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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aether Skies

3v3 Akali the Night Angel

Aether Skies Last updated on March 30, 2011
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Vote please (:

If you don't vote my guide will forever be unread and fail forever.

Oh and you will probably keep getting that Fail Akali on your team in 5v5.

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Intro to Akali

This is a 3v3 guide, masteries, runes, and build could easily differentiate between 5v5.

Character Pros/Cons

Carry Killer
Escape mechanism
Anti focus Mechanism

No Crowd Control
Only dangerous to carries.

Akali is an anti-carry character. Akali is NOT a carry. She belongs in 3v3, she has very powerful mid game play, which is what makes her a 3v3 champion, and a carry killer (because carries are effective late game not mid).

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Twin Disciplines(passive)
Upon obtaining 20 additional ability power, Akali's hits deal 10% bonus magic damage, increasing by 1% for every 5 ability power gained thereafter.

Upon obtaining 10 additional attack damage, Akali gains 10% Spell Vamp, increasing by an additional 1% for every 10 attack damage gained thereafter.

Mark of the Assassin
Akali spins her kama at a target enemy to deal 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 (+40% of ability power) magic damage and mark the target for 6 seconds.

Akali's melee attacks against a marked target will trigger and consume the mark to cause 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 (+40% of ability power) magic damage and restore 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 energy.

Twilight Shroud
Akali throws down a cover of smoke that lasts for 8 / 8 / 8 / 8 / 8 seconds. While inside the area, Akali gains 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 armor and magic resist and becomes stealthed. Attacking or using abilities will briefly reveal her.

Enemies inside the smoke have their movement speed reduced by 14 / 18 / 22 / 26 / 30%.

Crescent Slash
Akali flourishes her kamas, hitting nearby units for 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 physical damage (+30% of ability power) + 60% Attack Damage.

Shadow Dance
Akali moves through shadows to quickly strike her target, dealing 100 / 175 / 250 (+50% of ability power) magic damage.

Akali stores an Essence of Shadow on kills and assists as well as every 25 / 20 / 15 seconds up to 3 total.

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Levels 1-6

Levels 1-6 save flash if you get ganked.

I suggest you go solo the top lane. Everytime Q is off cooldown you should either throw it an an enemy, or last hit a minion. Last hitting is very important, as you most likely wont get a first blood early on and you are susceptible to harassing. Combined with your masteries, grabbing Dorans Blade first gives you that 10% spell vamp. Akali is a great farmer, you can amass last hits easily. you should be farming and last hitting. When an enemy backs away, get those minion kills in. throw q at the highest health minion, cresent slash, blow up the mark if its going to kill the minion, if not hit other minions until that particular minion is weaker, and then blow up the mark to get the finishing blow.
Dont farm crazy like this constantly. the only time you should farm like this is if you know your opponent has just gone back, or if he IS in bottom lane. Another time you can farm like this is if you are zoning your opponent well.

When you hit level 6 i would just go back to shop and heal up. If you are planing on Mejais do not get it now. Sheen is much more important. If you are doing well and you think you ned Mejais anyway, than in the next step you will accumulate gold for Mejais quickly anyway.
You most likely wont have Sheen yet, unless you already have gotten kills. But the amp tome and boots will do fine for now.

Many people will tell you to not farm like this as it pushes the lane and lets you get ganked easier. However, if you have flash saved like you will be able to just flash over the wall, when you do this just run down to bottom lane and chill with them bros for a minute.

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Levels 6 +

The Ganking stage.
Now that your have your Shadow Dance, Amplifying Tome and boots you are ready to kill someone.
Stealthily make your way into bottom lane. Prepare for the gank

If you are going to ult in from the side or frontish than you should do this:
Mark of the Assassin -> Shadow Dance -> Auto A -> repeat and get that Crescent Slash in there somewhere.[/color]
Do not use Crescent Slash before your auto attack., if you do you will most likely not get the Auto A in to blow the mark up.

If you dont kill them its okay, if you cant even gank them its okay. If they are just pushed to their turret, wait till someone over steps and get this combo off once. Right now your just establishing your power to them. If you have sheen they will immediately be threatened. If you dont have sheen, they WONT feel as threatened, so when you get sheen you will unsuspectingly overpower them.

Always aim at the Squishier champion. If you dont get to kill them, then they will still be disabled from the battle from running away. The only times you should hit the tank is if hes under halfish hp.

You are OP for about 4 minutes after getting Sheen. Dont believe me? just blow up one mark on somebody and you will see. Mejai's Soulstealer prolongs your OP power. Always get Sheen before Mejais.

