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Lulu Build Guide by Churchie

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Churchie

[7.8]: Guide on how to Lulu.

Churchie Last updated on May 7, 2017
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Hello and welcome to my Lulu Guide.

Lulu is probably the best support pick at the moment. Her versatile kit is loaded with utility to help out your team mates. With this guide I want to give you some overall tips on how to play Lulu and what you should build to maximise your potential.

Lulu isn't my main champion and support isn't my main role, but when I get autofilled or just feel like to support I will pick Lulu 9/10 times.

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Pros / Cons


+ Nice early game poke
+ Lots of peel for your carries
+ Many types of hard cc
+ Versatile champion
+ Decent AP scaling

Lulu has a versatile and interesting kit to play with. She has a form of poke with a slow thanks to her Q Glitterlance Her W Whimsy Can be used both offensively and defensively thanks to the AS Buff it gives to allies and the polymorph effect it gives to enemies. Her E Help, Pix! can be both a shield or a damaging ability and the ult Wild Growth gives your ally extra hp and can knock up enemies. Her AP scaling also gives her the ability to be a solo laner and has been played a lot in the top lane in previous seasons.


- Naturally Squishy
- Early mana problems
- Depends on teammates
- Poke is easy to sustain
- No hard engage, cc is basically only for peeling

Obviously Lulu has her downsides. She is naturally squishy and when locked down she is pretty easy to kill. In the laning phase you need to be careful with using your abilities since it can drain your mana really fast in the early game. Supports that can heal your enemies are a problem as well in the laning phase since your only real damaging ability is your Glitterlance. Another problem is that since Lulu is reliant on her teammates to deal damage, she has not much of an impact when you're losing the game.

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You probably know what the abilities of Lulu are, but still I want to give you some more detailed information about it.

Passive: Lulu is assisted by Pix, a faerie, who fires a barrage of 3 bolts to her target every time she uses a basic attack against a unit, dealing 5 - 39 (based on level) (+ 5% AP) bonus magic damage with each bolt to the first enemy it hits, for a total of 15 - 117 (based on level) (+ 15% AP) bonus magic damage per basic attack. The bolts can be blocked by units in the way of Lulu's target.

There is not much to say about Lulu's passive. Each autoattack, Pix will shoot 3 bolts dealing a small amount of magic damage to the first enemy it collides with. When you use your E, Pix will fire every time that ally auto attacks. It is a nice little buff to your auto attack making trading easier with your auto attacks.
Q: Lulu and Pix each fire a magic bolt towards the target point, dealing magic damage to the first enemy they pass through, reduced to 70% against enemies thereafter, and Slow icon slowing them by 80%, decaying over 2 seconds.
Each bolt's first target takes full damage, while enemies hit by both take the highest damage between the two, or the difference between them depending on targeting priority.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+ 50% AP)
REDUCED DAMAGE: 56 / 87.5 / 119 / 150.5 / 182 (+ 35% AP)

Your poke ability. The base damage is pretty high and it can easily chunk portions of health from your enemies. Take this level 1 and try to AA-Q-AA trade with the enemy support for the thunderlord's proc. Late game it's damage will fall of a bit, but it's still a nice way to poke the enemy just a bit.
W: ON ALLY CAST: Lulu casts erratic magic upon an ally champion, giving them bonus attack speed and 30% (+ 5% per 100 AP) bonus movement speed for the next few seconds.
BONUS ATTACK SPEED: 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45%
DURATION: 3 / 3.25 / 3.5 / 3.75 / 4
ON ENEMY CAST: Lulu turns the target enemy champion into a harmless critter, Disarm iconSilence icon polymorphing them and reducing their base movement speed by 60 for a short duration.
POLYMORPH DURATION: 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25

Your most versatile ability. When cast on allies it gives a nice movement speed and attack speed to them. Use it on them to let them escape a gank or to chase a fleeing opponent. When cast on enemies, it polymorphs them for a medium long duration stopping them from everything, but moving. This is mostly useful when an assasin collapses on one of your squishy target since it completely shuts them down.
E: ON ALLY CAST: Lulu sends Pix to the target ally, shielding them for 6 seconds if they are a champion.
SHIELD STRENGTH: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+ 60% AP)
ON ENEMY CAST: Lulu sends Pix to the target enemy dealing magic damage and granting true sight of them for 4 seconds.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 (+ 40% AP)

