only vs 3+ man Tank team and Last Stand is if I'm at a low HP standpoint which you obviously don't really try to be at. Coup gives me flat % vs champions at a little bit less than half hp which I know I can do being an ADC. Also every take down gives me that little bit of AD that helps during close fights and with triumph, its 12% missing hp + 9AD. Works wonders in lane 2v2 and teamfights.

When you take magic damage that would reduce your health below 30%, gain a shield that absorbs 40-120 magic damage based on level (+ 10% AP) (+ 15% bonus AD) for 4 seconds.

Cooldown: 60 seconds
Personally I take this because I don't want to get blown up by an AP Carry. (Fizz, Brand, Malzahar, or anyone who deals more than 200 magic damage in their kit) The Bonus AD ratio is great in later stages of the game so if I decide to get a Hexdrinker or a Phantom Dancer it really just negates all the damage and I can continue to be an ADC and not get 1 shot by AP damage. *This also works great into Kai'sa lanes because of her mixed damage.*

Hitting an enemy champion with an ability permanently increases your maximum mana by 25, up to 250 mana.
After reaching 250 bonus mana, permanently restore 1% of your missing mana every 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 15 seconds
Mana flow band is essential since Riot removed presence of mind's ability to increase the mana pool. If you want to be able to use navori quickblades effectively you need to have a large pool of mana to spam abilities which this rune helps you do.

PASSIVE: Casting a summoner spell grants ghosting and 15% − 35% (based on summoner spell cooldown)bonus movement speed for 2.5 seconds.
Nimbus cloak is a good rune to take this meta because of the movement speed it gives you which helps you kite, chase & escape ganks much easier. You can stack the movespeed that you get from heal as well. Activating multiple summoner spells will only consider the one granting the strongest bonus movement speed. Each summoner spell has its own Nimbus Cloak duration, and once the strongest one ends, the lesser one will take its place (duration permitting).

PASSIVE: Gain bonuses upon reaching the following levels:
Level 5: +5 ability haste.
Level 8: +5 ability haste.
Level 11: On champion Damage rating.png takedowns, reduce the remaining cooldowns of your basic abilities by 20%.
Transcendence is a good rune because of ability haste. It really helps out Lucian with his E cooldown so you can continue to dash around.

Every 10 minutes, gain AP or AD, adaptive.
10 min: + 8 AP or 5 AD
20 min: + 24 AP or 14 AD
30 min: + 48 AP or 29 AD
40 min: + 80 AP or 48 AD
50 min: + 120 AP or 72 AD
60 min: + 168 AP or 101 AD
This rune is very good because you get free stats just for being in the game. If you fall off early, this helps you come back later in the game. By 30 minutes you basically get a free pickaxe worth of damage which is good for builds where you are not prioritizing buying AD first. Usually don't like to take this rune because I try to end games before 30-40 minutes, but always good to keep handy in case.

Into Poke

At 12 minutes (-45 seconds per Damage rating Takedown), you gain Slightly Magical Boots for free. Slightly Magical Boots are identical and can be upgraded as if they were Boots of Speed. If the inventory is full while receiving the boots, they will appear as soon as a place in the inventory is freed.
Additionally, your boots gain PASSIVE: 10 bonus Movement speed.
However, Boots of Speed are disabled and you cannot purchase tier 2 boots prior to obtaining Slightly Magical Boots.
This rune overall is good as it scales your early-mid game very well by being gold efficient, giving you more movement speed and you instantly get them in your inventory instead of having to recall and spending gold to upgrade them. Some people say 'what about gathering storm?' and I think that gathering storm is a good rune if you plan to scale into late game but come on if you pick lucian you're trying to dominate lane, not scale so these boots allow your early-mid game to be much more effective and stronger.

Receive a Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will at 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00. If the inventory is full while receiving a biscuit, the biscuit(s) will appear as soon as a place in the inventory is freed.
Consuming a Biscuit will permanently increase your maximum mana by 50, in addition to its effects. You will also gain the increased mana if you Gold sell the biscuit for Gold 30.
This allows Lucian to trade more often, sustain his health and mana longer, and if you don't need it, then it gives you more gold. I like to think of this rune as a more useful version of manaflow band because it increases your mana pool by 50, similar to how manaflow band does but with the added bonus of being able to heal.

6 bonus armor
Take armor when you are facing a lane that you don't do as well in such as Caitlyn, Draven, Yasuo etc. Armor is always slightly better than magic resist because it reduces auto attack damage which all champions do.

8 bonus magic resist
In matchups where you face a lot of magic damage from poke or all ins such as Zyra or Zilean in lane or just in general if the enemy team has at least 3 magic damage dealers take magic resist. This rune also helps into ADC's that deal magic damage like Ezreal, Kai'sa & Kog'maw.

15 − 90 (based on level) bonus health
Scaling health is generally the best option because it allows you to synergize your mid game power spike at 2 items, the 90HP from scaling health + 300HP from black cleaver makes you able to soak up more damage. This works pretty good with overheal too.
+65 attack damage
+25% attack speed
+20% critical strike chance
UNIQUE – BRING IT DOWN: Basic attacks on-attack grant a stack for 3 seconds, up to 2 stacks. At 2 stacks, the next basic attack consumes all stacks on-attack to deal 60 (+ 45% bonus AD) bonus true damage on-hit.
MYTHIC PASSIVE: Empowers your other Legendary items with 10% bonus attack speed.
Kraken Slayer is very strong because Lucian's passive allows the item to stack up very fast allowing you to burst down squishy champions with the extra damage while also dealing consistent DPS to a tank (which Lucian used to lack and still does without the item).

