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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ekko Build Guide by undeadsoldiers

Middle [8.24] Fool me once... and I'll just rewind. [IN-DEPTH EKKO

Middle [8.24] Fool me once... and I'll just rewind. [IN-DEPTH EKKO

Updated on January 15, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author undeadsoldiers Build Guide By undeadsoldiers 15 2 48,350 Views 2 Comments
15 2 48,350 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author undeadsoldiers Ekko Build Guide By undeadsoldiers Updated on January 15, 2019
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Biscuit Delivery
Approach Velocity

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Hello ! I'm undeadsoldiers and I love Ekko. In my opinion, he requires a much different playstyle and a lot of time to learn, so don't give up if at first you don't succeed. He has a lot of outplay potential and getting back on track if he's behind. In this guide I will show you how to play him. I hope you enjoy and find it helpful ! (This is my first guide so it is not as aesthetically pleasing as I wanted it to be since I'm new to bbcoding, I apologize.)

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Ekko-The Boy Who Shattered Time
Melee, AP, Assassin, Mid-Laner

Health: 585(+85 per level)
Attack Damage: 55(+3 per level)
Attack Speed: 0.625(+3.3% per level)
Movement Speed: 340
Health Regen: 9(+0.9 per level)
Armour: 32(+3 per level)
Magic Resist: 32(+1.25 per level)

Ekko’s a powerful skirmishing assassin who thrives in extended fights, using his mobility and crowd control to slow and stun enemies as he whittles down his targets. And if he starts to lose a fight, the brilliant boy from Zaun can rewind time a little and try again. Ekko's damaging spells and attacks build up Resonance stacks on his enemies. Every third attack against the same target triggers Ekko’s passive, dealing bonus damage and slowing his enemy. If he triggers his passive on an enemy champion, Ekko also gains a strong movement speed buff.


+High Mobility
+Engage/Disengage Quick
+High Damage
+Tank or AP
+Outplay Potential
+Great in Team Fights
+Good Assassin

Ekko can engage and disengage pretty fast. With his E: Phase Dive he is able to do that. He can deal so much damage especially to squishy targets with low CC. You can build him as a tank or AP, either way he is a monster. When you build him as a tank, your R: Chronobreak can turn the situation around by healing you when the enemy is low or if you're AP, it can seriously damage them. He is good in team fights especially because of W: Parallel Convergence where he can stun enemies and his R: Chronobreak where he can deal a whole lot of damage.


-Hard to learn
-Bad Early Game
-Weak to poke
-Weak to CC
-Easy to Miss Abilities
-Hard Late Game

It will take you a very long time to learn Ekko. He is unlike any other champion. But you should remember to never give up. Ekko is weak against hard CC champions and to me they make him very choppy and not smooth like I'm used to. He is weak to poke and you should avoid it as much as possible. Since it's easy to miss abilities and not deal any damage + you're squishy, it is a risk to engage, but don't worry as long as you disengage on time. He is pretty hard to play in late game, if it gets to that point.

Domination will be your primary rune. I always use this on Ekko and it is a go to choice on any champion that gains something from the third attack. Ekko deals bonus damage and gains movement speed after the third attack.

Sudden Impact is very good on Ekko because of his W: Phase Dive. He gains 7 lethality and 6 magic penetration for 5 seconds. Given that he already deals a lot of damage, squishy targets especially, can be in great danger.

Eyeball Collection will grant you 2 eyeballs per champion takedown or 1 eyeball per assist or ward takedown. Each eyeball will grant you an adaptive 0.6 AD or 1 AP. When you get 20 eyeballs and your collection is complete you will gain an adaptive 6 AD or 10 AP. I like using this on Ekko because it grants you even more AP so you can be the true monster that you are and make your opponents wonder 'Health bar? 404 not found'.

Ravenous Hunter heals you for 1.5%(+2.5% per Bounty Hunter stack) of the damage dealt by your abilities. You gain a Bounty Hunter stack after your first takedown on an enemy champion. When you get a full build, because of the AP, the healing can get crazy.

Ekko is pretty tricky regarding the runes. The keystone he wants is in Domination but the runes he wants are in Inspiration. Considering that I always go for Inspiration as a second tree.

