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Warwick Build Guide by noolan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author noolan

[7.17] Bruisewick | The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun

noolan Last updated on December 19, 2017
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Warwick Bruiser Build

Warwick Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Electrocute
LoL Rune: Taste of Blood
Taste of Blood
LoL Rune: Eyeball Collection
Eyeball Collection
LoL Rune: Ravenous Hunter
Ravenous Hunter

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Overheal
LoL Rune: Last Stand
Last Stand

+13 ability power or +8 attack damage, adaptive and +5.5% attack speed

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space Welcome
Hello and welcome to my guide on Warwick, The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun. I have been playing League since 2012, and recently started a smurf account. Traditionally, I have been drawn more towards mid-laners with tricky mechanics, but I wanted to try something new. Warwick caught my attention because of his new rework and low cost. I was eager to try him out, so I bought him for 450 IP. Ever since then, I have not stopped playing the he-wolf bruiser. Although many might disagree with me, I love his rework! It gave him more playability, the flexibility to make awesome plays, and made him fun to look at.



space Why Warwick?
Warwick is a very easy, not to mention inexpensive, champion to pick up, and is one of the best champions to introduce a beginning player to jungling. Warwick is a Bruiser-style duelist, who excels attracking down and fighting low-health targets. Warwick's kit revolves around either Warwick or his opponent(s) being low on health. When this occurs, Warwick gains an edge in combat, and is able to make mind-blowing plays.

spacl Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
Warwick has repeatedly been hailed as one of the easiest champions to play in league of legends. Although many might disagree, this is a really good thing if you are trying to climb in Elo. The easier, and less mechanically complex a champion is, the harder it will be to screw up a play and possibly cost your team the game. While Warwick is a very simple champion to play, he is also an extremely fun one: moving at 700 movement speed towards a doomed bot lane for an easy double kill, denying the enemy ADC from dealing any damage because of all your CC, and slaughtering enemies when you are at critical health makes playing Warwick feel so badass and just good.

All in all, Warwick is easy, fun, cheap, and rewarding to play. If you are a beginner jungler, I highly recommend picking up Warwick, and reading my guide...

+Unbelievable mobility and attack speed against low health targets
+Great sustain makes jungling a breeze
+Naturally tanky
+Very few skill shot abilities
+Ganking pre-level six is possible
+Kit provides lots of pealing ability
+Easy to pickup and master
+Lots of hard CC

Warwick's main strengths lie in his dueling ability, and how long he can cling to that last bar of health during a close 1v1. Jaws of the Beast gives Warwick a ton of health back, especially against tanky enemies ( Jaws of the Beast deals an additional 6-10% of the targets max health). Blood Hunt is also helpful, as Warwick's additional Movement and Attack speed scale off of how low your opponent is. When fighting an opponent below 50% health, Warwick gains 110% attack speed and 55% (at lvl. 18), but this doesn't even compare to the benefits against an opponent below 20% health, which triples both of these buffs. This means that Warwick can easily have an attack speed at the max of 2.50 attacks every second during early-mid game if he is facing an especially low HP opponent or even jungle monster!

Early-Mid Game duels typically bring both players to very low health, and if you're playing Warwick, that usually means you'll win the 1v1.

- Infinite Duress is hard to land, and interruptible -Very immobile against full-health targets
-Easily Kited
-Mana-hungry early game (reliant on blue buff)
-Hard CC will ruin you
-Falls behind hard w/o kills or farm
-Horrible wave clear w/o Titanic Hydra

Although Warwick has very few major issues, the biggest downfalls to playing Warwick are his weakness to being kited and his inability to split push effectively. Warwick is especially susceptible to hard CC from enemies, because he lacks any dodging abilities, other than wasting his ultimate or flash. Furthermore, if he is running in any direction other than towards a low HP enemy, he loses the passive movement speed bonus and can't dodge projectiles because of how slow he becomes.

Because all of his damaging abilities are single-target, and his entire kit revolves around 1v1ing, Warwick is an awful split-pusher and multi-target duelist. That is the sole reason why I build Tiamat early on, and later Titanic Hydra, because of the AOE damage which makes Warwick's jungling, split-pushing, and team fighting stronger.

