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Talon Build Guide by Bladedo640

A slice of pain(AD/CDR)[December update]

A slice of pain(AD/CDR)[December update]

Updated on December 23, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bladedo640 Build Guide By Bladedo640 7,030 Views 0 Comments
7,030 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bladedo640 Talon Build Guide By Bladedo640 Updated on December 23, 2011
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Thanks to Searz for the awesome guide format! You can find it here. Mouse-over any items or abilities to see their tooltip.Meet Talon currently one of newest characters added to the Champion roster of League of Legends. He also currently has one of the highest AD ratios on his skills. In this guide I will go over how I play and build talon. This is also my first guide so constructive criticism is very much appreciated.
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Pros & Cons


High Burst damage
Good sustained damage
High AD ratios
Scales good into lategame
Dances like Micheal Jackson!


Slightly Weak earlygame
Rather Squishy
Deals all Physical damage(easy to stack armor against him)
Item dependant
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Main rune set

Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Mark of Desolation
Our Noxian friend here deals all physical damage so we use Armor penetration to help up his damage.

Greater Seal of Resilience
He is rather squishy so we give him 6 of these some armour(8,46).
Greater Glyph of Focus
Gets your ult up quicker and let's you use all of your abilities more often.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation
More armour penetration is always good for your lategame

Other runes worth considering

Greater Mark of Strength
Want better early game damage? these are your runes.

Greater Seal of Clarity
We give our Noxian friend these so he won't be starving for mana as much. Even though he starts out with a whopping 10 MP5 if you go all Armour seals he will be quite mana starved late game if you keep spamming his spells. Instead of the 3 I recommend you can go the full 9 so you barely will have any mana problems throughout the game.
Greater Glyph of Warding
If you have some troubles with mages these runes can be nice to have, also quite cheap.

Greater Quintessence of Strength
For more early game damage, these can be mixed with Desolation marks to provide a nice balance between early and lategame performance.
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Summoner Spells

Great for running away also a great chasing spell combined with . Do "NOT" use this spell during the stealth of Shadow Assault unless you want to break the stealth and recall your blades.

To finish off that person who gets away at low health. This of course can be substituted out for another spell cause of the bleed effect on which can also finish off a running enemy though ignite gives it a little something extra.

Great for escaping by flashing over a wall or gaining a bit of distance instantly, personally I prefer ghost.

Your main target is carries this is a great tool for shutting them down, this also activates your passive for a 10% damage increase from your autoattacks
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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence allows you to farm quite well early game and also harass a bit with . this is my preferred skill sequence
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Your kit (abilities) and how to use it

Mercy Cutthroat


Pretty good passive, 10% can be quite a bit this actually works with Autoattack part of but not on the bleed effect. Your autoattacks will do around 1k damage on carries lategame with the help of this passive.
Tips and tricks:
  • Combine with or red buff for good results.

    Noxian Diplomacy

    This ability scales very well into lategame, the bleed effect lasts 6 seconds dealing damage each second with a 0.2 AD ratio totalling a 1.2 Bonus AD ratio for the total damage. Note that with this ability active you can still crit which is amazing. and this ability also works on turrets.

    Tips and tricks:
    • Use right after your autoattack hits to quickly strike again for a good burst of damage.

    • the bleed effect will also reveal enemies if they manage to escape or stealth.


    This is your farming/harassing tool. the slow is a nice added bonus which works with Mercy. It also hits twice totalling a 1.2 Bonus AD ratio

    Tips and tricks:
    • Rake counts as two spells the blades when they fly away from you and when they fly back to you this can be used to break spell shields for a sacrifice of half the damage, the slow will still be applied on the way back.

    • The slow on Rake does not stack when the enemy gets hit a second time it will just reapply the slow.



    Great for closing distances the silence/damage amplification is an added plus to stop of their mages for a short while. sadly it doesn't work on anything but enemies.

    Tips and tricks:
    • This can be used to jump over a wall to an enemy. this can be used to surprise them. and give you an edge.

    • You will automatically try to autoattack right after blinking to them, you can use right after that autoattack to deal more damage. can also be activated before you blink to them thereby applying Noxian diplomacy right after blinking to them.

    Shadow Assault

    This is what defines Talon with a massive 0.9 AD ratio that applies twice totaling a 1.8 AD ratio with the added bonus of stealth and a movement speed bonus. Shadow assault got nerfed recently by adding 15 seconds of cooldown to each level. with 40% cooldown reduction your ult cooldown is now 33seconds instead of 24 which is a shame but 33 seconds is still an acceptable time
    Tips and tricks:
    • Using Cutthroat while Shadow Assault is active will blink you to your target and then recall the blades. the blades will hit them again on the way back to you because you land behind them with cutthroat.

    • Shadow Assault combined with can make you quite the quick one. this can be used to chase or run away just be sure to use ghost before you pop your ult.
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Possible builds

Item Sequence

Youmuu's Ghostblade 3000
Infinity Edge 3400
Bloodthirster 3200
Frozen Mallet 3100
Last Whisper 1450
This is the build I use for talon if I even manage to get past the Frozen mallet which happens sometimes but is rather rare.

Item Sequence

Infinity Edge 3400
Quicksilver Sash 1300
Frozen Mallet 3100
Bloodthirster 3200
This is the build I use for CC heavy teams Quicksilver Sash is an amazing item for removing CC, Mercury threads help alot too. The frozen mallet is just there for more added survivability.

