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Ezreal Build Guide by misterfirstblood

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League of Legends Build Guide Author misterfirstblood

7.17 Ezreal in depth guide by Misterfirstblood

misterfirstblood Last updated on August 30, 2017
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Hello its me Misterfirstblood from euw.
Today I wanna show you how I play ezreal in season 7.

Finally he received a Buff on his Q in Patch 7.17.

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-> Read notes [IMPORTANT]

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-> Read notes

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After your first back you have 2 Options:
Your must have item in laning phase is tear of goddes. You should try to get this one as soon as possible. After u got Tear you can choose between finishing Manamune first or buy Sheen before finishing Manamune.
If the enemies teamcomp is full ad you could think about iceborn but for normal use take triforce. If you really wanna improve id recommend you to buy Muramana > Boots > Triforce.
Some players also go for Ninjas or CDR Boots,.
Now you have some options again. Botrk is the best overall choice in my opinion. You get sustain, damage, your Q applies the blades passive so you can shred tanks and your 1vs1s will be better. Maw of malmortius is good against AP burst like Syndra Leblanc or Annie. If they have a lot of cc like nautilus leona or braum go for qss/Scimitar and if they have a lot of tanks go for last whisper after Botrk.

Many players who play ezreal on midlane tried out to build a Hextech Gunblade on him and this isnt really bad to be honest. Nearly all of Ezreals abilities scale with AP and AD so Gunblade increases the outcomming Damage more than BT or IE for example. The passive isnt bad too.
Try it out ;)

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Tipps & Tricks

- When your ult is on cooldown use Q as often as possible to reduce its cooldown. You can also hit jungle monsters.
- After recalling and buying a tear use your Q to stack it while moving to botlane again.

- Don't learn W for the first levels. W doesn't scale with Items and needs alot of mana. So better skill Q, E, Q, E, Q, R until Q and E are maxed.
- You can buff yourself with your W spell while jumping in the skillshots direction with E or flash. Combined with your passive you get a lot of attackspeed.
- You can nearly permanently buff your teammates with W while hitting Q as often as possible when your W is on Cooldown. This is an important mechanic for drake/baron fights or pushing towers and works better if you already have 30-40% cdr.

- Don't use E only to escape. Feel free to dodge some skillshots or reposition yourself to land a better Q. If there are no minions near to your enemy the damage of E isn't that bad too.
- You can dodge many Spells with your E because you move instantely after using it.

- You can just snipe your enemies with Ulty when you know where they are. So upgrade your trinket into a blue one at level 9. Also avoid to hit Jungle monsters on the way to your target because the damageget reduced foreach hit.
- Dont use your ult for waveclear. Because the damage gets reduced when you hit multiple targets so it's mostly not enough to kill a lot minions. So better use it to poke or execute enemies.
- If a squishy Target doesn't have any vision and is running straight in your direction when hiding in a brush, you can do a fast combination with R, E, Q, W, Auto attack to completely delete your enemy.

- You can kite very well with iceborn gauntlet. Because your Q triggers hit effects you can increase iceborn's slow with red buff. If an enemy is near to you anyway escape over walls with E.
- Auto attack before and after hit a Q. Even if you miss your Q you can trigger the iceborn passive by auto attacking the enemy.

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Pros / Cons

++ High Range
+ Low Cooldowns
+ Utility (Iceborn)
+ Escape
+ Cheap Itembuild (Tear, Gauntlet)
+ Strong mid/lategame
+ Snowball when ahead


- Not a 'all in' champ
- Bad Early / Needs Items
- 3 out of your 4 spells are skillshots. If you have a bad day you won't deal a lot of damage.
- Bad against healers like sona
- Not as useful as other ad carries when behind

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Ezreal is good against

- Bad early game champs like vayne
- Champions without mobility like Kogmaw Vel Koz
- Tanks without Gapclosers and low ranged champs because of his kiting potential. For example Garen/Urgot
- Junglers in early game. If botlane is warded its hard to gank an ezreal. Champs like leesin or Kha Zix have to focus other lanes.

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Ezreal is bad against

- Strong Early game engages like Leona/Lucian
- Healers like sona because they just outsustain your poke
- Hypercarry Lategame champs because ezreal isnt really a 1v1 champ
- Hard CC like vi/malphite ult which goes throw Ezreal's E
- Point and click spells which delete ezreal (syndra veigar ult, pantheon w)

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Ezreal is good with

- More Poke. I like sona.
- Everything who buff your damage like nami, janna, sona.
- CC like braum Leona thresh is also fine.
In my opinion there is no "bad" support for ezreal.

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Atleast ezreal is a very strong but safe to play ad carry. You can win teamfights before they even start when you're able to poke your enemies enough. If youre behind ezreal can't really take influence to the game but if you're ahead you can carry other lanes too.
You can avoid a lot of deaths with iceborn slow and E. You can improve your aiming when playing ezreal cause you have to land a hundred of skillshots every game. For beginners it's also easy to farm with Q.
In my opinion it's one of the most fun to play champs in league especially cause i got a pulsfire ezreal skin shard :D

Please let me know your experience with my Guide and check out my Youtube channel for more guides

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