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Pantheon Build Guide by curious gengar

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author curious gengar

6.16 Mandropin' Monster

curious gengar Last updated on August 20, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Pantheon with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Garen Punish his trading, avoid being hit by his q. Your w is a quicker animation than his q so you theoretically can cancel his q every time. However you're only human.
Kayle Fairly easy matchup, if she has no armor runes, q is far better to max than e, even though the matchup would normally be a e max.
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Player Introduction

Howdy, I'm a diamond 4 top laner with 2 accounts with pantheon as the primary champion played. I've been playing since preseason 3 and have loved the game since. I'm on the na server and am more than happy to answer questions on the league client, mobafire, twitch, or even gmail.
I picked up pantheon top flash ignite at the beginning of season 6 by grinding an account to level 30 and playing pantheon top/jungle relentlessly to learn the champion. A little more than 100 games later I managed to get my second account into diamond by playing pantheon flash ignite top. I managed a 56% winrate over 120 games. On my main account I am at a 59% win rate with 64 games played.

    Curious Gengar (D4)
    Strange Gengar (D5)

Contact Information
    Curious Gengar (NA)

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The Mindset

You are a monster, your early game is so much better than most champions in the league. You're a lane bully capable of punishing any and all mistakes by the enemy laner. Often you can play hyper aggressive, but understand you will draw the enemy jungler top. That's fine because you've built your minion wave up while taking smart trades to be relatively healthy while your food comes to you 1 v 2. You run ignite not because you need help killing the enemy laner, but because you're killing the enemy laner and jungler.

    You play pantheon because you're better than everyone else.
    You play pantheon because you don't lose lane.
    You play pantheon because you like being dominate.
You play pantheon because you are not a man, you are a god.
    You play pantheon because you always wanted to be a baker and couldn't because Chef Jimmy said you suck at baking and shouldn't be near an oven. Jimmy, I will be a league of legends :(.

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Pantheon Playstyle

Pantheon is a member of the "Global Ultimate Club." Meaning the entire reason to take teleport, to influence other lanes, is built into his kit. You are able to take ignite which gives a better potential at winning lane, but can backfire immensely if you die early.

Your entire goal as pantheon top is to go even/get ahead in lane while influence the map more than your opponent. When you hit 6, look towards ganking a lane if possible. Mid doesn't have flash and not slippery? Gank. Bot lane is overextended? Gank. Either bot lane is low? Gank (have jungler assist you if your bot lane is low). Try to take unique kills (Gotta catch that bounty hunter) before feeding your team.

You want the enemy jungler to camp you. You want to waste their time. You want to punish the enemy jungler for not starting topside by slow pushing a minon wave so you will preoccupy the enemy top laner with farming the large wave while you go to punish the jungler at ~2:40 for not starting top.

You Look at the map constantly, looking for any reason to ult another lane. You do not want to ult your lane unless you haven't kill them and will 100% kill them or will lose the tower if you do not.

Losing lane is one of the worst feelings in this game, but do not let it impact you. Focus. Your ult, like every other global ult, is game changing. One good ult and your team will bask in your glory as you give them the victory.

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Runes and masteries further explanation

Attack damage marks vs Armor penetration
Easier to farm
More damage early
more damage to champions later on

Magic Resist vs Scaling Magic Resist
great damage reduction vs magic damage early game
better magic damage reduction late game

Magic Resist vs Cool Down Reduction
damage reduction vs magic damage
itemization suited towards 40% cdr
-magic users tend to shred pantheon due to not being able to abuse passive.
Better damage output/more frequent ults early

Death Fire Touch or Thunderlords?
more overall damgage
better burst
early game burst helps to snowball later on which often leads to dominating the game.

I do not take Death Fire Touch as I value the burst more than I do overall damage because it's easier to snowball early game and it's unlikely I will be anywhere else but in the front line or back line of the enemy team. I need to get my damage out quickly as pantheon is rather squishy in comparison to the ideal front line of malphite, sion, or rammus. Pantheon is so good at snowballing, thunderlords helps so much more because you're able to proc it easily and gives great kill pressure. If you're dominating the top lane, you can dominate the game.

I go 12 points into ferocity over resolve because I value the damage far more than the utility or tankiness offered by resolve. A potential 10% damage increase on abilities is massive and helps pantheon scale higher than if he was to go resolve. The damage offered by natural talent is great as well because all of pantheon's abilities scale well with either ad or ap..

The cunning tree is slightly different than most other guides. With pantheon's early game damage, flat penetration hits so much harder than the 5% utility for pantheon. You will feel much stronger running flat pen, but you can always run 5% cool down reduction. Meditation is probably what draws eyes. Pantheon automatically critically strikes when a champion is below 15% health but has a rather large mana pool issue. Merciless is tempting, but overall you will see better performance with Meditation when you run ignite.

