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Yuumi Build Guide by babyyspace

Support [14.14] Babyyspace's Yuumi Guide For Pro's And Beginners! (Runes, Items, Tips 'n' Tricks & More!)

Support [14.14] Babyyspace's Yuumi Guide For Pro's And Beginners! (Runes, Items, Tips 'n' Tricks & More!)

Updated on July 20, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author babyyspace Build Guide By babyyspace 91 9 195,222 Views 11 Comments
91 9 195,222 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author babyyspace Yuumi Build Guide By babyyspace Updated on July 20, 2024
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Runes: 14.14 Runes

Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Font of Life

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


1 2 3
Heal & Exhast
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
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Champion Build Guide

[14.14] Babyyspace's Yuumi Guide For Pro's And Beginners! (Runes, Items, Tips 'n' Tricks & More!)

By babyyspace
Who am I?
Hi! I am Space/Pubby which ever you prefer. I have Autism with LoL being my current special intrest & Yuumi being the main focus of that. I am a support main though I do know how to play every lane. I know Yuumi inside and out and have put all the knowledge I know into this guide. This guide has all the base knowledge you need to know to play Yuumi along with some tips 'n' tricks that will make you a amazing Yuumi player!

About me -
Twitch -
U.GG - babyyspace
Discord - babyyspace's Server
Nerfs & Buffs
Recent Patch Notes That Apply To Yuumi


Zoomies E:
Cooldown: 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 ⇒ 10 seconds at all ranks

Final Chapter R:
Heal per Hit: 25/40/55 ⇒ 35/50/65
Feline Friendship P:
This is Yuumi's Passive, when off cooldown hitting an enemy champion with an ability or a basic attack will heal her or an ally if she attaches to them within 4 seconds of proccing her passive. While her passive is off cooldownm Yuumi'snext basic attack gains 50 bonus range and has an uncancelable windup making it easier to procc using a basic attack.

While attached to an ally Yuumi grants them 2 permanent Friendship Stacks whenever they kill a enemy champion or minions. The ally with the most Friendship Stacks becomes Yuumi's bestfriend, this empowers her abilites with additonal effects while she is attached to them.

Prowling Projectile Q:
This is Yuumi's main damage & the second way to procc the heal from her passive. Yuumi shoots a missile in the target direction that deals magic damage to the first enemy hit. If the target is a champion, they are also revealed and slowed by 20% for 1 second. If Yuumi uses this ability while attached to a champion she can steer the missile for a short period of time after that the missile accelerates in its current direction to deal increased damage and apply a stronger slow against champions that decays to 20% over 2 seconds.

Best Friend Bonus Q:
Prowling Projectile always applies its enhanced slow against champions and hitting a champion grants her Best Friend bonus magic damage on-hit for 5 seconds, increased by 0% − 75% based on your attached allies critical strike chance.

You and Me! W:
This is Yuumi's way to attach to allies, Yuumi can hop between allies as often as she wants with out any cool down, if you hop to the ground You and Me! will be on cooldown. Any immobilizing effects cause W to go on a 5 second cooldown. While in team fights try to focus on your Best Friend as to procc the additonal effects. While attached Yuumi is untargetable, though can still die if any form of tic damage has been applied like poision or ignite. While hopping onto an ally Yuumi can be knocked out the air if any form of crowd control hits her.

Best Friend Bonus W:
Yuumi gains heal and shield power if attached to her Best Friend scailing with their level while her Best Friend gains healing on hit.

Zoomies E:
This is Yuumi's shield, Yuumi grants herself a shield and gains bonus attack speed for 3 seconds, she also grants herself movement speed while the sheild is active. If Yuumi attaches to a ally these buffs will be applied to the ally instead of Yuumi. Additionally, she will restore mana to the ally based on the allies missing mana.

Final Chapter R:
This is Yuumi's ultimate, it channels for 3.5 seconds shooting 5 waves in the target direction. Yuumi can steer the direction of the waves if initially cast while attached. Detaching causes her to lose this bonus for the duration of the ability. Allied champions hit by waves are healed, with each heal beyond their max health being converted into a shield. Enimes hit by waves take magic damage and are slowed by 10% for 1.25 seconds. This stacks and refreshes on subsequent hits, up to an effectiveness of 50%. Subsequent waves on enemies hit deal 25% damage.

