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Aurelion Sol Build Guide by AsoI

Middle [9.3] - KOREAN TOP TIER Aurelion Sol Guide

By AsoI | Updated on February 13, 2019

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Phase Rush
Manaflow Band

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic


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Hi im Complete
Im a Asol Main
and this is a guide about Aurelion Sol.
I been playing since the end of season 2. and have been playing continuously in all 5-6 years since.
I Picked up Asol about a half year after his release. I quick discovered that not only was he fun, and entertaining but he was also very good.
He definitely had a high learning curve, and i first feeled that i "mastered" him after about 200 games. But it have definitely been worth it. He was also that Champ, that made me get pass Diamond V, and just made me improve in the game over all.

(the Winrate of my Solo Q rank)

Why Aurelion Sol

You can for sure say that Aurelion Sol is something for himself. What makes Aurelion Sol what he are, and why he is interesting. Is the combination of his passive Center of the Universe and his W Celestial Expansion. This is his main damage scource and is something there take alot of time to master. but feels incredible satisfying when mastred, the technique to predict the enemies movement, and match it with your starts.
The reason to why you can call Aurelion Sol a good champ, and why this build fits him so well is because of his E Comet of Legend this ability makes you fly around on the map with an insane range, and is something there can be done in the very early state of the game. Together with his CC and his Rylai's Crystal Scepter he can set up very early and constant roames in the game, which makes him the roam and early beast as he is. This build also specefies the early state of the game, and build him the way so he will spike earlier and end the game quick.
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Explanation of this build

Now where i have telled you a little about Myself and about Aurelion Sol i will go a bit more in depth on why this specefic build, buildpath, and runessetup is great and diffrent.

If you know a little about Asol as a champ and itemswise. You will know that after the Hextech GLP-800 nerfs. The Build and buildpath would look somewhat like this.

The Twist of this Build

The Rod of Ages build into Rylai's Crystal Scepter is actually a fine build, and a lot of players still use it, including myself. The twist in this is: As you might know Rod of Ages have some great stats, with HP, MANA and AP but the only problem is that it is relative expensive. The reason why it is so expensive is that it is a late game item, which stacks in 10 min, before it reached its spike.

10 min uintil Rylais and another 10 min to stacks it. That is relative long time to get an item,if you as Asol wanna roam and make big impact in the early part of the game.
that is why we switch out the Rod of Ages with the Rylai's Crystal Scepter. In this way you will get a cheaper item then Rod,and a item which gives 30 more AP
, 300HP, and a great early CC passive slow effect.
The only problem is that by doing this,you will loose 300 mana that Rod of Ages would give you. That is of course a problem but that problem brings me to the runes of this Build, also why and how you can turn the build into a good early advantage with the right Runes
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For your keyrune you wanna go Phase Rush Phase rush is pretty much always the way to go, and have always been. The way your starts works Celestial Expansion and commbined with your Autoattacks makes it pretty easy for you to proc the Phase Rush. The Movement speed itself that Phase Rush provides, syngergies well with Aurelion Sol because it will make it easier to positiing, kite, and hitting more stars.
The reason why you wanna take Manaflow Band is that, as i explanied in the in depth build. When you go Rylai's Crystal Scepter instead of ROA you will need the 300 mana, to match those stats we here choose to go manaflow band. Mana is a essential for Asol, and with your stars and trades it shouldent be a problem for you to stack it in lane.
Celerity is a all around good rune to take on Aurelion Sol, it syngergies well with Phase Rush and Waterwalking and all it does is makeing yor stronger the fastere and stronger you get.
Waterwalking is also a key rune for Aurelion Sol this isent a rune you wanna run on many midlaners, but Asol is diffrent. Because of his high mobilty and his E Comet of Legend his roams become much fastere. That is why waterwalking is so good and perfect on him, it just makes your roams fastere and often more succesfull.
Many reasons for going Biscuit Delivery would be because of the sustain and help it gives you in lane, but that isent the only reason and setup of the rune. As explained twice now, by going this build you will be down on mana, and Manaflow Band only gives you 250 mana but by taking the Biscuits you will also gain 120 mana, when you have popped all your pots. That is why this build makes perfect sense. On this way you can get a stronger and cheaper item then Rod of Ages and you wont loose any stats on it, unless the games go very late.
This rune shouldent be explained on Asol. Time Warp Tonic together with Corrupting Potion and Dark Seal is the perfect setup. You are going to get more potion time with Time warp Tonic and with the darkseal, you will also get more mana from the pots.
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Ending - Thanks for Reading

so to sum it all up.
By going this build, buildpath, and runes on Aurelion Sol. You will have a earlier spike, and it wont cost you anything before late game. The spike is cheaper and the CC it provides will make it so your roams and impact on the game are going to be more effectful and 100% more succesfull in the big picture.
Im reallt greatful if you enjoyed the guide and the twist. And that you of course finded it helpfull and intresting.

;; Complete out
League of Legends Build Guide Author AsoI
AsoI Aurelion Sol Guide

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[9.3] - KOREAN TOP TIER Aurelion Sol Guide