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Anivia Build Guide by Myhg

Middle gold

A guide to Anivia (Mid and support, with multiple rune pages

By Myhg | Updated on September 7, 2020

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Runes: Against Assassins

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4 5
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Middle Lane
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Middle Lane
Win 50%
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Champion Build Guide

A guide to Anivia (Mid and support, with multiple rune pages

By Myhg
Who am I?

Hi I'm myhg121212 (myhg was taken at the time -_-) an Anivia player in NA. I've played two years of Anivia (give or take). Because the mid lane meta is full of champions like Yone who Anivia does not do the best into (high mobility + damage) I've been experimenting with Anivia support.
Anivia's identity Back to Top
Anivia is a midrange scaling control mage that's mostly played as a burst mage. She excels at teamfighting as her ultimate Glacial Storm can zone multiple enemies and her wall Crystallize can be game changing. However, if you get cc'ed and your ult goes on cooldown, you'll have six seconds of being useless in a fight unless you have your other abilities off cooldown, which encourages players to stay behind their frontline.
Combos Back to Top
Basic Trading combos

Flash Frost > auto > Frostbite
In lane and post six, this will be the combo you'll use the most. It will proc electrocute and do a sizeable amount of damage. Sometimes the auto can be done after Frostbite

auto > Frostbite > auto

This is for when your Flash Frost is on cooldown. It is mostly used to proc electrocute or to get a mana - flow band stack

All in combos

Flash Frost > Glacial Storm > Crystallize > auto > Frostbite >auto

This is a combo for when you know you can hit Flash Frost. Crystallize is used after Glacial Storm to keep the enemies in your ult.

Glacial Storm > Crystallize > Flash Frost > auto > Frostbite

If you aren't sure if you can hit Flash Frost then use this combo instead. When you wall their path with Crystallize, their movements will become easier to predict, allowing you to throw your Flash Frost in the new direction they're moving, nearly always guaranteeing a hit.

Flash > Crystallize > Glacial Storm > Flash Frost > Frostbite > auto

If the enemy is too far away, flash then wall them, as the wall has more range than your other abilities, allowing you to catch up. You can also switch the order of Flash Frost and Glacial Storm

More advanced all ins

Flash Frost > Flash > displacement with Crystallize > Glacial Storm > Frostbite

This is a more advanced combo because of Crystallize. Crystallize has the special effect of being a displacement. If you Flash Frost then Crystallize so that Crystallize knocks back the enemy into your Flash Frost, you can stun an enemy at max range of Flash Frost. Displacing the enemy with Crystallize also momentarially "stuns" the enemy, meaning an almost guaranteed stun with Flash Frost

Flash Frost > displacement with Crystallize (read above)

Other interactions
You can hourglass/go into stasis with ultimate Glacial Storm active, allowing you to output more damage while being immune to damage yourself.

Holding Crystallize until they are almost out of Glacial Storm and then using Crystallize is useful for displacing enemies back into Glacial Storm for extra damage.
Early Back to Top
Early game you'll really just be looking to farm. Anivia is a scaling mage and becomes more useful in the later stages. Unless you have enough mana or can follow roams instantly with no repercussions, don't try to match roams - push in the wave so that the enemy laner misses something while they're away.

If you took electrocute against a squishy, you have some early pressure. A Flash Frost > Frostbite > auto usually brings down the enemy to half health, and enemies usually underestimate the amount of damage it does.

As support, you are extremely squishy early game. Try not to take many risks - Anivia has one of the lowest base health in the entire game. Disengage with Crystallize and Frostbite. If an enemy steps out of line, you can pick them off with Frostbite into a displacement with Crystallize for an almost guaranteed stun, and potentially a kill. (also works with Crystallize > Frostbite)
Midgame Back to Top
Mid Game you should have at least one of your core items and boots. You'll likely want to catch waves or group with your team. Try to use Crystallize to catch out the enemy team for a pick, which can lead to multiple objectives like dragon or towers.
If however, your team is behind and defending, you should have no problem placing down your Glacial Storm to clear waves and stall. If you know you can get dived, it's often better to just abandon the tower and ping for assistance.
Lategame Back to Top
You've finished your scaling items and they're stacked - now you output a lot of damage, but the enemy team likely also does the same. At this stage, it's more useful to group with your team. Basically the same story as mid game, but this time any death is much more meaningful. Don't rely on your passive Rebirth to save you, as you'll get popped the moment it procs, unless you have teammates nearby. Zone the enemy with Glacial Storm and try to isolate enemies with Crystallize so your team can pick them off.
Always remember to ward - an enemy flank can be devastating.
Teamfighting! Back to Top
In teamfights, you're looking as a control mage to stay in the backline and "control" the fight. In optimal conditions, you'll be looking at using Glacial Storm to discourage the enemies from diving you and your carries, or as a dps tool - at this point, you shouldn't have much mana problems. If an enemy carry steps out of line, you can isolate them with Crystallize and pick them off with the rest of your abilities.
If the enemy frontline engages, you can use Glacial Storm to zone them away. In some cases, they may try to cross your ultimate anyways, and that's your chance to pick them off and hopefully win the fight.
If you want to kill the enemy backline, the optimal time to do so is after they have used key abilities such as sivir's Spell Shield or Veigar's Primordial Burst because you won't get instantly blown up/ or your abilities won't be blocked
Misc Tips Back to Top
- In the loading screen, league has a tooltip that suggests that the threat of an ability can be more impactful than the usage. If you know you can't hit Flash Frost because the enemy has a movement ability like Fizz's Playful / Trickster, don't use it!

- Anivia is best picked into team comps with a good frontline like Maokai and early to mid game champions (if you go scaling) because your team is more likely to do well early allowing you to scale into late

- try to use Glacial Storm before going golden, as you'll have your own protective field to discourage enemies

- if you take Teleport and your passive, Rebirth is off cooldown, you can Teleport to a tower to escape a gank - you continue teleporting even when in egg form, just be sure the enemies already used their crowd control first.

- Glacial Storm is best placed in choke points for maximum effect in teamfighting. Enemies will be forced to walk through the field. Your Glacial Storm can also block nearly the entire width of a lane, so you can bait an enemy in and use Crystallize to pick them off.

- Crystallize can be used to interrupt dashes if timed correctly. Sometimes it's better to save Crystallize if you know the enemy could just dash over it.

- against some walls, Crystallize can completely trap an enemy and prevent movement, but it's really hard to pull off. If you struggle with not placing walls so that you don't trap your team or let an enemy escape, then consider turning off quick cast if you have it on. Otherwise, practice makes all the difference - try heading into normal games to practice walling
Thank you Back to Top
Thanks for reading through my Anivia guide! I hope you're ready to take Anivia at least into normals now, and maybe ranked. GLHF!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Myhg
Myhg Anivia Guide

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A guide to Anivia (Mid and support, with multiple rune pages
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