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Sion Build Guide by tastypotatox

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tastypotatox


tastypotatox Last updated on July 23, 2015
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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So why should you play Sion? Sion is a very powerful front line tank with hard engage. In lane phase he is a huge bully and can win most matchups with ease. After lane phase he transitions into a pure tank. He scales very well into the game with his infinite scaling health and he has tons of CC to lock down key targets. He works best if you have a high damage dealing mid and ADC. By high damage I mean someone like midlane: Casiopeia, Ahri, Viktor, Anivia, and ADCs such as: Vayne, Jinx, Kogmaw, Twitch, Tristana. Mids like Lulu, Galio, Morgana, or ADCS such as Caitlyn, Ezreal, and Graves just don't have the damage output to kill the enemy team fast enough while you lock the enemy team down.

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Summoner Spells

Explanation of summoner spells:

Lets you avoid ganks, finish off enemies, and lets you flash + ult to escape bad situations.

(YOU MUST GET THIS EVERY GAME): Allows you to pull off the level 2 wolves cheese.

Early game: Allows you to reset lane if you die, TP bot lane + ult for sexy ganks
Mid game: Allows you to TP in for objectives
Late game: Allows you to push a lane while your team sits in another and TP in when you need to. Also allows you to TP in behind to ult the enemy back line (very devastating) and finally allows you to defend against splitpushers.

Since it got nerfed in top lane I only take smite TP on top lane sion when I am against someone with a lot of burst like Riven so they cant all in you as well since red smite reduces the damage they deal by 20%

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Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Precision

The best part of playing Sion is you do not need 3 runepages and then pick one depending on the matchup. I use the same runepage every game.
Marks: x9 Dual Penetration
Seals: x9 Scaling Armor
Glyphs: x9 Scaling Magic Resist
Quints: x3 Dual Penetration

Reasoning behind runes:

Sion deals both magic (E and W) and physical damage(Q and R). Sion also has very high base damage on all of his abilities and has 60 base AD level 1. Sion Also Scales with TOTAL AD which means leveling up his Q and leveling up in general increases his damage with Q. So he scales better with armor pen than AD. Dual pen marks allow you to deal tons of damage with your high bases early for good lane bully potential.

I always take scaling armor. It helps reduce minion, tower, dragon, and champion AD damage. Sion receives health from his W so HP seals are not needed. flat could also work, but Sion is a pretty big lane bully early so you won't need it most of the time.

I always take scaling MR blues even against all AD champions like Riven. It is very easy for Sion to itemize against full AD champions, and most mages don't deal enough damage early to justify taking flat magic resist. The MR from flat and scaling is the game at level 6. So beyond 6, scaling is better.

I take 3 Dual Pen Quints for the same reason I take dual pen marks.

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21-9 Picture can be seen here

Why 21-9 over 9-21?

Solo Queue is all about carrying the other 4 "bad teammates that are holding you back" right? Well, in order to do that you need to be a threat. Going 21-9 makes you a really strong laner and makes your E do a ton of damage. Plus, the dual penetration mastery helps you scale into late game since you have very high base damage and your W does a % of everyne's max HP that is around you. You will also find many games you deal the highest damage on your team despite building full tank. I have never felt like 9-21 was better in any situation.

Offense Tree: Double-Edged Sword: Sion is melee. 2% increased damage dealt for 1% more damage received is very worth. Also helps do more damage in lane.

Sorcery: Sion has pretty long cooldowns. Most of is damage comes from spells, not auto-attacks. Therefore, take this over Fury.

Expose Weakness: Helps your team kill the other team. Better than 1.25% Cooldown Reduction from Sorcery.

Brute Force, Mental Force, Martial Mastery, Arcane Mastery: Sion scales well on both AP and AD. Take full points in all of these. It increases your kill potential in lane and helps you dominate the game later.

Executioner: Once again, I play aggressive and look for solo kills. This helps me accomplish that goal.