Lastly, his R is literally the hardest ability to land ever. Enough said.

spa s
  • Unyielding : Being a champion that finds himself taking a ton of damage, additional armor and magic resist is more beneficial than Health Regeneration.
  • Tough Skin : Warwick's kit provides good sustain, and this allows us to be even healthier in the jungle.
  • Runic Armor : Since Warwick is all about that healing, this is more helpful in the long run than flat health.
  • Perseverance: Grants +50% base health regeneration, increased to 200% while below 25% health. Do these buffs sound familiar? Perseverance increases Warwick's hallmark trait of dueling better when at low health.
  • Legendary Guardian : 15 additional armor and magic resistance is helpful when diving into 5v5 team fights.
  • Courage of the Colossus : This is the main reason I go down the resolve tree, because it makes diving in team fights a breeze. Since our ultimate applies hard CC, we get a free ~1000 HP shield. This mastery was practically made for Warwick.

  • Savagery: Wanderer wouldn't be the worst choice, but Savagery makes our jungle clear just a little bit faster, which is important so that we can spend more time ganking
  • Runic Affinity : As Warwick, you shouldn't be using or relying on health potions throughout the game, so Secret Stash doesn't make much sense. One of Warwick's cons is blue buff dependency. Although Runic Affinity won't fix this problem, it'll allow you to hold on to blue buff just a bit longer, which makes a noticeable difference in your gameplay. Assassin is not a terrible option either, but the damage increase is just not enough.
  • Merciless : Meditation is unnecessary early-game if you already have blue buff. Also, Merciless 's damage buff plays into Warwick's low-HP geared kit.
  • Dangerous Game : The other two masteries on this tier are useless, so take dangerous game.
s s

My Rune Picks
I generally don't believe that slight differences in similar rune options make that much of an impact on whether you win or lose a game, so I won't go into much detail on which runes I pick.

Warwick is mostly a physical damage dealer, and his abilities scale off of attack damage.

You shouldn't need extra health during early game, but ~216 HP at level 18 will be helpful.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction should be taken so that you can spam Jaws of the Beast late game, and use Infinite Duress more often.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed is probably the most helpful quintessence choice because Warwick has a pretty low base attack speed (without his W passive).

space space Smite should be taken when playing as any jungler, except for maybe Nunu. This is simply because of how much faster it makes your clear time. It also allows you to build jungler items, like Hunter's Machete, which provide buffs that allow you to survive in the jungle. Lastly, you will be able to slow enemies with chilling smite once you buy Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk. Smite was made for junglers, and you would be a fool not to take it in every game. If you still don't believe me, try jungling without it.

Flash can help take lives, and save your own. If you accidentally Infinite Duress into a fight that you can't win, you would have no other escape mechanism without Flash. You can use Flash to reposition for an Infinite Duress, and make completely unexpected plays. I am sure it has been shoved down your throat hundreds of times that taking flash is a necessity, but it can’t be stressed enough. Flash is especially necessary when fleeing from a fight as Warwick, because you are so slow without the passive movement speed buff of Blood Hunt. space space

Eternal Hunger (Passive)

INNATE: Warwick's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage on-hit.

While below 50% maximum health, Warwick's basic attacks also heal him for the same amount, with the healing tripled while below 25% maximum health.

MAGIC DAMAGE: 10-44 (based on level)

As I said earlier, this adds to Warwick's hallmark talent of winning duels at low health, and also makes your auto-attacks pack quite the punch. If you and your opponent are both below 20% health, you can expect to be healing 330 health per second thanks to eternal hunger, and Blood Hunt's passive which should increase your attack speed to 2.5/sec. I know, it sounds almost too good to be true.

Jaws of The Beast (Q)

ACTIVE: Warwick dashes to the target enemy and bites them, dealing them magic damage, applying on-hit effects and healing himself for a portion of the damage dealt.

If Jaws of the Beast is held, Warwick will lock his teeth into his target and use them to swing around to their far side. Warwick is unable to act while swinging around his target, and will move wherever they move until he jumps off. Warwick cannot be displaced while attached to an enemy.

