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Jhin Build Guide by Kurakowski

ADC [8.14] Really fast guy (not really)[In depth]

ADC [8.14] Really fast guy (not really)[In depth]

Updated on July 26, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kurakowski Build Guide By Kurakowski 7 0 14,296 Views 2 Comments
7 0 14,296 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kurakowski Jhin Build Guide By Kurakowski Updated on July 26, 2018
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  • LoL Champion: Jhin
    >Just try it man!
  • LoL Champion: Jhin
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Hello there, I'm Kurakowski (DeusArtifex in game) and welcome to my Jhin build and guide.

So, they said that the ADCs are dead (and I agree) but i wont let the best boy Jhin go!
Alright then, without further ado, to the guide!
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Hail of Blades - As said in the notes, attack speed = DMG for Jhin, and if the bonus is 75% at level 1... well, it's quite some DMG in there. Goes really well with any CCs, either your or your supports CCs, and where you go with CCs you take the...

Cheap Shot. As I said, goes well with CCs, provides you with some true DMG. Good choice, certainly better than other options for this place, since you don't have anything to proc Sudden Impact, and you don't need bonus heal from the Taste of Blood.

Eyeball Collection - it's my personal favourite for this slot. You can go for more vision with Zombie Ward or Ghost Poro(bleh), but the bonus dmg suits this build and Jhin himself well.

Ultimate Hunter - best for the slot in my opinion. Useful if you can use your Curtain Call properly, but could be swapped for Relentless Hunter if it's not your playstyle.

Legend: Bloodline - now, there comes your survivability. As you have some attack speed runes already so there is no need for Legend: Alacrity and you wont make any use of Legend: Tenacity - 8% of bonus lifesteal is great for you, especially because you don't aim for it in the build (unless vs hard CCs and/or APs where you'd get Mercurial Scimitar.

Coup de Grace - do i really need to explain why? To put it simple, compared to the other choices for this slot, this gives you the most (and I'll spare you the math). + Jhin has a built in mechanic like this one, so why not make it even stronger?

And that's what I'd go for runes. Could also go for Celerity + Manaflow Band as the second tree, but i prefer the survivability that the rune set above provides. Anyway, feel free to test on your own, those are just the guidelines, right?
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I'm gonna explain core in here
Let's start with the boots. Why Boots of Swiftness? They enhance your MS that are already boosted by your Whisper crits. Allows better kiting/chasing and makes coming back to lane faster.

" Infinity Edge and why you rush it?" As said in notes above, unlike other champions Jhin has some build in crits without crit chancecause of Whisper, so now even with IE not giving you any crits on its own, it has a new great thing going. Aside from +80 AD that it gives, 15% of your GUARANTEED crit that is further boosted by targets missing health is turned into true dmg. How cool is that?

This item kinda was a thing for Jhin since the best boy came out. Even with other ADCs leaning more towards Statikk Shiv, you've still seen most Jhin players with Firecannon. That's your crit and attack speed provider for the rest of the game. It also gives you extended attack range, loads your energized attacks faster (so you'll get it more often than with Statikk) and additional magis DMG that can proc on turrets. Useful for poking and gives more utility than Shiv.

Well, i just kinda found it working on Jhin. With its passive: Rage, it goes well with your passive Whisper, so it boosts your MS even further. Also its other passive, the most iconic thing for Cleaver, lowers your targets armor with any physical DMG you deal - and this makes your 4th auto attack even better if you throw your Dancing Grenade and [Deadly Flourish]] before it. Same thing with your ultimate Curtain Call if you'll aim it well.
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Laning phase

When you get into your lane after minions have spawned, just push till you get lvl 2 and stop pushing immediately . Watch out for the enemy poke, stay safe and do your best not to lose any farm. Avoid fighting early on and try to poke with your Dancing Grenade bouncing off minions onto enemies (and mind your mana).
Try not to pick fight yourself if your support can do it for you ( Rakan, Thresh, Blitzcrank and similar champs), just follow up with Deadly Flourish and then go into the fight.

If you have a less aggressive supports (like Janna, Soraka) that ain't so good at catching and isolating your target so easily, keep on poking, and try starting the fight yourself with snare on Deadly Flourish.

Always pick your fights wisely and help your support keeping vision on lane with Captive Audience and Stealth Wards.
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Post laning phase

Remember not to go alone to much. May seem obvious, but really, keep it in mind.

Try to stick to the biggest group, unless you're off farming side-lane (please at least bring your support with ya). Look for good pick to root from afar with your Deadly Flourish, this ability is your greatest tool out of the laning phase. Well landed, your W can put one key person out of the fight thus winning said fight. And who doesn't love landing those :D In my humble opinion, Deadly Flourish is one of the reasons that Jhin is still an ok pick.

Farming the side-lanes/split pushing ain't your goal, shin isn't really great at pushing fast, and good picks are mostly worth more for your team than you farming. Of course, if you're behind farming can be your only option but remember to be safe on the side-lanes. Vision is always crucial, and you have it easy with Captive Audience, but also remember to have a good escape route and actually look at the map(again, obvious but keep that in mind).

Oh right! Remember about Curtain Call! This also can do real stuff, and is not only "the good finisher", you can really make good stuff if you'll use it well after hitting Deadly Flourish(for example). In other words, use it more, most people don't and waste it's potential. Remember, I picked Ultimate Hunter for a reason, right!? Don't be afraid to use it and you'll begin to feel the right moment for it.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kurakowski
Kurakowski Jhin Guide
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[8.14] Really fast guy (not really)[In depth]

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