Dangerous Game: Very important mastery. Can save you from the last tick of ignite when you get a early kill in lane. Also late game can heal you for as much as 150+ HP per assist late game during team fights depending on your max HP ad how low you are. Anything with %HP Sion loves!

Devastating Strikes: Again, Sion deals both AP and AD damage. This mastery really shines later in the game to help your high bases rape people. Your shield while deals a percent of the enemy's max HP will also deal much more.


Defense Tree: Block, Unyielding: No better mastery to take.

Swiftness: Better than 2HP Regen.

Veteran Scars: Everyone loves HP

Juggernaut: Sion gets free HP, why not get more?

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Spell order and Explanation

Picture of spell order:

NOTE: I max E 90% of games. But if my enemy laner starts building MR I switch to maxing Q. This way, no matter what they build I can still kill them :)

Passive: Glory in Death
This is what allows Sion to suicide to wolves level 1, kill them, hit level 2, buy items in base, and TP top for a massive lane advantage. It also scales with max HP which Sion gets a ton of thanks to his W and helps you still become a threat late game in teamfights even after you die. Finally, it can be used to take turrets or inhibitors after you die and the tower/inhib is low. (or maybe even end the game killing the nexus.) Note that his attack speed is set at 1.75. This means that building attack speed past that point does not make you attack faster while undead. The passive will actually make you attack slower since it sets your attack speed at 1.75.

Decimating Smash (Q)
Great follow up damage for your E. Make sure to charge it as much as possible without the enemy leaving the zone as the damage has a super high base and a great AD ratio. Can be used to waveclear, disrupt channel abilities (Katarina ult, Malazahar ult, ect.) Very powerful ability in teamfights. One well placed Q can win the game. Can also be used to block escape routes during fights and zone. During laning you can use it to zone the enemy from farming under tower (especially when they want to kill a cannon minion)

Soul Furnace (W)
This ability is what makes Sion, well Sion. He gains 2 max health for every killed unit. It is very important to be able to last hit to get the bonus HP since Sion's base HP is very low. Cannon minions and jungle creeps are also high priority since they give +10 maximum health.
In lane, this ability is used to trade damage. The key is to start shielding damage near the end of your opponent's combo. Why you ask? Because if Sion's shield breaks, he cannot reactivate the skill to deal damage which is very important. For example, say Garen activates Q, runs over to you, hits you, then spins. Near the end of his spin is when you should activate soul furnace, then immediately when you can, reactivate it and blast Garen for 10% of his max HP.
Late game, you want to use this ability while engaging with your ult. The reason being the same as in lane. You want to absorb some damage while still blasting as many people as possible with your shield as it deals a % of the enemy's max HP.

Roar of the Slayer (E)
This ability is what separates good Sion players from the bad ones. This is your primary harass in lane, helps waveclear, and many times I find myself finishing off opponents under tower, or while recalling with this.
Note the part: If the target is not a champion (if it hits a minion) it will be knocked back 1500 units (Twisted Fate's Q is 1450 range for comparison.) and deal increased damage to anything it collides with as well as applying a slow.
In lane, this is what you want to focus on. Any time the enemy doesn't respect your lane dominance and tries to farm, shove a minion in their face. It scales great with AP, so with the 21-9 mastery and the dual pen marks, you will be dealing serious damage for a tank.
When you want to all-in an enemy however, you will want to directly hit your enemy (not push a minion into them) because only by directly hitting when will you apply the armor shred. Allowing you to easily hit your ult, and for more damage. (your ult is physical)
One last word of advice on this skill, when you are getting ganked and you know you are going to die, hit the more squishy champion with this skill (apply the armor shred along with the slow) right before you die, then when your passive kicks in you will deal more damage possibly killing one or both of the champions.

