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Aurelion Sol Build Guide by Vicksay

Middle [13.7] Vicksy's REWORKED Master ASol Guide

Middle [13.7] Vicksy's REWORKED Master ASol Guide

Updated on April 5, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vicksay Build Guide By Vicksay 1415 77 3,150,484 Views 81 Comments
1415 77 3,150,484 Views 81 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Vicksay Aurelion Sol Build Guide By Vicksay Updated on April 5, 2023
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Champion Build Guide

[13.7] Vicksy's REWORKED Master ASol Guide

By Vicksay

Hello everyone! My name is Vicksy, I'm a high Diamond/Master tier mid laner. I've been playing since the start of Season 3 on the EUW server, and I've been a full on mid main since Season 4. I have achieved at least Diamond 1 every single season since Season 4, hitting Masters in multiple seasons using champions such as Zoe, Aurelion Sol, Viktor and Ahri, with my peak being 224 LP. I am a partnered Twitch streamer and a partnered YouTuber, and I like to stream every single day! Feel free to come check me out and ask me any questions you may have, whether it be on stream or on my other socials below!

Me getting Master Tier with Aurelion Sol in season 6 (better view here)

My peak Aurelion Sol win-rate on my high Diamond/Master's account, Vicksy in Season 6. I started playing Sol in high Diamond

Aurelion Sol was my favourite champion at one point, and I spammed him endlessly on release. I'm super excited for his rework and hope it works out well! I've missed playing him and hope he becomes a very viable midlaner from these changes :) (WIP WIP)

coming soon!


Flash and Ignite

This is the best summoner combination for Aurelion Sol in my opinion. You pretty much always want to take Flash, it's the best summoner spell all around for making plays, surprising your opponents, and keeping yourself safe. Ignite is a really good summoner for helping you get those snowballing kills to get you closer to late game.


These are in my opinion the best runes by far for Aurelion Sol, but we'll see when he comes live if anything better pops up!

I think this rune will work out perfectly with Aurelion Sol - it's a damaging rune that allows him to get to his end-game fantasy a lot faster. It generates a decent amount of gold while enabling him more damage in trades, sounds perfect!

This rune is very straight forward and a great choice for [[aurelion sol]. With his new scaling nature, having a free pair of boots means 300 gold towards your bigger purchases.

I believe this would be a decent rune on Aurelion Sol. It allows you to get quick bases by using this on cannon minions when you're low, or allowing you to get lane priority so you can roam first, while in general dealing more damage to minions to stack Stardust easier.

In my opinion, this is firmly the best rune on the tree, allowing you to have summoner spells and item cooldowns back faster.

To continue on with Aurelion Sol's late game scaling nature, we're going with Absolute Focus for the largest amount of Ability Power we can get! This is also great combined with Gathering Storm.

As explained above, this is my favourite rune to combine with Absolute Focus for huge amounts of AP! You can also take Scorch instead if you're vs. a matchup that you can easily harass, like melee matchups.


9 Adaptive Force
9 Adaptive Force
8 Magic Resist

The bonuses towards your runes are pretty clear cut here, you can opt for 9 adaptive twice for a total of 18 AP and choose between the MR or armour for the final choice, as the HP one isn't very good. If you're in difficult match-ups you can just double dip in the defenses, taking +16 MR or +12 armour, allowing you to get through lane a lot easier.

In this section we will go through Aurelion Sol's abilities and skill max order.

You'll want to be maxing Breath of Light > Singularity > Astral Flight, with starting Singularity level 1, Breath of Light level 2, and Astral Flight at level 3 incase there are any early game scraps.

You max Breath of Light as it's Aurelion Sol's bread and butter tool, his main DPS and waveclear tool.

Max Singularity second because it's his second damage spell and also has CC.

Max Astral Flight last because of no damage and it's just a utility spell, and a one point wonder.

Cosmic Creator

Cosmic Creator is Aurelion Sol's passive. His damaging abilities grant him stacks of Stardust, which improve each of his abilities. The amount of Stardust collected by each ability my vary by target.

Breath of Light deals bonus magic damage.
Astral Flight range increases.
Singularity outer and inner radius increases, and execution threshold.
Falling Star effect radius increases.

