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Teemo Build Guide by Abyss85

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Abyss85

A Guide/Build to AP Teemo, the Cancer Giving F*ck - 6.20

Abyss85 Last updated on October 21, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
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Threats to Teemo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Yorick Easy matchup, he's useless at lv 1 and before he last hits the 3-4 minions he needs to get graves, so poke him relentlessly. By lv 3 when he's actually able to do something he should be so low in health any engage will result in his death. Keep poking him every at opportunity. Dodge his wall and you'll almost never take damage. Get trapped by it however, and he'll summon ghouls and sick them on very quickly. Post 6 he should be so far behind even his ult wont save him, just focus on him and he'll die followed by his maiden.
Singed Your poke is too much for him, he'll build tear and magic resist for you but you counter with strait magic penetration. Just keep vision up while you push and don't stay in his acid cloud and you'll be fine.
Dr. Mundo Mundo has great sustain...late game. His increased health regen early game is basically worthless and his cleaver gets blocked by minions. Poke him to hell early and deny him farm.
Garen Keep poking him. It takes 8 seconds for him to start regening out of combat, if you poke him he takes damage for 4 seconds so that extends that time to 12 seconds. Keep poking him every time he goes in for a minion kill and he'll cave. Just maintain vision as you push and be careful of his ult.
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I am Abyss85, I am writing this guide because I see a lot of Teemo guides out there right now and I feel like none of them are truly the stage 4 cancer we all know Teemo to be.

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My goal with this build is to focus on doing as much damage as possible while abusing Teemo's trademark ability, Noxious Trap. Late game you should be able to drop one of these every 12 seconds or so with 40% cooldown reduction, and with your AP build they should pack a decent punch to force enemies out of your jungle and away from objectives.

It's a great feeling to be able to put a dozen or more Noxious Traps out with each one capable of chunking down tanks and carries alike and just watch as they melt before ever getting to the group fights.

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Great poke
Blind for enemy auto attacks
Noxious Trap gives great vision and map control
Good mobility
Damage over time
Vulnerable to CC
No sustain in lane
Damage over time
Can get dived while under turret if behind

Yes I put damage over time as both a pro and a con. This is a double edged sword, ya it's great you continue doing damage after the trade but that means you don't do all that damage up front, this means you can get deleted against assassins fairly easily.

Damage over time is also the reason I don't like using an on-hit build with Teemo. Ya you can do decent dps but you're squishy yourself and you need time to really lay into people. I would much rather go for an explosive poke build that using extremely high AP, and Lich Bane.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is essential everyone.
Teleport is essential for most top laners.

Honorable Mentions

Ignite is a possibility but I almost never take it as I would rather be able to teleport back to lane if behind or to lane if ahead (or back to top lane after running to another lane for a gank).

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Runes and Masteries


Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

9x Magic Penetration is a given since the majority of your damage is magic damage. Attack speed is an option, but since Teemo is so squishy I'm trying to get the most value out of each shot rather than trying to stay in combat. I want to make each of those short trades that much more painful.

9x Standard armor.

6x Scaling cooldown reduction becuase Teemo isn't really realiant on his cooldowns, however I wanted to make sure I have 40% cooldown reduction late game for Noxious Trap.

3x For early damage.

3x For early damage.


Fury Teemo benefits a lot from attack speed and it helps with early last hitting. Double Edged Sword since you're solo laning. Natural Talent again helps a little with last hitting and has decent scaling. Oppressor since your Noxious Trap slows and does damage all in one package. Piercing Thoughts for the magic pen. Deathfire Touch , I use this because over time it does more damage than Thunderlord's Decree since the decree has such a long cooldown between uses.

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Camouflage is your passive ability. After 1.5 seconds of standing still or being in brush stealths you. You are still able to move around in brush while remaining stealthed. When used properly can earn you a few free hits and give you the drop on most opponents. When you come out of stealth it increases your attack speed for 2 seconds.

is your Q ability and blinds your opponents for 1.5-2.5 seconds making any auto-attacks miss. Be aware this only applies to auto-attacks. Max this second in most cases, very rarely will you max this first and that would only be due to it's increased range.

Passively increases your movement speed and when activated doubles this bonus. Max this last.

is your bread and butter. It causes all of your auto-attacks to do additional on hit damage as well as damage over the next 4 seconds. 99% of the time you take this at lv 1 and max it first.

This is what makes Teemo, Teemo. You place a mushroom trap on the ground for 5 minutes, when stepped on they explode dealing instant magic damage, slowing and dealing additional damage over the next 4 seconds. While they are up they also give vision of the area. Place these in jungle paths and choke points to prevent being ganked early and to protect objectives.

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Starting Items

I start with with the typical Doran's Ring, 2 Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation and a Warding Totem. This gives a healthy amount of AP, health and mana regen to help you stay in lane.


In order I typically rush Haunting Guise Boots of Speed and Blasting Wand picking up Farsight Alteration as soon as I hit lv 9. Your first item is going to be Liandry's Torment.

While backing never forget to pickup 1-2 Vision Ward. Seriously vision saves lives and is very underestimated. Never stop buying these until you've reached for final build.

While backing don't be afraid to stock up on health pots. Buying 3-4 at a time is perfectly normal and really gives you the sustain to stay in lane, and to back on your terms.