Unstoppable Onslaught (R)
This skill is pretty tricky to use, especially if you know the person you want to ult has an escape or flash. Keep those in mind.
In lane you want to use his after you directly hit your opponent with your E to apply the armor shred and slow to make hitting this skill a breeze. You can also use this skill to get away while split pushing since you cant be disabled. Hardly anything can catch you once you flash ult away.
Outside if lane, look to teleport bot and ult in, many times this results in at least 1 kill. During mid - late game look to teleport BEHIND the opponent line to ult their backline squishys. This can instantly end a teamfight since once you knock someone up with ult you can cast your Q without fear of them moving.
Annoying champions that can stop your ult: Careful of Anivia wall, jarvan wall, Trundle pillar, lee sin Q (yes its literally the most OP move ever) Azir Wall, and Thresh Hook (It seriously follows you forever until it catches up to you and makes you stop.)

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Build Order

Check this picture as it is easier to see rather than read everything in text format:

Nothing more to say here picture explains it all. We want to be a lane bully that transitions into a frontline unstoppable tank.

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Start dorans ring if you can or if yo uwant to be safe start flask + cloth armor after you start a camp level 1. Rush frozen, get glacial shroud first. He can't fight you after you get frozen. Care for his tower dive if he has passive up.

Rush Spirit visage, get specter's cowl first. Cancer champion, care for her level 6 burst. Always have a pink ward or upgraded trinket in your inventory in case you have kill potential or your jungler comes to gank.

Dorans ring start. Care for his passive on E when he autos minions as the damage can add up. His sustain may be too much for you to have kill potential unless you hit all of your Es. If you don't kill him early you are gonna have a hard time. I recommend getting double dorans rings vs this guy since he is a tank and has little kill potential on you early game.

Dorans ring start. Rush frozen, get glacial shroud first. Darius struggles against poke champions. Lucky for you, your E is long range poke and you get more max HP as the game goes on to make his ult less useful. As long as you don't die early this matchup gets easier as time goes on when you get tanky and have more HP. He is also very easy to gank as he has no escapes. Ask for jungler help for free kills.

Dorans ring start. He just farms forever. You can zone him from melee farming, and under tower harass with E and Q combo. Later, when you pick up warmogs, feel free to tank cleavers to deny more farm since you will heal it back. I recommend getting double dorans rings vs this guy since he is a tank and has little kill potential on you early game.

Dorans shield start. Rush frozen heart, get glacial first. Once you have frozen heart she can't fight you anymore. She will resort to splitpushing. Since you have TP, you can push against her and help your team when needed. Don't die early or you will have a hard time. Take TP smite against this matchup if yo uwish since they will all in you with a lot of burst!

Try to avoid picking sion into this matchup. He has a lot of mixed damage, can dodge your spells and has %hp on his W. Don't play aggressive vs him just wait for jungler help. Take TP smite against this matchup since they will all in you with a lot of burst!

Dorans Ring start. Rush Frozen heart, get glacial first. Then get Spirit Visage second since gangplank does mixed damage. Gangplank is reallllllyyyyy strong level 1-2. Care for his magic damage and slow stacking passive. He will walk up to you, Auto Q Auto and follow you to tower while autoing early for a lot of damage. Careful of this cheese strat and you will be fine. Later after you pick up your first 2 items he can't touch you.

Have not played this matchup at all in diamond yet. Start dorans's ring. Careful since his Q breaks slows. Make sure he does not have it up when you E Q combo she will be able to walk out of your Q and punish you. Also care because his Q will cancel your Q.

Start dorans ring. Annoying champion, speeds himself up while slowing you down and does %HP magic damage so hard to itemize against. Never over commit as he can easily chase anyone down. Mega Gnar form is actually easier to deal with. I go double Dorans rings to ensure I can beat him. I mark this matchup as hard because unless he gets hit by a lot of Es it is hard to kill him. However, it is also hard for him to kill you unless you over commit and are far away from a tower.

Easy Matchup for Sion. You can zone him so hard and you can slow him which reduces his damage because his passive gives bonus AD based on his movement speed. Double Dorans rings will ensure you destroy him. Punish him whenever he tries to farm with your E Q combo.