Item Sequence

Infinity Edge 3400
Trinity Force 3333
Bloodthirster 3200
Youmuu's Ghostblade 3000
This build is one I haven't played too much of yet, it's based around High amounts of burst with low cooldowns with this build you should have near 40% cooldown reduction(38.85%).
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Starting items

Doran's Blade
Great starting item gives you some health for surviving and some AD for your skill, the 3% lifesteal is nothing to fawn over but it's a little bonus. the only downside of starting with this item is that you can't get any potions untill after your first recall.

Health Potion
If you need to stay slighty longer in a lane this is nice to have.

Boots of Speed
Useful to have early game so you can dodge some skillshots Ex: from brand. This can be combined with 3 health potions so you can take some harassment without having to recall back.

Long sword
Get this item if you are confident in your laning this can be built straight into a on your first recall. Which adds some great damage to your earlygame.
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Core items

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Gives you armour penetration and AD which is always useful and 15% cooldown reduction which gets your up even quicker. The real deal for me is the active that you get from Ghostblade. The added movement speed and Attack speed is great for chasing down someone who's trying to run away from you. In short for all the stats and the active it gives it's one hell of a deal for just 2687 Gold. I get this almost every game no matter what, it has never failed me in my build it's just so useful.

Doran's Blade
I usually get one of these early on after my (A total of 2 one before and one after my ) to hold me steady until I get my and .
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Trinity Force VS Infinity Edge(and other items)

I decided to make this section about the to explain a bit about trinity force and why it's not in my main build.

One of the biggest reasons to get on Talon is for the amplified effect on it. the effect is 150% bonus damage based of your "BASE" AD as an added on hit effect. your base AD is the AD you start with+the AD you gain per level without any runes and items. This at level 18 will be 105.8AD. this will let the sheen effect give you an extra 158.7 bonus damage note that this damage is not increased when you crit with talon. No doubt this adds some great burst to but consider that is not the only ability you use.

Let's compare it with A rather comparable item price wise.
adds 30 AD and the effect.
has a whopping 80 AD (and the +50% crit damage).

Now on to the real part where we compare damage. The will add 197.7(158.7 from the passive+ 30 AD + 9 damage from the AD scaling of ) Damage to your and 230.7 if it crits. the 30 AD will add a total of 126(30*1.2*2 + 30*1.8) to your other skills.
adds a 104 damage to your (80 AD and 24 damage from the AD scaling) and 232 Damage if it crits. (also raises all of your crit damage to 250%(260% if you have the Lethality Mastery) meaning your Total AD will have an added 25-30% damage when it crits. But that's beside the point.) The +80AD will add a total of 336(80*1.2*2 + 1.8*80) to your other skills.

= 197.7 + 126 = 323,6 damage to your initial skill rotation( + + )
= 104 + 336 = 440 damage to your initial skill rotation

So Adds more damage then on Talon cause of his massive AD scaling.

For Talon > .
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Preferred items

Infinity Edge
This item will add alot of damage and I mean alot. the +50% crit damage let's your crits do 260% of your AD(combined with Lethality Mastery) and can also crit so it benefits not only from the added AD but also from the crit damage/rate.

The Bloodthirter
Takes a few minion kills to get charged but when you reach the 100AD it's definitely worth it.

Ionian boots of lucidity
Talon his ultimate got nerfed recently by adding 15 seconds to each level. this item will help you reach 40% cooldown to reduce the cooldown of his ult to 33 seconds.

Frozen Mallet
Lategame alot of things will be hitting you pretty hard. this is to help you survive that. with the added benefit of activating your passive with every autoattack and 20AD.
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Laning Phase

This is probably Talon weakest point in the game cause he is so item dependant Getting a few Doran's Blades early on will help. Take either top or bottom lane, I don't suggest solo laning until are comfortable using Talon. Your first goal is to farm enough for either or or + . to help accomplish this use to help you farm/harass. Know who you're laning against use all you know about them to your advantage(cooldown, current mana, mana costs, range) this will help you greatly in timing when to harass and score creep kills.
Try to focus on your creep score as much as possible. You can start ganking after 6.
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During teamfights try and go for their mages/carries, let someone initiate and try and get close to their mages/carries close enough for to be able to hit them on activation. When you are in range use and then Cutthroat to close the gap between you and them after that(use the active on now if you have it) autoattack once and then use . finish them off with rake and autoattacks. Your target should be pretty dead if they didn't escape. after that you can make your exit or go after another target with just + +autoattacks. If things get a little bit tough during teamfights try and escape by using Cutthroat on the enemy closest to a safe exit and then using ghost and/or the active from .
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Here are some of my Results with Talon.
Talon vs Talon
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[2/September/2011] Addded Section about Trinity force VS Infinity Edge.
[3/September/2011] Added results
[5/September/2011] Minor corrections
[8/September/2011] Minor corrections and new results
[24/December/2011] For some reason I felt the need to update this build. Talon has received some nerfs which makes it necessary to change his build slightly to keep him being an effective champion. This might also be my last update since this guide hasn't gotten much traffic.
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Closing statements/Summary

Know your target
Know your enemy
Be careful earlygame

Thanks for reading through my guide. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated as this is my first guide.

Again thanks for reading my guide don't forget to comment and rate and have fun out there playing with Talon.

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