MAGIC DAMAGE: 120% AD (+ 90% AP) (+ 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10% target's maximum health)

HEALING PERCENTAGE: 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70%

This is both your main damage dealing ability and your main source of sustain, and boy does it do a good job at both! Spam Q while soloing dragon, just make sure the pit isn't warded. When ganking a lane, and chasing the fleeing enemy laner towards their side of the map, press Primal Howl once. Get close, and hold down Q, so you flip around to the opposite side, which puts you between them and their safe zone. Then, reactivate Primal Howl, so that they flee away from you, and towards the ally laner you are ganking for.

When first engaging the dragon, you can cancel the annoying knock-back effect with Jaws of the Beast. Engage the fight with an auto attack, and then about half of a second before the knock-back would occur, latch onto the dragon with Q and hold it.

Keep in mind that this ability scales more the tankier your target is, so if you choose to flee from a fight that is not going in your favor, take a quick bite out of the tankiest enemy champion near you, and flash away. This health boost might just be enough to keep you alive. Max this first for damage and sustain.

Blood Hunt (W)

PASSIVE: Warwick gains bonus attack speed against all enemies below 50% of their maximum health. Enemy champions below that amount are also Blood Hunted, granting him out of combat bonus movement speed while moving toward them as well as highlighting their position to his team.

The bonus movement and attack speed are tripled against enemy champions below 20% maximum health.

ACTIVE: Warwick briefly senses all enemies and then Blood Hunts the nearest enemy champion within a large radius for 8 seconds, regardless of their current health.

Blood Hunt cannot be activated while in combat with a champion, and cools down twice as fast if Warwick is not Blood Hunting.

BONUS ATTACK SPEED: 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110%

BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED: 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55%

I like to think of Blood Hunt's passive and active like this: the passive is Warwick's natural reaction to smelling blood, while the active makes it happen unnaturally. The active is like an artificial boost of adrenaline to use when there is no blood present. Use Blood Hunt's global passive to assist in your decision-making when it comes to ganking. Low HP enemies are much easier to kill, especially on Warwick.

Some might disagree with me maxing this second, but it's benefits scale too well with each level you upgrade to not max second.

Primal Howl (E)

ACTIVE: Warwick reduces all incoming damage for up to 2.5 seconds, or until Primal Howl is reactivated.

Once the damage reduction ends, Warwick unleashes a howl that causes all nearby enemies to flee for 1 second. Landing Infinite Duress will automatically reactivate Primal Howl, but the target will not flee.

DAMAGE REDUCTION: 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55%

The fear works like this: the first time you activate Primal Howl, you will only receive the damage reduction buff (No fleeing happens). The damage reduction lasts for 2.5 seconds, and at the end, all enemies (except epic monsters) will flee away from you. However, you have the choice to reactivate this skill early (before the 2.5 second are up). When this skill is reactivated, enemies will fear away from wherever you are. So, try to reposition yourself, if necessary, with Jaws of the Beast, and fear your enemy away from where they are trying to go.Activate Primal Howl in team fights when you know the enemy is going to try and burst you with damage.

When engaging with Infinite Duress onto multiple targets, activate Primal Howl first, then jump onto your target with Infinite Duress. This will automatically reactivate Primal Howl, so that all surrounding enemies flee, except for your target, who will be suppressed.

Infinite Duress (R)

ACTIVE: Warwick leaps in the target direction, suppressing the first enemy champion he collides with for 1.5 seconds.

Warwick channels over the duration, dealing magic damage to his target and applying on-hit effects 3 times, while healing himself for all the damage dealt during Infinite Duress.

Warwick is unstoppable during the leap but can be interrupted during the channel.

TOTAL MAGIC DAMAGE: 175 / 350 / 525 (+ 167% bonus AD)

TARGET RANGE: 250% current Movement Speed

That circle around Warwick indicates the range of Infinite Duress. Because the range of this ability scales off of your current movement speed, the circle will change size throughout the game. Since this ability procs all on-hit effects three times, you will be dealing 3 Titanic Hydra's worth of damage to surrounding enemies. At level 18, you can expect to heal around 800 HP every time you land this bad boy.