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Abilities, need to know info

Passive: Blocks 1 auto attack, automatically full charged by w, but doesn't use current charges, and is charged by using abilities and auto attacking.

Q:Bread and butter ability, essentially ranged auto attack. Scales off ad, short cast time

W:Stun target. Scales off ap, no cast time.

E:Cone attack, high total ad scale, but long channel. Causes autos and q to critically strike when target is below 15% max health.

R:Mandrop. Scales off ap, can cancel ult before circle is a darkened green to put the cool down on 30 seconds. long cast time.

What are preferences on maxing?

Ranged champion like jayce or quinn
Melee champion like riven or darius
Ranged champion like lissandra or annie
Melee champion like rengar or singed
1-2-3-4- 5-6-7-8-9-0-1-2-3- 4-5-6-7-8

When choosing what to start, you generally want to take e in matchups you need to fast push, not get cheesed, or e is better at trading. Each champion and player is different. Your own style will reflect on if taking e level 1 works for you. I highly recommend trying an e start at least once for every champion.

I recommend maxing e when you need to roam more than you need to snowball, but q is far better at snowballing yourself than fast pushing to roam.

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Game, Laning, & Beyond

You're simply trying to farm and deny the enemy laner. You don't try hard engaging lvl 1 or for a quick trade lvl 2. Simply give a love tap when they will not be able to trade back, you won't put much damage on them, but you won't take much either. Eventually you'll wither them down to where they'll be crying for thier jungler and you'll be tempted to dive. IF the enemy jungler is known to be anywhere but topside, you might be able to dive. Otherwise play safe, waste the enemy jungler's time.

The goal of the laning phase is to be up or even in cs with far greater pressure onto other lanes. When you hit 6, look at the map and determine if you can punish any lanes/jungler out of position and act accordingly. If nothing's available, no problem, communicate with team to setting up a dragon play. If you guys kill most of the enemy team or they need to back off, take a turret while you're at it (assuming adc is alive). Top is going to be taking a hammer from the enemy laner, unless they've tp'd. Communicate with whoever has to back/respawn to go to top tower while you and whatever mankeys are alive are taking mid/bot tower. Do not die for the tower unless it's first blood at you will NOT suffer repercussions (your mid with heavy wave clear is alive and at said tower). ie. losing a tower, baron, or rift.

Continue ulting to make picks to force objectives. If they have an annoying champion that wave clears well, you'll need to make the pick onto them. If the pick doesn't help for force towers, then you'll have to assess what's going wrong and act accordingly.

    Team is lacking damage= gold deficiency, trolling, or lack of skill. Siimply make more picks, try to get a pair if possible, eventually your team will have enough gold or be put in a situation where you'll get an important objective to further snowball.
    Team is farming jungle for gold purposes after winning a team fight (lifestealing vs camps is fine if enemy is up). Cry, ping 1-2 times. Do not spam ping. People will troll if you spam pings.
    X champion is destroying your backline/team. Make a pick onto them, pantheon is so stupidly good at making picks or forcing team fights.
    Play for the team and make sure you're denying whichever player is carrying the enemy team.
Keep control of vision and your pantheon mandrops will be game changing.

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You don't see your laner? Ping once.

You saw the enemy jungler? Ping once.

Enemy jungler is invading your jungler but you cannot go due to the enemy toplaner correctly setting up the enemy jungler's invade? Ping your jungler back once. Danger ping if the enemy top laner goes to the fight.

you're thinking about ulting bot in 1 min? "i'm coming bot in 1 min"
You're 1 second from ulting? Assistance ping once.
You're ulting? Go ping three times.

You want to do a global objective? Neutral ping once.

You think theres a trap? Danger ping once.

Communicate, I CANNOT stress it enough.

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Closing thoughts

I was fairly vague about matchups because I believe it's easier to give advice and letting you as a player develop your own knowledge as you will become a better pantheon player in the long run.

Enjoy the champion, if you don't enjoy him, don't play him. If you're not enjoying the game, take a break (DO NOT LEAVE A MATCH UNTIL IT IS FINISHED), play another game.

Keep cool and be okay with losing, you're learning a champion you don't normally play. Eventually you'll hit your season 6 goal. GLHF

I can go more in depth with matchups, feel free to leave feedback as this is my first guide.
I can also edit the information to presented in a more user friendly way if the demand is high, I simply wanted to get a non selfish way of playing pantheon out.

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8/20- Added ability level up, very brief description.