I use Future's Market to really get ahead in lane and dominate it. If you get a full build as fast you will be a monster. I'm not saying debt is good, but... Go into debt. A lot. Only in LoL though.

Approach Velocity grants you 15% movement speed towards movement impaired enemies. When you slow them with Q: Timewinder you can quicly W: Phase Dive and try to deal some damage in lane. This is also helpful for chasing enemies.

Ignite. Just enough to finish them off. This is what most mid-laners should take. It's amazing on Ekko and I take it every time.

Flash. This is very useful to blink youself a short distance away from danger or towards an enemy champion you want to take down.

This is Ekko's passive. Ekko's Zero-Drive charges his spells and attacks with temporal energy. The third hit deals bonus damage and, if the target is a champion, Ekko gains accelerated movement speed.

DAMAGE:60/75/90/105/120(+30% AP, on return 60% AP)
This is Ekko's Q. Ekko throws a temporal grenade that expands into a time-distortion field upon hitting an enemy champion, slowing and damaging anyone caught inside. After a delay, the grenade rewinds back to Ekko, dealing damage on its return. You can use this to poke in lane and to slow down enemy champions. As you build your AP the damage will get crazy since it will give bonus damage to Timewinder.

SHIELD:80/100/120/140/160 (+stun to all enemies inside it for 1.75 seconds)
This is Ekko's W. Ekko splits the timeline, creating an anomaly after a few seconds that slows enemies caught inside. If Ekko enters the anomaly, he gains shielding and triggers a detonation, stunning enemies by suspending them in time. In order to use this properly you would need to calculate where the fight would be or where the enemy has nowhere else to go, that's where Ekko gets pretty hard, you have to know things beforehand.

(+40% AP)
This is Ekko's E. Ekko rolls evasively while charging up his Z-Drive. His next attack deals bonus damage and warps reality, teleporting him to his target. This is useful in a combo: W: Parallel Convergence to stun the enemy and shield yourself, E: Phase Dive where you essentially want to teleport in front of them to ensure you hit your Q: Timewinder as it's thrown and when it comes back.

DAMAGE:150/300/450(+150% AP)
HEAL:100/150/200(+60% AP)
This is Ekko's R. Ekko shatters his timeline, becoming untargetable and rewinding to a more favorable point in time. He returns to whenever he was a few seconds ago, and heals for a percentage of the damage received in that duration. Enemies near his arrival zone take massive damage. This is basically a free 'oops I messed up' button, but don't use it as that. I use it when I'm running from enemies to turn the situation around. Your clone is where you were 4s ago which could be where the enemy is, simply throw out a W: Parallel Convergence and come back with R: Chronobreak to stun them+deal massive damage. You can also use E: Phase Dive and Q: Timewinder for a full combo.

> > >


This is how I always do it on Ekko. You need your Q: Timewinder first because you will be using it the most either for poking or anything else. You will max out E: Phase Dive second and your R: Chronobreak third. I always max out W: Parallel Convergence. This is in my opinion the best way to do it and will give you the best results.


Hextech Gunblade
+40 Attack Damage
+80 Ability Power

UNIQUE Passive: Heal for 15% of damage dealt. This is 33% as effective for Area of Effect damage.
UNIQUE Active - Lightning Bolt: Deals 175 - 253 (+30% of Ability Power) magic damage and slows the target champion's Movement Speed by 40% for 2 seconds (40 second cooldown, shared with other Hextech items).
This is pretty standard on AP Ekko and I always build it when I'm playing him AP.


Lich Bane
+80 Ability Power
+7% Movement Speed
+10% Cooldown Reduction
+250 Mana

UNIQUE Passive - Spellblade: After using an ability, the next basic attack deals 75% Base Attack Damage (+50% of Ability Power) bonus magic damage on hit (1.5 second cooldown).
This is my go to item on Ekko. I don't really rush Lich Bane, but I do mostly get it second after an item I feel like I need first since it depends on the enemy.