40 Attack Damage
25% Attack Speed
12% Life Steal

UNIQUE – MIST'S EDGE: Basic attacks deal (Melee 10% / Ranged 6%) of the target's current health bonus physical damage on-hit, capped at 60 bonus damage against minions and monsters.
UNIQUE – SIPHON: Basic attacks on-hit apply a stack to enemy champions for 6 seconds, up to 2 stacks. Attacking a champion with 2 stacks consumes them to deal 40 − 120 (based on level) bonus magic damage on-hit and slow the target by 25% for 2 seconds, while also granting you 25% bonus movement speed for the same duration (20 second cooldown).

This Item has AD, LS, AS, and a passive that does 8% Current Health damage as extra damage. Its great as a first item on lucian because it gives everything lucian wants but CDR. AD+AS for his autos Abilites, Lifesteal for laning phase and during fights. And BoTRK's passive procs on both lucians autos which means you're doing 12% of someones current HP per passive proc. With PTA this is alot of frontloaded + sustained damage you're doing to one target. B.F Sword does give the same amount of ad, but it doesn't give you extra stats. Plus the active to help kite/chase. Blade of the ruined king is a nice item because there is always something you can buy on each back that costs less than 500g each time. GOOD ITEM BUT MOSTLY JUST FOR TANKS.

+30 ability haste
+60 attack damage
+20% critical strike chance
UNIQUE – DEFT STRIKES: Basic attacks on-attack that Critical strike icon.png critically strike reduce your basic abilities' cooldowns by 20% of their remaining cooldowns.
Navori Quickblades is the newer version of the old spear of shojin which lets Lucian spam his abilities like it's URF. However this scales with crit chance so it is recommended to get this as a 3rd item once you already have crit chance.

+70 attack damage
+20% critical strike chance
UNIQUE – PERFECTION: Gain 35% bonus critical strike damage if you have at least 60% critical strike chance.
Get this item as as soon as you have 40% crit because this will give you an additional 20% while also simultaneously activating the passive to gain bonus crit damage. Very strong 3rd item.

Situational Items

40 Attack Damage
25 Ability Haste
300 Health

UNIQUE – CARVE: Dealing physical damage to an enemy champion reduces their armor by 4% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 6 times for a maximum of 24%. Enemies with 6 stacks are Shredded.
UNIQUE – BUTCHER: Basic attacks on-hit and damaging abilities against fully Shredded enemies deal bonus physical damage equal to 5% of their missing health, reduced to 2% of their missing health for damage over time effects (0.5 second cooldown).
Another item that gives everything Lucian wants. AD, HP, Haste, and Armor Shred. This items helps Lucian shred any and all armor pre 20 minutes which is little to none. Your 2 auto passive, q and ulti with e auto reset make it EXTREMELY easy to stack cleaver. This item also gives Lucian the ability to if used correctly, get his dash back after 1 rotation which is huge. Also a little bit of health is nice cause the more health you have harder you are to kill. Only for 3.3k Gold? I'll take it.

+50 attack damage
+20 ability haste
+20% critical strike chance
UNIQUE – SPELLBLADE: After using an ability, deal 100% base attack damage (+ 40% bonus AD) physical damage on-hit and restore 3% of your maximum mana (1.5 second cooldown).
Lucian likes this item because it gives mana back from spell casts and has a sheen built inside of it so you get more damage with your passive. The ability haste and crit chance make this item a lot better for spell casters ADC's. I would only really consider this item if you struggle with mana or are split pushing for the sheen procs.

+50 attack damage
+40 armor
+15 ability haste

UNIQUE – IGNORE PAIN: Stores (Melee 35% / Ranged 15%) of all post-mitigation physical damage received, which is successively taken as damage over time true damage instead, dealing one-third of the stored damage every second.
UNIQUE – DEFY: Champion takedowns grant you 30% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds, remove Ignore Pain's remaining damage, and heal you for 10% of your maximum health over the duration.

Great Item for Lucian because of the 15% Haste and staying alive. This a more Anti-Burst item to stall the incoming damage so you can heal it back rather than a GA that just gives you an extra life. Very good to counterplay against assassins with. I would only get this item as a 5th/6th item because of its low damage stats.

+55 attack damage
+20% critical strike chance
+20% life steal

UNIQUE – BLOOD BARRIER: Life steal from basic attacks can now overheal you, converting the excess healing into a shield that absorbs up to 50 − 350 (based on level) damage and slowly decays if you haven't dealt or taken damage in the last 25 seconds.
Bloodthirster is good now because of the crit chance that it gives along with the lifesteal. You can get this if you need to out sustain champions like Olaf or Kayn. The shield is the most important part of this item because with overheal you can create a huge shield. (Imagine this with Earth soul too!)

+50 attack damage
+15 ability haste
+50 magic resistance
UNIQUE – LIFELINE: If you would take magic damage that would reduce maximum health below 30%, you first gain a shield that absorbs 200 (+ 20% maximum health) magic damage for 5 seconds (60 second cooldown).
The Anti Burst/Mage Item. Pretty straight forward. Just Buy it vs a fed AP Carry. With Nullifying Orb its pretty bonkers when it activates, giving you 2 shields.