Scale of Effectiveness
Use the following scale as a good starting point for judging how beneficial an item is to Warwick. The scale goes from (1) the weakest item picks, to (10), the strongest item picks. Remember that these are only suggestions of how an item would affect an average game. Since every game won't be played or built the same, don't complain to me if you lose a game after picking one of my "strong" picks. Everything in League is situational, especially item choices.

An obvious choice here. The only other viable option would be Hunter's Talisman, which the mana regeneration it provides will do little to fix your early-game mana problems, if you already have blue buff. Also, it doesn't provide the on-hit jungle monster damage that Hunter's Machete does, meaning your clear speed would be much slower with Hunter's Talisman. (10)

You have just enough gold left over to buy Rejuvenation Bead. The only reason for taking this is so that you can build it into Tiamat on your first back at a lower cost (1050 G). Health pots wouldn't be taken, as Warwick already has great sustain in the jungle, thanks to Eternal Hunger and Jaws of the Beast. (7)

Warding Totem should be taken during early game, over Sweeping Lens. This is because the ability to place wards is much more beneficial and reliable than eliminating wards. If you are an experienced player, and know when and where to check for wards, you can definitely choose Sweeping Lens during mid-late game. (6)

Titanic Hydra is Warwick's main, if not only, source of bonus attack damage, so you'll want to finish it early on, especially if you can afford it. Warwick procs a lot of on-hits with Jaws of the Beast, Blood Hunt's attack speed and Infinite Duress, which means this item will be dishing out tons of damage. Titanic Hydra is also great for something Warwick struggles with: wave clearing/split pushing. Some argue that this item shouldn't be a core item on Warwick, but I strongly disagree, without it, he would barely have the damage to be called a "bruiser". (10)

Here is where many Warwick guides can get debatable: when choosing between Stalker's Blade and Skirmisher's Sabre, which are both very good picks. The only difference between these two items is the effect they have on Smite, which can be cast on champions after purchasing either upgrade. I have highlighted the difference in blue and red:

Purchasing Stalker's Blade allows you to cast Chilling Smite on enemy champions, dealing 28 - 166 (based on level) true damage and stealing 20% of their movement speed for 2 seconds. As I was learning Warwick, I found my self being just out of range for my Jaws of the Beast (Q), especially when ganking without Infinite Duress. This item gives you a helpful, damaging gap closer, as well as an escape mechanism. Both are more valuable, in my opinion, than reducing another champion's damage against you for a short time. (8)

On the other hand Skirmisher's Sabre allows the casting of Challenging Smite on enemy champions, which reveals them for 4 seconds, reduces their damage against you by 20% and makes them take 60 - 162 (based on level) true damage over 3 seconds from your basic attacks for the duration. Warwick is already a fantastic duelist, and taking Skirmisher's Sabre is just overkill, although this is completely up to personal preference. (8)

There is also some free choice between 3 possible enchantments: Enchantment: Cinderhulk, Enchantment: Bloodrazor, and Enchantment: Warrior. I have highlighted the differences between the three in green, gold, and red:

Yes Enchantment: Cinderhulk, because the health bonus and AOE damage effect are too good to pass up. The 20% HP boost is incredibly helpful in increasing your survivability in team fights, which is very important as a bruiser-style champion. The AOE burning effect makes up for Warwick's lack of AOE damage, which is very important in team fights, jungle clearing, and split pushing. (9)

Not Enchantment: Bloodrazor, because the increased attack speed and on-hit % health damage are geared more towards an on-hit/attack speed build, which is certainly an effective build, but not the way I play Warwick. (3)

Not Enchantment: Warrior, because although the increased attack damage and CD reduction, are very very very tempting, you would be missing out on too much by not taking Enchantment: Cinderhulk. The HP bonus outweighs the AD bonus in my opinion. Also, many of the other items you are building, as well as your runes, provide more than enough cool down reduction. (7)