Aurelion Sol's new passive leans him towards more of a scaling champion now instead of a hyper roamer. You can use Singularity to gain bonus Stardust for enemies that died while in its area, and you can also gain Stardust from trading with enemy champions. Your gameplan will always be trying to gain as much Stardust as you can.

Breath of Light

Breath of Light is Aurelion Sol's main damage ability, and the ability you should max first. Aurelion Sol charges up to 3.25 seconds to exhale a beam of starfire, during which he can steer the beam in the target direction. The beam collides with the first enemy hit, revealing them, and deals consistent magic damage to them, reduced to 50% for other surrounding enemies hit by the beam.

Recasting Breath of light ends it early.

For each second that the beam continuously damages the same enemy, it bursts to deal bonus magic damage and grants 1 Stardust if the target is a champion. At rank 5, Breath of Light's channel duration lasts for as long as Aurelion Sol pay its mana cost.

This is Aurelion Sol's main bread and butter. It's his highest damaging ability and you max this first. Being able to channel this ability as long as possible on a champion is the way you get the most damage - either by using Singularity to slow people down, or by using Astral Flight to increase its flat DPS and to get yourself in range.

Astral Flight

Astral Flight is Aurelion Sol's mobility move. Astral Flight dashes in the target direction. While in flight, he has unobstructed vision (meaning he can see over walls) and Breath of Light has no cooldown, no maximum channel duration, and its flat damage increases, but makes Astral Flight's dash speed reduced by 50% during its channel.

Aurelion Sol will be knocked down and will be immobilized by any crowd control during the dash.

Scoring a champion takedown within 3 seconds of damaging them reduces Astral Flight's current cooldown by 90% of its total cooldown.

This ability is what will make Aurelion Sol so hard to play - you have learn to be decisive, as this ability is such a long cooldown if you mess it up. And now, it resets on kills - amazing!


Singularity is Aurelion Sol's main CC ability. Aurelion Sol blasts thhe target location, conjuring a black hole after a 0.5-second dela that grants sight of the area, lasting for 5 seconds, and deals magic damage every 025 seconds to enemise within the area.

Enemies in the black hole are dragged towards its center vover the duration. Non-epic monster targets within its center that are below 5% of their maximum health (scaling with Stardust). Non-champions effected have their movement speed reduced to 0.

After Singularity ends, Aurelion Sol is granted 1 Stardust for each continuous second that enemy champions were inside it, and a varying amount of Stardust for enemise that died while in the area. (Epic monsters - 10, champions & large monsters - 5, large minions - 3, small minions and monsters - 1).

Knowing when to use this is key. You have to decide whether to waveclear with it or trade with an enemy, and weigh up the best possible actions for the most Stardust.

Falling Star

Falling Star is Aurelion Sol's new ultimate. Aurelion Sol calls down a star to impact the target location after 1.25 seconds, dealing magic damage to enemise hit and stunning them for 1.25 seconds. Falling Star grants 5 Stardust for each enemy champion hit.

Once Falling Star has been learned, gathering 75 Stardust causes the next cast of Falling Star to transform into "The Skies Descend" instead, empowering the impact with new effects.

"The Skies Descend" - Aurelion Sol summons an enormous star to impact the target location after 2 seconds, dealing 25% increased damage, exploding in a larger radius, and knocking up enemies hit for 1.25 seconds. Upon impact, a massive shockwave is unleashed which rapidly expands outward from the impact location over 3 seconds, dealing magic damage to enemy champions and epic monsters hit, slowing all enemies hit by 75% for 1 second and revealing them for 1.5 seconds.

This is a great ultimate and fits nicely with the rest of Aurelion Sol's kit. It eventually has an extremely large radius, allowing you to be a severe late game threat.


Rod/Everfrost/Crown Mythic


Sorc/Merc treads for boots.

Will explain and make it pretty ASAP! thanks for being patient :)

Doran's Ring is a great early starting item. The stats for its cost is very high, giving you a decent amount of AP, HP and mana to safely farm early on. With two health potions, you can play very safe or go aggro and recover from trades.

Corrupting Potion is another starting item we can go. I personally enjoy running it vs. really heavy harassing lanes so I can sustain through the early game and have a good first buy.