+30 attack damage
+20% critical strike chance
+30 magic resistance
UNIQUE – QUICKSILVER: Removes all Stun icon.png crowd control debuffs (except Airborne) from your champion and grants +50% movement speed and Ghost.png ghosting for 1 second (90 second cooldown).
Buy this item when you are against a lot of CC & for sure against lock on CC that will kill you. Ex. Lissandra, Malzahar, Warwick, Teemo. Remember that you can also QSS Vi & Lee sin ult and many others if you are fast enough.

+20 ability haste
+30% armor penetration
+45 attack damage

UNIQUE – BITTER COLD: Damaging abilities and spells slow affected units by 30% for 1 second.
I would recommend building this item only when they have people on their team who are building lots of armor as your 4th or 5th item. This is very good with Lucian's R since each bullet procs the 30% slow, making it easier to land your ult consistently and applying some form of CC for your team to follow up/peel yourself.

+25% armor penetration
+30 attack damage
+20% critical strike chance

UNIQUE – GIANT SLAYER: Deal 0% − 15% (based on health difference) bonus physical damage.
This is a good item if you are against someone that is stacking lots of HP, and works well with BOTRK for the %HP Damage. Buy as your 4th/5th item to shred tanks easily.

+20 attack damage
+25% attack speed
+20% critical strike chance
+7% movement speed

UNIQUE – SEPSIS: Dealing physical damage to enemy champions inflicts them with 40% Grievous Wounds for 2 seconds. Attacking a champion 3 times within 2 seconds increases this effect to 60% until it ends.
Build this as your 4th or 5th item when you are playing against tanks that heal a lot. Swain,Dr. Mundo, Maokai, Vladimir, Soraka, Etc. If they are not building very much armor you can get away with only building aand later on in the game finishing the full item.

+50 attack damage
+20% critical strike chance
+12% life steal
+15% attack speed

UNIQUE – LIFELINE: When taking damage that would reduce you below 30% maximum health, gain a 250 − 700 (based on level) shield for 3 seconds and 15% life steal for 8 seconds (90 second cooldown).
MYTHIC PASSIVE: Empowers your other Legendary items with 5 bonus attack damage and 50 bonus health.
Getting piled on by the enemy team? This is the best item that will help you stay alive against a team that will dive onto your backline. Big shield and lifesteal to help you lane easier.

+55 attack damage
+10% omnivamp
+18 Lethality

UNIQUE – EVER RISING MOON: Hitting an enemy champion with 2 separate attacks or abilities within 1.5 seconds deals 6% of target's maximum health as bonus physical damage and grants you 15% bonus movement speed and a (Melee 150 / Ranged 100) (+ (Melee 40% / Ranged 30%) bonus AD) shield for 2 seconds ((Melee 8 / Ranged 16) second cooldown).
MYTHIC PASSIVE: Empowers your other Legendary items with 4% armor penetration.
Lethality is strong when the enemies are not going to be building any armor. This item gives movement speed, a shield & gives omnivamp, so your abilities will heal you along with auto attacks. Stacking this item with more lethality (usually collector) will let you deal tons of damage!

+50 attack damage
+12% physical vamp

UNIQUE: +10 Lethality
UNIQUE – FRENZY: While near one or fewer visible enemy champions gain 8 lethality and 20% − 80% (based on level) bonus attack speed, decaying over 3 seconds if other enemy champions get too close (1350 radius).
This is a good item on Lucian because the lethality you get works for all his abilities (which he uses a lot) and the lifesteal which always helps during fights or laning or taking poke. This item is ONLY good if you are split pushing or in a solo lane because of the passive effect giving you so much attack speed allowing you to easily win side lane matchups 1v1 or 1v2. A good buy if you're playing Lucian mid or top, but is only really good if you're out of lane maybe as a 3rd or 4th item.

+40 armor
+40 attack damage

UNIQUE – REBIRTH: Upon taking lethal damage, resurrects and restores 50% of base health and 30% of maximum mana after 4 seconds of stasis (300 second cooldown).
A good item if you are trying to be bait or just want to have an extra life incase you misposition late game so you can go back into the fights. Deaths dance could be a substitute for this item as well.



Berserker's Greaves > ATTACK SPEED
This is the cheapest attack speed item in the game. Take Berserker's Greaves if you are ahead or are not against CC or an AD damage threat.

Mercury's Treads > TENACITY
There are games when you are being caught out by CC and you haven't taken Cleanse for whatever reason, or if you're getting destroyed by ability power damage. Grab these boots instead of Berserker's Greaves for the tenacity and magic resist. Mercury's Treads should ONLY be built only if they have a strong source of AP damage or have a lot of CC.

Plated Steelcaps > ARMOR
Build Plated Steelcaps if you are against a strong auto attack based team or just need some armor to keep you alive against a bruiser like Riven or Darius or against Zed.


These lanes have little to no counter play and you have to play perfectly in order to get out of the lane unscratched.

Yasuo is a very hard matchup because of his dashes which will make your abilites miss, and windwall. It is possible to win this matchup early if you can break his passive shield and then look for trades. Always fight when his windwall is on cooldown. Personally I ban yasuo when I play mid since he has such a high pick rate, you might as well.

