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Caitlyn Build Guide by misterfirstblood

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League of Legends Build Guide Author misterfirstblood

[8.6] Caitlyn Build Guide by misterfirstblood

misterfirstblood Last updated on March 22, 2018
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Caitlyn Build Guide by Misterf

Caitlyn Build

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Fleet Footwork
Fleet Footwork
LoL Rune: Overheal
LoL Rune: Legend: Alacrity
Legend: Alacrity
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Eyeball Collection
Eyeball Collection
LoL Rune: Taste of Blood
Taste of Blood

+9% attack speed and +10 ability power or +6 attack damage, adaptive

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Hello it's me Misterfirstblood from EUW.

I published this guide on April 26th 2016.
Sorry for Mistakes in my Syntax, im german and trying my best :D

Caitlyn is a high ranged Ad-Carry with a really strong autoattacks and good waveclear.

Today I wanna show you how I play Caitlyn in season 8 because theres a lot of things changed since runes reforged went live.

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Hey guys, new runes are live now and lmao thats a lot of stuff to explore.
I spent a a lot of time to find out whats the beat keystone for my favourite champs.

For ADCs I think you can't really do a mistake by choosing the Precision Path. The only exceptions are Jhin, Miss Fortune and Ezreal in my opinion, because something like the old thunderlord mastery is in a different tree then Precision.

The Keystones in Precision tree are Press the Attack, Lethal Tempo and Fleet Footwork.
Press the Attack will apply a debuff to a enemy you attacked 3 times in a row, which increases every incoming damage for some seconds. Additionally it deals a little damage when you trigger it kinda like thunderlord
Lethal Tempo gives you tons of attack speed and allows you to break the 2.5 as cap after attacking a enemy.
Fleet Footwork is like the old warlords bloodlust and gives sustain and movement speed after generating 100 stacks.

Since Fleet Footwork scales with critical strike chance you should definitely use it on Caitlyn. Her lane phase is strong anyway but with that sustain you are full health all the time.

My Personal preference for the second tree to go in is Domination.
There is a lot of utility you can get from taking Ravenous Hunter and Sudden Impact.

By choosing Taste of Blood in combination with Overheal, Fleet Footwork and Doran's Blade you should be able to generate a massive shield and massive sustain.

Try it out, I will do the same and inform you if I found a more effectively way to play Caitlyn.

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Since relic shield start went out of meta again its up to you to start Relic Shield or dorans. But its still worth to mention it.
Because of her increased passive damage with better critical strike chance it makes more sense to build Infinity Edge than Essence Reaver.
In Lategame she doesnt use her Abilities anyway so you don't really need that CDR.
Your 3 Item Powerspike with Infinity Edge Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon is amazing. Its up to you to Finish Infinity Edge first or get a B. F. Sword and finish Statikk Shiv first.

If you need Armor penetration right now buy Last Whisper but upgrade it after finishing your Blade.
If you finally need some defensive options for lategame go for a Hexdrinker, Mercurial Scimitar, Frozen Mallet or build Guardian Angel and buy an elexir which allows you more sustain in fights.
In Total lategame you can replace your attack speed boots / Ninja Tabi with another attackspeed/Crit item like Phantom Dancer or Runaan's Hurricane.

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Tipps & Tricks

- Attack enemys when they try to lasthit and get out of their range again
- Give your jungler a good pull to stack your Headshot and harass your Enemies
- Try to Headshot enemies instead of minions while laning. Even if they auto attack back you should be able to win the trade.
- You can jump over walls with your 90 Caliber Net
- You can make a double headshot when stacking your Headshot and using 90 Caliber Net after
- When you get chased place some Yordle Snap Trap between your enemy and you. Remember they need some time to be activated but if they are slowed or CC'ed you have enough time to escape safely or turn the fight like I did in the following video.

- If you don't lane against a tank support feel free to use your Ace in the Hole to poke. Otherwise just use it to execute enemys. Don't use it in a trade because the animation needs too many time.
- In Lategame dont use your Piltover Peacemaker/ Ace in the Hole in Teamfights. Your DPS when auto attacking should be better.
- Place some Yordle Snap Trap in botside Brushes to avoid Ganks. You can also grant vision in brushes while placing a trap in it.
- With lvl 18 set as much traps as possible the cooldown will be very short.
- Avoid to try flash Piltover Peacemaker kills. Caitlyns Piltover Peacemaker needs 1 second and is predictable and easy to dodge. Just do it when your sure for a 100% to land it.

