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Rell Build Guide by takeothebeast

Jungle a boring, but effective, rell jungle guide (updated for s14)

Jungle a boring, but effective, rell jungle guide (updated for s14)

Updated on January 27, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author takeothebeast Build Guide By takeothebeast 21 1 53,638 Views 5 Comments
21 1 53,638 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author takeothebeast Rell Build Guide By takeothebeast Updated on January 27, 2024
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3
Font of Life

Hextech Flashtraption
Cosmic Insight

+8 Ability Haste
+10-180 Bonus Health
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2 3 4 5 6
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Champion Build Guide

a boring, but effective, rell jungle guide (updated for s14)

By takeothebeast
Why Rell Jungle
The thesis statement for this guide is this:

"Rell is fun and there's no other tank support jungler"

Rell is not that good of a jungler, but she does fill the niche of being a tank support that can clear. This means she's not just a gimmick champion who does something other junglers can do but worse.

Also she's very fun which is reason enough to pick her.

Todo list
[] - Header images
[] - combo gifs
Jungling Tips

Stay unhorsed for as long as possible

Unless you're following one of these paths, a longer path, or you're going to gank, stay unhorsed

Red to krugs? Stay unhorsed, Krugs to chickens?, mount up and immediately unmount when available

The increased attack speed when unmounted almost doubles your total auto attack damage

Once you get some ability haste, around 30, and a couple points into Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up you can start not caring about this. Before that though, the extra damage from your faster autos just outweigh any damage you can get from your W.

Abuse your Shattering Strike damage as much as possible when Kiting Away

Rell Q does a lot of damage especially when fully maxed, this means that you can start walking away from a camp much earlier than you'd expect.

The farther you can get without losing aggro the better.

Also the damage from your Shattering Strike is the bonus damage + your base damage. So you have to do math. Here's a table for that

Level Q Damage Bonus Damage Final Damage
1 60 170 230
2 100 245 345
3 140 320 460
4 180 395 575
5 220 470 690

After a while these numbers should stick to your head so you don't exactly have to memorize it
Item Talk

Updated for S14

Here are some thoughts on items, if I don't mention them, they either have no specific synergy with Rell (ie they're kind of boring) or I forgot. Feel free to comment a request for an item and I'll put em here

Trailblazer and Dead Mans plate

Currently the most popular core item on Rell, but I'm rethinking how much I actually need tralblazers and/or deadmans plate.

Stats wise, both items are eclipsed in gold effeciency by most other items, and the movespeed feels more like a crutch than a valuable part of the kit. Plus the slow is just cosmetic with how much cc Rell already has.

I think that any scenario where the movespeed from either item changes the outcome (not that common), say catching up to someone getting ganked, could be solved through just being better at the game and being there already because you tracked their jungler.

Basically I think that trailblazer and deadamans means that I'm not getting punished for skill issues. But if I don't have those skill issues, I could be spending the money on more useful and impactful items.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Even with the nerf in 14.1, lucidity boots are still your bread and butter. Rell is a champion that only exists if she has abilities off cooldown. And that extra cdr really helps.

It's also just really nice for basically any jungler, especially combined with cosmic insight, letting you get a couple more smites in places you otherwise wouldn't have.

Winter's Approach

Item currently under testing.

It's a bit hard getting that tear, especially if you can get a bami first back. And having a dummy item in your inventory does actually lead to some awkward backs every now and then. But with the price reduction in 14.1, it seems like it would fit really well second or third item.

Jak'Sho the Protean

Now that this isn't a mythic item, buying Jak'Sho is actually viable. You still wouldn't want to buy this early (still expensive as hell), but it could be an option if you're ahead or as a 3rd or 4th item.

I generally prefer to get it later even if I'm ahead though, since getting an earlier power spike with unending or frozen heart means I can push that lead even further.

Unending Despair

Currently (as of the 14.1 version) a pretty strong tank item in general. But one thing that stands out is that it helps patch one of Rells biggest weakness as a tank. Sustain.

I would almost say that this item should be a core, but there are still a lot of situations where you just won't be getting any value out of this item. (poke and burst mostly)

But I would still recommend getting this item if you can since it lets you stay in fights longer without having to rely on your W cooldown.