Luden's Tempest
+90 Ability Power
+600 Mana
+10% Cooldown Reduction

UNIQUE Passive - Haste: This item gains an additional 10% Cooldown Reduction.
UNIQUE Passive - Echo: Gain charges upon moving or casting. At 100 charges, the next damaging spell hit expends all charges to deal 100 (+10% of Ability Power) bonus magic damage to up to 4 targets on hit.
This really gets Ekko going. I feel like I sometimes have mana issues in team fights so Luden's Tempest keeps me safe.


Zhonya's Hourglass
+75 Ability Power
+45 Armor
+10% Cooldown Reduction

UNIQUE Active - Stasis: Champion becomes invulnerable and untargetable for 2.5 seconds, but is unable to move, attack, cast spells, or use items during this time (120 second cooldown).
If you feel like you need it you should get it. I get this because it can really take you out of a sticky situation and turn it around.


Rabadon's Deathcap
+120 Ability Power

UNIQUE Passive: Increases Ability Power by 40%.
This item on Ekko is amazing. It makes you a beast. You can truly delete enemies once you get it, although I would only get it late game if it gets to it, since Ekko tends to have a bad late game.


Sorcerer's Shoes
Limited to 1 pair of boots.
+18 Magic Penetration

UNIQUE Passive - Enhanced Movement: +45 Movement Speed
This is pretty standard on Ekko if you're not against hard CC champions which are a bad matchup for Ekko. If you are take Mercury's Treads.


These are the standard boots that you should be taking if you're generally doing good in lane and aren't up against a heavy CC champion, however I would still wait and see if Sorcerer's Shoes are the ones I want and need. They grant you +18 Magic Penetration and +45 Movement Speed.


Ninja Tabi are the boots you should be going for if you're against heavy AD champions to reduce the damage of basic attacks as much as you can. They give you +45 Movement Speed like the Sorcerer's Shoes but they also give you +20 Armor and reduce incoming damage from all basic attacks by 12% (excluding turret shots). They do not reduce damage of on-hit effects, but they do reduce damage of basic attack modifiers.


Mercury's Treads are the ones you will get if you're up against a heavy CC champion. They are very tough matchups for Ekko. They, too, give you +45 Movement Speed, but they grant you +25 Magic Resist. They reduce the duration of all crowd control effects by 30% (except for Suppression, Stasis, and Displacements).


I use Hextech Gunblade when I want sustain, however it depends on what you need at the moment. I always tend to choose the Hextech Rocketbelt, but Hextech Gunblade is good when you just want to ruin the ADC. The heal is a good thing about it and overall it is an okay item to use but I tend to lean more towards the Hextech Rocketbelt. It gives you +40 AD and +80 AP. It instantly heals you for 15% of all damage dealt, including physical, magic, and true damage. Area of effect damage only heals 5% for every unit affected. Lightning Bolt: Instantly deals 175 - 253 (based on level) (+30% AP) magic damage and slows the target champion's movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds (700 range) (40 second cooldown, shared with other Hextech items).


Hextech Rocketbelt is what I mostly use. Hextech Rocketbelt feels super good on Ekko. It adds extra range to your main combo and makes you extra clingy. I find ravenous hunter enough sustain, plus Hextech Rocketbelt is 900 gold cheaper. It makes you really tanky and the waveclear/dash works very well. It gives you +300 Health, +60 AP and 10% CDR. Fire Bolt: Dash forward dealing 75 - 150 (based on level) (+25% AP) magic damage on your way and behind you, after which you fire a nova of seven fire bolts in a cone, with each bolt dealing the same magic damage. Against champions and monsters, each instance of damage beyond the first deals 90% reduced damage (40 second cooldown, shared with other Hextech items).


I don't find Zed a particularly hard matchup. Your Ultimate: Chronobreak can basically counter his Death Mark. When he uses it just ult back, but make sure he is in the zone where you can deal damage to him. This can be harder or easier depending on the elo in which you're playing him. I've seen a lot of low elo plays where enemies don't even watch where Ekko's clone is so it should be easy to catch them, however in higher elos people know that you can ult them any time when the clone is up so they play safer and actually landing it on them can be trickier. I will say this: Zed is specifically designed to ruin you 1v1. His kit is I would say, very anti- Ekko. He can spam his Q and out-poke you at no cost. You can either let him roam or let him farm in peace. I would suggest to roam yourself and not depend on him. Shove, poke him if you can and go roam to take kills on their jungler or bot.