Another easy matchup for sion but is difficult early. You can push the heimer turrets away with your E which is nice but Sion doesn't have the mana early to outpush heimer. Once you get double dorans you can outpush him. Go spirit visage first. Once you hit level 6 you should be able to kil lhim with your ult. As a last resort ask for jungler help since heimer has no escapes and you have good CC.

Skill matchup. Start dorans Ring. Rush frozen heart since she is an auto attack based champion. Your maximum health stacking makes her true damage useless later in the game. Once you get frozen heart, Ninja Tabi, and warmogs, you will always be able to 1v1 her. Remember, her stun can cancel your Q, so make sure she doesn't get to close, or doesn't have her dash to get next to you and stun you. Also, care of her dashing to a minion to avid your Q.

This is actually a pretty hard matchup for Sion. His passive deals %HP, his ult stops you from ulting away, and he has armor shred to counter your armor stacking, and deals magic damage with his standard. Plus, it is hard to dodge his E Q combo because of your huge hit box. If you do manage to dodge his E Q, unload on him since most of his burst as well as his armor shred will be gone. IF YOU DIE YOU LOSE LANE FOREVER. Start dorans shield and rush frozen heart taking glacial shroud first. Ask for jungle help if he is super aggressive.

Start dorans Ring, rush frozen heart into Ninja Tabi and then spirit visage. Jax is pretty weak early. His E doesn't really affect you at all minus the stun and you can interrupt his leap with your Q. You can harass him under tower pretty easily as well. When he jumps into your minions Activate your shield AFTER he stuns you, then unload everything you have before he gets back to his creep wave. He will cry as he does no damage to you later in the game.

Dorans Ring start. Get frozen heart first so you can spam skills at him. Maybe get a warmogs second to counter his poke. He isnt too hard to play against as long as you sit behind your minions. Careful his E in hammer form will cancel your Q. If you time it perfect you can ult to avoid getting knocked back by his E.

Dorans Ring start. Rush visage first. Very easy matchup. Don't try to farm while her E is up. Click on her and when the E buff is about to run out, walk up to her and show your dominance by E Q comboing her. She will blow mana trying to speed herself up, but your 60% slow is too much. Care for when you towerdive if she has ult.

Dorans ring start. This matchup is quite annoying. He he very fast making it hard for you to land any of your spells. He has no mana to run out of, and he sets up ganks pretty well and is hard to gank! Do your best to poke him with E. If he gets low enough try to otplay him with your shield and ult. Get spirit visage first. Then merc treads because he has a stun. Look to help other lanes with your TP.

Dorans ring start. Rush frozen heart. After that he will cry because he deals no damage and cant farm with anything but his Q. Just don't die early or your life will be hell. Care since his W can re-position him away from your charging Q, his ult can stop your Q, and don't try ulting away if his Q is on you as he will cancel your ult if he kicks to you for some reason.

Dorans Ring / Shield your pick depending on how confident you are with hitting Es. Rush visage then merc treads to counter her CC. Care since she sets up ganks for her jungler very well. Keep your lane warded. Just keep hitting her with E until you think you can kill her. Watch out when you towerdive because she can ult herself.

Dorans Ring Start. Rush visage and get merc treads ASAP. She won't ever be able to kill you, but it is very hard to kill her. Care since her polymorph and ult will interrupt your Q. Don't try to towerdive her by yourself if she has ult, she will outplay you every time.

Dorans ring start. Get visage first. Very Easy lane. He will never have the damage to fight you. He will build armor when you deal mostly magic. You also have %HP magic damage on your W for later in the game. The best way to dominate malphite is to push as hard as possible to his tower (buy mana pots to do this). Why you ask? well malphite is not the best at farming under tower, nor does he clear anywhere as well as you, so you will force him to use mana to farm. Then, if the enemy jungler comes, he will have no mana to help AKA HE IS USELESS. Go double dorans rings early to ensure you destroy him.

