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Teemo Build Guide by Mordecai7562

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mordecai7562

[8.13] Scumbag Teemo Jungle

Mordecai7562 Last updated on July 5, 2018
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Teemo Build

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Being The Ultimate Scumbag

Hello All.

This is my first guide, I put my heart and soul into it to make it the best as possible.
I have been updating it whenever I see a change required.

Have you ever wondered where Teemo belongs in the current meta?
You may have said "Mid Lane, obviously, he scales off AP".
Well you are half correct...

It is true that Mid Lane is one of his domains, but have you ever considered taking a stroll through the Jungle as Teemo?
You will now.

Enjoy! Make sure to leave any suggestions to make this guide even better!

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Examples of Teemo Jungle In Action

For those who don't know, a few YouTubers (Solwolf, FoxDrop, Etc.) have made videos doing Teemo Jungle.

Of course, how they went about building Teemo is different than mine, but that is to be expected.

Everyone has their own cup of tea, so to speak.




Another Helpful Example:

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Taking The First Steps...

The first camp you want to "waddle" on over to is the Gromp.

"Why Gromp?", you ask?

Simply because this is the easiest way to get your Level 2 Power Curve, and because Gromp attacks slowly and doesn't deal the most damage. Depending on which side you start, you will get an easier start.

Obviously one would go grab Blue Buff for the Mana Sustain. Teemo needs the mana, but he doesn't need it as much as other junglers thanks to his Toxic Shot.

After blue buff, you can go for wolves or run down to red buff, but that's up to you.

If you want some extra time to get your health back up to a comfortable spot, you should go get the scuttle crab. It does give you health when you kill it, and it also gives vision that is important towards protection against early ganks.

Depending on your health, you can grab krugs or raptors, or go back and grab your Tier 2 Jungle Item and anything else that you can afford. If you want to recover before taking on another camp, take the Scuttle Crab. Go for your jungle item first over everything else, since you want to start getting that Devourer Sated as soon as possible.

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Since your Shrooms are now throwable, you can now cut off escape routes when you come in to gank, making it easy to burn a flash or have the minions set off the Shroom to get some nice damage off.

Try to get as close as possible, and always come in from behind. That way you can get as many hits in as possible before they get out of range.

Obviously, your Post-6 Ganks will be more devastating with your Shrooms, but you have your Toxic Shot to help you out when you just want to hurt them enough to either go back, or use up all of their potions and stay, or in good cases, probably die and give your laner a good lead.

Remember, Teemo Jungle requires items. You aren't an Udyr or a Lee Sin or even a Master Yi where you have all the necessary spells once you hit level three... You are more like a mid- to late-game jungler like Skarner or Sion where you gain power after level 6, and the power keeps growing after that point.

Don't overestimate your damage output or else you'll be easy pickings for the enemy team.

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Your Matchups will be awfully one sided in some cases, such as when you are against a Mobile Assassin or a Heavy CC/Utility Tank/Fighter, such as:

    Lee Sin
    Ezreal (he's not an Assassin but he's still mobile and AP Ez does a lot of damage)
Keep the Mobility and Sustain and CC as a mental note when you see who you are up against in a blind/draft pick game. These will be your downfall.

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Bloodrazor - The End Of Stacking

With the removal of Devourer and Sated Devourer, you don't have to spend 20 minutes farming just to get the item that you really wanted.

The new golden enchantment, Bloodrazor, deals bonus physical damage equal to your target's percent max health. Now you will truly be a mixed damage terror.

Not only that, but new Guinsoos has the phantom hit from Sated Devourer, but now it applies the double proc every other hit at full stacks.

Meaning you can now effectively one-vs-one again, that is after you get 6 stacks on your Guinsoos.

This build path is now just as effective as the Runic Echoes path because you aren't wasting time in the jungle, when your team obviously needs you to do your Teemo things.

This build path is the same as the normal build path, you can build Blade of the Ruined King or Hextech Gunblade for the active and the slow, Wit's End for some resistances and more attack speed and on-hit damage, Runaan's Hurricane for AOE effectiveness, Frozen Mallet or Rylai's for the constant slows, you can go many different ways about this now that you aren't wasting time in the jungle; you can now go earn more gold from ganks much earlier!

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Season 6 - Marksmen Update

With Season 6 right around the corner, it would be a good idea to look at the new items as well as the items that have been changed. You can take a look at these on (just copy this address).

Now... The items that I added to the "Items That Are Worth Getting IMO" item section are a result of the marksmen item changes.

Guinsoo's Rageblade:

At max stacks, Rageblade now gives on-hit damage, similar to Nashor's, but it scales off AP and bonus AD, and the damage applies to your target and enemies around your target.
Basically, you gain a Ravenous Hydra effect regardless on if you are ranged or melee.
It's a good purchase as a laning Teemo and the infamous Teemo Jungle.

Lord Dominik's Regards:

This item is great if you are against a heavy tank team, since it gives you bonus damage based on the difference in maximum health between you and your target, but your target needs to have more health in order for it to work.
This item is good because you have great attack speed already, and this will give you that great late game "oomph" if you don't particularly want to go for Blade of the Ruined King.

Hextech Gunblade:

Thank god for this change.
Now ALL of the damage you deal is factored into lifesteal, making those ADC's that deal mixed damage with their autos be on the same bar as other ADC's who just build AD.
This item will help if you are playing as the new Corki as well as Teemo, since you can now efficiently heal off minions in between fights, as well as survive in the jungle.

