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Gangplank Build Guide by Bennet361

Top [9.19] How to GG at GP

By Bennet361 | Updated on September 25, 2019

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+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
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Champion Build Guide

[9.19] How to GG at GP

By Bennet361
I started to main Gangplank because of the fact that I really like pirates and playing difficult champions. Gangplank fits both and he has one very important thing: scaling. GP´s insane scaling gives you a high comebackpotential and lots of fun in late game. He is hard to learn but good Gangplankplayer can carry a lot of games and your ult is insanely strong.
PROS Back to Top
Gangplank has one of the best scalings in the game his late game is insane. GP is not that popular and op so he is open many times when you like to play him in ranked, which makes him a very nice champion to main. My personal opinion is that Gangplank makes a lot of fun to play when you are already used in handeling and comboing your barrels. GP also got a high comebackpotential because of his scaling so you can still carry games after getting solokilled 3 times in lane for example. Cannon Barrage is a very strong ult and it gives you the possibility of having impact on other lanes which helps against the biggest TOP probleme: you are very isolated and often have no impact on the global early game.
CONS Back to Top
Gangplank has a very bad early game. You have to be very defensive at the beginning of most lanes and sometimes you could get a feeling of being useless and you are useless in early teamfights! Barrelcombos are often impossible until level 13.
WHICH LANE? Back to Top
GP is viable on TOP and MID. Both lanes have pros and cons. I prefere TOP Gangplank because of my general lanepreferation and I do not like the matchups against mages who you face in MID, it is much easier to farm Kleptomancystacks against tanks. But the default Gangplank build has one big probleme if you play him at TOP. You aren´t very tanky and mostly not as tanky as your lane opponent. I think that every team needs one tank and in most cases thats TOP´s task so GP MID avoids that problem. However GP MID teams often got too much AD.
Cannon Barrage is a very strong and useful spell. You can save your mates or turn fights with a big surprise even if you are staying at the other side of the map. Your Ultupgradeorder is Fire At Will > Death's Daughter > Raise Morale. There are many good ways to use your ult. You can use it to engage or just have surprising damage in a fight especially if it is not you who is currently fighting. Your ult is a great tool to counter enemy towerdives or can be used as a small gapcloser because of it´s slow.
ABOUT ME Back to Top
I have played LOL for 6 years and i came to the oipinion that TOP and ADC are my most favorite lanes. MID is also fine especially as Gangplank or Neeko. Both are making a lot of fun and have a high carry potential. Most times I play League I am with friends because I think that playing with friends is much better then on your one. Especially in a salty game like LOL it is very useful to have people who often support your opinion and can give you advices.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Bennet361
Bennet361 Gangplank Guide

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[9.19] How to GG at GP