Anathema's Chains

Incredibly underated item. If the enemy team only has one big carry, or they're all ad except a karthus mid or something. You can just buy this instead of speccing into MR. Health is always appreciated, it's cheap, and the 20% extra stun duration on that one specific person is quite literally lethal.

Not many chances to get this item, but when it shines, it shines

Sunfire Cape and Hollow Radiance

Bami's scales off of bonus health, and for most of the game, bami's itself will just straight up deal the same damage most of the time. You're not going to get the max percent from sunfire most of the time anyway.

Bami's is the complete item. Sunfire and hollow are just bonuses you get later on in the game when you actually have health to pad the damage. And sometimes you can just ignore building it all together, since damage isn't your main goal. Selling the bami late late game for a locket means that in exchange for maybe 500 damage in every fight, you can make sure your adc is still alive after a burst.

You should still get bami's itself though because it's a lot of damage in fights, and it massively boosts your clear (we're talking one less q per camp).

Abyssal Mask

It's almost easy to forget that rell is technically an AP champion. And she actually does decent damage even without any AP.

It helps that this item has really good stats and is increadibly cheap, so get this if possible
Rune Talk
There are very few runes that Rell jungle actually likes, here are some of the ones that are actually interesting. Runes like Aftershock won't be discussed here since it's so clearly better, but it's better in a very boring way.

Unsealed Spellbook

This is the most fun and underated keystone you can get on Rell. The fact that you can gank with flash, then gank with ghost, then gank with flash again, and then gank with teleport is insane

The only issue is that it's hard to use and time properly. And if you're team is behind the rune becomes less and less useful since it's harder to force something if your team can't back you up

Try it

Predator and Ingenious Hunter

These are the only reasons you would ever want to go domination.

Predator is a severely underated rune for Rell specifically. It let's you guarantee ganks and respond to counter ganks way easier. And while yes it did get nerfed, but it's for mostly the damage and cooldown which we don't care about.

It's a nice rune and fun to play with, but it's not the real star of the show.

The real magic of the domination tree comes from Ingenious Hunter. Rell is the only tank support jungler, which means she can buy both tank and support items. hich has a lot of really cheap, really impactful actives that abuse the item cdr given by ingenious hunter.

Get Locket of the Iron Solari or Zeke's Convergence, then Randuin's Omen or Unending Despair, and then maybe a Redemption if you're feeling spicy. Basically, if you ever use these runes (and they have to be used together), try and get as many active items as you can.

Don't over-prioritize, if you need a frozen heart or sunfire, get a frozen heart or sunfire

But having locket up every minute instead of every 90, and having unending despair tik a few more times in a fight really does make a difference.

(also get ghost poro because eyeball isn't that useful and zombie ward means you gotta clear wards which is a pain with your attack speed)

Shield Bash

Garbage bait rune, just get Font of Life

The main issue is you don't max W and you don't actually care about damage. If you don't max W, you don't have a big shield, if you don't have a big shield, you don't do damage with it.

Font of life is also too good not to get

Hextech Flashtraption

One of the strongest runes you can get on Rell. It's not just a slower flash, not even close.

Rell with flash is one of the strongest engages in the game, Rell with hexflash is a close second.

Hexflash lets you do things regular flash just can't. It lets you hop from bush to bush in a lane gank, you can use it to hop over mid wall to avoid a ward, you can use it to gank from behind tower.

You can't use flash for that, it's too expensive to use on possibilities, not when a Q + Flash can guarantee a kill. But hexflash is cheap so you can go buck wild.

Ask for any rune and I'll put it here

All of these combos are the minimum possible abilities used. Just slot in your other abilites and spells at the start or end

Q + Flash

[insert clip here]

Did you know you can do this? Try to flash as late as possible in your Shattering Strike animation to surprise the enemy

Magnet Storm + Flash

Your bread and butter combo, It's not as long ranged as your other combos but it's almost impossible to react to

If you're going to follow up with Ferromancy - Crash Down, try and use around 1/2 of the range to keep them in Magnet Storm range

W + R

Your second bread and butter combo. A bit easier to dodge, but also much longer range

You can also add a flash for even more range

W + Q + R

Your longest cc chain. Best for locking down one or two targets you know don't have mobility up. You can also delay your ult until after the stun wears off to pull them back
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League of Legends Build Guide Author takeothebeast
takeothebeast Rell Guide
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a boring, but effective, rell jungle guide (updated for s14)

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