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Yuumi Build Guide by babyyspace

Support [13.4] Babyyspace's Yuumi Guide For Pro's And Beginners! (Runes, Items, Tips 'n' Tricks & More!)

Support [13.4] Babyyspace's Yuumi Guide For Pro's And Beginners! (Runes, Items, Tips 'n' Tricks & More!)

Updated on March 7, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author babyyspace Build Guide By babyyspace 19 2 43,629 Views 8 Comments
19 2 43,629 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author babyyspace Yuumi Build Guide By babyyspace Updated on March 7, 2023
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Runes: Main Runes

1 2 3 4 5
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Presence of Mind
Cut Down

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
Main Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[13.4] Babyyspace's Yuumi Guide For Pro's And Beginners! (Runes, Items, Tips 'n' Tricks & More!)

By babyyspace
Who am I?
Hi! I am Space/Pubby which ever you prefer. I have Autism with LoL being my current special intrest & Yuumi being the main focus of that. I am a support main though i do know how to play every lane. I know Yuumi inside and out and have put all the knowlage i know into this guide. This guide has all the base knowlage you need to know to play Yuumi alonng with some tips 'n' tricks that will make you a amazing Yuumi player! Below is a link to more info about me! Babyyspace Carrd
This guide will be updated as soon as the Yuumi rework is out. Current info shows that the Yuumi rework will come out with patch 13.5 which is due to come on Wednesday 8th of March 2023

Below is a link showing [icon= Yuumi] Yuumi's Rework
Recent Nerfs & Buffs
Attack Range: 500 ā‡’ 425
Base Attack Damage: 55 ā‡’ 49
Base Health: 550 ā‡’ 500
Base Health Regeneration: 7 ā‡’ 5

Attack Range: When Bop ā€˜nā€™ Block is ready Yuumi will gain 25 bonus range for that attack only.
Shield Strength: 60-380 (based on level) ā‡’ 45-300 (based on level)

Adaptive Force: 12-20 (+12-20% of bonus) ā‡’ 12-20 (+6-10% of bonus)

Removed Movement Speed: 20% (+2% per 100 AP) ā‡’ 20% (Note: AP ratio was removed)

50/90/130/170/210/250 ā‡’ 50/80/110/140/170/200

60/110/160/210/260/310 ā‡’ 60/100/140/180/220/260
Bop 'n' Block P: This is Yuumi's Passive, Auto attacking a enemy proccs a sheild for Yuumi or the ally she then attaches to,it also gives a certian amount of mana based on lvl,this is usefull to remember as early game yuumi runs out of mana very quickly. Only attempt to procc shield when you know for certain all CC has just been used and you are not in danger of being stunned. Any immobilizing effects cause W to go on 5 second cooldown removing your escape

Prowling Projectile Q: This is Yuumi's main damage, While attached to a ally's Q is controlled with cursor movement. If in the air for 1 second before hitting it applies a slow (Q Detached Has the same range as before and still slows though is a skill shot that goes in the direction fired)

You and Me! W: This is Yuumi's way to attach to allies, Yuumi can hop to allys as often as she wants with out any cool down, if you hop to the ground W will be on cooldown. Any immobilizing effects cause W to go on 5 second cooldown. While in fights jump on the highest damage champion to allow the biggest adaptive dmg and attack damage boost from W. While attached Yuumi is untargetable though can still die if any form of tic damage has been applied like poision or ignite.

Zoomies E: This is Yuumi's Heal, This Heals and gives movement speed & Attack speed (If detached will apply to self). If you have Summon Arey and moonstone wait for both to be available before healing to heal for more.

Final Chapter R: This is Yuumi's Ultimate it channels shooting 7 waves in the chosen direction dealing damage and rooting any enemy hit by 3 waves. If you are going to ult while on a ally wait until you are certain your ally is able to engage before using R as to be sure not to waste it. If needed cast R behind you as your ally is running away to give them more escape
Laning Phase
During laning phase the most important thing is proccig your Bop 'n' Block and healing your ADC. If you want to procc Bop 'n' Block you have to make sure all CC from the enemy team has been recently used to avoid You and Me! cooldown.

If your ADC is loosing lane the best thing to do is play safe and make it out of laning phase. Once you are out of laning phase go to who is carrying your game or jungler to help with ganks.

After laning phase you want to go to who is carrying the game or who needs help. Do not go to who needs help though if it will end in you dying and making things worse.
Moonstone Renewer & Summon Aery
Moonstone Renewer& Summon Aery is a very good combo if you know how to use it correctly. The first thing to know is what Summon Aery does, Summon Aery allows you to sheild your ally by empowering them as Yuumi you can do this with You and Me! or Zoomies. Secondly understanding Moonstone Renewer heals the nearest ally champion when using a attack or ability but is only procced when you or your attached ally is in combat. In combination when you You and Me! onto a ally you procc Summon Aery which procs Moonstone Renewer allowing you to heal and sheild for more. It is important to always keep track of where Arey is along with moonstones cooldown to get the best out of this combenation.

