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Pantheon Build Guide by Leon Black

Top 9.16 Pantheon, The Falling star.

By Leon Black | Updated on August 14, 2019
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Runes: conqueror/domination (strong laning phase)

1 2 3
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
offensive/close combat
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Win 48%
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Champion Build Guide

9.16 Pantheon, The Falling star.

By Leon Black

[*] Strong roaming, game acceleration, ganging
[*] Point and click stun, i can not express how good a point and click ability is.
[*] Can poke enemies under tower without fear
[*] very good one v one if you learn how to play
[*] LONG RANGE EXECUTE (and does it feel good? oh yes it does)

[*] can be easily left behind and then the teamfights are not great
[*] very kitable (let's admit he always was, now you get to control what you block though)
[*] q is hard to calculate when it executes as there is no indication, they might change that in the future, we will see but tbh it is the reason i feel a rush every time i throw the spear and kind of enjoy it.
[*] med to bad wave clear. He's wave clear is just not strong at any point of the game without a titanic hydra. it is just underwhelming, if you want to split push then titanic is defo the item to go.

now let's talk about his abilities one by one:
passive (mortal will) Back to Top
Straight forward, 5 attacks or abilities empower your next ability. I will explain in each ability what empowerment does. there is an indicator for you, your teammates and your opponents to see when you have your empowered ability, plus the ability icons change colour.
Q (comet spear) Back to Top
Just like pyke, you can either tap or long hold q for more range and extra damage.

[*] if you just tap it, you do some damage and 50% of the ability mana is refunded, great for laning. DOES NOT EXECUTE. Yup just does some damage and that is it, if you want to execute you need to long press.
[*] if you long press q, here is where the fun begins, quickly (almost instantly) the range increases, the damage increases and goes through all targets, dealing more damage to the first target. If that target is below 25% then you deal the execute damage witch is quite increased. doesn't mean you execute them if they have 25% health, it means you deal almost 3ple the damage you would normally though and that is lethal.

EMPOWERMENT: Deals extra damage and slows targets for 25%

W (Shield vault) Back to Top
Just like his old w, the new one leaps to the target, stunning them for 1s and dealing a small percentage of damage.

EMPOWERMENT: if you empower this ability, pantheon hits the target 3 times WITH AUTO ATTACKS meaning that all auto attack effects stack with those attacks, including conqueror and his passive!
E (Aegis Assault) Back to Top
Pantheon blocks all damage (FOR HIMSELF ONLY) from the direction in front of him while dealing damage with his spears. you can move while you channell this ability but moving to the side or back your movement is decreased by 50%, while going forward has no movement reduction. at the end of the effect, pantheon slams the shield in front of him for a little bit of final damage. E can be stopped if activated again early. this ability blocks all damage except base laser, including tower shots.

EMPOWERMENT: Ability lasts significantly longer.

this is how you dive into towers without fear. it has quite a large cd so you need to be smart when to use it and should mainly be used defensively and not for it's damage.
R (Grand Starfall) Back to Top
Le big entrance. just like his old Ult, pantheon channels for a second, then leaps into the air and falls onto the ground dealing damage into a line.

IT FULLY CHARGES HIS PASSIVE MORTAL WILL. Witch means you trade with someone, you do your combos, and are left with no stacks on mortal will, and they start running, you ult at the location you believe they are going and if you guessed correctly, you probably damage them and have a fully charged mortal will witch means you can continue deleting them!
How to play Pantheon Back to Top
Now How to put everything we said into effect.

Play your opponents, zone them, you have the means to trade them and take no damage, you have the means to outtrade them even if you don't have your shield. It's always about opportunities with this champion, he has more than enough utility to grab every opportunity and turn the tides. punish every mistake they make, make them lose minions, be cruel and unreasonable like the beast you are.

farm with your q as it refunds 50% of your mana and cd and that is amazing! it doesn't execute but hey, you are a beast, who needs the execution anyway ;)

work with your farm to stack your passive, do your main combo witch i will explain in a bit, and then return to your minions once your amazing trade is completed. block only when you are in danger of taking extreme damage, like a turret shot or a w e comob from ezreal, maybe an ash ult, or something that would definitely bring you to a bad position. be smart with your shield and it shall never disappoint you.

DIVE DIVE DIVE. You have long range execution, and a way to block tower shots, that is enough to dive even without your jungler, show them who is the boss in this lane, show them who is the boss in this game! use your ignite just before you dive, so that you can be sure the opponent's life will indeed drop to an execution level.

Ult is now harder to aim but more rewarding. It is harder to dodge if you aim it to the centre of the lane as the enemies have to split to avoid it in fear of your amazing power. that is his edge but it is a double edged sword as if the opponents are aware, they can dodge it easier than the old one.

Always try to flank! that is the way you play in a 5v5 with this pantheon, there is no way around it. You are not THE TANK, you are the bruiser and you have your tricks but not too much sustain, so you need to be a lot in and out so always flank, it's your best shot. ult to start fights.

buy far sight! that is your ult's best friend.


he has only one combo really, everything else is situational. get 5 stacks of mortal will either form the minions or after you ult, then w to the opponent which will give you 4 stacks of conqueror and three stacks of mortal will, auto attack which will give you 4th stack of mortal will and 5th stack on conqueror e to block and chase, and then q to finalize the damage or to execute the target. If you played it correctly, the final q will be empowered and will deal tons of damage. to extend it, if the opponent does not die, Ult at their location, it doesn't matter if you hit them with the ult as long as you landed close to them, after the ult you will have a fully stacked passive, and activated spear of shojin so w, auto attack, and q should be enough to finish off the opponent.

tl:dr : The combo is w, auto attack, e , q hold
extended combo is after you done all that you follow up with R, w , auto attack, q hold.

That is the only way to maximise your damage really.

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment bellow so i can make this guide better.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Leon Black
Leon Black Pantheon Guide
9.16 Pantheon, The Falling star.
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