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Lissandra Build Guide by Irissandra

Middle [14.5] [Master]Iris's in-depth guide to Lissandra

Middle [14.5] [Master]Iris's in-depth guide to Lissandra

Updated on March 13, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Irissandra Build Guide By Irissandra 22 6 21,391 Views 2 Comments
22 6 21,391 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Irissandra Lissandra Build Guide By Irissandra Updated on March 13, 2024
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Runes: Full Snowball build mid to lategame [Hard]

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[14.5] [Master]Iris's in-depth guide to Lissandra

By Irissandra

Who am I?

My name is Iris, I'm 18 years old and I'm from the Latin America Server aka LAS, specifically from Chile. I've played Lissandra for at least 5 years without ever getting bored and learned each and every combo there is for this beautiful champion.
Every day that I play Lissandra is a new opportunity to practice what I've learned throughout the years, it is often said that a true teacher never stops learning and that is what I've been striving to achieve. Soaking all the information there is about the champion so I can show the world who I really am and the potential Lissandra has to be the best champion in the game.

Well, enough about my objectives, this part is dedicated to moi and I will use it correctly. Although I live in latin america, I tend to visit the NA server so I can practice with extreme lag, because it really helps you with the combos. Take it as that one thing samurais used to do where they use metal plates in order to slow themselves so that, once they remove them, they are much faster. I often say to myself that If I can do the combos in 249ms then it will make me even better at the champion, and thus far I've got it under control. Still, I spend at least 1 hour in practice tool every day so that I don't get rusty.

When did I start playing league?

I found league in a very dark time of my life, I was basically not able to walk on two legs for a whole year and all I could do was sit in a chair and try to play videogames in an all-in-one HP desktop pc (it was horrible), then I found league and everything had meaning again; I could jump on one leg to sit in the chair, even if I was only able to play League on 11fps and 100ms.

"The bet"

It was during the time where I started playing where I found my first love interest who would influence most of my actions and decision making, but thats a story for another day.
A few years later, around 2018 I made a bet with one of my friends back then, "If you play an off-meta champion and you get mastery 6 with it, win against a mastery 7 and get an S+ in under a week I will buy you a skin" to what I replied with "Done!". My first ever Lissandra game was against another Lissandra but with a 100k mastery points, lost the game but instead of feeling defeated I found the motivation to get even better than that player. My next game was against a Mastery 7 Teemo and I won the game, then I played so much Lissandra that I managed to win the bet. My reward was Program Lissandra and to this day I still look at it just to remember how it felt to win a bet with my favorite thing in the world, Lissandra.
My achievements

As the title says, this chapter is where I show off my achievements throughout my time playing only Lissandra to give my guide a little bit more credibility

I got rank 1 Lissandra in my server with a very high winrate and I'm currently 43 in the world

Above this text is the proof of the current ladder from my server

Here's the amount of mastery points my main account has!

And here's the peak elo of S13 on my main account

Here's a picture of the time I got rank 2 Lissandra from all the world on my smurf account!

...I'll keep updating it along the way!

Well, to begin with, Lissandra is a very-high damage and high CC champion and although she lacks mobility she definetely makes up for it on damage. I've been playing her for a long time and her damage can be off the roof with the right items or you can play her with a utility build to help your teammates. People never expect the damage from a Lissandra so this may be your opportunity to show them the true power of the Ice Witch. I've came across the PBE and found out she is getting some massive buffs in patch 13.14 and this means it's the best time to learn how to play this wonderfully mischievous champion. Isn't she pretty? it's always a pleasure to play as her and just observe her elegance slide through summoner's rift.

Back to the main point, if your combos are done correctly then you can change the whole course of a team fight with explosive damage and pick-up potential. And here I am to teach you everything you need to know about Lissandra and how to carry your heavy teammates with flashy plays and "chill" gameplay.

♥ Just a little update for all of you who read this guide, the new season seems promising with new damage items (R.I.P Ludens) so I'll be updating this guide for it to 'trendy', see ya then! ♥

How can I know when to buy certain items?