Cassiopeia's W grounds you making you unable to dash so we have to watch out for that & your attack range is pretty low so it's easy for her to hit her Q's during lane. If you do get hit by a Q, RUN! you don't win the trades. Try to cancel your ult if you are looking directly at her in order to turn your character model backwards (you can't do it while ulting). Keep your distance with R but if you can dodge Q then you should win fights. If you suck at dodging you can take dorans shield.

There's really not much you can do in this lane. It's a niche pick which is why it's not really ban worthy but it's a super hard matchup because of his invincibility, Q poke, point and click stun, and he can build armor.

Azir's insane range is just very hard to play against and his mobility with his E allows him to reposition so you have to make sure it's on cooldown before you use your ult because you can't change the direction.
I would recommend taking dorans shield into this matchup because of the amount of poke he has because of his long range & your short range.


These champions make the lane for Lucian quite a challenge but have room for counter play and things you can do to take advantage of in order to win.

Ekko will start corrupting potion and constantly take short trades and poke you out. You can take corrupting potion into this matchup to match his. Try to save E after he E's to you so you can dodge his Q (which slows you down and deals dmg) Ignite him before his ult goes off so his healing is reduced by 40%. Ekko gets a big shield when he uses W so try to avoid fighting him in there.

Early game Fizz won't be able to match your damage since you are ranged you have to poke him down with Q and autos. Your auto range is the same range as his Q so keep your distance. Fizz Q can be dodged with your E but ideally you'd want to dodge his ult or E with your E since it does the most damage. Fizz can hide his R animation by using Q through a minion so be careful for that. Get Hexdrinker if he starts to get fed.

Try to abuse Diana level 1-2 as much as possible because once she gets her dash it's going to be much harder to step up since she will have a gap closer & your attack range is lower than her Q & E. If you are able to dodge her Q then you can look to trade with her since her E dash won't get a reset. She has high burst potential and with ROA / Tabis she becomes much harder to kill. Start off the fights with ult if possible.

This matchup you can build Death's Dance and copy the 'Into Assassins' build so you don't get one shot by Zed or any other assassin if you are behind. You still get CDR and lifesteal to help you lane as well. Look for fights when zed's W is on cooldown since the cooldown is 22 seconds early game.

You win level 1-2 after that you lose every trade. Start corrupting potion in this lane to help with the trades. Try to play around the minions so that she can't land her E. Look to fight when her W is on cooldown.

This is more of a skill matchup. Look to fight/all in once she uses her E since it's her only form of CC that can stop your ult/dash. Your range is low so she can easily land her abilties so try to avoid being inside the minion wave since it's not going to block anything for you.


These lanes are ones you either outscale or just should not have a problem facing.

Poke her down early game 1-5 as much as possible so she has a weak all-in at 6. Avoid walking towards her daggers that are on the ground at all times but watch them incase she takes it so you can use your abilities on them. Build Hexdrinker if she starts to get a lead.

Early game Vladimir does not have enough in his kit to do very much to you. Avoid fighthing him when he has his empowered Q. If he ever uses W you have 28s to make a play before it is back up. Get healing reduction with executioners calling. Hexdrinker is a good buy if he starts to get stronger.

Swain's E can be a hard ability to dodge since it acts like a hook and since your attack range is the exact same range as his E it's going to be tough to dodge but if you can do it then you will win all trades even by dashing into him since his E is on cooldown. SWAIN E COOLDOWN = WIN. Late game consider buying executioners calling into mortal reminder to cut his healing in half and break through his armor assuming he has tabis or zhonyas.

If sylas ever uses his W then look to fight since that is the ability he's maxing and gives him a bunch of health back. He doesn't really do a whole lot early until he gets to steal peoples ultimates so watch out for who he takes. During lane try to poke him and wait until he's low on mana to all in.

Look to fight once he uses either Q or E since he needs both abilties to be able to keep up with your burst. His R silences you for 0.1s which means it will cancel your ult so don't rely on your full ult to kill.

It's good to play in the minion wave against him to dodge his E. Anytime Rumble overheats you can look to fight since he won't be able to use any abilities. Make sure not to fight in small corridors because his ult will melt your entire team.

This lane you want to get rid of his turrets as much as possible since that's his main source of damage and defence. You can look to fight once he uses his stun since that will be his only form of CC and disengage.
Hexdrinker is good into this matchup to be able to soak up some extra damage from the turrets when dashing in.

You take a lot of damage when dashing on her E (the rocks on the floor) Stand behind minions in order to dodge all of her Q damage, you can dash out of her W because there's a second before it goes off.

Can be hard matchup because of how mobile she is but you are mostly just watching the health of the minions, if they're low, she will Q to them so avoid standing close to low health minions. Build ninja tabis in this matchup since most of her damage comes from auto attacks. Look to all in once she misses E or wastes her W.

Ninja tabis will counter most of his burst and damage. Ignite will help you see where he goes once he is invisible, make sure not to use it on his clone! His clone can also knock-up twice so be cautious of where you position yourself. During lane wait until he uses his E since it's his only gap closer.

Her invisibility can make it hard to play around but she does not have a lot of kill pressure until 6 so you can play aggressive until then. After 6 you should look to play in the minion wave because the easiest way for her to kill you is if she lands her E which can't go through minions. Hexdrinker is a good buy when behind. Try to abuse your range as much as possible since her Q is still a short range and the only way she can farm.