With this ability you need to be careful. You can use it offensively, but rather want to use it defensively. It gives a shield that scales nicely with your AP. When cast on an ally it also aids them with their auto attacks, buffing them and your second Glitterlance bolt will be fired from your allies point rather than yours. This, however, is hard to master and you should practice on it to make the most out of it.
R: ACTIVE: Lulu enlarges the target allied champion, knocking up units around them for 0.75 seconds, increasing their bonus health and causing them to slow nearby units for 7 seconds.
BONUS HEALTH: 300 / 450 / 600 (+ 50% AP)
SLOW: 30 / 45 / 60%

Your ultimate ability Wild Growth is a very powerful defensive spell that can also be used offensively. What you mainly want to do with it is saving an ally that nearly dies with the extra hp they get when you use it on them. However, if you land in on a bruiser or tank that dives onto their backline. Use it on them so you knock-up their carries so you can pick them off much easier. This spell has a great synergy with Yasuo since the knockup from your ability can be procced bt yasuo's ult.

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Ability Level Sequence.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
> > >
Like with almost every champion, you want to level up your ultimate Wild Growth as soon as possible (levels 6,11,16).
The first basic ability you want to max out is Glitterlance since its your poke tool. The extra damage it gives to your laning phase is essential to keep the lane pressured enough.
Second you want to max Help, Pix! since it increases the strength of your shield, which can be the difference between life and death of anyone you shield in your team.
The last ability to max out at level 18 is Whimsy, since the base Movement Speed and Attack Speed buff you get from it are sufficent at level 1 and the polymorph effects that is 1.25 seconds should be enough to burst down the assasins that targeted your adc or to run away from a chasing enemy.

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Let's talk about the masteries

Cunning Tree

[*] Wanderer is useful because of the OoC movement speed you get with it. You don't need the extra damage to minions and monsters since you're not farming.
[*] Secret Stash : I pick this one since it feels like it's the only reasonable mastery for a support. You never want too fight alone at all and the only buff you usually will get in a game is the baron buff, but you don't really want to rely on the extra 30 secs it will give you.
[*] Meditation . This one I choose because it helps a little with your mana problems in the early game. Merciless is also useful for the extra damage it can give, but I just like Meditation more.
[*] Bandit gives you extra gold and is in my opinion the best choice for basically every support.
[*] Intelligence is just great for Lulu for the extra cdr it gives. 5% can make a big difference early and it allows you to almost halve your cooldowns late game combined with the items you buy.
[*] Keystone: Thunderlord's Decree I pick this one over Windspeaker's Blessing because of the current meta. Poke supports are in a favour now and Thunderlords give you just that extra bit of early game harrassment. Windspeaker is also good on lulu since you've got a shield, but my personal opinion is to take Thunderlord's Decree .

Resolve Tree

[*] I pick Recovery since the extra health regen just feels more natural for me to take with Lulu. Since you're no really tanky I think Unyielding isn't that great.
[*] Explorer . The extra movement speed in brush and river allows you to ward a bit faster and roam easier, which is essential in my opinion. Siegemaster could be useful when you're pushed into your turret frequently since it gives you extra survavability, but it's very situational.
[*] Veteran's Scars . This one give you a little more hp early, which seems more useful to me than the extra healing and shielding can give you with Runic Armor . Still I think this is more about your personal opinion.
[*] Insight reduces the cooldown of your summs with 10 % which doesnt seem a lot, but can be gamechanging in some situations. Getting your summs off cooldown can be the difference in getting a kill or not dying.

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These are the runes of my choice and let me tell you why.

  • Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: The flat AP it gives makes your poke early game just that little more sticky. The AP scaling of Glitterlance means the 15 extra AP makes your Q does ~12 damage more. Also it makes your autoattacks hurt a little more because of your passive And of course your shield will also be a bit better. This all results into better trading in the first few levels.
  • Greater Mark of Armor: The armor is quite useful on any support and so on Lulu as well. It reduces the damage you receive from the enemy adc. You don't really need the magic penetration since shielding with lulu will become more important than actually dealing damage.
  • Greater Seal of Scaling Health: The extra health you get is nice and since you don't need more offensive runes than the flat AP, you will be more tanky in lane. 10 hp at level 1 doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but having ~200 @ level 18 certainly is.
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: The flat MR is good since you're often up against ap poke suppports like Zyra or Karma. The Magic Resist decreases the damage of their spells and makes trading a bit more worthwhile.

    I want to remind you that for both the Glyphs and marks you can also choose to take scaling runes, but I feel that the flat resistances you get are more useful since you are easy to kill early.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Of course you want to take flash always. It gives you that out of jail card when you misposition or get ganked by the enemy jungler.

Exhaust: Exhaust is good against adc's with a lot of burst or dueling potential. Example's are Vayne and Lucian. The item got nerfed, but is still useful because of the damage reduction it gives to the enemy.

Ignite: Use this instead of exhaust if you want to be more aggresive and force kills early. It is also very useful to use against supports that can heal your enemy adc like Sona, Nami or Soraka.

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These are the number 1 boots for me. the OoC movement speed is just too good to ignore. You won't need the extra cooldown reduction when you build the supportive items, since they already give you the 40%.
This is my favorite build from sightstone item on Lulu. It gives you an extra item slot for an extra situational item and I feel like the active from Frost Queen's Claim is less useful than f.e. the cleanse of Mikael's Crucible.

Redemption is just too good to ignore for Lulu. It gives you some extra sustain, CDR and extra healing and shielding power, buffing your Help, Pix! and Wild Growth. The active can heal your entire team in a team fight which is essential and can change the outcome of it completely. I recommend to rush this item after you completed the sightstone, because it gives you a big power spike.

Another great support item for Lulu. It gives you some extra AP, as well as CDR and it makes your shield extra powerful for your adc since it gives him more Attack Speed and lifesteal. Combine your Help, Pix! and Whimsy to buff your ADC's Attack Speed by ~50% with on-hit damage and healing.

Some Extra Magic resistance and mana regen combined with an activatable cleanse makes this a good item for Lulu when the enemy has a good pick composition combined with Hard CC. Imagine if your carry is hit by an Ashe arrow and gets stunned for 3 secs.
Just press a button and tadaa, the stun is gone. It also takes the pressure of a carry to buy a Quicksilver Sash so they save 1300G to buy f.e. a Last Whisper.

Take this when you want to give your ally even more buffs to his damage. When used properly, your adc, combined with your other spells can gain: 50% extra crit chance,
60% extra Attack Speed, 35 life on-hit and 35 magic damage on-hit. This all means your adc can become a total monster for a few seconds, which seems to be pretty worth.

Extra tankiness as well as a shield that can be given to anyone in your team in a teamfight. 9/10 times I would pick this up as my 4th item. If you want to have a lane pressured, take Banner of Command instead, but I would personally focus on winning teamfights.

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AD Carry Synergies

There are a few AD Carries that synergize very well with Lulu, because of their kits and how they play around it.

late game powerhouse
Synergy with vayne

Early game terror
Caitlyn's synergy with Lulu

Just keep him alive
Kog's synergy with Lulu

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Supports that counter you

Of course, there are some supports that can shut you down. Either with hard engaging early or just healing out your poke they can completely ruin your laning phase.

A.K.A. the healbot

Ugh, not her again

Ah, the sustain

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How patches effect Lulu's role in the meta.

I made this guide when patch 7.7 was up so I will update you with patches and how they affect Lulu and her matchups.

Patch 7.8

[*] Xayah and Rakan were released. However I don't think this will affect Lulu, since both of them aren't particulary strong or weak matchups.
[*] Small Malzahar buff. Base armor down 20-->18 and voidlings are a little easier to kill. Even though Malzahar is strong in the meta right now as a support, this nerf will not hit that hard. His pushing power will be a bit less oppresive.

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How to play Lulu?

