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Sejuani Build Guide by blazinghead



Updated on September 23, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author blazinghead Build Guide By blazinghead 4,276 Views 0 Comments
4,276 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author blazinghead Sejuani Build Guide By blazinghead Updated on September 23, 2017
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So you start with ur e for a quick clear, as mentioned u start where ur bot is then go to the other buff and then a small camp. After the 3 camps u should have popped 2-3 potions and be near 2/3 or more of ur HP.

The first gank is very easy, as long u do these things:

1) Your ally must know u are coming so keep spamming that OMW ping.
2) Approach enemy on foot
3) use w to apply the stacks then keep auto attacking him
4) if he flashes or uses gap closer use ur q to stun
5) use e to stun again!!
6) If he didnt use gap closer but is near his turret q to get at least his flash

*** Always keep ur q to close the gap after u have aproched him!!!!***

If u do everything correctly its easy kill

**Take as much crabs u can because they are very easy to kill with ur passive and e and its gold and vision.

**Always carry a pink ward and put it either at dragons or in a bush to keep ur laners safe

**Look at the minimap and ping the fck out of everything u see, ping till u have no more!!

**Use ur yellow ward to ward aggressively in the enemy jungle or near river, vision!! safety is absolutely important.

By mid game u should at least have
2) one of the core items that depends on the enemy team ( Glory - Abyssal Mask )
3) completed boots (***ALWAYS ninja tabi cuz they will always have an adc UNLESS u cant stand on ur feet from the stuns and cc, in that case go for merc treds***)

This is ur core build u are kinda squishy still but u are a CC machine so ur ganks are very easy and effective. Your ganks should be like the pattern from the first gank in the early game BUT u engage with ur ulty first!!!!
Stay in fog of war, BE SURE u are NOT SEEN and DONT U FCKING MISS THAT ULTY BOI!!!!



You are the tank of the team, its your job to do the engage but u have to do it right!!

1) If u see a priority target that u can hit with ur ulty DO IT!
2) If not DONT USE UR ULTY till u see a priority target OR ur backline is under heavy fire and u are in danger of losing the battle! DONT DO IT ON A TANK OR SUPPORT
3) You are a peeler, that means u do damage and CC so ur team can finish the rest. Absorb as much damage as possible but DONT DIE!!!
4) After u engage stay near ur carries and PEEL THE FCK OUT OF THE ENEMY boi dont u ever leave their side unless hes killing everybody.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author blazinghead
blazinghead Sejuani Guide
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