Instead of Piltover Peacemaker try to Flash 90 Caliber Net, if you land your 90 Caliber Net you can use a Headshot with increased range to execute them.

- If you don't have vision to land your Ace in the Hole use the Farsight Alteration to make them visible for a short time. Even if they hide in a brush again the ultimate won't be cancelled.
- RED BUFF!! If someone really needs red buff, its caitlyn. I really love this hit effect on her. If you have [[runaan's hurricane] you can aoe slow your enemies by auto attacking. It also will improve your Kiting potential.

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Caitlyn is good against:

- Low Ranged Adc's like Vayne or Kai'Sa(Early)
- Kiteable Tanks/Bruisers without hard CC like Garen
- Bad Early Champs like Jinx
- Champs without Waveclear like Ezreal

Caitlyn has a super strong early game. She can trade often and push very hard. It's her job to deny enemies farm and push towers to get advantages for the team in early. If Caitlyn can't snowball a lane she isn't that much effective than other adc's.
In lategame she can also kite very good with her Yordle Snap Trap and 90 Caliber Net.

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Caitlyn is bad against:

- Assasins like Zed/ LeBlanc
- Hard CC like Malphite/ Nautilus/ Sejuani
- Hypercarry lategame adc's like Vayne Tristana

Caitlyn often loses her Lategame against adc's like Vayne because she has no ability to buff her base stats like Vayne or Kog'Maw have. If you just can land 5 autoattacks in a tf u didn't get any benefit from the headshots in worst case. For example: Vayne gets a lot of attack damage by her ult, Kog'Maw get doubled attack speed passively. Theres a lot more champs with steroids like Tristana or Jinx. Caitlyn doesn't have anything like this just the Headshot if its ready when u need it. Additionally she can't use her spells in fights so she just benefit from her passive every 6th hit and higher attack range than most adc's.
Because she doesn't really have high burst shes bad against all in champs like Zed or LeBlanc.

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Caitlyn is good with:

- Poke Supporters like Velkoz or Brand
- Tank Supporters with Engages like Leona Braum Thresh or Blitzcrank

Caitlyn needs a support to play offensive with her. It's her Job to make as much lane pressure as possible. I don't like Sona Nami or Janna to play with Caitlyn but they aren't bad at all because they got damage buffs atleast. Just avoid Soraka.
I recommend tanks with CC like Leona or Braum.

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+++ Range
++ Waveclear
++ Kiting
++ Earlygame
+ Escape
+ Lane bully

-- No Base stat Steroids (except passive)
- Spells useles in Lategame (lower DPS)
- weaker Lategame at all

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Patch Changes

7.24 Fleet Footwork finally received a buff and now scales with crit. Cait is way stronger now

8.2 Vayne and Ezreal received a nerf. Cait will be stronger now.

8.3 Kog'Maw got nerfed, and Lucian buffed. Cait has a good matchup versus Lucian. Additionally stopwatch received a change and not every single champ will continue playing with it, so caits ult can secure 1 more kill in some games

8.4 After Kog'Maw Twitch and Tristana's Nerfs in 8.4 Caitlyn is probably the Strongest adc at the moment

8.5 Fleet Footwork got nerfed, Twitch buffed and Kai'Sa released. Should be 1 more good match up for cait

8.6 Kai'Sa and Lucian will be more strong and an assasin meta will start since the duskblade changes and the release of Conqueror
Caitlyn will still be strong in 8.6

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The biggest Disadvantage on Caitlyn is that she doesnt have any steroids to buff her stats.
That doesn't mean Caitlyn can't win a 1v1 against hypercarries like vayne or tristana. It depends on the player, Caitlyns passive Stacks, the first hit, Critical strikes (luck) and Summoner spells.
For example when a fullbuild Caitlyn places a pink ward against a vayne to make her visible while her Ultimate is active and cait lands a first hit (higher range) which hits critically for about 500-700 dmg she's definitely able to win this 1v1.
Anyway you should avoid duels and try to use benefits from your high range especially in Early-Midgame.

Atleast its a very fun to play and strong Ad Carry. You can make great plays with your E and W using it the right way. Also you can improve your last hitting with caitlyn because she really got one of the best auto attack animations so shes able for low experienced players and also for competitive players.

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Thank you guys for your attention.
See You in my next Guide!