What Do I Build After Core Items?
You should have finished both of your core at items at around 25 minutes, so now what? Unlike most ADCs and mid-laners, who follow fairly strict and straightforward build paths after their core items, a bruiser/tank like Warwick has to adapt to the strengths of the enemy team. Basically, this means deciding whether to build armor, magic resist, or damage items. Most teams will be naturally physical-damage concentrated, so you would start building armor. On the other hand, some teams will be more magic-damage concentrated or have a fed mage. In that case, you would obviously build magic resist. Sometimes the enemy team will be lacking in damage both physical and magical, in which case you might consider building up more damage. Essentially, you want to identify the enemy team's greatest strength, and build items that diminish that strength as much as possible. Remember, after core items, you will either be building more damage, more armor, or more magic resist.

Although Frozen Mallet is not included in my core items and doesn't offer any armor, Warwick still benefits immensely from all of its effects: 700 health to make you even tankier than you already are, 30 AD to help you melt your enemies, and an awesome 40% slow to make sure that your prey doesn't slip away. Sadly, it has a relatively high cost, compared to many of the other items you will be building. Because of this, it's a better item to build late game. (8)

If you find yourself snowballing in a game, if there is more than one other reliable tank on your team, or if your team needs more damage in general, you might want to have some fun and lean more towards a damage build. If so, then taking The Black Cleaver is probably your best bet to increase tankiness and attack damage simultaneously (after Titanic Hydra of course). From attack damage, to cool down reduction, to health, to armor reduction, to movement speed, this item has it all. The AOE cone damage from Titanic Hydra procs the armor reduction debuff. To get full cost-effectiveness out of this item, only take it when you are sure the enemy is building a fair amount of armor, and only take it in conjunction with Titanic Hydra. (7)

Only take Trinity Force when losing is basically no longer possible, and you just want to end the game as quickly as humanly possible. Although it is the second most expensive weapon in the game, tf offers great stats (as an expensive item should). It gives a little bit of everything you need as a bruiser, but what really stands out is the spell blade passive. After using an ability, spell blade makes your next basic attack deal two times your base attack damage (not total attack damage). This obviously makes you must more bursty, which is nice. However, you don't have many spammable abilities, so trinity force is kind of a meh pick. Definitely pick up The Black Cleaver and/or Frozen Mallet before considering Trinity Force. (5)

Dead Man's Plate is another one of those items that feels like it was made for Warwick. Everything about this item is beneficial to Warwick: armor, health, and an out-of-combat movement speed bonus that turns into a slow on your first basic attack. The MS bonus and slow are what make this item a must-buy, because they work with the passive of your Blood Hunt to make escape virtually impossible. A straightforward and reliable armor option, Dead Man's gives you a solid mix of stats as well as a lot of movement speed to extend your Infinite Duress range. Definitely recommend. (9)

A decent option on any tanky champion, Randuin's Omen has an area of effect slow, armor, health, auto attack speed slower, and reduces damage taken from critical strikes. Like Thornmail, it is a great counter to enemy on-hit and critical hit champions ( Yasuo, Tryndamere, and most ADCs): when hit, you slow your enemy's attack speed and their critical strikes are weakened. (8)

Although it won't increase your HP, Frozen Heart gives a nice 20% chunk of cool down reduction. This is important for Warwick because lower cool downs give you more use out of all your abilities, especially Jaws of the Beast. As a bruiser and engager, you'll often be up close and personal with your enemies, so the attack speed reduction aura can really help out your team without you having to actively push any buttons. (7)

This item is not bad at all. You get a lot of buffs for the amount of gold it costs: armor, cool down reduction, flat health, health regeneration, and a movement speed boost/AOE slow. The only problem is that it gives mana, which is useless during mid-late game, and I always forget to use the active. Take this to control especially fast/slippery enemies, because the slow is massive at a whopping 75% for 2 seconds. Wow! (6)