Stealth Ward will be the only trinket you will be taking at level 1, and will be the main choice of trinket for most of your games. It's just generally really good to secure vision around objectives and ward the side of your lanes for early ganks.

With your early gold, getting at least one Amplifying Tome will always be your first priority. They build into almost every mage item, and every single Mythic builds out of these. You'll want to also decide from this point which Mythic item you'd like - if you're going for Rod of Ages, you'll need to build towards Catalyst of Aeons, and if you want any other mythic, you build Lost Chapter.

If you don't have enough gold to buy Amplifying Tomes, you'll be looking at these two instead. You'll go for Boots if you're vs. a very skill-shot intensive match-up, like Xerath or Lux. Getting an early Dark Seal whenever you have 350 gold is always my preference though, it's an amazing item. It is already gold efficient (123%) without any stacks, it has a bit of HP and also more AP from stacks. At max stacks, you can get a whopping total of 65 AP!! That's 1302 gold worth of stacks on a 350 gold item.. THIS IS INSANE!! It becomes 372% gold efficient, more than ANY other item in the game!

A Refillable Potion is great, if you have enough gold to buy this early after buying components, get it as soon as possible! Potions that refill every base makes for insane value, so much so that if you have a single Health Potion in your inventory, selling that just to buy this is super worth it. Don't buy this past laning phase however.

Control Wards win games - I cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure you get these on the map early, they stay placed indefinitely, and if you're strong enough to protect them you can an insane amount of vision the entire game through it. You shouldn't be only getting these on your early bases - every time have 75 gold on a base pick one of these up and place it around mid, in conjunction with your Stealth Ward you can get a serious amount of vision around mid, which I think Aurelion Sol needs to make sure he's safe from enemy junglers so he can stack up Stardust.

Sorcerer's Shoes will be your main boot of choice in over 90% of your games. It has a huge amount of magic pen and increases your damage so much, and with other pen items, allowing you to do true damage vs. squishies!

Mercury's Treads will be your only other choice of boots. These become necessary when you're vs. high CC and high burst magic damage. if I have to run these I'll generally go Nullifying Orb in my runes and Barrier as well, with also possibly buying a Banshee's Veil if their burst is really high and unavoidable, like LeBlanc or Evelynn.

Here we'll discuss our Mythic purchases: Rod of Ages, Crown of the Shattered Queen, Liandry's Torment and Everfrost, but first let's talk about what a Mythic item is: you can only buy one of these in a game, however you can sell it and buy another Mythic item later, however not recommended unless you make a huge mistake and have lots of gold to spare. It also gives special bonuses to legendary items that you purchase (boots don't count, but Mejai's Soulstealer does). This makes this first purchase really important, and you should take care and weigh up the options to help you decide which one to pick.

Rod of Ages is a great purchase for Aurelion Sol, and the easiest Mythic item to utilize, so I recommend this one for learning the champion. It gives Aurelion Sol everything he needs - a chunk of AP, mana, and health, along with some flat healiing

Liandry's Torment is an overall great tank busting item if you so happen to get countered by a lot of tanks, as it grants % health damage AND bonus damage vs. champions with bonus health, and its mythic passive also grants you a lot more ability haste. Unsure if it works well on ASol, will be doing testing!

Everfrost has very strong active ability, allowing you to root an enemy champion (or more!) if you hit it accurately, but if you don't hit the root you apply a slow instead. If you have a high amount of magic damage on your team already and little CC, this is a great option, and I also like building this vs. Yasuo as he can't windwall it, and it's great vs. mostly melee teams, allowing you to survive their burst with more health and land easier sleeps.

Crown of the Shattered Queen is also a great options vs. melees and burst champions. If you feel like it's almost impossible to survive the enemy team, take this. You'll have endless amounts of damage late game anyway!

Rabadon's Deathcap is the single biggest item for any mage that primarily focuses on damage, and you'll probably be building this every single game. This item definitely should be purchased before Void Staff unless the enemy team has HUGE amounts magic resist on almost every member. Aurelion Sol is a monster late game and this item will boost him massively.

Void Staff, along with Rabadon's Deathcap, should be built almost every game. You need to keep track of what items the enemy champs are buying, and also take note on what champs they are and their usual builds to determine whether you need this item eventually in the game or not. Don't be afraid on skipping out on this altogether if the enemy team literally has ZERO magic resist, but that will be a very rare occurrence.

