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Rumble Build Guide by Uslish

AP Offtank [6.14] Rumble, Drill Right Threw (updating)

AP Offtank [6.14] Rumble, Drill Right Threw (updating)

Updated on July 21, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Uslish Build Guide By Uslish 22,094 Views 1 Comments
22,094 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Uslish Rumble Build Guide By Uslish Updated on July 21, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Hi everyone ! I'm Uslish and this will be my guide for Rumble. It's witht his awesome yordle I climbed to platinium, so i hope it will help you do the same. I'm playing the yordle since season 5 and it's now my main on this patch (6.14). I'll try to help you as I can to give you all the tips i know for Rumble. Don't hesitate to react in comments so we can discuss about it. Enjoy reading !
First of all Rumble is an AP Tank carry. He is really strong in lane phase, and can make huge difference in team fight. If he is well played, he can carry some games. Wich some of meta top laners, you can't
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Why Pick Rumble



+ Strong lane phase
+ Really good duelist
+ Insane AOE Damage
+ Good wave clear
+ Hard Snowballing

- Hard to master Ult
- Bad ultimate can result in bad team fights
- Hard to farm
- Low sustain
- Tristana doesn't love back
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Even if you're top laner, and as I said before, you'll be tanky, you're still an APC. So you have to put some damage and burn their faces up. That's why i put 21 in there. For me Deathfire Touch is the best masterie cause it boost your Flamespitter and The Equilazer. PLus 21 points in her gives you magic pen, and with Opressor you gain damage on ppl you slow ith your Electro-Harpoon. Nothing to put in here. Some Rumble's player use to play with Thunderlord's Decree . But for me it's only good in lane. It casts well on your Q, but not that worth. You'll harasse really often with your Q on top, and Thunderlord's Decree has CD.. Plus you don't need cookies or anything else in there. So for me this part is not that worth. Finally this part is more for lane sustain. Regen HP, flat HP etc. Never put 21 in this one. There is nothing you can find that rumble need for those finals masteries. This part is more for tanky AD laners, you don't need it. Grasp of the Undying obviously not worth. Maybe Strength of the Ages but it's more for laners that need HP, like Vladimir or Singed
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I choose Greater Mark of Magic Penetration because Rumble's ratio are enough good. You're flat AP are in Quint, so you need Mag.Pen. There is not any other opthions for this part in my opinion. Ability Power wouldn't be bad, but not fully worth This is where you put AP. Rumble is still an APC, so AP is the best. Nothing more to say. I once think about MS in Quint. But that's not really usefull because you gain MS with your Scrap Shield.

Those Seals are for a basic match up. Most of top laner are in this meta AD. So flat armor is the best way. I put some Greater Seal of Scaling Health to get a bit tanky on my lane. This is the problem with some laners, they're really squichy on early game. So a bit of HP is not that bad. Sometimes it happens you have to face an AP champ. Those glyph can save your life. Even if most of lanes will be agasint AD, sometimes you have to face AP. So it's really nice to get those. Plus it will be still usefull in team fights.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is basic summoner spell for most of the League of Legends champions. So as Rumble. Ghost is not that usefull cause you have Scrap Shied wich gives you a little bit MS. So Flash is basic summoner spell on Rumble Next you have Teleport or Ignite. Ignite is not that bad for rumble, it gives you more pressure on your lane, and if opponent laner decide to engage you, you have something more to counter trade, and myabe kill him. But for me Rumble is played only with Teleport. It gives you huge presence on map, and it helps to come back faster on lane if you die, or have to back. If you ask your botlane to deep ward, you can also tp botlane and use your Equilazer to destroy them.
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Item Set

Basic boots. I sometimes take this at my first back if you can't buy any thing else, or if you need MS. Other wise prioritize Hextech Revolver
Good against AD team or bully AD laners like Riven
Good when you are agsint strong AP team or when their mid laner is fed, or if their mid laner has insane burst like LeBlanc.
This is the first item you rush. Really strong for follow fights, or 1v1. It gives you CDR (Not that bad), HP, and AP. Really good iteam for Rumble
Second item to pick. gives you lot of Mag.Pen, plus HP.
Even if this is not the strongest item for Rumble this is certainly the most powerfull. With your Q plus his passive, you will slow down every wingle one you hit. Really strong in team fight to slow them down
Really strong against tanky team like Gragas, Zac, Cho'Gath, Rammus. Don't pick it first aswell. Wait for your wore build.
It is also good if you have strong AP team agasint you. PLus it gives you a bit of cdr and Mag.Pen. Really good for Rumble.
Strong item. You can be untargetable for 2.5 seconds. Meanwhile your CD are coming back and you can go back in fight. This is also strong when you're focus in fight. PLace The Equalizer on you, then press Zhonya's Hourglass. Also, be careful to not take to much CDR with Abyssal Mask. Too much CDR on Rumble is not that good.
This is if you need to be really tanky. With you core item, you already stacked 3000 HP. It's huge, but you have no resistance. So, if there is a champ with huge AS in ennmy team, Randuin's Omen can be good.
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I think it's the most harder part of master the yordle. To sum up, heat allow you to boost your spells damage by 50%.
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I think it's the most harder part of master the yordle. To sum up, heat allow you to boost your spells damage by 50%.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Uslish
Uslish Rumble Guide
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[6.14] Rumble, Drill Right Threw (updating)

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