Best Friend Bonus R:
Final Chapter's heal to the Best Friend is increased by 130%.
Main Runes
Summon Aery:
. Bonus damage & shield

Manaflow Band:
. Bonus Mana Regeneration

. Ability haste scailing

Gathering Storm:
. Ability force scailing and there for scailing your heal & sheild

Resolve Secondary:
.Bonus % Heal & shield

Font of Life:
. Bonus damage for allies on marked enemies

Ability Haste:
. Allows for much neede early game haste

Adaptive Force:
. Ability force scailing and there for scailing your heal & sheild

Tenacity and Slow Resist:
. Allows for easier escape if you are caught not attached to a ally
What To Build
Core Items
Moonstone Renewer:This is the best item to build in my opinion right now. It gives healing to multiple allies at once allowing for a lot of sustain.

Mikael's Blessing: Gives you a lot of heal & shiled power along with a strong active effect of a heal and clense

Redemption: This item is great for extended team fights & also helping out allies that are to far away from you. If you are finding there is a ally that keeps dying before the team can get to them or you need just a little more AOE healing this is a great pick. This item also gives 15% heal and shield power which is the most any item gives.

Support Item:
Dream Maker: This is the best option as it allows for the most utility as a enchanter support as it buff your ally.

Important Fight Coming Up
Elixir of Sorcery: Cheap short term power spike

Control Ward: For vison control & denial

Situational Items
Anti Items:
Void Staff: This items is the best option for a ability power scaling champion to take as Anti Tank.

Morellonomicon: This item is useful for building agaisnt high healing champions or into teams with a enchanter support as it is a anti heal item

Mejai's Soulstealer: If you are expecting a really good game and want to heal for more and do more damage this is a good item to take early game. Taking dark seal on your first back, building your first core item then Mejai's.

Buffing Allies:
Shurelya's Battlesong: This is a good replacment item if you feel you need more engage and escape

Knight's Vow: Is useful for giving extra sustain to your hard carry but is only worth it if someone is hyper carrying the game. (dont build if the enemy team has no engage or backline access to burst your carry as its stats are wasteful on Yuumi)

Ardent Censer: This is a very good pick up to help your ADC scale harder as it applies bonus attack speed when you heal or shield them.

Staff of Flowing Water:Staff Of Flowing Water: This is good for buffing ability power based allies and mana regen,

Imperial Mandate:This item is good to help your team to a little more damage though you need to of laned your ultimate or Q on them for this to work.

Dawncore: Dawncore is a good item to build as it gives so much scaling to your heal & sheild power.

Echoes of Helia: This is the best option to build if you are a more agressive enchanter and want to be able to mass heal one ally.

Watchful Wardstone: This item is good if you are needing more vision control as it allows you to carry more control wards
Laning Phase
During laning phase the most important thing is proccing your Feline Friendship to heal your ADC when needed and using Zoomies to block incoming damage. If you want to procc Feline Friendship with a basic attack instead of Prowling Projectile, you have to make sure all crowd control from the enemy team has been recently used to avoid putting You and Me! on a cooldown.

If your ADC is loosing lane the best thing to do is play safe and make it out of laning phase. Once you are out of laning phase, go to whoever is carrying your game or the jungler to help with ganks. Though this can mean you are no longer proccing your Best Friend Bonus as you will need to give it time to move onto the ally you are now with. This means sometimes it is better to stay with your ADC and ask for help from your allies.
How To Play Against CC
As a Yuumi any form of crowd control is a massive threat due to your slow move speed and it causing You and Me! to go on cooldown. If you want to hop off to procc Feline Friendship's heal or do anything wait until the nearby enemies have used their crowd control. If you know their root, hook, stun etc. is stopped by minions, then stay behind minions at all times while not attached to an ally.

Building Mikael's Blessing allows you to remove CC from your self and allies and can be a life saver in needed situations.
Getting vision for your team is an important part of being a good support, though as Yuumi this can be difficult due to your move speed and the danger of being caught alone. If you are going to ward, make sure you can see everyone on map or have a very good idea of where they are to minimize the danger.

At the start of the game take a Control Ward this can be used to prevent a invade or early gank.

If you are red side of the map & your jungler is starting at blue buff, you can also place your Stealth Ward over the dragon pit wall into the bush.

You can also use You and Me! to jump on your jungler to bot side buff and place a Stealth Ward in tri bush or pixel bush depending on where they dont place one. Keeping your Control Ward for jungle bush when you go to lane or to deny vision if the enemy team ward or attempt to invade.

On your first back exchange your Stealth Ward for Oracle Lens and buy 1-2 Control Wards this will allow you to set up for first drake.

While attached to a ally you can still use Oracle Lens and place wards this is useful to know.
Who To Sit On
Learning who to sit on and when is a important part of playing Yuumi and getting good at her, as it can make a huge difference in certain situations.

It is best to be on your Best Friend as to procc your Best Friend Bonus. Your ADC is most likely going to be your Best Friend, though sometimes situations call for you to leave them.