Archangel's Staff is a great item for Aurelion Sol. A decent chunk of AP, mana and health, it continues on giving him his favourite stats. With this, you'll almost never go out of mana, and once you max out Breath of Light, you can use it continuously as long as you have mana, so this is amazing! One of his biggest weaknesses is people getting on top of him and killing him before he can DPS, so the shield comes in clutch almost every game.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter has always been a comfy item choice on Aurelion Sol since his release, and his new rework is no exception! Being able to apply it infinitely with Breath of Light is incredible, and it can also allow you to catch up to people using Falling Star if it's not upgraded with the stun.

Shadowflame is a good item - a huge amount of AP and magic pen makes for a great item. This item is best build very squishy teams that have some shielding, like Karma or Yasuo, it's not a true shield negating item like Serpent's Fang, so it's not great vs. extremely tanky teams.

Mejai's Soulstealer is a nice pick up, even though it's still a snowball item. With the buffs to Dark Seal, you'll be buying that a lot more often, so upgrading it will naturally be a lot more common. The cost has been increased by 200 gold and has had a slight stat change - replacing mana with health, which is overall a lot better, the counter to Mejai's is being killed, but the extra HP will help you to stay alive. This item, while only costing 1,6000 gold is considered a Legendary item, which means when you buy this when you're massively ahead, you'll also be gaining the passive for a standard Legendary item that you get from whichever Mythic item you choose. Combine this with Zhonya's Hourglass and you can preserve your stacks really easily!

Morellonomicon is actually a really good item now! Massively buffed AP with extra flat magic penetration, a great choice when you need to cut huge amounts of healing.

Zhonya's Hourglass is a great defensive item. You don't necessarily have to build this vs. only AD threats, it is a great counter to many AP mid laners because dodging damage is a lot better than just soaking slightly less damage. It completely negates abilities such as Syndra's Unleashed Power, Veigar's Primordial Burst and even Karthus' Requiem. I don't recommend getting this early on instead of your core items unless it's absolutely necessary (vs. Zed, Vi and others) as it doesn't offer much damage. Buying it late game however is a great idea, as you already dish out tons of damage with a 4+ item build, and you just need something to keep you alive - a Zhonya's Hourglass can never go wrong.

Banshee's Veil is another great defensive item, I especially love combining this with Nullifying Orb or Mercury's Treads. Pick this up if you're afraid of an AP mid bursting you down constantly (like Fizz or LeBlanc), not only does this item have magic resistance but it has a spell-shield that blocks a single ability, helping to disrupt champions that need to hit all of their spells too correctly kill someone. It's also REALLY good vs. champions that really rely on hitting their crowd control straight up even if they aren't in your lane, such as Sejuani, Elise, Blitzcrank, Zoe and more!

Aurelion Sol's kit has completely changed - he is now a lot weaker early on, and scales like a complete monster.


Congratulations, you've made it to late game! You'll be one of the strongest champions in the game. Because of how much power you have, you have to be extra careful with positioning, and make sure that you're completely safe. If you have a defensive support like Zilean or Renata Glasc, make sure you're with them at all times. Making sure you have one or two defensive items at this point such as a Zhonya's Hourglass or a Banshee's Veil, as if you're dead your team will probably collapse.

Because of how safe you have to be, you have to be EXTREMELY mindful on your positioning. Being able to use Astral Flight well enough with its resets is your key, and making sure you don't accidentally fly into the enemy team and get one shot.

Aurelion Sol is absolutely amazing at fighting for dragons or Baron. The river is the perfect place for everyone to clump up so you get a perfect [

Thank you all so much for reading my Aurelion Sol guide! I will add match-ups in the future. I hope you found this guide helpful, and please post any questions you may have and I'll get back to them ASAP!

If you'd like to see my Aurelion Sol gameplay and more, you can follow my Twitch channel - I will be playing him frequently from the rework, and if I'm not, just ask in chat! I stream every single day from 6PM GMT til 12AM.

I also have a highly rated Zoe guide and a highly rated Ahri guide if you would like to check those out!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vicksay
Vicksay Aurelion Sol Guide
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[13.7] Vicksy's REWORKED Master ASol Guide

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