Dorans ring start. Rush visage into merc treads because of his CC. Maokai is an interesting lane. He heals for a lot and is very tanky making it hard to score a kill. His W also does %HP which Sion dislikes. Even if you zone him away he can still farm with his E and he sets up ganks for his jungler very well. Always keep the lane warded. Take his tower ASAP and look to make plays with TP. Go double dorans rings early to ensure you can keep up with him.

Dorans ring start. Rush Frozen heart and spam skill at him. He will build either spirit visage or frozen heart first. Good thing for you, Sion deals mixed damage. Try to bully him as much as possible and take his tower ASAP. Then group up with your team and take objectives before he can get big. I mark this as medium instead of easy because if you don't take tower or bully him, he will eventually be able to sustain your damage and win the lane. Go double dorans rings early to ensure you destroy him.

Another Cancer champion. Start dorans shield. Nidalee is another champion with mixed damage. To win you need to go glacial shroud into specter's cowl. Very hard to land Q after you lane E since she can jump away. All around hard to land skills due to her mobility.

Dorans Ring start. Sion laughs at true damage since he has a huge health pool later. Get frozen heart first. Then get tabi. Please watch out when you are far away from your tower. if you miss your E he can Q you all the way back to your tower and kill you very easily. Careful if you miss a spell you need to back off.

Dorans shield start. Rush frozen heart. Very hard early but not too bad once you get armor if you can survive early. He will most likely buy a flask and a lot of potions to spam his Q. Try to not eat to many spears while farming or you will get bullied out of lane. Care for when he backs when level 6. He will look to ult bot lane and pick up kills. Be ready to TP after him.

Dorans shield start. Care for his burst combo. Rush Frozen Heart. Hard to kill him because of his good sustain with Q. He also deals magic damage with ult. Ask for a gank and don't overcommit. Renekton is super strong early but fall off late game. Please just don't die in lane. If he has lots of fury just back off and farm with E.

Dorans shield start. Rush Frozen Heart. Always have a pink ward in your inventory so he can't ult away from you. Care of his triple dorans blade burst. Use your trinket or a green ward t ward the lane bushes so you can E minions at him even while he is in those. DO NOT GET LEVEL 2 CHEESED. PLAY SAFE EARLY AND DON'T DIE BEFORE YOUR FIRST BACK. Ward the lane bushes so you can see where he is.

Dorans shield start. Very hard matchup early for Sion. She can shield and dodge most of your spells. As long as you don't die early, after you get frozen heart and ninja tabi, the matchup turns in your favor. Careful of her level 6 burst. Riven is very strong at level 2,3, and 6, so watch out for those levels. Take TP smite against this matchup since they will all in you with a lot of burst!

Dorans ring start. Rush visage. Easy matchup despite him being OP. Bully him out of lane. He has no escape and it is easy to set up ganks for your jungler. Go double dorans rings early to ensure you destroy him.

( Easy)
Dorans ring start. Rush visage and merc treads unless you think you will need tabi later. He will most likely stack armor and rush sunfire cape. Laugh as he deals no damage to you while you deal mixed damage and %HP to him. Buy mana pots so you have enough mana to kill him through his sustain. Go double dorans rings early to ensure you destroy him.

Dorans ring start. Rush visage and merc treads. Singed is pretty annoying. He has no kill potential on you but care of his level 2 burst and his flip can cancel your Q. Don't chase him too long and look to set up ganks with your jungler since you can lock him up for a long time.

Dorans ring start. Rush visage and merc treads. Very easy lane. Just buy mana pots to be able to kill him through the sustain. Go double dorans rings early to ensure you destroy him. Easy to set up ganks with your jungler since he has no escapes.