Well, you should always check if the stats these items have could benefit you in some way. You see, Lissandra could always use some more damage to add to her kit so most builds could work on her. Late-game wise I don't suggest going for more CDR since your runes could give you most of it, so for this build to work going damage + magic penetration can do the trick.

If you're up against champions that could outdamage you or kill you before you can even react then I suggest you choose one of the defensives accordingly. For example, even if you win early game against an assasing going for a Zhonyas as soon as you can without delaying your damage could be the right move since they can deal a lot of damage with the smallest of advantage.

You should go for a Zhonyas against a full ad team, against assassins, against burst mages (you could go with Banshee) or if you're getting focused in teamfights. You could also use this item to have a safer engage after using your combo and giving your team time to followup.

You should go for Morellos when you're against teams with a lot of healing like a Zac, Fiora or adcs who buy lifesteal like Samira or Aphelios and it will also give you quite a lot of ap anyways.

You should go for Veil when you're against a composition that will stop your engage before it even happens, like Annie, Pantheon, Janna and plenty more. This item will help you get your combo off without you getting stunned. It will also help you get some MR and survivability.

The lvl 2 spike

Did you know Lissandra has a lot of killpotential in earlier stages of the laning phase?

Yes, you read that right. Lissandra can get firstblood very easily with certain runes I added to this guide and I'm going to teach you how to do it. So, theres 4 things you're going to need in order to get firstblood: lvl prio, ignite, electrocute and a bunch of auto attacks. Next thing you want to do is try and push the wave fast, but don't let it shove towards their turret so they don't play safe and you become gankable, keep in mind you need to kill a whole wave + 1 minions from the next one in order to get lvl 2 so you really need to keep all of this in mind. If you're up against a melee champion you can zone them from the wave by standing besides the enemy caster minions and auto the enemy champion.

People will never expect to get bursted by Lissandra at lvl 2 after getting poked by her, so you have the element of surprise. This whole ordeal will give you a notorious advantage over the enemy team and as a plus you demoralize the enemy laner.

Here's what I'm talking about:

How to push the wave with maximum efficiency

Well, although I'm no genius at wave management I can still help you learn how to shove waves with Lissandra in the best way possible. Usually you'll do Q + W, but if you're splitpushing you will definetely need your W to create distance and be able to run away if you get ambushed.

Here is a quick demonstration on how to use the Q to hit all of the minions.

As you can see in the video, I'm trying to position my character as close to the middle of the front minions as possible trying to aim towards the back. Just remember to always aim at the minion in the middle since your Q will shatter into three fragments which will hit all of the targets in front of you.

This segment is a work in progress!

Tune in next time...maybe it will be finished!

And now what you've all been waiting for!



This is the lvl 1 combo you should do if you're running electrocute or any other rune, it procs "cheapshot" and electrocute at the same time plus it chunks the enemy's healthbar pretty badly.


This combo abuses the Q buffer with a W at the same time so you never miss your Q since they are rooted.

E + E2 + W + Q (BUFFER) + ALT R

This quick combo is hard to master but it deals all the kit's damage in one go, just remember to press Alt+ R if you want to autocast and remember to "cancel" your Q buffering at the same time as your ult

E + FLASH + W + Q + R + E2

The famous chinese combo brought to life by a legend who's name is better not be told. It's a very hard combo to do and it WILL look flashy because it's beautiful.

E + E2 + W + Q + IGNITE + ALT R

This combo hast potential to burst anyone early to mid game, since they won't be able to live at 1 hp or thereabouts.

FLASH + W + Q + E (BUFFER) + Alt R

A pretty straightforward combo, can be used with or without flash and it is convenient when you want to surprise the enemy. It works particularly well when rengar jumps on you and you just burst him out with all of your CDs.

Q + FLASH (Old Q flash)

Yes, you can still do the old Q + Flash. It took me a while to figure it out, but it can be done. Just press flash the moment the Q is already in the air.