During laning phase if your ADC has left for any reason and you are not needed in lane, you can leave to either make a solo lane 2v1 or go to your jungler and help them with a gank until you are needed back in lane. While doing this, you need to be aware of your own lane, how the wave is doing and what the enemy ADC & Support are doing as you do not want them getting uncontested minions or taking tower. Along with this, an empty bot lane also allows them to roam so learning wave control to stop them from doiong this is important.

After laning phase the best person to go to is either the ally whoever is carrying or a lane that needs help (though if helping them will end up in you dying it is not worth it and you should go back to the carry). You can also go on the jungler if they are doing well to help with ganks, objectives and vision control.

During team fights you want to be on the carry for the most part though you do want to hop from person to person healing, keeping your team alive. Never go on a ally who has a ability that makes them invunruable as your time could be better spent healing other allies.
Who Should I Ban
The biggest counter for Yuumi is Leona, though her play rate can be very low so it can feel like a wasted ban. If you are struggling with keeping track of hook champion's cooldowns the best ban is the hook champion you struggle to agasint the most.

Mordekaiser is also a good ban due to playing with or against one can be a danger due to how his ultimate Realm Of Death works. If he catches you detached and uses his ultimate Realm Of Death on you it is an easy kill for him. Though he can also use his ultimate Realm Of Death on who you are attached to during a team fight meaning you are dropped in the middle of it and most likely going to die. On the other hand, if he is on your team being attached to him once he is past lvl 6 is very risky for Yuumi. While you can give sustain and use your Final Chapter to allow him to get kills very easily, as soon as Mordekaiser uses his ultimate Realm Of Death Yuumi will detach leaving you in a possible vulnerable position with no ally to jump to.

Taliyah is also a good ban due to most of her abilites being a form of crowd control. This can make it very hard for Yuumi to You and Me! to allies as it will stop her mid-air and put You and Me! on cooldown.
Tips 'n' Tricks
. Yuumi can block Caitlyn's ultimate Ace In The Hole if it is locked onto who she is attached to by simply detaching, This will place you directly in the way of it locking the damage and allowing you to hop back on.

. If you are using Summon Aery pay attention to where it is at all times and its cooldown so you can heal for more and buff you ally more often.

. Summon Aery proccs items like Ardent Censer & Staff of Flowing Water.

. Yuumi turns invisible when attached to allies who are invisible. For example, Twitch , Evelynn , Shaco & Akshan.

. Yuumi use Zoomies while Kayn is using his ultimate on someone just before he comes out of it to shield him.

. Kassadin does not gain stacks on Force Pulse from Yuumi casting abilities while she is attached to a ally.

. You and Me! does not count as an ability activation for the purposes of on-cast effects such as Sheen Spellblade.

. Yuumi can channel Eye of the Herald while attched.

. Jungle monsters agression transfers to the ally Yuumi attaches to.

. Yuumi will detach if you use Guardian Angel or Teleport but not if you use Zhonya's Hourglass, in this case she can still use her abilities.

. The summoner spell Heal scales with Heal & Shield Power

. The summoner spell Heal halfs all other heals applied for a 35s after use
League of Legends Jargon
Here is a list of terms you may see in game to help you out!

CS - Creep Score, this is how many minions you have killed.

Procc - To cause a special event to occur aka items, runes etc.

Tic Damage - This is damage over time like burn & poision.

CC - Crowd Control, This is abilites that stop you from doing something like Roots & Stuns.

Roam - Leaving lane to go somewhere else for a period of time

Jungle Bush - This is the bush at the edge of river at bot & Top lane

Pixel Bush - This is the small bush as your enter river from mid lane

Mid bush - This is the long bushes at the start of river on both sides of mid lane

Tri bush - This is any bush on map that has 3 paths conected to it
Summary (TLDR)
A summary for anyone who wants a quick recap or does not want to read a full guide.

. Crowd control is a massive counter, Keep track of enemies cooldowns and uses.
. Mana is a massive issue early game.
. Dont stray too far on your own, you always want to be able to You and Me! back to a ally in an emergency.
. Focus on proccing Feline Friendship's heals.
. Play laning phase safe and focus on getting your ADC ahead.
. Play on who is carrying as to make them stronger.
. Keep in mind who your Best Friend.
. Mordekaiser is a bad ally and big counter.
Thank you for picking my guide and reading it! I hope it has gave you the information you are looking for. Please feel free to leave feedback in the discussion section so i can improve this guide to make it better for people!

Upcoming Changes:
. All Champions added to Threats & Synergys
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League of Legends Build Guide Author babyyspace
babyyspace Yuumi Guide
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[14.14] Babyyspace's Yuumi Guide For Pro's And Beginners! (Runes, Items, Tips 'n' Tricks & More!)

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