Whenever you have Sheen/ Lich Bane and you are hitting a tower you should be Procing your Sheen/ Lich Bane with Crescent Slash(E)

If you ever go 1v1 against a DPS champion such as Yi do this:
Basic combo + Crescent Slash -> Twilight Shroud -> wait for Cds to go down, then repeat.
Yi is scary when hes batting at your hp, but your scary in little bursts of damage. This is why you do this.

Late game: Deathcap if Mejais is fed.

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3v3 Late Game Guide

This next section should be applied to all 3v3 games, even without Akali.

In 3v3 you will constantly find this happen:
Your team destroys the first tower in each lane. And then your enemy just sits in their base and its impossible for you to push.
They want you to push. They want that lucky ace. It takes a TEAM effort to win against this. You and your partners need to stay in a 3man group constantly. Never directly push towers. When they push a lane back out, push it back in, after pushing a lane back in, go push the other lane back in. If both lanes are pushed in Go into the jungle.
During this stage you should only be last hitting the minions, now that they are sitting in their base you do not need to kill minions quickly. In the end if you have been doing this your team should amass way more minion kills then they have.

Buffs work like this:
GREEN :Akali, If there is a melee dps he should have it over you.
RED :Ranged carry/mid game champ.
WHITE :Melee dps Or you. If there is a melee dps he should have it over you.

Farm the little buff spots, farm out dragon. If someone on your team is under leveled they should be taking the random creep camps alone, but still correctly grabbing buffs, and still staying with team for pushing lanes.

When an enemy extends, kill them.
If they have been turtling you should win the team fight over them.
If just one pushes out, immediately pounce on them.
You will almost always win this way, however you can get unlucky and just fail.

So when do you push against a 3v3 team? Any time you out number them.
2v1, 3v2.

1v1? no 2v2? ehhh no. 3v3? Did you even read all of this?

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Always get Doran's Blade first. It triggers your passive, and gives you 10 AD. Long Sword is inefficient and the health potion to boot is not worth it.

Sheen is the single greatest item you can have on Akali. The early game boost to Akali's already large early game damage should not be underestimated. I cant begin to explain the damage this thing lets you do. After you build up a large base of AP you complete Sheen into Lich Bane.

Always get Sheen early.

Well Aether Skies, how come i am not grabbing the derping Hextech Revolver like everyone else does?

Because you get Adequate spell vamp from your passive after getting Guinsoo's Rageblade. Hextech spellvamp is nice, but we are strictly focusing on getting kills. Hextech is the type of item you get after your kills start to diminish.

Why get Guinsoo's Rageblade? I thought AP Akali was the best.
That MAY be true, it is disputable. But this is 3v3. The goal of 3v3 is to win fast. Guinsoo's Rageblade tears towers down, and thats what we want.
Guinsoos also gives you massive ap boots after procing it to 8, this means the longer we repeat our combo, the stronger it will get. Guinsoo's Rageblade lets you help the team, Pure AP only lets you Get in and out.

Boots of Swiftness:
If enemy team has heavy CC like lux, get the mercury treads.
This is pretty much the only variation on these.
Boots of Swiftness are great for 3v3, you are able to run in and out of lanes quickly, while attacking and retreating quickly.

Lich Bane the tower Killer, the champion smasher. You cannot have akali without Lich Bane. Keep in mind Lich Bane also gets stronger as Guinsoo's Rageblade gets applied.

Top the build off with a Rabadon's Deathcap or something of your choice. A Rylai's Crystal Scepter would also work here, but i would prefer the Rabadons.

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Masteries + Runes

Offense masteries because you are an offensive person, defensive masteries because Utility tree is worthless for you. You also get extra dodge from the defense mastery tree, which is a nice bonus to your runes.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
More Damage, Simple.

Greater Seal of Evasion
More dodge, helps Nimbleness activate easier.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power
Flat AP runes are not worth it in this case. You do more damage past level 6 anyways.

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration
More Damage, Flat Hp Quints are also acceptable.

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Dont get Ignite, you are made to finish people off so you do not require Ignite.

Exhaust + Flash

Perfect combo on Akali, Flash lets us gank and escape ganks with ease.
Exhaust Helps Focus Fire a carry away. Exhaust makes the carry useless before they are even dead, and thats why this is valuable.

The only other spells i would ever consider would be Clairvoyance + Flash

Anything else on Akali is pretty worthless, you should know that.

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Chapter 8

Good luck and thank you for reading.