If you want to be able to procc Moonstone Renewer every second take Domoniation as your secondary runes with Ingenious Hunter which decresses item cooldowns with each unique takedown (kills & assists) your second pick for Domination can be Ghost Poro or Zombie Ward its prefrence.
How To Play Against CC
As a Yuumi any form of Crowed Control is a massive threat due to your slow move speed and it causing You and Me! to go on cooldown. If you want to hop of to procc Bop 'n' Block or do anything wait untill the near by enemys have used their CC. If you know there root, hook, stun etc is stopped by minions then stay behind minions at all times while not attached to a ally.

Building Mikael's Blessing allows you to remove CC from your self and allys and can be a life saver in needed situations.
Getting vision for your team is a important part of being a good support though as Yuumi this can be difficult due to your move speed and the danger of being caught alone. If you are going to ward make sure you can see everyone on map or have a very good idea of where they are to minimize the danger.

At the start of the game take your Control Ward and take it to the buff your jungler is not takinig this allows them to know if they are being invaded. Once you have done that head to your jungler and place a Stealth Ward in pixel bush or tri bush to allow vision as they take there first camp.

You can also You and Me! onto jungler to bot side buff and place a Stealth Ward in tri bush or pixel bush depending where they dont place one. Keeping your Control Ward for jungle bush when you go to lane or to deny vision if the enemy team ward or attempt to invade. On your first back exchange your Stealth Ward for Oracle Lens and buy 1-2 Control Ward this will allow you to set up for first drake

While attached to a ally you can still use Oracle Lens and place wards this is useful to know.
Who To Sit On
Learning who to sit on and when is a important part of playing Yuumi to get good at as it can make a huge difference to situations.

During laning phase if your ADC has left for any reason and you are not needed in lane you can leave to either make a solo lane 2v1 or go to your jungler and help them with a gank untill you are needed back in lane. While doing this you need to be aware of your own lane and how the wave is doing and what the enemy ADC & support are doing as you do not want them getting uncontested CS or taking tower. Along with this a empty bot lane also allows them to roam so leanring wave control to stop them from doiong this is important.

After laning phase the best person to go to is either the ally who is carrying or a lane that needs help (though if helping them will end up in you dying its not worth it go back to the carry) You can also go on the jungler if they are doing well to help with ganks, objections and vision control.

During team fights you want to be on the carry mostly though you do want to hop from person to person healing keeping your team alive. Never go on a ally who has a ability that makes them invunruable as your time could be better spent healing other allys.
Who Should I Ban
The biggest counter for Yuumi is Leona though her play rate can be very low so it can feel like a wasted ban. If you are struggling with keeping track of hook champions cooldowns the best ban is the hook champion you struggle agasint the most.

Mordekaiser is also a good ban due to playing with one or agasint one can be a danger due to how his Realm Of Death works. If he catches you detached and uses his Realm Of Death on you its a easy kill for him. Though he can also Realm Of Death who you are attached to during a team fighting meaning you are dropped in the middle of it and most likely going to die but on the other hand if he is on your team being attached to hom once he is past lvl 6 is very risky for Yuumi while you can give sustain and use your Final Chapter to allow him to get kills very easy as soon as Mordekaiser uses his Realm Of Death Yuumi will detach leaving you in poaaible vulnerable positions with no ally to jump to.

Taliyah is also a good ban due to most of her abilites being a form of CC. This can make it very hard for Yuumi to You and Me! to allys as it will stop her mid air and put You and Me! on cool down.
Tips 'n' Tricks
. Yuumi can block Caitlyn's ultimate Ace In The Hole if it is locked onto who she is attached to by simply detaching, This will place you directly in the way of it and does not put You and Me! as it is not a form of CC only damage.

. Yuumi can use Everfrost while attached to a ally. This can be a great follow up to Final Chapter or can be used while Final Chapter is in effect to root enemeys who have managed to avoid it or have now turned up.

. If you are using Summon Aery pay attention to where it is at all times and its cooldown so you can heal for more and buff you ally more often. If they do not need healed do this by hopping of and back on to procc Summon Aery

. Summon Aery proccs items like Ardent Censer & Staff of Flowing Water

. Yuumi turns invisible when attached to allies who are invisible. For example Twitch , Evelynn , Shaco & Akshan
Summary (TLDR)
A summary for anyone who wants a quick recap or does not want to read a full guide

. CC is a massive counter, Keep track of enemies CC cooldowns and uses
. Mana is a massive issue early game
. Dont stray to far on your own. You always want to be able to You and Me! back to a ally in a emergency
. Focus on proccing Bop 'n' Block for mana and sheild
. Play lanning phase safe and keep track of CC cooldowns
. Play on who is carrying as to make them stronger
. Mordekaiser is a bad ally and big counter
Thank you for picking my guide and reading it! I hope it has gave you the information you are looking for. Please feel free to leave feedback in the disscussiin section so i can improve this guide to make it better for people!

Upcoming Changes:
. All Champions added to Threats & Synergys
. Header Images on all chapters
. More added to Tips n Tricks Section
League of Legends Build Guide Author babyyspace
babyyspace Yuumi Guide
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[13.4] Babyyspace's Yuumi Guide For Pro's And Beginners! (Runes, Items, Tips 'n' Tricks & More!)

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