At first glance, this item might seem like a perfect choice: a maximum of 80 magic resist and 80 armor, and an active that LITERALLY doubles your health for four seconds (when team fighting). The only flaw in this item is it's 60% damage de-buff. For the full duration that you have a ton of health, you also have significantly reduced damage. This goes against the bruiser play-style, and puts all the money you spent on Titanic Hydra to waste. Furthermore, the stats are very weak when you aren't team fighting, making it a waste of an item during duels against less than three people. Therefore, Gargoyle Stoneplate should only be built when your team has more than enough damage, and your gold would be better spent just building full tank. (6)

Do not be seduced into thinking this item is godlike because of the 75 armor it provides. Don't get me wrong, Thornmail is great, but only in certain games, plus other armor items offer better survivability. Thornmail is the perfect buy if you are up against strong/fed enemy auto attackers with attack speed/on-hit oriented builds ( Master Yi, Kog'Maw, Twitch, Teemo, etc.). The damage scales with the enemy's DPS, so you don't need to buy this if the enemy ADC is super weak and you can just ignore them. Now that the reflected damage also apples grievous wounds, Thornmail is especially effective against champions with sustain or life steal. Again, this is not an item you should be building every game, only situationally, as your money can be better spent elsewhere. (5)

There are two things I don't like about Iceborn Gauntlet, and two things I do like. First the negatives: (1) the cool down reduction, which you already have enough of/can find in other, better items; and (2) the mana, which is not useful to Warwick in mid-late game. The two things I do like are (1) the armor, and (2) the slow/next basic attack damage buff. This item isn't horrible, but it certainly isn't the best. (5)

More Armor is not Always Better
It is a common misconception that the more armor you build, the better. According to the graph, this is technically true: as you buy more and more armor, you will receive less damage. However, the relation between armor gained and damage reduced follows an exponentially decreasing curve. At a certain point, around 200-250 armor, you begin to receive very little damage reduction for whatever amount of armor you buy. Essentially, you aren't getting a good bang for your buck, and it makes the most sense, economically, to stop buying armor once you have about 200. 100% damage reduction is sadly impossible :(.

This is your go-to item for defense against bursty mages like Annie, Katarina, and Elise. Spirit Visage is a fantastic item, and, like every go-to item, all of it's effects are specifically beneficial to Warwick. The health regeneration, cool down reduction, flat health, magic resist, and healing bonus all contribute to your gameplay. The healing bonus passive is what makes this item so important, considering how much self-healing Warwick has in his kit. The only time I don't build this is when the enemy team is dealing minimal magic damage. (10)

When you are fighting against a team with especially strong/fed mages, who seem to burst you down any time you try to engage, consider taking Maw of Malmortius. Although it offers less magic resistance than Spirit Visage, the passive heavily outweighs this setback. The passive is simple: when you drop to low health, you gain a decent shield that absorbs magic damage over the next few seconds, as well as attack damage, life steal, and spell vamp. This passive fits right into your kit and play style of being a better duelist when low on health! (7)

Which Boots Should I Take?
Boots are probably the most situational item in the game. Like your armor/magic resist items, your boots purchases should adapt to the strengths of the enemy team. When buying boots, you should first identify if your team is ahead of, even with, or behind the enemy team in kills, CS, etc. If you are behind or even with the enemy team, your options are generally going to be limited to Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads. If you are significantly ahead of the enemy team, and no one on their team poses a serious damage threat, then your options open up to Boots of Mobility and Boots of Swiftness. Again, because every game will be different, it's very difficult to pick one boot option, and call it "the best" for Warwick, so I don't give boots ratings. But, if I had to pick a favorite, Boots of Mobility would be the one...

Since Mercury's Treads provide magic resistance and reduce the duration of crowd control effects, they are obviously only worth buying in two scenarios: when the enemy team is AP heavy, and when the enemy team is CC heavy. Other than that, don't buy them. Like Ninja Tabi, they offer 45 bonus movement speed, so it's just a matter of what kind of damage the enemy team has a lot of.

Ninja Tabi are a pretty straightforward, safe choice. Like Mercury's Treads, they offer 45 bonus movement speed. They also give armor and also block 10% of the damage from basic attacks. This reduction is very effective against all ADCs and auto-attack based champion like Master Yi and others. Physical damage will be somewhat of a threat in almost every game, so when in doubt, take Ninja Tabi.