Dorans shield start. Rush visage into merc treads. Remember to buy red trinket once he hits 6. Care for ulting into his territory for a kill. It will be littered with shrooms. He is pretty squishy and you can set up for ganks since you can lock him up for a long time. REMEMBER TO USE YOUR TRINKET DURING ALL IN AS IT DISABLES HIS SHROOMS. Go double dorans rings early to ensure you destroy him.

Very easy lane. Bully him everytime he tries to take farm with your E Q W combo. Care at level 6 when he has ult because he can steal all your tank stats. If the jungler comes while he is ulting you, you will die fast so watch out. He should never be able to 1v1 you though. If things go bad you can E him and walk away or just ult away. Care in teamfights because he will ult you and take away all your tank stats! Run away if he ults you.

Dorans shield start. Rush frozen heart into ninja tabi into thornmail. At that point, Tryndamere will no longer be able to 1v1 you, but he will ignore you and take jungle and towers. He will win until you get at least frozen heart. Care for his level 1 damage and respect his level 2 combo. I main Trydmere as well and he has the advantage most of the game. I would advise to not pick sion into Tryndamere.

Dorans shield start. Rush frozen heart. Easy matchup. Urgot will never have the damage to kill you and your ult can't be stopped by his. Easy to set up ganks against since he has no escapes.Be sure to dodge his E.

Dorans ring start. Rush visage. Very annoying matchup early. He will sustain your damage and out push you. He can also dodge your ultimate. Buy mana pots in lane to have enough mana to push back and potentially kill him. Look to set up ganks with your jungler. Go double dorans rings early to ensure you destroy him.

Dorans shield start. Rush frozen heart. Interesting matchup. He is similar to Jarvan in that he has armor shred so he will always be able to deal damage to you. However, this matchup is slightly easier since he does not have %hp on hit and does not have a wall to stop your ult. Try not to trade too much if he uses is Q on you. Try to poke with your E until he is low enough to all in. Careful since his clone can stop your ult. Take TP smite against this matchup since they will all in you with a lot of burst!

Very hard matchup for sion. Start dorans ring and rush frozen heart into ninja tabi. He is hard for sion because he can dodge all your skills by dashing around minions with his E. I recommend not picking sion if you know it is yasuo top.

Dorans ring start. Rush visage. THIS GUY IS SO ANNOYING. I have this marked as hard not because he counters you, but you will never have enough mana or damage to get a solo kill on him in lane. It's pretty much a slap fight between you two, except that he has no mana to run out of. How boring. Take double Dorans rings to make sure you can outpush him.

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Early Game

Early game you should try to pull off the level 2 cheese with wolves /raptors which I will now explain as it gives you a huge lane advantage.
LEVEL 2 Cheese: Okay so you probably saw this on Reddit a while back. Sion runs to an enemy tower at 1:25 - 1:30 into the game and takes 3 tower shots. Then Sion can suicide to wolves, then kill the wolves while in his passive form, hit level 2, buy 4 potions and a dorans item, then TP top for a huge lane advantage. In about 90% of my Sion games I can pull this off even in diamond and raked team 5s.

Ward around the tower you want to take 3 tower hits from so you know if anyone is coming. I normally use the mid tower. At 1:25 - 1:30 take 3 tower hits (dont walk in and out of the range.) If the enmy laner is ther take 1 or 2 and see if the enemy will auto attack you to get you to around 30% HP. Then go over to wolves / raptors and suicide to them at 1:55. (wolves give more gold but raptors kill you faster.) Buy items and TP to your top tower There you go! You now have a massive advantage. DO NOT DIE TO ENEMY LANER BECAUSE YOUR TEAM WILL RAGE SO HARD. If its too risky just try to get as low Hp as possible. Even 50% is better than sitting at wolves for 5 years waiting for them to kill you.
Once you pull off the level 2 wolves, teleport to your tower as fast as possible after buying so you don't miss too many minions. Once you get to lane, if you are level 2 E a minion at your opponent as they come up to last hit, and immediately charge up your Q as much as you can without them walking out. Then, while the are knocked up, follow up with 1-3 auto attacks since you have really high base AD. Now your opponent will be at 40-50% HP. Ward around 3:00 with your trinket so you don't die since Sion has no escapes. Try to not use your W to negate damage since it costs a lot of mana early. Repeat the process of E Q combo your lane opponent until you think you can all in them.

