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Amumu Build Guide by BullwhipGriffin

Jungle [14.12] Aethyr's Amumu Jungle Guide

Jungle [14.12] Aethyr's Amumu Jungle Guide

Updated on June 14, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BullwhipGriffin Build Guide By BullwhipGriffin 16 2 72,780 Views 1 Comments
16 2 72,780 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BullwhipGriffin Amumu Build Guide By BullwhipGriffin Updated on June 14, 2024
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Champion Build Guide

[14.12] Aethyr's Amumu Jungle Guide

By BullwhipGriffin
Important notes
It is important to know that first jungle respawn is anywhere from 3:50-4:15 depending on where enemy jungler starts so its important to know where enemy starts to properly be able to punish them. If enemy starts buff it will be around 4:10 for first basic camp to respawn and if they start raptors/wolves it will be around 3:50. Knowing these timers will help you be able to punish enemy having bad tempo and not being at camps on spawn, also means you should always try to be on your camps on respawn

It is important to stay alive as jungler because it is the most tempo heavy role the second you die it relieves all pressure on the map and allows enemy laners to play over aggressive, the enemy jungler will also punish you hard and make it hard to come back. This is especially important during objective timers because if you die the enemy can force a baron without any threat of smite steal.

staying alive as the jungler creates almost as much pressure as ganking, it is very important to not show on the map or not gank unless it is valuable enough to do so. the second you show on the map it relieves all pressure off laners and they can go for aggressive plays they normally wouldnt if they didnt know where you are. What might seem like a free kill top isnt so free, if the enemy is able to capitalize on it with a drake take, bot dive, or invade bot camps. This doesnt mean its bad to gank and to stay perma invis but just know if you are going to show on the map make sure it is worth it and the enemy isnt able to get too much on the opposite side if you show.
Early game decision making and goals
Level 1 scuttle is the worst camp in the game and often the objective most people throw the game over, the camp got nerfed awhile back because it was so strong people were coinflipping the game at 3:00 to decide who gets the scuttle. It now only gives 60 gold and very little exp (scales with game so its actually good later), so its important to prioritize respawning camps or enemy camps over the level 1 scuttle. especially if enemy wants to try to go for both scuttles you can use this mistake to fight them on their respawning camps by using your item lead to fight them, or use your tempo lead to get to your camps first and then get a level lead to fight them on future camps.

It is important to make sure you know at the beginning of the game if you want to be prioritizing grubs or dragon, its pretty hard to be able to get both objectives so its important to know which one you want to or will even be able to fight over. Its likely when one objective is being taken the enemy jungler is on the other.

Know where to path based on your lane matchups, generally speaking it is best to path bot most games because getting 2 players ahead is better than one. However, there are games where it is the play to path top, if your top laner has a volatile lane it could be important to path top to help snowball their lead or prevent enemy from snowballing it. this is especially important if your bot lane is playing something like sera/sona where there is very little you can do to help them and they also can just play safe under tower. most junglers will just auto path top because they want a leash from bot lane, do not make this mistake, you actually dont need a leash on almost every jungler and its especially important to not just auto path top.
Pushing your lead
Jungle is the most tempo heavy role so it is important to know how to path efficiently and use your power spikes. prioritize respawning camps over past camps as they will give more exp since they are a higher level.

make sure you are using your gold to buy items and get level ups before important objective fights so you can be as strong as possible.

if you notice you have an item lead or level lead dont be afraid to make aggressive plays in the enemy jungle. This is especially important if you have ult advantage, hitting level 6 as dragon spawns (or enemy buff respawn) and enemy is level 5 almost guarantees that they cant contest.
Farming efficiently
Try to always clear to where you want to go in the future, if you want to path bot its good to start gromp and full clear down to bot, this way if the play goes wrong at least you cant be punished and lose your top side camps, and you dont waste time walking around the map to get to your camps. however, you dont always want to start gromp, if you have a smaller window to make it to bot its ok to start raptors to krugs or just only take krugs. point is to make sure youre always trying to do something during your free time.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BullwhipGriffin
BullwhipGriffin Amumu Guide
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[14.12] Aethyr's Amumu Jungle Guide

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