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Kayle Build Guide by LuxIsMyCrush

Support 9.5 Kayle Support guide

Support 9.5 Kayle Support guide

Updated on March 9, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LuxIsMyCrush Build Guide By LuxIsMyCrush 17 2 32,080 Views 5 Comments
17 2 32,080 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LuxIsMyCrush Kayle Build Guide By LuxIsMyCrush Updated on March 9, 2019
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Runes: Guardian

1 2 3 4
Font of Life
Second Wind

Manaflow Band

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

9.5 Kayle Support guide

By LuxIsMyCrush
Hello my dear mobafires , i think that is how i should call you but if i am wrong pls tell me lol. To begin allow me to intrduce myself, I am a top main, I used to main support until the mid-season of Season 8, and Kayle .. was never a champion I really liked to play until rework, hey wait don't leave!!

Why Kayle support?

Well that is a pretty good question darling, from what we used to know and I think everyone agree, Kayle is not in a great spot on solo lanes until level 11, by playing her as support you kinda reduce the amount of uselessness you present in your lane, as a big part of her kit fit prety well for this position

TL:DR Kayle evolve based on her level, at level 1 she gain attack speed everytime she attack and can stack the attack speed 5 times. At level 6 when she get max stack her attacks will deal some aoe waves, at level 11 become range and her attack speed bonus is increased, at level 16 she had always all effects active, deal 10% true damage on waves.

Your Q Radiant Blast is a skillshot with a short delay, that deal damage, slow enemies and reduce their resistence for a short period.
In lane and general you will want to use this skill for a various of situations, some of them being: poking enemies, disenage, engage sometimes and helping your jg to catch them easier, or even execute someone if your E is down.
This skill does some damage, but the important part is the slow and resistence reduction, making enemies hit by it much easier to aproach.

Kayle's W Celestial Blessing is one the mains reasons that makes her viable as support, It is not just a heal, but it can help your adc to chase a enemy ,kite better or escape from some situations as the movement speed is pretty good, also once your Ardent Censer is ready, the ally you cast Celestial Blessing on will get some bonus attack speed and on-hit bonus damage

TL:DR passive Kayle basic attacks deal more damage based on her AD and AP, her active makes her range and deal bonus damage based on enemy missing health, if kayle is aflame her attack will damage enemies around (like her original E before rework)

Kayle make an ally or herself invulnerable for a short period of time, after it deal damage to everyone around target, This ability is great to save and/or protect your allies, and one of the big reason it is suited better on support role is cause Kayle CAN'T use other skills or basic attacks after using this skill
So before explain some important items and why I recommand them, let's say what you must focus on Kayle:
  • First will be cdr, you really need a 40% cdr for kayle support, as her skills had a fairly big cooldown
  • Second will be mana items or mana regen, since Kayla is kind of a mana hungry champion, having more mana sustain will help you remain more on lane and be useful.
  • Third will be the ap, as it will help you not only deal some more damage but also increase your healing power, since your W is scaling ap
This item is great on Kayle, since it increase her heals and also grant ally some more aggresive options, increasing their attack speed and granting on-hit damage for a short period of time. This can be proc by Divine Judgment and Celestial Blessing
Zeke can be great with your invulnerability ult as it will give more aggresive play ocassions for your allies
good for teamfights, either for retreat or chasing
Redemption is a great support item for healing, it gives also a little damage for your enemies, also can trigger Ardent Censer
Good tanky item option against AA oriented champions, as it not only grant armor and mana but will also reduce the attack speed of all enemies around you
Zhonya is best defensive in game, it can save you from a lot of situations
Rabadon is a good stats item, which will help you to increase a lot the amount of ap, making you heal more, give more movement speed with your W and you will deal some more damage.
Nashor can be good if you search to do more damage and not just support your adc, it also grant you 20% cdr beside the on-hit damage and ap, so you will be able to stack it with transcedence for some more ap.
Ionian boots are the cheaper boots in game, and also single item that reduce your summoners cdr, giving you more acces to flash and ignite, it also grant 10% cdr so you can focus less on cdr items, or stack it with Transcendence
Good if you want to roam more
A good defensive against aa oriented champions or in denegeral AD champs, not really a must unless their team comp is mostly AD
Mercury's Treads and Banshee's Veil and good against teams/champions with a lot of hard CC
When you look at Morellonomiconyou don't really say "that's a pretty good item" right, well it can be pretty good against champions with a lot of heals/sustain as Soraka for example. A cheaper substitute for this item would be Executioner (and later into Mortal Reminder) which basically is too an anti-sustain item with a lot of similarities, but I prefer morello because the ap from it will also increase a little your healing and ms from Celestial Blessing
In my opinion, best item to bought on an support, you can instantly remove a stun, or any cc from your ally and grant him slow immunity for 2 sec, it is really a life saver used corectly.



Glacial augment is the single rune you will want as keystone, you attacks will slow enemies for 2s, the rest of runes are kinda situationals on that tree, you will want stopwatch ( Perfect Timing) and the rest is about what you need, i would recommand Approach Velocity to help your allies in danger faster or chasing


the guide is still not complete, but I'm extremly tired as I work at it for some time and i was unable to finish it, so I will leave it as it is for now.If you want some certain advice or you think i need to add more details in a chapter please tell me in discussion section.

League of Legends Build Guide Author LuxIsMyCrush
LuxIsMyCrush Kayle Guide
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9.5 Kayle Support guide

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