(PS: For every combo with R, you need 300 mana to be exact so keep that in mind before going in)

Yes, you read that right. In this segment I'll give you tips and tricks on every single matchup including those labelled as "Skill matchups". This will be a segment you can come back to in case you're up against on of those matchups listed here. Happy to help, and enjoy![/b]


Not every day do you find yourself facing such a terrible foe and with fair reason. Still, that doesn't make it impossible to find one of those sweaty Aatrox players in the midlane trying to cheese you. Here's what you should do, if you're going to go with manaflow band then you should only Q once you have it available, that why you're always going to have mana in case he wants to all-in you at low levels. You should always E his W or Q3, and try to Ult yourself if you're in too much trouble and if he wasted his 3rd Q. Also, remember to E after you self ult if you're faced with too much damage from Aatrox.


This matchup is a tough one, she will always have longer range then you and more damage once she applies her passive + E on you. What you should do is poke her once she wasted her Q and try to set up a gank by asking your jungler to come so you can Ult ignite her and force a flash or get a kill. Never ult the egg because you and other teammates have more than enough damage to kill her in her passive form without wasting your ultimate.


A common matchup nowadays, she is most likely to start W to cheese you at lvl 1 so you should save your Q until she uses her W to trade in damage back to her. Ahri's W doesn't deal as much damage as your Q + Auto at lvl 1 so you should always keep that in mind. You can ult her as she ults to dash away but it wont cancel her dash. You can win an all-in against if you dodge her E.

Aurelion Sol:

One of the easiest matchups for Lissandra in early-to-mid-game, you can Q him everytime he uses his dragonbreath and it will guarantee a hit. If he is below 65% hp you can all in him as long as your E also hits him before your W + Q. Remember to AA him as much as you can before you go in with ignite E + E2 + W + Q + Ignite (if you don't have Ult)


Akali is a very easy matchup, she lacks the damage early game to kill you or poke you so use your distance to your advantage. Always punish her when she is going to farm pre-lvl 3. If she manages to E you in lane you can cast your E towards turret range; so when she dashes with her E towards you, you can bring her under turret and potentially kill her using your W.


Used to be a very tough matchup, even worse than Sylas himself, but now it's a piece of cake. This matchup is usually unfavoured towards Lissandra in lower levels, but you can make do with what you have. You can ask for a gank to slow his scaling, if this is the case you can cancel her E with your ult or W. Be careful to play near the walls or overstep because he will use his passive and PTA to punish you.


If she doesn't have her passive then it's a window to poke her with your Q and potentially all In if she doesn't have CDs to kite you. Still, you have more damage than her at earlier levels so if you're feeling lucky you can try to kill her.


Pretty hard matchup because he will always win the trades, unless they are quick ones like Auto + Q + Auto or E + W + Q. If you can manage to have him on the ropes then you may be able to kill him as long as you cast your W the exact moment before he casts his E to dash away.


She can counter your E pretty hard with her W, but not many Cassio players know that fact. You can always win lvl 1, but lvl 2 makes her a hard opponent. If you dodge her Q you may have a window of opportunity to get a positive trade as long as it's a short one.


I've seen my fair share of cho'gaths in the midlane, usually going ap so I suggest you kite him the best you can. His E along with his autos deal some pretty heavy damage early game, remember to cast your W before he uses his so you have time to kite away once you're silenced.


Not a very hard matchup, it's easy to win trades early game. He lacks damage without items so you can always kill him if you're ahead, delaying his powerspike. Remember the combos and always check his HP percentage before going in. You may check your numbers if you're unsure of the damage you have.


Although Diana is usually played in the jungle role, you can still come across her in the midlane so heres what you should keep in mind. She wins every trade at lvl 1 and can block your Q damage with her W, so you best play passive until she makes a mistake. Remember to dodge her Q, and you can tell if shes maxing that ability based on the damage you receive. If she is maxing W, then you can try and punish her everytime she used it not worrying about her Q poke.