Runaan's Hurricane:

This item now gives movement speed and crit chance.
Yes, it gives less attack speed, but at least it won't be wasted when you're getting the other on-hit damage items, or when you're getting the other items I listed above.

Tracker's Knife:

This is the replacement to Poacher's Knife, and this Hunter's Machete enchantment is great because it gives you two charges of stealth wards to place.
That's right. You have two more wards to place with this upgrade.
This item would be great if you were against a team who was somewhat immobile, and/or if your friends had a good amount of CC and lockdown, like a Lissandra, Blitzcrank, Thresh, or Vayne.

Stealth Ward Upgrade:

The normal ward trinkets now automatically upgrade at level 9, so you don't have to use 250 gold to be able to gain two charges of stealth wards.

Refillable Potion:

Instead of grabbing normal health potions, there is now a refillable potion that costs 150 old, since the Hunter's Machete costs 350. There are two charges of health potions, but this is more cost effective than buying health potions, because health potions now cost 50 gold each. Plus, you can upgrade this refillable potion into three different things.
The refillable potion charges get refilled when you return to the shop, so it's basically the same thing as Crystalline Flask.

Guide Top

Season 6 - Runic Echoes

I know, I know, it's not called "Runeglaive" anymore, but this banner still works, don't judge me!

Anyway, now that the AP jungle item is a cheaper Luden's Echo, this makes AP Teemo Jungle viable again! This helps keep the burst potential of a sneaky Teemo intact without requiring auto attacks or spell-spamming (with most Lich Bane Champions).

This build is also open to more options since you aren't reliant on attack speed or on-hit effects, such as Rod of Ages and Liandry's Torment, which are good for heavy AP damage builds, but not so much if you're going Rapid Fire Sentry Mode.

The other benefit for going with this build is that you will be able to start helping your team a lot earlier since you have a bit more damage to offer once you get your Jungle item, and you will also become more useful in team fights since your mushrooms will hurt that much more, on top of having the slows from Rylai's.

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Season 6 - Mid Year Mage Update

It's finally here!

With this patch, Teemo's Shrooms are getting their mana cost lowered for all ranks, and the recharge rate is lowered as well.

Moving on, the mid year mage update brings about many different changes to our beloved mage items, as well as changing some mages' kits to be better thematically, and gameplay wise.

But enough of that, you came here because you want to know about Teemo Jungle!
So the question is: How does this affect our favorite scumbag?

Positively, actually.

New Rod of Ages gives you back health per mana expenditure, and mana for taking damage from champions.
We aren't getting this item for the unique passive, this is mainly for the mana and passive gain of more mana and health. But now there is another option for mana:

Morellonomicon now gives mana! It still has the grevious wounds passive, so it is still useful when you are sending your nukes towards the enemy team.

Now for those two new items:

These are two new items that build out of hextech revolver, along with two actives that will be pretty useful to Teemo. Some experimenting is needed to see just how useful they are on him.

The Hextech GLP's active sends out bolts of ice in a cone in front of you, slowing champions and dealing damage. This item is useful for when you and your team are chasing or running away, and you just need a quick slow to catch up.
This item gives you health and mana, so it's nice as an early item to help you to keep planting shrooms in all of the bushes. A mushroom a day keeps the Lee Sin away.

The Hextech Protobelt's active pushes you forward a short distance and shoots out little rockets around you, dealing damage. This item is useful, again, if you need to catch up to someone, or need to get away. This item would come in handy if you need to re-position yourself and you don't want to use flash, or flash is on cooldown.
This item also gives you a nice little bit of CDR and health, so that's useful, especially if you need to leave the group to go assassinate someone. Also nice if you already have a few mana items, and you don't want more.

Hextech Gunblade stays the same, so you don't need to worry about that. The active just has an instant damaging projectile, that still has the slow. A good item if you want something mainly offensive, but already have enough defensive stats.

Everything else applies when you are playing Runic Echoes Teemo, these items are just other choices available to you.

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Warding: I'll Scout Ahead

Obviously you have your warding trinket, but that only lasts a minute, then the upgrade makes it 3 minutes. But your Mushrooms last 5 minutes, and they damage and slow your approaching, unsuspecting prey.

Your ganks and warding will be that much better because you can throw your mushrooms over walls around dragon/baron, and either gain dragon, or get some kills as your team rushes to gain the much needed dragon buff stacks, or the baron buff that will guarantee the game for you.

Thanks to the 5.15 changes, Teemo can now THROW his Shrooms over walls and bounce Shrooms off one another... Meaning your warding will be that much better, and you can (for lack of a better phrase) scout the enemy jungle far more efficiently.

Not to mention the Mushrooms also reveal the poor guy who stepped on the Shroom.

Baron Control, yes please.

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Pros / Cons


Fun to play
Can learn different strategies as you go
Throwable Shrooms = Effective Zoning and Scouting
Invisible movement within a bush
Flexible build paths

Can get stomped on in the early game if not played correctly
If you do get stomped on, it will be VERY difficult to make a comeback
You kind of require some items to gain strength
Easily taken down if movement is impaired (knockup, stun, etc)

Guide Top


I hope you enjoyed my Season 6 Jungle Teemo Guide!

If you see anything odd or think I missed anything, drop a comment and I'll be sure to look into that next time I play Jungle Teemo.