This option is quite a gamble, with a high of 115 MS out of combat, and a low of 25 MS in combat. As Warwick, you will find yourself constantly tracking down low targets half-way across the map, Mobility boots allow you to traverse the map, jungle, and river with ease. Because these boots are such a risk, only take them when your team is really ahead of the enemy team.

Boots of Swiftness are a safer version of Boots of Mobility, as they provide 55 flat bonus movement speed, as well as a 25% reduction to slows. While they will give you 10 more movement speed than Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads, they lack in defenses, so only take these when your team is winning, and no one on the enemy team poses a magical or physical damage threat.

Where Do I Start?
Farming the jungle as quickly as possible is as important to a jungler, as last hitting every minion is to a mid/top laner or ADC. Failing to farm the jungler can cause a jungler to fall behind in gold and experience, and Warwick is no exception. Because every jungler has different abilities/survivability in the jungle during early game, there is no "right" way to farm the jungle. However, after many games jungling with Warwick, I have found the following route to be the best, most survivable route from level 1:

space space 1) Red buff (Smite)

2) Wolves

3) Blue buff

4) Gromp


5) Raptors (Smite)

6) Krugs


7) Recall

If the enemy later is low, and/or their lane is pushed towards your allied-laner, you have the option to gank at the points marked (gank?). However, make sure that you and your ally laner(s) have enough health to outmatch your opponent, as there is nothing worse than giving the enemy laner 1, 2, or god forbid 3 free kills. You will have to make a judgement call to know if ganking would be worth it. As you gain more experience playing Warwick, and the jungle position in general, knowing when and where to gank will start to come naturally. See ganking section for information on how to gank successfully.

The Blue Buff
The Blue Buff is crucial to Warwick's early game in the jungle, as you will constantly be spamming Jaws of the Beast (Q) in order to sustain, survive, and clear camps quickly. The Blue Buff provides 5 flat mana and 1% of maximum mana per second, and lasts for 2:18 (with Runic Affinity ). However, both the Red and the Blue Buffs respawn every 5:00 minutes, which means you will spend atleast 2:42 without the Blue Buff. Keep in mind that it is normal to give the Blue Buff to your ally mid-laner during mid-late game, especially if they are struggling. Also, if they ask, you should help them take it.
Hard Camps
Because Warwick lacks any AOE damage early game, he has difficulty against multiple targets. In the jungle, this translates to slow clear times, and lots of health lost from the Wolves, Raptors, and Krugs camps. Warwick has an especially tough time against the Raptors camp, which is why Smite is used against this camp.

What Next?
After doing one rotation of the jungle, you should have enough gold to recall and purchase Tiamat, which is a crucial early-game item, because it makes your clearing substantially faster. (TIP) if, for some reason, you don't have enough gold, quickly take a scuttle from either the top or bottom river. Once you have Tiamat, continue clearing jungle and occasionally ganking if the conditions are right. Remember not to gank if there's a lot of risk, play somewhat cautiously and you'll end up having more successful games. Rush for level 6, and then once you complete your jungle item, consider killing the Dragon. Don't try to fight dragon if the enemy has it warded. You will have the best chances if you help your ADC and Support kill the enemy bot laners and then take the dragon as a group of 3. Make sure you have Smite ready in case enemy tries to steal.

What About Mid-Late Game?
Now, team fights should start occurring. See the team fighting section for details. Remember to continue farming the jungle throughout mid-late game, and as a rule of thumb, ensure that you are never more than a level or two behind the rest of your allies.

Who, Where, How, What, When, and Why Do I Gank?
Ganking, arguably the most important job a jungler has, and one of the main reason why the jungling position was created, is also one of the most difficult aspects of playing league of legends. While I, myself, was learning how to jungle I found the following video to be very helpful. I urge you to watch the whole thing, because I couldn't say what FoxDrop says any better...