Lissandra counters Ekko pretty badly. You can W his E and just walk away without him ever engaging you. You may punish him very badly in early game, chunking his hp bar with autos or Q's without worrying about a thing. If he uses his Q on the minions then you can chase him down while hitting autos and using your Q. Once you both hit lvl 6 you can punish his overconfidence if he goes on you under turret range. Remember to use your W correctly.


One of the easier matchups, and easy to mess up too, you can literally kill him lvl 1 if he started with E so be on the lookout for a window of opportunity. If he ults you lvl 6 you can E away, don't waste your ult just yet. If the fizz is a little bit aggresive and flashes on you after you dash away from him, then you may ult yourself but not a minute before.


Galio is literally a punching bag for Lissandra, since he lasts pretty long but you can still poke him with easy. Just make sure to W after he uses his E that way he won't be able to W you quickly and you may walk away. Dodge his Q and you should be good to go, but do keep in mind that your Autos still do damage ignoring his magic shield.


Kill his turrets, dodge his W and wait for him to cast his E so you can dodge it with your self-ult if you're melee range. If you do these steps correctly you may have him dead on your screen, if the heimerdinger is good he will wait for you to ult first before casting the rest of his abilities, if this is the case try to wait out while using your Q and W, being greedy sometimes will get you the kill or other times it will get you killed, either way this matchup shouldn't be so bad, if you're struggling with it then you may aswell help other lanes, just be careful with your turret because Heimer has a lot of waveclear.. You can get free gold from his turrets, so go for them first.


Hwei's early game is pretty laughable, without a single item there is little to nothing he can do to kill you unless you make a big mistake, you should always take advantage in all-in opportunities since he is very is squishy. If I had to take a guess, once you have half an item + ignite, you can kill him very easily. Once he gets an item things will get a little bit hard, but do keep in mind his ult damage is very low so you may not need to self ult once he uses that ability, late game or mid game you can burst him out with just two items plus ignite without a single worry in the world.


A very hard matchup, be careful at lvl 1 and 2 because you may not have your E in time. After lvl 6 you can win the trades and she can't dive you as easily. Always wait for her to use her Q dash to ult her since that cancels it mid-way and her Q won't reset. Also try to hold your Q for after she dashes towards you since it's your only source of early damage and it has a bit of a high cd in lower levels. Later in the game the only way you'll be able to kill is with the help of your team, don't be scared to ult her first; if she doesn't have tenacity or purify then it's not going to be an issue.


A pick not popular at all, and you can easily win against him because if you W after he Q's you he wont be able to chase you down. His damage is also very low and you can use your Q on him very easily, even if he is on his ranged form. Still, this matchup can get hard sometimes since his build will try to negate some of the damage you deal so just make sure to wait out his item shield before using your full combo and I know this is going to be hard, but it will get easier in time when you know Lissandra's HP limits.


Be careful with being perma-ganked. Just poke him as hard as you want, before lvl 6 he isn't good against ranged. Just be careful of getting too CLOSE to him if you're low health. He is most likely to go doran shield and alacrity, so just poke him once you have a lot of mana to spare, in the meantime just auto him. Keep in mind that his shields blocks a lot of AP in early game, so don't go for risky towerdives. A little bit of a trick and a nice advice will be to instead of using your Q to trade hime, once he uses his shield just auto him down; his shield only covers ap damage but not autoattacks so you will still get damage unto him and you will save your Q for after his shield runs out, no need to Q early; just take your time pealing him off.


Back when Katarina had normal builds, Lissandra would've countered her with ease. But recently every build is good on Katarina, so be careful with extended trades and take care if she hits lvl 2 before you. Extended trades will be your demise so try to poke from a distance, you can predict her E by using your Q backwards since Katarinas will always dash behind you if you're throwing a Q. Don't be afraid to use your E defensively, just make sure you stay close the turret while you wait for it's CD. Katarina has a lot of damage when she goes conqueror so long trades are a no go, and if you do make a short trade just E safely to get away; theres no shame on that..