These mid laners are ones who NEED items to scale and deal damage whereas Lucian has more built in damage to overpower them early in the game.

Use your dash to dodge pyke Q / E / R. Look for short trades early game he does not regen a lot of the damage you deal to him. If pyke ever uses E it's a good time to kill him since that's his only gap closer/escape. Can stop Pyke R with zhonyas, GA, Flash or dashing out of it. Pyke will always look to roam top/bot to get kills so make sure to ping missing for your team.

Simply put, use E to dodge her Q and dash over her wall. Avoid fighting in her R AoE circle. You can click on Anivia to see if she has her passive up or not.

Dodge his E knockup and you will win every trade. Stand behind minions in order to dodge his Q poke early game. He's very long range but playstyle is similar to Xerath in where you just have to dodge his E and can all in them.

Kite him early game, dodge his E (pull) with your dash and he will be unable to kill you. QSS can be purchased to 'cleanse' the Mordekaiser ult. Hexdrinker + QSS is recommended vs him if he gets ahead. Use your rotations, keep your dash up to dodge his abilities and use BOTRK to kite him even more.

Avoid minions that have his E (visions) on them because they will transfer onto you if they die. Buy QSS to 'cleanse' his surpress and you can kill him after his ult is on cooldown. You can get Merc Treds into this matchup since he does have a silence as well.

Can be hard if he lands Q since he will get movement speed towards you & attack damage. His fear is the **SCARIEST** part because of the duration it lasts and the range that he can cast it on, your attack range is very low so try to save dash for it if he does ult you. Deaths Dance will help you survive his ultimate if he gets fed.

Don't let Garen utilize his passive to heal back up after trading, his dorans shield + passive will heal him up unless you are consistently damaging him. 40% CDR will help you kite him easier and BOTRK can help you kite to slow him/increase your movespeed.

Early game Zoe's Q and E are easy to spot out when they use it since she has to walk far away, q, then walk back up. Careful for her bubble so avoid standing near walls. Try to avoid letting her pick up free summoner spells/items from minions that drop them.

Early game orianna's cooldowns are pretty high so you can look to fight if she uses E and then Q again since she will be unable to move her ball again. Save dash/flash for her ulti since it will be the only way you die against her.

Pre-6 dodge his W by standing outside of the minion wave because he will W the minion wave to push and try to roam, if he does roam remember to ping your team! Can build ninja tabis if he gets ahead.

You can short or long dash forward in hopes to still juke left and right to dodge her Q, you take most damage from her E so stay out of minion waves. Get a faerie charm if neccessairy to keep up with waveclear.

You can take cleanse into this matchup since you will get ulted a lot after level 6. Be careful of her ultimate during teamfights because it has a lot of burst aoe damage. During lane she will try to poke you with her Q through minions so let her Q first, then you can Q her back while hers is on cooldown because if you do it at the same time both of your q's will hit but hers will do more damage.

Almost always get hexdrinker into this matchup because of the insane amount of burst he has. You can also get merc treds if needed. Look to abuse him early as much as possible since he will be very hard to kill late game. All ins work once his E is on cooldown & stand behind minions so his Q doesn't hit you.

Look to fight once her E root is on cooldown, she won't be able to do very much other than run away because her Q will only be able to go off once unless you're standing still.

You can see how many charges of her passive she has under her mana bar. The perfect time to fight is once she has 4, uses a cooldown on something and then she will have 0 stacks and one ability on cooldown so there's no threat. You can get hexdrinker to stop the burst if she gets fed.

Malphite (AP)
Not really a whole lot in this matchup, he just presses Q in lane and R after 6. Look to flash the ultimate when possible, otherwise get hexdrinker/stopwatch and hope for the best.

Early game ziggs will be throwing his Q into the minion wave to push so avoid standing in the wave so you don't get hit by the AOE. You can go in at anytime since he will be forced to use W to jump away, he is built for poke, not all in. During teamfights avoid clumping up since all his abilities are AOE.

She does not have a lot of range so just let her run out of mana to farm. Avoid fighting near walls because of her ultimate. Keep track of what element she has, the root is usually the only one you need to be worried about.

Aurelion Sol
Lmao who even plays this champion anymore? Just dodge his Q.

Kind of annoying since your passive auto does not kill plants in one hit but once she uses her E root, then you can easily all in because she will have no other disengage/CC to stop you.

Avoid standing near minions that have his passive on them because he can E to spread it. You do want to stand behind the minions to block his Q or you can use your dash to dodge his Q. Once he uses Q you can look to all in since that's his only form of CC.

Can't really do much without using a bunch of mana. Always uses Q to waveclear so you can let him run out of mana to all in. Dash away once he goes in to dodge his taunt. QSS is a good purchase if you do keep getting taunted.

Avoid standing near minions because it will spread his E allowing his Q to hit everything that has his E on it. Usually they take phase rush so look to fight once it's on cooldown or W on cooldown. You can buffer his W root with your dash so his next Q will miss.

Twisted Fate
Look to buy merc treds to lower the duration of his stun card. During lane if he uses blue card on minions then you can look to fight. Once his W is on cooldown at anytime it's a good time to fight because he won't have anything to stop you. Avoid standing near minions because his W red card has aoe and he will most likely throw his Q in the middle of the wave.