Remember to keep farming as you get more max HP from last hitting. Remember to always get the cannon minions as the give you 10 max HP.
When you want to all in for a kill: First think, does my opponent have an escape, do they have flash, where is their jungler? If they have an escape or flash you should try to get them to use it first.
When you are ready to all in, make sure you E your opponent first. DO NOT HIT A MINION INTO THEM, you want to reduce their armor. Hitting a minion into them only slows and does not reduce armor. Immediately follow up with your ult ad press your W while ulting, then Q them and pop your shield for more damage. Follow up with more auto attacks and your E until they are dead. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT ULT INTO THEIR TOWER. Many times your opponent will flash out of the way and cause you to run into the range of their tower. Many times this will result in your death so watch out for this.

If you are pre 6 and wish to score a kill many times it involves using flash. I will usually push them to their tower and if they are at like 20% Hp I will press W and when it gets to the point where I can detonate the shield I will flash E W Q as fast as possible and hope I will them before they can react and flash away.

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Mid Game

During mid game you should be buying at least 1 green ward or a pink each back. Keeping vision is everyone's job, not just the support. You should be looking for opportunities to teleport behind the enemy team and ult into their backline to instantly win most teamfights. Make sure to keep pressure on dragon as it is very important in this season. By mid game you should have itemized against your lane as well as whatever is most fed on the other team. Tell your team that you will initiate and to not fight without you. Remember to keep side lanes pushed so you can siege mid lane. You still do a lot of damage at this point in the game and can 100 - 0 someone squishy if you ult them with your team.

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Late Game

Late game is where you are an unstoppable force. You should have a ton of health, and you should have 35% cooldown reduction, and a thornmail and frozen heart to make their ADC cry. Your shield does a ton of damage since it is a % of the enemy's max HP and you have a ton of crowd control with 35% CDR and your E and Q. Look for good opportunities to ult multiple people, or teleport behind to ult their squishes. Finally, you can tank towers really well with your high defense and high HP and shield. SO if your team needs someone to tank a tower for a wave, go do it. If your ADC is fed after initiating a fight turn around and try to peel for your ADC. Remember Sion's E lowers armor by 20% so it makes your ADC destroy their target faster!

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my Sion Playstyle

My style of Sion top may be very different than what you all are used to seeing. I like to go 21-9 and go full dual pen. I like to build double dorans rings. My strategy is to itemize to destroy lane and then transition into a unkillable teamfighting tank. I try to kill my enemy laner every game no matter what the matchup is. Sion is stupid good when he and his team are ahead. I look to ult down mid lane after I hit level 6 and back. I look to make plays bot lane with Tp and ult. Sion is a super powerful champion when you use my playstyle. Many times you will find you deal the most damage on the team despite building full tank.

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Pros and Cons

Good initiation
Strong laner
Can tank for dayzzz
Infinite scaling
High base damages on skills
Is still a threat even after death

All of your skills except W are unreliable (can be dodged or avoided.)
High mana cost early
can be kited when there are no minions nearby
Q is easily interrupted
Huge hitbox (hard to dodge some spells)
Pretty useless if you can't hit spells

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How I Improved at League of Legends

The best way to improve is to watch high level streams of people who main the champion you want to play. The reasoning is because you can learn every matchup and learn build paths against certain matchups that may not be obvious. I watched Boxerpete and played 100s of games of Tryndamere before I could play him at a diamond level. I may not be the best player, but I am in the top 4000 in NA. I have an interactive stream and am always reading the chat. I love what you guys bring and what ideas you all have. Come watch some Sion Domination!

My streams link is:

My three accounts are:


Thank you for reading