As with Zed, Fizz's Ultimate: Chum the Waters can be countered if you time it right, although Fizz is a bit trickier to deal with because of his E: Playful / Trickster. I myself don't find it that difficult playing against a Fizz as Ekko, especially because of the ult counter. Though Fizz does have the favour. His early game is much stronger than Ekko's and he has higher kill potential. Try to bait out his ult and you should be good. I still think this is a skill matchup mid-to late game, and is overhyped in terms of a counter.


Lissandra can be a tough matchup for Ekko becuase of her hard CC. She doesn't have good wave clear, unless she double Qs, but that would waste all her mana since she has high manacost. My advice is to shove and go roam to other lanes and try to get kills. Choose when you engage carefully because she can stop you with her CC. You can take cleanse against her or any hard CC champion. The lane is more in her favour, when she gets Lost Chapter/ Morellonomicon she can shove the lane faster. You have 0 kill potential because of her anti-assasin kit. Communicate with the jungler and have good vision; go for 4-man bot lane dives and try to out-roam her, even though her roams can get scary. Go for objectives and don't get baited.


Kassadin is a VERY tough matchup for Ekko. Kassadin easily outrades Ekko due to his q spellshield and blows him up once he reaches 6. Kassadin also builds health items, reducing Ekko's threat level due to Ekko's relatively low burst damage compared to other champs. And at 6, his increased mobility will make his roams much scarier than Ekko's roams, allowing him to apply pressure across the map. His Passive + Q makes him nigh-imune to your trades and to level 2 Cheese, his AA+WE> Q burst and he can Ult in and out of bad fights to prevent you from 3rd Passive proc. My advice is to not let him scale. Shove and roam.


Remember that Ekko's e is a two part ability: you can use it to dash and evade skill shots twice. Not only that, but the second part is a blink, kind of like flash. You can use the "blink" part to dodge Ahri's charm, but doing so take skill and experience on Ekko.Dodging the charm should be enough to win trades, as it is her only form of cc. As you win trades, you will have more freedom to push, roam, etc. and, ultimately, snowball the game.Ahri will try to poke you out with Q when you go for a cs, anticipate it and when she misses go for E Q combo and run out with MS from passive. Focus on CS until level 6 and you should be fine from there. Roam.


This is a skill matchup. Katarina is bad at farming under tower so you should shove hard. E away from her daggers and deny any of her passive damage. Early game Kat has extreme kill pressure against you. A good Kat can be a hard matchup but in general its a skill matchup. Watch out for her roams as they can get very out of hand. Put wards on both sides in brushes and on both sides of the river especially on bot. Try to follow her when she roams. The game isn't just about the laning phase though, you just need to play toward your strong points and try to avoid her strong points.


Try to bait out her shroud as much as you can and go in when it's on cooldown. With the new reowrk it's especially broken. She out-damages you early-game so just Q-farm pre-6. Her shroud is one of the biggest outplay buttons in the game so just stay avay from it.The best you can do is zone her away from the minions with Q, because of the rework a lot of players overestimate her damage earlier on despite not being as high as it seems. Though going for long trades or going in with E will end up getting you either really low or dead since she can hard punish you. Roaming will once again be the solution for this matchup.


Let him come to you and don't engage or you'll most likely lose trade. You can lose the lane gracefully, or hope he greeds out and you get a kill out of it, but if he is competent on the champion in any way, it’ll be hard for you to win the lane without external help or a mess up on his end. If he goes way too aggressive and you basically damage him for free. His shield negates your first Q damage and he out trades you early on because of conqueror. He can block your Q from reaching the wave with his fat shield (literally body blocking) or with windwall and it screws up your wave clear, you also can't walk up because he wins trades. After 6 you have a high chance of winning because if he ults you while you're being ulted your ult has enough time to enter damage range. Try to shove some and go roam.


Try to side-dodge his W as much as you can and don't die to him at level 2. He is free to roam so plant a ward in the middle of his side of the lane so you know when he's going to roam and spam-ping. Put a ward in the river bush instead of the lane bush. If you suspect he's going to invade your jungler move and try to cover him. Try to follow him when he's roaming. Use your E Q animation cancel to almost instantly proc your passive when his W is on cooldown, then run away. Rather than trying to get hard poke down when you hit lvl 2, back off and shove the wave with Q. Stay away and by level 6 you’re fine.