You should have no problem laning against these champions because of their lack of damage amplifiers and mobility.

Kassadin has the weakest early game in the game. Abuse him early by using your PTA procs, Q poke & your range to your advantage. After 6 you just have to wait for him to use R once then you can go in since it will be on cooldown and he won't have any other way to escape.

Zilean does not really do much in lane he mostly just Q W Q for waveclear. Avoid standing in minion waves to force him to either use his abilities for waveclear OR poke & if he uses it on you, then you can push him under tower and look to roam. He does not have a lot of damage early as well he's more reliant on his jungler coming to help him than you dying 1v1.

Juke left and right to dodge his Q, try to stand outside of the minion wave in order to force him to pick between poking you or the wave & making it harder for him to predict your movements if there's nothing around you. If he ever uses E, you can look to all in because it's his only hard CC.

no CC, no damage until 6, pretty hard to lose this lane guys.

No CC, not a lot of damage early, avoid standing close to low hp minions because he will Q them. Try not to get hit by his Q's when you are isolated because it will do double damage. Look to get hexdrinker if he gets strong. Recall if you think you won't survive Karthus R if he's alive/respawning.


These lanes have little to no counter play and you have to play perfectly in order to get out of the lane unscratched.

Lucian gets countered by minion waves so avoid fighting in them.

This is a very hard lane due to your 500 attack range and weak auto attack damage (compared to dravens Q increasing his auto damage) It's possible to win the matchup by farming under tower and with your Q but extremely hard to pull off as most Draven players will auto you when you try to cs making it difficult to scale into mid game without letting Draven cash in his stacks. He WILL pressure you heavily early game.

Cassiopeia's W (Miasma) has a root affect making Lucian's dash and flash unusable. Her Q range is longer than Lucian's auto attack range making this a difficult match up inside and outside of lane. To survive lane I recommend a healing support or someone who can all in on her without a dash (Thresh Blitz Brand etc.) Try to bait out her Q while you are going for CS and if you do get hit by it dash away immediately until the poison wears out.


These champions make the lane for Lucian quite a challenge but have room for counter play and things you can do to take advantage of in order to win.

Yasuo paired up with a good support can make the lane very rough for you due to his passive shield and windwall. Some ways to play around this is to get rid of his shield with your W, auto attack him, and most importantly try to deny him as much farm as possible early because he is a melee champion he is forced to walk up and hit creeps so, if he does just do small trades with him. If Yasuo's windwall is on cooldown you almost always will win the trades.

This matchup is only ranked as major because I am assuming they are playing Xayah AND Rakan. Their combo is insanely hard to play against since your range is low, Rakan will try to knock you up and you can dash out of it, but the SLIGHT chance you mess up the dash it's game over and once they hit 6 both of their ultimate's basically cancel yours.

Blocks most of your damage output (kind of a hard counter to most adc's anyways because of his ability to shield) Braum completely stops your ult and most of your burst damage. When going in for trades use your Q to bait out his shield before dashing in. Braum still takes full damage if you are hitting him behind his shield so if you can position correctly he's not that big of a problem.

Miss Fortune
Your range is very low and you will want to walk up to farm but watch out for a dark harvest stack miss fortune Q that kills a minion.. you just auto lose lane after it hits. Be very attentive in where your champion is in relation to minions.

Let Caitlyn push you under tower with her Q, don't go for cs if she has her head shot it's not worth it at all. Start Doran's shield and farm under tower until you get a cutlass; dash into her use the slow to help your support land their abilities and ult her.

Burst mages are becoming more frequently seen bot lane and veigar's cage is so big that it is very easy for him to land it on you unless you use dash since your attack range is very low it's hard to play against mages until you get a hexdrinker. Try to play as aggressive as possible early before he hits 6. Always look to fight once his cage is on cooldown.

Since Senna can be played both, ADC and support, if you're playing against her she's going to outrange you and have a heal and can make her allies invisible so be careful when she is in her shroud, there could be a jungler coming with her. Try to get some lifesteal in the lane if she is constantly poking you down but she is fairly squishy early-mid game. Her root is long range & will be instant if it kills a minion so be careful standing in your wave.

Aphelios has a weak early game and only one of his weapons are long range. Try to fight when his weapons have low ammo. Q poke him down as much as you can just remember he has a weapon that gives him some lifesteal so try to wait till 6 since you'll have your ULT to keep distance once he gets stronger.

Very mobile, can keep up with Lucian's early game damage. Be sure to play around her windwall since it will be the easiest way for you to counterplay her once it is on cooldown. She can reposition herself with her dash so also watch out for that when you ult. Your Q can go through her windwall and she has the same attack range as Lucian.


These lanes are ones you either outscale or just should not have a problem facing.

This lane matchup goes completely even until Kai'sa hits level 6 because her ability to reposition around to dodge all of your culling makes her a very hard matchup after 6. Due to that, I don't recommend trying to 1v1 her because she will always win it. Try to use your abilities through minions and poke her down because she is also a low ranged champion. Don't let her Q+auto you for free early because it chunks you down a lot.

Alistar's combo CAN be avoided slightly OR completely depending on how quick your dash movements are but typically alistar is not going to miss his WQ combo. Lucian has very short range so you have to respect the fact that alistar can go on you at any time.

