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Ezreal Build Guide by misterfirstblood

ADC gold

[9.9] Ezreal in depth guide by Misterfirstblood

By misterfirstblood | Updated on May 4, 2019
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Runes: Klepto

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

[9.9] Ezreal in depth guide by Misterfirstblood

By misterfirstblood
Hello guys, I'm MisterFirstBlood from EUW and today I'm gonna show you how to play Ezreal in Season 9.

Hope you enjoy it!
Runes Back to Top
Normally I would recommend you to go in the Precision tree with almost every adc.
But Kleptomancy is way to strong on Ezreal, so it would be a mistake not to recommend this.

Kleptomancy allows you to drop items like elexirs, wards or gold while laning and hitting Q Mystic Shot at your enemies. This rune is literally a gold generator for Ezreal because of his low cooldowns and the fact that Mystic Shot counts as an auto attack and triggers it. You will be fullbuild very early and get your powerspikes way faster then with any other rune you could possibly use.

Take Biscuit Delivery and Magical Footwear to get even more gold lead out of the inspiration tree and a little extra damage and attack speed by taking Coup de Grace and Legend: Alacrity in Precision
Itemization Back to Top
Your must have item in laning phase is Tear of the Goddess. You should try to get this one as soon as possible. After u got Tear you can choose between finishing Manamune first or buy Sheen before finishing Manamune.
If the enemies teamcomp is full ad you could think about Iceborn Gauntlet but for normal use take Trinity Force. If you really wanna improve id recommend you to buy Muramana > Boots > Triforce.
Some players also go for Ninjas or CDR Boots, i personally like Berserker's Greaves most.

Now you have some options again. Blade of the Ruined King is the best overall choice in my opinion. You get sustain, damage, your Q applies the blades passive so you can shred tanks and your 1vs1s will be better. A second tear sadly isnt possible anymore. Maw of Malmortius and the new Wit's End is good against AP burst like from Syndra LeBlanc or Annie. If they have a lot of cc like Nautilus Leona or Braum go for Quicksilver Sash/ Mercurial Scimitar and if they have a lot of tanks go for Last Whisper after Blade.

Many players who play Ezreal on midlane tried out to build a Hextech Gunblade on him and this isnt really bad to be honest. Nearly all of [[Ezreal]s Abilities scale with AP and AD so Gunblade increases the outcomming Damage more than BT or IE for example. The active effect isnt bad either.
Try it out ;)
Tipps & Tricks Back to Top
Q: Mystic Shot
- When your ult is on cooldown use Mystic Shot as often as possible to reduce its cooldown. You can also hit jungle monsters, never forget about that.
- After recalling and buying a tear use your Mystic Shot to stack it while moving to your lane again.

W: Essence Flux
- Since its rework Essence Flux is a powerful tool on ezreal. Apparently you cant buff your teammates with it anymore, therefore you can mark enemies and towers with it and after attacking or hitting an ability you will deal massive damage.
- If a marked target is in your E range and you activate E it will guaranteed hit the markes enemy which deals tons of damage.
- Do not underestimate ezreals push power with sheen and your W.
- Try to trigger your mark and you receive some mana back.

E: Arcane Shift
- Don't use Arcane Shift only to escape. Feel free to dodge some skillshots or reposition yourself to land a better Mystic Shot. Also dont forget to land your W before using Arcane Shift so you are guaranteed to hit enemies with it.
If there are no minions near to your enemy the Arcane Shift can hit too obviously.
- You can dodge many Spells with your Arcane Shift because you move instantely after using it, its like a flash.

R: Trueshot Barrage
- You can just snipe your enemies with Trueshot Barrage when you know where they are. So upgrade your trinket into a blue one at level 9. There is no need to avoid Jungle monsters on the way to your target because the damage on champs isnt reduced anymore.
- Dont use your ult for waveclear. Its way too powerful to use against champs.
- If a squishy Target doesn't have any vision and is running straight in your direction when hiding in a brush, you can do a fast combination with Trueshot Barrage, Arcane Shift, Essence Flux Mystic Shot and auto attack to completely delete your enemy.

- You can kite very well with Iceborn Gauntlet. Because your Mystic Shot triggers hit effects you can increase iceborn's slow with red buff. If an enemy is near to you though escape over walls with Arcane Shift.
- Auto attack before and after hit a Mystic Shot. Even if you miss your Mystic Shot you can trigger the iceborn passive and kleptomancy by auto attacking the enemy.
Pros / Cons Back to Top
++ High Range
+ Low Cooldowns
+ Utility (Iceborn)
+ Escape
+ Cheap Itembuild (Tear, Gauntlet)
+ Strong midgame
+ Snowball when ahead


- Bad Early until Sheen
- 3 out of your 4 spells are skillshots. If you have a bad day you won't deal a lot of damage.
- Bad against healers like sona
- Not as useful as other ad carries when behind
Ezreal is good against Back to Top
- Everything squishy
- Champions without mobility like Kogmaw Vel Koz
- Tanks without Gapclosers and low ranged champs because of his kiting potential. For example Garen/Nasus
- Junglers in early game. If botlane is warded its hard to gank an ezreal. Champs like leesin or Kha Zix have to focus other lanes.
Ezreal is bad against Back to Top
- Healers like sona because they just outsustain your poke
- Hypercarry Lategame champs because Ezreal isnt really a 1v1 champ later in the game
- Hard CC like Vi/ Malphite ult which goes throw Ezreal's Arcane Shift
- Point and click spells which delete ezreal ( Syndra Veigar ult, Pantheon w)
- Kai'Sa seems strong against him too since both don't have waveclear and her damage is a bit higher than Ezreals.
Ezreal is good with Back to Top
- More Poke. I like Sona Bard and Karma
- Everything that buffs your damage like Nami and Janna
- CC like Braum Leona Thresh is also fine.
In my opinion there is no "bad" support for ezreal.
Summary Back to Top
Atleast ezreal is a very strong and safe AD Carry. You can win teamfights before they even start if you're able to poke your enemies enough. If youre behind ezreal can't really take influence to the game but if you're ahead you can carry other lanes too.
You can avoid a lot of deaths with iceborn slow and E. You can improve your aiming when playing ezreal cause you have to land a hundred of skillshots every game. For beginners it's also easy to farm with Q.
In my opinion it's one of the most fun to play champs in league especially cause i got a pulsfire ezreal skin shard :D

Please let me know your experience with my Guide and check out my Youtube channel for more guides

If you wanna Support me check out my latest Video and leave if like if you enjoy it!

League of Legends Build Guide Author misterfirstblood
misterfirstblood Ezreal Guide
[9.9] Ezreal in depth guide by Misterfirstblood
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