After the nerfs to her build, she is not very good at all. You can punish her aggresive W with your own W + Q. You win all early game and even late game you can just oneshot her with easy if she uses her dash. Try to dodge her E, since it's the only time she can go in with a followup. If you do these steps the right way, then it's going to be an easy ride. Leblanc is now building autoattack build but it doesn't change much; if you dodge her E there is little to nothing she can do since she needs to use abilities and not just autos to kill you.


A skill matchup. She will try to poke your with E and also hit the wave so try and play far from the wave and only get close to it after she uses her E so you can poke her. Dodge her Q and you'll be able to jump in. You win lvl 3 trades if you dodge her E + Q. In late game make sure to ward those bushes where she might be hiding and ult yourself if she does her whole combo, otherwise you'll be dead. Either way, Lux is a hard matchup so don't be too hard on yourself if you're losing midlane because of her. You can still burst her once you get some items so don't be so down on yourself for dying once or losing a trade; it will happen so don't give up on Lissandra!


You can kill his minions with your Q everytime you have the chance, that way he will have a hard time pushing the wave. If you're about to combo him, try to auto attack first so you can pop his shield. You may also use ignite before the whole combo once you reach the three item powerspike so your abilities will be effective. Be careful to overextend after he hits lvl 6. Keep vision on the river, bushes and be on the lookout for a potential roam from him after he gets level 6.


You can flash his ult or even ult yourself if you time it correctly. Once you see him facing you, walking closer with every step he may be getting ready to ult, so cast yours faster. If he uses his ult and misses you can poke him and with a bit of luck kill him. You win lvl 1 and 2, with autos and abilities if kiting properly


Make sure to dodge her second Q early game, but you can poke her very easily, you can also cast your E towards the turret if she casts her W, this way you'll be able to pull her under the turret and kill her. It's okay if you get hit by her first Q as long as you don't get hit with it again, she is very weak so you can just all in her if you have lvl 2 prio and ignite, trust me when I tell you that against some weaker champions getting level 2 will get you a huge amount of kill potential.


She has more range and her E seems eternal, but if you dodge her E you can poke her with easy. Remember that there is 6 minions on a normal wave and 7 on a cannon wave, keep this in mind because if you Q her if shes hiding you won't reveal her. ALWAYS Memorize the types of minions and count them every time to prevent her cheese. If you get caught in her Ult you should be able to self R in time.


A very common matchup this patch and a hard one for most, she will poke you very easily so be careful and bring out those moves to dodge her Q + W for a possible engage. If you see an option to Q her (a minion being to close to your range and close to her), do so and if not, then just Q and push the wave since she will push it back with ease. You may actuallly win the 1v1 if you use your E to dodge her Q + W + R.


You absolutely destroy him lvl 1 to lvl 2, and you can kill him once he uses his W with full passive. Remember to bait his E so you can deal all the damage without him blocking any of it. I'd be on the lookout for him using his R to roam, just ward rive and you should be fine.


You'll always win the matchup against her. Use your R to counter her Ult, poke her early game and don't let her get too close to the minions, if she uses her E on you the you might just do the same using your Q to poke her as you E away.


Be very afraid of his early game and poke him only when he uses his Q because his W will block all of your Q damage. Save your W for when he tried to all in you and remember to not be greedy and just use your E if you need to.


His E + W might be annoying and he might get tankier with each item he buys, but early game you win if you use your minions to your advantage. He doesn't deal enough damage with his E + W to kill the wave so try and use that to win the trades.


The scariest Lissandra matchup. Sylas always starts E and he wins early game, you can try to dodge his second E by going around the minions. Maybe doind so will give you the chance to fight back ;) . If he steals your ult and tries to use them on you, you may predict it by ulting yourself and his R will cancel and go on CD. Be careful with his all-ins because they really hurt.


He is completely useless before lvl 6 and if he is behind in items and gold it's hard for him to get back. You may burst him out if you yourself get a lead. Dodge his E and you're good to go, not very hard.