Watch out for Jhin's Q, don't let it bounce onto you. If he holds his 4th shot you have to wait until he uses it because you will not win the trades. Try to go in when he is reloading or has 4 bullets; the less bullets he has the harder it will be for you to out trade him.

This match up has changed a lot in the new season because of hail of blades and conqueror on her. Laning against her is fairly the same, if she has a rend stack on you try to back away from minions so she doesn't get a reset. If Kalista is able to get ahead of you in lane consider building ninja tabis.

You can start doran's shield OR doran's blade in this matchup because it's mostly just farming/poking. If Ezreal has his W on you he is able to proc it by using his E so once he does that he is vulnerable that's probably your best opportunity to take advantage of the lane since he will always be playing safe and holding his E as an escape.

Same range as you early game. Be cautions of her E hitting you while she's farming and dash out of her way when she is channeling jump. Once she gets 3 items she out damages you if she cancels your ult with hers. Trade her by baiting out her E and walking away because once she uses it you can easily out damage her with PTA and your Q W combos.


These ADC's are ones who NEED items to scale and deal damage whereas Lucian has more built in damage to overpower them early in the game.

You win until Varus gets rageblade. With quick reaction speed you can dash or flash out of the way when Varus is channeling his ult. If you are ahead consider buying a QSS to counter the ultimate in case you get hit.

Vayne in lane is not a threat for Lucian, it is later in the game once she has her invisibility she becomes a problem but as long as she does not get in range to condemn you while you are ulting you win the fights.

Although Kog'Maw is not a high priority pick in this patch, play the same way as you would against Ashe. Wait until Kog'Maw has used his W, you will have 17 seconds to trade with him before he gets it back up and that is his only threat of damage.

Twitch is very weak early game just be cautious not to have too many of his passive stacks on you when you trade with him. Outside of lane be careful of his invisibility if he is not on the map just play safe, don't use your dash. AP Twitch can be a monster late game so be careful of his range after level 6.


You should have no problem laning against these champions because of their lack of damage amplifiers and mobility.

Not seen often botlane but if you happen to play against one it should be pretty easy, just dodge his Q and wait until his E armor/mr shred is done and win the trade.

Not a threat because of her lack of mobility and damage early in the game. If you are able to capitalize off that then the game should be easy. Allow her to get 3 items and she will start to out scale you mid-late game. Try to end quick!

If you are able to flash or dodge Ashe's ult she won't be a problem for you during or outside of lane. Try to warn your team late game when Ashe is looking to use her ultimate to pick off someone on your team. Ashe does not have much power in lane, only her W damage but can be avoided when behind minions.

Sivir will try to push you under tower by using her W and Q on the minion wave, by doing so, you can easily take advantage of her spells being on cooldown and winning the trade. BE SURE TO USE YOUR W WHEN SHE SPELL SHIELDS TO ALLOW YOUR Q TO DEAL DAMAGE. Starting dorans shield can be effective because each time she uses her W, the bounces near the end don't deal a lot of damage so you can heal up each time it's proced.


These champions are ones that allow Lucian to dominate lane with EASE.

Braum's passive (Auto attack an enemy 4 times to stun) works perfectly with Lucian because of his passive allowing him to auto attack 2 times. Braum has a slow and can protect Lucian with his E shield.

Brand is a strong lane bully because he is a ranged support who has a stun and can deal a lot of damage. Even if Brand is behind he will still be a threat in team-fights because of his ultimate bouncing off everyone and activating his passive.

Leona has many stuns and gives Lucian a perfect setup for him to be able to dash into the enemy and burst them down by procing Leona's passive (up to 4 times) for extra magic damage.

Nami is a ranged support who can empower Lucian by giving him extra damage on his auto attacks + movement speed and giving him a small heal. Nami is great for poking down enemies during lane and getting picks with her Q and also great for disengage by using her ulti.

Alistar is a champion that can EASILY engage onto an enemy and lock them down. A champion without a blink or jump (Twitch, Ashe, Miss Fortune etc.) are unable to dodge Alistar's WQ combo without flashing and will easily get blown up by Lucian. The only matchup Alistar has issues with is against Ezreal due to his E being on a low cooldown.

Pyke is a very strong laner with a hook and a stun and extremely strong when transitioning into mid-late game because of his invisibility/mobility and ult execute.

Taric is a very good support with Lucian because of his double stun. Lucian can dash in first and still be a threat because of Taric's stun. Taric also offers a heal and armor and an ultimate that makes you and your team invulnerable for a short period of time.

Thresh is just a good support overall because of his play making potential with his hook and a perfect disengage with his lantern. Although lantern can be used to engage by bringing you to the enemy once he lands a hook so you don't have to use your dash and can deal more damage.

Zyra is a very good support because of her damage and root. In lane she will always be a threat because her plants. Zyra's playstyle is very aggressive and so is Lucian's so together they are a very hard lane to play against.

Both of you should try to poke down the enemies with your Q. Once they are out of position or low, you just wait for Yuumi to land a Q to slow them then you can dash into them and combo + R and it should be pretty easy since she will root for your R to land every bullet. Having a sustain support also allows you to go the crit build since you don't need lifesteal.

This champion has loads of Crowd Control and is very tanky once he hits one of his cc's and proc's aftershock. Nautilus allows Lucian to play very aggressive in lane and always will be a threat at level 6 because of his point and click ult. During lane just wait for him to land a hook you don't have to rush anything.


