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Tryndamere Build Guide by slowdeath007

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League of Legends Build Guide Author slowdeath007

3v3 trynd way to OP

slowdeath007 Last updated on February 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 28

Honor Guard

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Hello mobafire readers.This is my first build.I will build Tryndamere 3v3.Of course you play Tryndamere top.Please downvote or upvote the guide,comment and please say me what should I add.Sorry for my bad language.

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Pros / Cons

Pros of trynd
1.He can take 1v1 ANYONE except Pantheon and Sion.
2.Great ulti for towerdive.
3.He deal TON of damage :P .
4.You can jump over walls with Spinning Slash.
5.He is good at late games because his items make him OP.

Cons of trynd
1.It is difficult to use Undying Rage the right time.
2.At late games the enemy may take Thornmail and they will counter you.
3.He is bad for the first 6 levels.
4.A lot of players say that he is noob champion.

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Before the first game:Masteries

I don't have to say much here.I go full offense with some defence 28/2/0.I use this masteries for more AD and for some CDR with the Sorcery.This is worked good with Tryndamere.I have test the masteries and 28/2/0 is better from 21/0/9.

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Before the first game:Runes

For runes i take armor,armor penetration for more damage and attack speed. Greater Seal of Armor is the only defensive thing in the game.I take Greater Glyph of Attack Speed and Greater Mark of Attack Speed for faster hits at early game.The other is for damage.I do some maths here to saw you the price of this runes.

TOTAL:12300 IP

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Before the first game:Spells

Exhaust because you can use it to catch your enemy.
Flash because you can jump over walls to escape.
Ghost you can use it to make less distance from your enemy and slow him with Mocking Shout.
Cleanse is also one of the best spells and you can use it to counter cc.

Ignite is good spell for early game but it is useless at late games.
Teleport is good spell to travel fast to your lane.

Heal is bad because you already have an ability that heal.
Revive the worst spell ever.You dont need revive.
Smite you are not a jungler.
Surge you are not ability power.
Clarity he don't have mana :P .
Clairvoyance first you are not a supporter, second you dont need this at 3v3.
Promote overall bad spell.

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In game:Items

I start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion.Then buy the normal boots for Tryndamere.After that you should buy The Bloodthirster.Resume with the normal items that I have at the top of the build.If the game doesn't end sell your boots and buy one Phantom Dancer.Always buy Oracle's Elixir+ all the type of elixirs at the end.You may ask "why 3 The Bloodthirster and only one Infinity Edge?The answer is because as you can see the Infinity Edge has 80 damage and The Bloodthirster has 60 + 40 = 100.

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In game:Skill Sequence

First level up Spinning Slash but you must max this last.After that level up 2 times Bloodlust for better healing at the lane.Then give 2 points at Mocking Shout.You must play safe for the first 6 levels at your turret.When you have your ulti just go and fight 1v1 your enemy.Use Mocking Shout if he run away.After 6 lvl you should play normal.I give first priority to Bloodlust,second priority to Mocking Shout and third to Spinning Slash.I
level up my ulti at the normal levels 6,11,16.

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In game:Ganking bot lane

Always gank bot lane after 6 lvl.Trynd is good at ganking because with Spinning Slash you can jump the wall and go bot in only 5 seconds.If the enemy start to run use Mocking Shout.Always try to have a lot of fury before you jump the wall and hit the red one time to take more time for fury.

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In game:Farming

To make your champion more op,you need money to buy items.To take more money you must farm.How to farm?It's easy.You must do last hits on minions.How?You have to see your ad and hit minions with less hp than your ad.Always do last hits on the large minions.

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In game:Tips

1.You can go from the base to your top lane faster if you jump the base wall with Spinning Slash.
2.You can use Mocking Shout even if the enemy isn't running away to make him weak.Best use this in TEAM FIGHTS.
3.If the enemy is building armor you should buy Last Whisper.It is good item because he give you armor penetration.
4.Always use your Bloodlust after using ultimate.
5.You must help your team with wards.The most good points to place wards is 1.The dragon 2.The red buff.
6.After you buy your first The Bloodthirster you will be able to kill dragon solo without losing much health.Try to kill him when all your teammates are alive to get the buff.
7.THIS IS THE BEST TIP.You can find stealth enemy with Mocking Shout.How?When you can cast this ability it means that an enemy is there.

I will add more tips soon.

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Ranked Play

This build work at ranked games.You can play Tryndamere 3v3 with your ranked team.The only con is that on champion select they always ban him.

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You will just win all games :P .Please say your scores and of course HAVE FUN.
With this build you can win really easy and sometimes fast and at the end it is easy to understand the build and the tips.If an enemy say "tryndamere is noob champion" just ignore the chat and report them at the end :) .

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If you have questions just comment and i will write them here with the answers.

Q:Your items are too expensive for 3v3
A:You don't have to take all the items.You can win a game with boots and only one The Bloodthirster.

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25/2/2012 The build has been published.
25/2/2012 Fixed items.
22/2/2012 I start to write the build.