You now know what build you should take, what runes and which masteries. You even know who are your counters and which adc has the best synergy with you. However, you still want to know how to lane with her. And how to ward, and how to teamfight.

[*] Level 1: Leash the first jungle camp if your jungler starts at your side of the jungle. Then go into lane asap and try to proc your Thunderlord's Decree on their support. Use the combo AA-Q-AA.
[*] Level 2-5: When you have a strong early game adc. Try to force the enemy adc out of lane with your poke. Use Glitterlance a lot and eventually shield your ADC to avoid lost trades. Ask your jungler for help and try to kill them after you got them low.
[*] Level 6: Your ult comes up. But the enemy's ults as well. When against strong level 6 bot lane combo's, save it up for when they engage. If they are pretty weak, dive the enemy if necessary together with your jungler and mid laner. Shield the one that is diving and if needed, ult them to keep them alive. If you get the bot lane ace, try to kill the turret or go for a free drake.
[*] After the first bot turret falls. Try to roam around the map and keep their jungles and the rivers warded so you can keep on putting pressure on their lanes. Try to look for kills in other lanes and push down turrets.
[*] Teamfights: Sit in the backline when a fight breaks out. Make sure that you keep on peeling for your adc. whatever happens. KEEP THE ADC ALIVE! Use the actives of your items for maximum efficiency. If you can do it safely. Try to poke the enemies with Glitterlance, but always keep the other spells to peel. Peeling is your job and peeling is what you should do.

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Since you are a support, warding is key for your performance as well as your team's one.
Placing wards is good, but you need to know where to put them at what time.

[*] Laning phase: With a Sightstone you will have 3 wards and 1 control ward. Your adc will have 2 trinkets. so a total of 5 sight wards and 1 control ward most of the time and you have 6 spots where you can put down wards where they are efficient. You have the 2 sidebrushes in lane, the tri-bush, the bush at the start of the river, the dragon pit and a ward at the enemy's blue(if blue side) or red (if red side). The places you have to prioritize depend of your behaviour in lane.
- If you are pushing: ward the sidebrush at their side of the turret, place a control ward at the tribush(if red side) or the river bush (if blue) and a sight ward on the other of the 2. Also try to keep the dragon pit warded when against a enemy jungler who can easily solo drake. If you can do it safe, place a ward at their buff to predict where he is going (this can also be done by your jungler).
- If you are pushed in: Do the exact opposite when it comes to the side brushes and river/tri-bushes. You probably shouldn't risk warding drake and the enemy's jungle since this can results in unnecessary deaths.

[*] Mid-game: Try to keep the objectives (drake,baron) warded. If you are winning, also ward their jungle. If you are behind, Ward the river and parts of your jungle.

[*] Late-game: Make sure Baron nashor and Elder Drake are ALWAYS warded. Giving these objectives for free because you don't know if the enemy is doing it will lose you games, when ahead or behind, it doesn't matter. If ahead, keep warding their jungle and when behind ward yours. Vision is key and the difference between winning and losing the game. Keep an item slot open for control wards and use your Oracle to sweep out enemy wards. If you are blind, you will likely to get caught in places you shouldn't be and vice versa.

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Lulu is probably the strongest and most versatile support in the current meta. She has poke with Glitterlance and more than enough peel and sustain with Whimsy Help, Pix! and Wild Growth. She isn't too hard to play, but in the right hands she will be an absolute monster.

If you have questions or you think that something is wrong about my guide, feel free to leave a comment. If you like the build and find it useful, upvote so I know my guide is greatly appreciated.

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Change Log

april 19th - The guide is finished. Updates will come soon if necessary. Planning to put some gameplay and results of the build in the guide. Till then, enjoy it.
April 24th - Changed marks to flat armor marks (was magic pen before) and Seals to Scaling HP (was flat armor before).
- Made a patch notes section, where I'll update any changes in the game that will affect Lulu in some way.
April 26th - changed the Runes in the build section since I forgot to adapt them to the rest of the guide
May 7th - Small change in the builds section. Full Example build. Switched out Mikael's for 3 vision wards, which are more important to have in the late game.