These champions are ones that I think work well with Lucian but have some faults in synergy.

Blitzcrank is a big 'hit or miss' opportunity but with a good Blitzcrank a Lucian can dominate lane and allow Blitzcrank to roam around the map and create pressure elsewhere. Having a Blitzcrank who does not throw hooks/misses can make the lane hard because enemies will take advantage when his hook is on cooldown and only has a knockup to peel enemies off you.

Bard is a strong champion that has the ability to setup your jungler with his portal, has a stun & can heal you however he is relatively squishy and can be easily abused if he misses his Q.

Lulu is a more 'buffed' version of Janna and can be much just as effective in trading in lane and peeling enemies off you late game with her polymorph and ultimate knockup/health. Lucian is more of a 'caster' ADC than a 'right click' ADC which is why I didn't put Lulu as an ideal support; she works better with 'right click' ADC's.

Soraka's play style is going for small trades, healing up & repeat. Soraka's silence and multiple heals can force the enemy ADC to build an early Executioners calling and reduce their damage until mid game. Soraka also has a big presence around the map after level 6 because of her ult.

Gragas can be a good play making support once he reaches level 6. He has good poke with his Q and a strong engage with his E that can be chained with his flash to create a longer gap closer to stun an enemy.

Karma is a strong laner with her mantra Q, her shields and root. She allows Lucian to play aggressive while being right beside him and not allowing him to soak up all the damage first. Scaling into mid-late game she can also provide a lot of help with her active items.

Zilean's bomb poke early game is very strong withering the enemy to low health, Zilean can also give Lucian and himself movement speed in order to trade. Wait for Zilean to land his double bomb stun in order to all-in.


These champions are alright with Lucian but ones above are ones that allow Lucian to become the prominent lane bully that he was built to be.

Morgana is an OK support because her Q travel speed is very slow, and her W does almost nothing to help during lane. I would compare her to a Blitzcrank that can spell shield. All depends on how accurate they are with the Q skillshot. Once the small rework comes out Morgana will become much better with her ult, allowing her to easily stick to with enemies she has her ult on.

Rakan is only really strong after he reaches level 6 because of his very strong engage, but can also be a threat during lane with his knock up and small heal. Would not recommend picking Rakan without Xayah.

Tahm Kench
Tahm Kench is a decent support with Lucian but does not allow him to play as aggressive as some others. Tahm is more of a disengage than an engage early game but once he is tanky enough to go in first and land his slow, Lucian should be able to dash in and get a good chunk of damage off. You can also use R inside his belly! EXAMPLE

Annie is an unconventional support but can be good because of her long ranged auto attacks and her point and click stun being able to push enemies off cs. Unfortunately that is ALL she can offer.

Poppy is a good support but only should be played against a team that has many dashes and jumps that are a threat to Lucian such as Rengar, Kha'Zix, Riven, Yasuo, etc. If Poppy is able to position well she can stun enemies on the wall allowing Lucian to take effective trades.

Similar to Poppy, Shen is a good support pick when the enemy team has a lot of auto attackers allowing Lucian to dodge the auto attacks with good placement of Shen's W. Shen will also have good map presence with his ult after level 6, but be cautious when using it because Shen will make Lucian 1v2 lane until he returns.

Galio works well with Lucian because of his long dash and his AOE taunt that pulls enemies onto him and keeps them locked down to keep Lucian safe. Lucian is able to play up while Galio roams because of the long range Galio can activate his ult to knockup in a large AOE circle. It's hard to play against a Galio unless you have a spell shield.*this champion got GUTTED in 9.14 making him unable to flash taunt anymore*

Vel'Koz is a champion that has many skill shots and is built to poke down enemies. Vel'Koz does not allow Lucian to have a presence in lane, peel, heal, shield, or do anything if he misses his skill shot stun. Vel'Koz is very squishy and can easily be engaged on and Lucian will be unable to do much about it.

Senna is a long range poke champion that has a decent escape tool and a root that can be shot a long distance plus her ultimate that is a cross map shield/dmg ability. Lucian and Senna are similar in that they want to poke down the enemy but I feel like long range champions that can capitalize on her long range root such as Caitlyn or Jhin synergize better overall.


These champions should not be picked with Lucian because they are very weak in relation to Lucian's power inside and outside of lane.

Janna should not ever be picked with Lucian unless you are an E-girl or need a lot of disengage. Janna is unable to do many things such as setup ganks, heal you, and her shield took a hard nerf making it a decaying over time shield which also doesn't give you much trade potential.

Sona is starting to become a more popular support in the meta but I feel like she doesn't really allow Lucian to play as aggressive as he should. Sona is very vulnerable to ganks and does not do very much other than poke and heal.

Xerath is a champion that has many skill shots and is built to poke down enemies. Xerath does not allow Lucian to have a presence in lane, peel, heal, shield, or do anything if he misses his skill shot stun. Xerath is very squishy and can easily be engaged on and Lucian will be unable to do much about it.
Transitioning Your Lead

Here's a short VOD review I did of myself while my whole team was losing but I had all the kills; I teach you how to transition your lead into LP.

Lucian is a very strong ADC this patch & is still my favorite champion in League of Legends. I tried to put as much of my brain into this guide as I could in order for you all to become as talented on Lucian as I am.

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