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Yasuo Build Guide by BlankBR

Top [9.14] ''Death is like the wind; always by my side'' - Yasuo

Top [9.14] ''Death is like the wind; always by my side'' - Yasuo

Updated on July 30, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlankBR Build Guide By BlankBR 11 6 13,227 Views 4 Comments
11 6 13,227 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BlankBR Yasuo Build Guide By BlankBR Updated on July 30, 2019
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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Middle Lane
Ranked #71 in
Middle Lane
Win 51%
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Middle Lane Ranked #71 in
Middle Lane
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

[9.14] ''Death is like the wind; always by my side'' - Yasuo

By BlankBR


+ Great mobility
+ Extremely fun/strong when mastered
+ Snowball HARD if ahead
+ Play flute better then you ( JK )

- Weak against crowd control
- Really squishy early game
- High %ban rate
- Biggest hate base ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (idk why)
Conqueror : When you hit an enemie with auto attack ou skill, it gives you a stack and this stack is accumulative.
When completely stacked 10% of your damage will turn into true damage and heal you for the same amount.

Triumph : Takedowns restore your health and give a little bonus gold. It'll save you on really close times.

Legend: Alacrity : This choice is for the attack speed needed for capping Q and yasuo relies on it to do damage as a fighter.

Coup de Grace: When a target is at low health, you deal more damage at it. Great rune at all, + more damage, nothing special.

Taste of Blood: Sustain in lane phase and when trading.

Ravenous Hunter: Earn a stack the first time you get a takedown on each enemy champion. Amazing heal when fully stacked.



Always take it as Yasuo. You don't have good ways to escape from ganks and you can use it to make some *combos* as well (Secret uniques combo chapter).


I prefer going with TP instead of ignite when at top.
It gives you pressure in map to rotate mid or gank other lane, since yasuo can push waves pretty fast with Statikk.


Lane kill pressure is more important in midlane, where you are looking for some blood >:3. Since the nerf on Teleport CD changing to 360s (a.k.a 6 minutes) is really unusual to do not go w/ Ignite in mid.
Way of the wanderer (Passive): The passive has 2 parts. 1° - It gets charges by moving around or when Last Breath is casted. When it reach 100 you gain a shield when attacked.
2° - Yasuo doubles his Critical strike chance total critical strike chance from all other sources, but his Critical strike damage icon critical strikes deal only 80% (pretty worthy uh).

STEEL TEMPEST (Q): Kind of a low range AA that transform (in the third cast) into a skillshot/whirlwidn that knocks-up all enemies hit, first ability maxed. The cooldown of the ability gets reduced with more attack speed you earn from any sources and it has a cap at 1.33 attack speed. Deal physical damage and apply on-hit effects to the first target hit
WIND WALL (W): ''Face the wind!'', Yasuo creates a wind that blocks enemy projectiles but keep in mind that are some exceptions to this, an example is Lux R, Tower shots...
SWEEPING BLADE (E): Yasuo dashes a fixed distance toward a target enemy, dealing magic damage, can't dash to the same target during some seconds, great ability to chase, joke,
dash through walls and be able to make EQ and other tricks. (i'll cover that in combo section)



Berserker's Greaves > ATTACK SPEED
This is a great early power spike for yasuo since he need to get closer to do damage, giving you attack speed and movement speed.

Mercury's Treads > TENACITY
There are games when you are being caught out by CC or if you're getting destroyed by ability power damage. Grab these boots instead of Berserker's Greaves for the tenacity and magic resist.

Static energy
We want this item for the critical chance (It doubles with yasuo's passive), attack speed (to cap Q's cooldown) and for movement speed it provides, so that we deal extreme damage with our AA and abilities.

Into the Edge
It'll maximize your critical chance (100%), that's it, now you deal tons of damage.

Second chance
This item will provide Yasuo a longer teamfight if the team maintain alive and maybe turn the match around by winning a late game team fight. Giving +40 AD & Armor, it's good way to avoid getting knock out of the TF really quick.

Lane phase for Yasuo is the most complicated time because he loses for many matchups early on, so in order to have a good advantage, you need to understand the details in lane.

In the top and middle lane, you hit level 2 after the first 7 minions have been killed. This is the first minion wave followed by 1 of the melee minions on the second wave. If you kill one of the ranged minions first, you will not hit level 2. Whenever you hit a level advantage over the enemy, you should be prepared to engage on them or at least, put yourself in a way to deny farm. Hitting level 2 and level 3 first can also allow you to deny the enemy the level up for some time in some cases.

Zoning in lane

Zoning is where you stand an offensive position in the lane where you could potentially poke or fight the enemy.

Split pushing

Split pushing is a great tool to use when attempting to take towers or spreed the enemy team while your team is doing something else. The lanes that are usually pushed in this are Bot lane and Top lane. This is because they are the side lanes and they are longer in comparison to the Mid lane.
Combos and tricks


Patch notes
9.14 - Yasuo not directly affected but some counters like Renekton receive a anti shield buff, putting in him in a big threat against our main.


i'm adding new stuff everyday.

if have any question, adjustment,something wrong or want talk to me leave a comment i'll try to answer asap, making a decent guide takes a nice effort i would appreciate an up vote if you liked it.

About BlankX

(me :o)

Not too much to say about me, I've been playing League for some dawn good years,since the end of season 2, i'm far from be the best but i know something right about this game. I always wanted make a guide and i decided make this as the first one because i enjoy playing w/ him alot buuttt it is really laborious to make it and my mother language isn't English making it even harder. Reached to Platinum 1 last season but i couldn't make to diamond due to some tasks,hope you like this initial guide made by me ༼ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽ ( Got Diamond finally !!!)

(PT-BR Ahead -> se quiser me add no lol meu nick é BlankX)
League of Legends Build Guide Author BlankBR
BlankBR Yasuo Guide
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[9.14] ''Death is like the wind; always by my side'' - Yasuo

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