Keep your distance and use E defensively a lot to avoid her Q W combo or to dash out of range of her chain. If she ever wiffs her blink trying to poke you, you should usually try to all-in her with your dash if it’s available. If you’re getting really stomped in, then I’d consider Abyssal Mask as a first item. Despite not being the greatest item on Ekko, it definitely can save your *** from a lot of bad match ups. This is probably Ekko’s hardest matchup as she can burst you before your ult can even be used and she’s too slippery for your combos to hit. Usually you want to just survive in this lane and just make it to the team fighting phase so you can outshine Leblanc and have a team that can peel her off of you. Here's a tip: when you have your passive on her and her clones appears the passive stays on the real one which is a really nice thing to have.


Early laning is pretty easy because you should just be able to shove him under turret and if he uses his voids your Q one shots them. If he uses his e on creeps, all in him right away. His voids target whoever is affected by so you win the trades with taking no damage if done right. If he e's you, back off and let it wear off, then shove the wave and roam since he just lost his only pushing ability. The only time he should have kill pressure in lane is when he hits 6 and you have less then 50% hp. You can't really outplay his R unless you can survive it and have your ult land on top of him. Other then that Malz is a weak early game champ which can be abused in lane so win early against him through hard shoving, roaming, and knowing when to trade. My games against Malzahar go pretty easy and he's not as hard as people overhype him to be against Ekko.


I don't think going even vs Diana is good enough. You want to be ahead in the lane. Once she hits level 6 (much like Akali) she spikes pretty hard. I would suggest building Rod of Ages then Mercury's Treads and then Banshee's Veil if you still feel the need. The best thing to build VS AP burst is Health and MR. You can also just go Hextech Rocketbelt if you feel as though Rod of Ages is too slow for you. I would build Abyssal Mask against her too, it allows you to safely trade and your push power is much stronger than hers.


You should bait her Q out and then go ham on her. Everyone says to just dodge it and that's what makes it non-safe, because it's never that easy. A good Lux won't just waste it if it's not 100% sure to hit. Set your wave up for ganks from your jungler since she can only root one of you. If she holds on to the Q it should be a farm-fest which is good for you since you can shove and go roam to get kills. If she follows you just dodge with E: phase drive and kill her.


Trading is worthless. You can't 100 to 0 him, and he'll just heal back up any damage. It's a hard matchup, I usually just push and roam bot a lot and try to get kills there. If you get the kills you can get to a point where you can kill him midgame. If you get your botlane ahead it's even better. Don't get Morellonomicon yourself, forget about Vladimir and focus on assasinating their ADC or any other squishies, let your ADC deal with Vladimir.


I think this machup is normal for Ekko. Or at least skilled for Ekko (not so much for her). One advantage I find useful as Ekko is if she touches you with E you can simply blink on her with your E to lower the travel distance of her Q and thus lowering her damage, also if you plan on attacking her you can use your bubble and facetank her burst at melee range with your blink.

Ekko is an AP Malee Assassin Who Does Massive Damage

For playing Ekko you can't be scared. You have to either go all-in and fight or lose the game. Don't let yourself be denied of farm and don't play too passive, it won't work out.

Don't Give Up

Ekko is very hard to learn so don't be dissappointed if you lose your first few games. You need to build up skill and get used to him. Use the training tool and try out the abilities a few times. Slowly they will start to sit with you and you will get more comfortable and free.

Learning Ekko Pays Off

Once you've truly mastered Ekko you will be carrying all your games. Once an Ekko is fed, especially if he has skill he is unstoppable. Ekko has a unique playstyle and once you learn him other champions will seem easy.

Ekko is Fun

Ekko is a very fun champion once you get the hang of him. I have the best time playing him and it is truly an experience. Ekko is amazing.

Feel free to ask questions !

When I change something I will log it here.
20/11/18Added New Runes
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League of Legends Build Guide Author undeadsoldiers
undeadsoldiers Ekko Guide
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