Syndra will scale better than you if she gets a lead so try and dodge her stuff. If you dodge her Q lvl 1 you may punish her very hard by Q auto and keep repeating that. After lvl 3 you have to wait for her to use her E so you can use yours, otherwise she will cancel it with her stun. Don't be afraid to ult yourself if she ults you.


This champion is very weak early game and the only way she can really hurt you is with her empowered Q, so just dodge that and be careful with her W + E. Other than that, you can win the matchup. You can also self Ult while you're on the air so when she pulls you towards her you hit her with the aoe of your R.


Talon is not very strong nowadays, we are fine if we dodge his at lvl 2 and punish him everytime he wants to farm or Q you. W when he uses his Q and dodge to either side when he uses his W.

Twisted Fate:

Not very popular, he is very reliable on roams so be ready to match his roams by predicting where he is going every time he presses R. You can cast your Q when he is about to stun you so it goes through anyways. You can all in him once you have enough damage and after he uses his W.


Use your E to jump on him after he uses his jail, ult yourself if he uses his R and you can win by kiting his abilities, W, Q him and you win the trade.


Very squishy and easy to kill as long as you ult his R and dodge his E. Make sure to dodge either left or right when he uses his, because he is likely to try and hit the minions and you at the same time.


A tough one, to be sure. She can counter your engage with her fear, but between you and me; if you use your E towards the turret once you're low hp and she ulted you, you can bring her under turret and potentially get a kill and a nice outplay. You can burst her out with 3 items, it's not that hard once you get to mid-late game.


Lissandra's counter by excellence. You can't win against him alone so you just have to survive and scale, punish his overextends and his misuse of abilities. With a gank from your jungler you should be able to snowball from a few kills.


He is weak early game and can only heal, just keep in mind his empowered Q does a lot of damage nonetheless. You can counter his towerdives very easily with self ult and he won't win the trades early game if you use your abilities correctly.


Annoying, to be fair. You have to dodge a lot of things, and you may not be able to go on him because of his E, but if you cast your Q before getting stunned by his E and actually hit he will be slowed and you can combo him.


Since Yasuo has gotten a lot of buffs, it's getting harder to face him. Kill his minions faster without pushing the wave and be careful of his lvl 2. If he jumps on you then he might try to block your E with his windwall so you can't escape, use your W and he will eventually use his windwall under pressure; walk in front of it and then cast your E. If he ults you under turret then he is making a big mistake so just ult him IF he is under turret range. You can also cancel his E with your W when he dashes to you.


A little bit unfair on the long trades but otherwise easy to deal with. You can poke him very hard lvl 1 and you can W his tornado or kite away his E with your root. Don't try to towerdive him because he will use his W and it'll block a lot of damage. Dodge his ult with yours, always selfcast when he casts it.


You can dodge his Qs and be careful if he get's lvl 6 before you. You can always self ult his whole combo, and if he is under turret range remember that once he R's you he will appear right behind you so Q backwards and time it correctly. Also time your W correctly and he won't be able to go back to the shadow in time.


The moment he uses his W, it's a free kill for sure. Just make sure to move as you hit him with autos and abilities so that he can't just burst you down with his Q, R and E.


Hard to play, but not impossible. Wait for him to use his Q and W to push the wave so you can jump on him, but be quick before he goes away using his E. You can also Q before he stuns you so that it goes through anyways and hit him. Bait out his R everytime you can and only ult after he did or if you're in a sticky situation.


Dodge her Q and kite her E and you can combo her while doing so without any issue. Ult her while she uses her R since she will get stunned once she comes back from the portal. Always ward the long walls so you don't meet unfortunate situations whilst playing against her. Use your summoners wisely.
Thank you so much for your time! if you have any questions feel free to ask me, I always respond back. Here is my Discord if you want to chat about my guide or suggest anything. Love you all! ♥

My discord: deathiris

P.S: Never let your dreams be just that, always chase what makes you happy. No one is born an expert at Lissandra and the only way to learn to be one is to practice a lot. So don't feel down if you lose a few, mistakes are always the best teachers.
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