What Makes a Good Ganker?
Basically, a good ganking champion has three things (1) some form of CC, (2) damage, and (3) a gap closer. Warwick has all three of these, which is a huge reason why he is such a great champion to play in the jungle. Keep in mind Blood Hunt's passive when ganking, which gives you increased movement and attack speed against low health targets. Generally, there are only 2 types of ganking you will be doing: ganking with your ultimate, and ganking without your ultimate.

Without Ultimate: When ganking a lane pre-six, (1) first signal to your ally to let them know your intentions.

Then, (2) approach the targeted lane, and stay where you are sure the enemy laner can't see you.

(3) Wait for your ally to engage first.

(4) If the enemy laner is not already being blood hunted, then activate the Blood Hunt active.

(5) Now, run at the enemy laner, and press Primal Howl once.

(6) Now, you will need to position yourself between the enemy laner and their turret. If you aren't already in position, get close and hold down Q, so you flip around to the opposite side, which puts you between the enemy laner and their safe zone.

Now that you are in position, (7) reactivate Primal Howl, so that they flee away from you, and towards the ally laner you are ganking for.

(8) Auto-attack and Q-spam them until they are dead. Only take the kill if you have to. Repeat.

Obviously, neither of these ganking techniques are set in stone, and you can play around with different techniques as you gain experience with Warwick.

With Ultimate: First, (1) signal to your ally to let them know your intentions.

Then, (2) approach the targeted lane, and stay where you are sure the enemy laner can't see you.

(3) Wait for your ally to engage first.

(4) If the enemy laner is not already being blood hunted, then activate the Blood Hunt active.

Now, (5) run at the enemy laner.

Once you are close enough, (6) Infinite Duress onto the enemy laner.

If they are still not dead, (7) press Primal Howl once.

(8) Now, you will need to position yourself between the enemy laner and their turret. If you aren't already in this position, get close and hold down Q, so you flip around to the opposite side, which puts you between the enemy laner and their safe zone.

Now that you are in position, (9) reactivate Primal Howl, so that they flee away from you, and towards the ally laner you are ganking for.

(10) Auto-attack and Q-spam them until they are dead. Only take the kill if you have to. Repeat.

When and How to Teamfight
The mid-game typically commences after the first towers start to fall, and team fights begin to break out across the map. Every second in a team fight is extremely important because team fights are known to make or break a game. From squishy assassins to armored tanks, each champion on your team plays a crucial role in the outcome of the team fight, and therefore the game. As a bruiser-style champion with diving capabilities, Warwick basically has 3 jobs in a team fight (in order of importance):

(1) to stop the enemy team's carries with crowd control or by simply killing them.

This means shutting down the enemy 13/3 Katarina, or perhaps the 9/1 Vayne. Warwick has the tools ( Infinite Duress, Jaws of the Beast, Primal Howl, 2.5 attacks per second, etc.). Before the fight begins, identify who you want your team to target. The enemy champion you are targeting should be the one who poses the greatest threat to your team (whoever deals the most damage). As you pound the target with CC during a teamfight, have your team burst them to death.

(2) to peel (protect) the Attack Damage Carry

While it is important to destroy the enemy carries, it is also just as important to protect your own. Warwick can do this using a technique called "Peeling". Peeling an enemy is forcing that enemy away from its target, or forcing the enemy to not be able to reach its target. Warwick does this through his hard CC and damage. As a rule of thumb during every single team fight, don't let any enemy assassin, mage, ADC, or damage dealer touch your Attack Damage Carry.

(3) to engage the fight with Infinite Duress (optional)

I would only encourage you to do this if you know that you have enough health, your team is close by, and your team as a whole has enough damage to back you up. Otherwise, save your Infinite Duress for after the team fight has begun.

Thanks so much for reading this if you did. If you enjoyed reading, and maybe learned something, please comment or atleast vote. Although I know most of you won't, please fight me on something that I said, or tell me what I could've done better, or what you liked about the guide. It means more to me than you think.

I'd like to thank anyone who has ever made a guide on MobaFire, and shared their ideas. A lot of my coding and visuals were inspired by other people's guides, and I probably couldn't have made this guide without that inspiration.

I genuinely hope that you enjoyed my guide, and that it made you a better jungler/player! Thanks!