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Shaco Build Guide by phayilgaming

Jungle [9.11] One Invisible Boy - Shaco Guide

By phayilgaming | Updated on June 3, 2019

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Runes: Lethality

1 2
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

[9.11] One Invisible Boy - Shaco Guide

By phayilgaming
Hello! My name is Phayilkid and welcome to my Shaco guide. I am only a Silver player, but I much prefer playing casually with my five man rather than playing ranked.

If you enjoyed this guide, please remember to rate, and leave a comment if you have any questions.

I have got lots of experience with Shaco though. He is my favourite champion in League of Legends. If you enjoy annoying, troll champions, Shaco is the champion for you. He is all about mind games, with his Jack In The Box and Hallucinate, you will be constantly leaving your opponents guessing where you are.
Pros/Cons Back to Top


Really Fun
Great Counter Jungle
Can one shot when ahead
Can be built in many ways


Struggles against tanky champs
Useless if behind
Needs items to do big damage
Abilities Back to Top
Shaco's Backstab is where he get his huge initial damage burst off from. Using Deceive should help you get behind enemies undetected to get off an easy backstab.
Deceive is basically a flash which grants him invisibility with scaling duration, as well as bonus damage on his next attack. At max rank it grants 4.5 seconds of invisibility.
Shaco's boxes are a real pain. They fear enemies for 1.5 seconds at max rank, and does damage to them too. They also provide a small radius of vision, so make sure you are placing them everywhere!
Two-Shiv Poison is an ok ability. It slows and does more damage based on the % of the missing health from the target. Always use it after you have done all the damage you can before they run.
Hallucinate is one of my favourite Ultimates in League of Legends. I can be used in so many different ways, both offensively and Defensively. It can be used to double Shaco's damage or dodge many enemy attacks. It is hard to master controlling both yourself and the clone.
Here is an example of dodging Evelynn's Ulti with Shaco's
Lethality or Tank? Back to Top
The great thing about Shaco is he can build both Lethality or Tanky, and still be just as effective in the game. The key is knowing which item path to go down each game. I am currently finding that teams are either 4 tanks and 1 ADC, or 3 assassins, a utility support and an ADC.

If the enemy team is full of squishy champions, lethality is always a good route to go down. If you dont have a tank on your team, building tanky is always advised. You wont one shot people, but you will be about to do more sustained damage across a fight.

If you are vs tanks, always build tanky back. Chances are you will be locked down with CC, so having some tank will stop you being shot down so quickly.

Personally, right now I am enjoying building Shaco as a split push tank. It is getting me much better results, in terms of farm, KDA and winning. You can build Electrocute on the tanky build, but I like taking spellbook so I can switch to TP for extra map presence.
This is the first item you want to rush. It gives you a huge power spike and you can chunk all squishy targets with one Backstab. Also helps with clearing vision in jungle with its passive.
I always get boots of Mobility with Shaco. Getting around the map with speed is what you need with Shaco. The quicker you can get into enemy jungle camps and out the better.
Next up is more lethality with the Ghostblade. The active ability is also nice on Ghostblade as it lets you get behind the enemies quicker when trying to Backstab them. Can also be used to get to objectives quicker.
For my 5th item I buy Guardian Angel. It is such a great item for you to buy, and frustrating for the enemy team! Once you die with GA up, you should have enough time for your Deceive to be back up for you to disappear out of there.
And to finish of the Lethality build, I finish with Edge of Night. It also give you a nice shield with the active which can keep you alive in tight situations.
If you have a hard jungle match up and aren't able to counter jungle, go for a Tiamat and farm your own jungle. Titanic Hydra will give you extra health to stay alive.
This is a good idea if you are up against a very tanky comp. I personally would not pick Shaco if they have more than 1 tanky champion, but sometimes you dont get that luxury. Black Cleaver does help out a bit with this though.
Early Jungle Pathing Back to Top
Shaco is one of the very few junglers that don't need a leash at the start of the game. With his Jack In The Box he can solo either buff. However, I now always start at red and with a leash. Place 2 boxes at the red buff, and then two boxes at the Krugs as per the picture below:

Place the first box at 31 seconds at red buff, then place the other 3 as soon as the ability is back. Take your Deceive after you kill the Red Buff, and hop over the wall to the Krugs. Back stab the smaller Krug, then place another box and continue taking out the smaller Krug. Once this dies, take out the 2 smallest ones before finishing the large one and the rest.

From here, head over to Rift Scuttler. You might get a fight here with the enemy jungle if they started at their blue. If I see them attacking it, I normally back off, and then Deceive back in with the aim of smite stealing the Scuttle. This will get you level 3. You can the decide if you want to fight their jungler or leave.

From here, head to your Blue, Wolves and then it is time to look for a gank.
Final Thoughts Back to Top
Thank you all for reading my first ever guide! Like I said at the beginning, I am not some Challenger player who knows everything. I just felt like creating a guide so I did. Any constructive feedback is appreciated, and I will try to update the guide where I can with the new changes that come out.
Edits Back to Top
With the changes to Dark Harvest, I have found its no longer good on Shaco jungle. Electrocute gets off a lot more consistent damage in my opinion.

I have also removed Serrated Dirk as it no longer exists :(

Added an AP/Troll build. It is a good laugh, but doesnt necessarily get wins!

03/06/19 - Added a more tanky build. Tanky Shaco seems to work well right now.
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