Liandry's Torment vs Nashor's Tooth as a first item. Some people swear by their Nashor's Tooth and while it is a strong item no question it lacks magic penetration and health. The attack speed and CDR of Nashor's Tooth is great for last hitting and shrooms, but only incentivizes an already squishy Teemo into prolonged trades. Something we don't want. Save this for your second item as your quick pokes will be doing more than enough damage with all that magic penetration.

Final Build

This is typically build, in order, replacing my Sorcerer's Shoes with a Luden's Echo in the late game.

Again your starting item, rush this as it helps much needed HP, AP and magic penetration. Synergizes very well with Noxious Trap's 4 second slow and damage over time. Watch as your opponent loses 25-33% of their health bar to a single shroom, and if you're in the area and can follow up with Move Quick to pickup an easy kill or send them back to base.

"Next time I see Nashor, I'll yank a couple more." This will typically be your second item, and is a staple in most every Teemo build, and for good reason. Attack speed, AP, 20% CDR and an additional on hit that scales with your AP.

Teemo is squishy and doesn't do well in prolonged engagements. This takes his spike damage to the next level to help you win those short trades.

Even when you have no enemies tanks, this helps you cut though squishies quickly and is extremely gold efficient. Makes your all of your damage Noxious Trap in particular do a ton of damage. Get this before Rabadon's Deathcap.

"Time to put on my killin hat." What AP mage can call themselves a carry if they don't have this. If you want to do AP damage, there's no excuse for not getting this. The only reason you get this after void staff is the magic penetration on the void staff is so essential.

Once you've completed your build sell your Sorcerer's Shoes to get the extra AP, run speed and the passive. When combined with Lich Bane and Move Quick you'll still have more than enough movement speed so don't worry, take the extra lethality.

Optional Items

This item is pure cancer. If Teemo's mushrooms weren't bad enough this items gives all your auto attacks a 1.5 second 30% slow. When combined with Move Quick, they're probably not getting away from you. It also gives you a sizeable amount of health making you stay alive longer and is a great item if you're trying to catch people out and get picks. I would use this more with an On-Hit build than AP however, as an On-Hit build benefit more from the AD and health and perma-slow. If you're going to go this rout get this item first, as you'll need the health before wanting to go toe-to-toe with enemy chapions.

The lifesteal off this item is amazing, it also gives pretty decent AP and AD damage on top of that. Pick this up if you need heavy sustain. Generally though I would recommend against it as building putting down a Noxious Trap down every 12 seconds while building as an AP assassin is generally better.

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Laning Phase

Last Hitting

Your first job in the laning phase is as always to last hit those minions. I know it sounds basic but if you aren't getting around 70-80 cs by the 10 minute mark I would highly recommend practicing your last hitting techniques.


Try to make trades when your opponent is about to last hit a minion, that way they either miss the last hit in order to hit you or you get a free poke. Remember your Blinding Dart range is slightly greater than your auto attack range.

Toxic Shot is your primary source of damage. Even a single one of these hurts as they continually take poison damage over the next 4 seconds, which is why I prioritize Liandry's Torment's magic penetration and survivability over Nashor's Tooth's attack speed and cooldown reduction early game.


I can't stress the importance of vision for any top laner. Get those Vision Wards and use them. I always try to keep 1-2 vision wards on me at all times. That way I can replace it when it's swept without having to go back.

Just because you are Teemo and Noxious Trap gives vision is no excuse for not buying pink wards.

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Mid Game

At this point you should be looking for opportunities to put as many Noxious Traps as you can around objectives like dragon. Keep your traps out of the river as the scuttle crab tends to trip them. Instead place them on paths leading to the objective if and when a team fight does break out they don't start the fight at full health.

Noxious Trap also gives an incredible amount of vision too when used properly at choke points. Don't underestimate the importance of vision and free information. For example if you have one side of their jungle warded with lots of traps and you don't see the enemy team, it's a pretty safe bet their on the other side.

Remember Teemo is not a great team fighter. Enemy assassins in particular can make very quick work of Teemo. So positioning is absolutely key in team fights. Blinding Dart combined with Lich Bane's passive can still do a lot of spike damage, however this makes you a serious threat and you'll be focused. Ideally you want to [Blinding Dart]] the enemy ADC, as this makes them useless for the next 2.5 seconds (at max rank) while you chunk their health bar, just be careful as their team typically will be doing their best to protect their ADC (go figure right?).

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Late Game

Similar to the mid game, your job here is to deny access to the jungle. You should have 40% cooldown reduction by now and putting one Noxious Trap every 12 seconds. Keep placing those Noxious Traps and make them regret any attempts to enter your jungle. Keep strangling them while you and your team take objectives.

During group fights stay back and don't engage, wait for the team fight to break out, then blind whoever go after your carries. You should also try to bring 1-2 Noxious Traps to the team fights so your team has something to fall back on and to make it more difficult for your enemies to jump on your carries. Bonues points if you can coordinate with your team to fall back letting your enemies continually run over your traps getting chucked down before you turn around and wipe them.

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Jungle Teemo

***Yes this works***

For jungling I would refer you to Hikashikun's build and guide. He also has youtube links to how to's and build orders.

His Diamond guide can be found here: