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Rammus Build Guide by Alatreontoeter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alatreontoeter

A total Newbie's Guide to Rammus [Updated]

Alatreontoeter Last updated on June 8, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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.-=#|Important Information|#=-.

IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!! No, seriously though. More than 200.000 views on this guide, I would like to thank all of you guys for reading my guide. Now, I'd appreciate it if you guys could leave me some comments tho, so yeah, just say something nice :P

I have slightly revised the guide and most spelling errors have been fixed. I will add a section about how to play Rammus as a supporter, but I will be needing some time to experiment with builds to make sure I don't give you guys bad advice.

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Hello. I'm Alatreontoeter. I'm fairly good at playing Rammus, and I'm fairly decent at LoL in general. Rammus is about one of the (very) few champ's I can be successful with. Having said that, I would like to refer to the title. This is not a guide for people who know how to play Rammus. This is for people who are not even necessarily Level 30 yet and still want to try out new things. For myself, I discovered Rammus early and I've been in love with him eversince. I realized that there were no guides around to just explain Rammus, to kind of make him attractive to new and maybe even experienced players.

This is the first guide I have ever written and I'm generally decent at LoL. If you have any criticism/comment/idea/whatever, please let me know in the comments. I really appreciate your support!

Rammus has been and still is a very strong Jungler with amazing ganking potential. Even with the Nerf of his E, puncturing taunt, which used to have a 3 second taunt at level 5 (pretty damn broken if you ask me). They nerfed it down to 2.25, but if you play Rammus right, that's already too much time. In this guide I will also go over the very basics of jungling and why it is so important to have a jungler.

In the current Tank-Meta, Rammus has lost viability in the Jungle. Sadly, as he used to be quite capable at getting the job done. Yet, with regards to the changing metagame and updated jungle, Rammus simply cannot compete with other junglers anymore. That said, I will eventually update the jungling guide, but I will do so at a later point. I will rewrite this guide to Top Lane Tank.

And of course I apologize greatly for taking so long, I recently moved back to germany after 2 years in the states and my life has been quite busy till and since then. I hope you guys like the revised version of this guide.

Anyways, enough of the jibberish. Let's learn something!

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Who is Rammus?

Rammus, the Armordillo.

An amazing being. If you read the lore you will find out that Rammus used to be an ordinary armadillo, until an unknown being/power/whatever transformed him. When he moved, the earth shook beneath him. So he set out to find others like him, but instead found the league.

Anyways, in the game Rammus primary role is clearly that of the tank. His abilities are also pretty good for fulfilling that role, but I will get to that later. Now, while Rammus is a tank, that does not mean that he couldn't hit hard. On the contrary, his passive Spiked Shell enables him to deal considerable amounts of damage with his basic attacks. This passive gives Rammus 25% of his armor as basic attack damage. Now, I am assuming that you are rather new to League of Legends, so 25% may not sound like too much, and maybe it's not enough to be good if you're not going full armor. But if you are, you can easily end up with about 70-100 bonus AD. And thats alot. In my final build I usually have more than 200 AD (overall), depending on what items I get to buy.

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His Skills

To understand Rammus, one must first understand how his abilities help him with doing what he does. Now, I told you that Rammus is both a good tank and ganker. But why is that? Let's take a closer look at what his abilities really do.

  • Spiked Shell - Passive

    So good. To be honest, this was the main reason for me to start playing Rammus. 25% is alot, and you can easily use this to make yourself a dangerous tank. Just think about this for a second: Let's assume you purchase a Thornmail. In addition to the 100 Armor, you now also have an extra 25 AD! This just helps you out even more when rolling through the jungle. With a full build, this can make you even more dangerous and a force to be reckoned with.

    Something that makes you stronger the tougher you get. Like working out... and having spikes grow out of you to impale enemies with!
  • Powerball - Q

    This is the one ability that will bring the power of making your enemies frustrated to your fingertips. When you activate it, Rammus turns into a spinning Ball. While this is happening, his movement speed will constantly increase as the Powerball goes on. Enough said. With Boots of Mobility you will reach speeds that go past 700. The reason you put a point in this on level 2 is the ability to quickly travel across the map. This ability will greatly increase your mobility and survivability. Because when you hit an enemy while spinning, you deal damage to him and nearby enemies. Only 100 on level one, but that's okay. You are not gonna be using this ability for the damage anyways and don't think that it's worth leveling this. It forces you to get close to your enemy and early game Rammus has little solo-potential. Dont be afraid to use it though, better use it and miss the action than not to use it and miss a kill.

    This ability doesn't really make you tankier in any way, but is the holy grail of ganks! I mean, periodically increasing movement speed, impact damage and when you hit them you knock them back, which takes them out for about half a second. That can secure kills! Oh, and did I mention that the knockback breaks channeling? Say goodbye to those Pesky Malzahar and Nunu ult's!

    + great mobility
    + awesome for positioning/initiation

    - high cooldown
    - low damage compared to cooldown
    - stacks on AP (I have no clue why)
    - cannot be active while defensive ball curl is

    Using this ability while Defensive Ball Curl is active will cancel the already active ability!
  • Defensive Ball Curl - W

    Another amazing ability making Rammus the tank he should be. When you activate this, it will put you into a defensive position. This will increase both your armor and magic resistance by 40/60/80/100/120!!! Paired with his passive this will give Rammus up to 30 temporary AD! Free damage and Armor!!! Oh and it also returns damage. So it's like a Thornmail! For FREE! While this does make you tanky, during mid- and lategame you can get easy kills on ADC's. Especially if paired with an actual Thornmail, this will make 'em bleed. I once taunted the enemie's ADC and had both my W active and a Thornmail and he just hit himself almost as hard as he hit me. The only downside was, I had ~2000 life more than him! So what would have strongly weakened me, killed him! By the time he realized he was at 200 Health I used Powerball and the gold was mine.

    And as a little sidenote: the damage returned is increased by your armor, and when you activate this, it actually increases the damage returned!

    + makes you tanky
    + passively increases your damage
    + returns damage to the attacker

    - cannot be active while powerball is
    - really has no actual drawbacks

    Using this ability while Powerball is active will cancel the already active ability!
  • puncturing taunt Puncturing Taunt - E

    This used to be broken. Like, really damn dangerous. If you got caught in this, it usually meant sudden death. But they nerfed it from a 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 second taunt to a 1.25/1.5/1.75/2/2.25 one. Still, this is amazing. Oh, and it also reduces your target's armor by 10/15/20/25/30. It's alot of fun to see the enemie's Carry crumble in despair because he has about 0 armor. Trust me, when you use it alot, you will notice the difference. But this isn't just good for ganks or positioning. You can really help others with this ability! For example, your teammate get's chased by another person and their life is really low. So you roll in, shortly take the opponent out and then taunt their champion so they can't get a kill.

    I love to combo this with Defensive Ball Curl! It's just the right thing to do. Also, having up to 120 extra on your resistances is just great for initiating a fight! The short range may seem like a drawback, but your Powerball helps to close the gap, and if you feel confident, you can even let loose your ultimate, Tremors!

    + great way to keep an enemy where you want them
    + takes focus from your allies to you (the tank)
    + solid taunt-duration, neither Over- nor Underpowered

    - short casting-range
    - you will take damage

  • Tremors - R

    When you activate this ability, Rammus will create Shockwaves in the ground, 8 to be precise and after a certain delay, which will each deal minor damage. This can easily turn the tides of a teamfight, and is also an ability that is often overlooked, because a thing many people don't realize is, this ability will not only damage champions but also towers and inhibitors! And it's alot! On level 3, this ultimate can deal up to 1560 damage (before armor reduction). Now, if you happen to be able to reach a tower on a lane that is not pushed, that doesn't mean you have to leave. No, Rammus does not care about minions. A god does not require mortals to do his duties. A true immortal Armordillo just uses his Defensive Ball Curl and Tremors to quickly take down the tower and get some extra gold for his incompetent teammates (they are always incompetent!).

    This can help you out of a bad situation by weakening your opponents even while running away. And with the low cooldown of only 60 seconds, do not be afraid to waste this on a few last hits. It's gonna be up in no time and you will have some extra gold in that wallet of yours.

    + Good damage that just get's better
    + decent range
    + damages buildings
    + great for clearing waves
    + stays active during powerball

    - ''slow'' ability, waves come with delay
    - hard to hit moving targets/fast champions with

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > puncturing taunt >

Now that you know what his skills do and how they work, let me explain to you how and why to level them. Above I am showing you his skills, sorted after levels of importance.

As for pretty much all champions, his ultimate, Tremors, is his most important skill. It can really turn the tides and is just amazing for teamfights. It wont get you kills, but hey, any damage matters. Also, this is amazing to clear waves of creeps with. And the low cooldown makes it even more attractive. Definitely level at 6, 11 and 16!

Now it's time for his Defensive Ball Curl. The reason you want to max this out first is the following: First of all, aside from it synergizing well with his passive, it WILL be THAT important early game. He does get stronger having this active, so maxing it out 1 point before your Puncturing Taunt gives you the extra buffness you need. Also, it returns damage to the attacker. And the damage returned is increased based on your armor! So when you activate this, your enemies will not stop hitting themselves. Also, this is amazing for Jungling, especially late-game. Yet it is important of getting this ASAP, as having this at level 1 can make all the difference. Also good for escaping. Note that if you are running up against a tough matchup, skipping 1 or 2 points from the taunt is totally viable and recommended. If you need the extra armor / magic resistance, get it. It has a much bigger impact on your laning to level this than your taunt.

Next is his Puncturing Taunt. This will make your enemies attack you, whether they want to or not. They also won't be able to cast spells, so this is a real lockdown. Using this in ganks will effectively secure kills, as your teammates can easily beat your opponent down while they are busy beating you. Note that you want to level this parallel with Defensive Ball Curl, which means that you first level Defensive Ball Curl, then this, and then just go on like that until both are maxed. This will give you a good balance between ganking/laning-potential.

Finally we have the Powerball. This abilities main purpose is to provide extended mobility. I usually use it to get from lane to lane, but you should definitely use it every time you go in for a gank. Seriously this makes you pretty fast, and rushing in out of nowhere just to gank your opponents can be fairly intimidating. The damage is decent, but really not something to care about too much. I never really see this ability as a damaging one, as the cooldown is pretty high. Note that the speed-boost is the same for all levels, so you won't need to put more points into this until you got your other abilities maxed. Oh, and on a side note, when going in for a gank, it is a good idea to keep this going for about 2 seconds in the bush before rushing out. This will give you more speed to work with and usually results in more successful ganks.

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How do his abilities help him in his Role?

Rammus is a tank. His role is clear. His passive and W just make him being a tank more worthwile. But that's not really why exactly he is good at what he does. Let's talk about why Rammus should be played as a tank and not AD-Carry or something else.

What's a tank?

If you take the role of the tank, that means that your primary role/purpose is to take hits. It is the tanks responsibility to take hits for his teammates and try to draw the enemies attention to himself. Tanks are not rarely used for initiation, which can sometimes put you right at the front of a fight. Also, tanks are not the primary recepients of kills, so do not expect to get good KD's. Nevertheless, the tank is a vital role in every team and having a good tank can make all the difference. The items that tanks buy aim at solely increasing their toughness. The three stats you want to increase here are Armor, Magic Resistance and Health.

Getting alot of Health should be a primary focus for any tank. Having great amounts of life ultimately means that you can take more hits. Armor and magic resistance are important too, but as they increase, the benefits you receive decrease steadily, which means that from 20 to 120 armor you may receive a ~30% damage reduction, but when jumping another 100 you may only get about ~7%. Always remember this! This counts for both magic resistance and armor! So when you need both because the enemy has a pretty diverse team, don't sweat if you can't get 400 armor and M.R.. Around 150-200 is already pretty good. And this is also important for a tank, to be flexible. Do not focus on a specific build, you want to build your items around your enemies. Because if they have alot of magic damage, 1000 armor will not help you a bit. Always consider changing your items, maybe switch a Randuin's Omen for a Spirit Visage.

Spiked Shell - Passive

Being a tank means that you have to take in a lot of damage. But most tanks do not directly benefit from having alot of armor. Well, Rammus does. He gets 25% of his armor directly converted to attack damage. So when you have your W on Level 5, you will get 30 attack damage for FREE! AND IT MAKES YOU BULKIER TOO! In a full-blown armor-build, you can easily get past 200 AD, this is what gives Rammus the ability to be competitive in 1v1 fights. Thanks to this passive I have actually been able to take down enemy CARRIES!

This greatly supports Rammus in his role as a tank, as it gives you a great bonus for playing with alot of armor.

Powerball - Q

This ability doesn't actually help you to get tanky. And that's fine. Not every tank's abilities aim solely at getting bigger. This ability does, however, support you in doing your job right. What I mean by that is: Initiation. Imagine you have yours and the enemy team stare at each other at the middle lane, noone making a move. Something has to happen, so you activate your powerball, wait a few seconds and roll in! And because you are the tank you have a good chance at surviving the onslaught until your team can rush to your aid. Also, this is great for chasing/running away. As I said before, with Boots of Mobility you can reach speeds of up to 750! But watch out for random creepwaves, as hitting a creep will cancel the Powerball (this can and will screw you over big time)

This ability will greatly help you with initiation and can also help you get out of a bad situation.

Defensive Ball Curl - W

Probably my favourite ability, tied with Tremors. This is the best tank-ability I have ever seen. It provides you with both armor and magic resist, and not a little. A whopping 120 bonuspoints are yours for 6 seconds if you max this. And thats really alot. Even if you don't have any real resistances yet, on level 3 this will already provide you with 80 armor and magic resistance. And now think about how much better this is than having none at all. And do not forget about the damage this ability throws back at attackers. On level 5, this will be 55 set damage plus 10% of your armor. And the 120 you get from the ability mean that you throw back 12 damage! Plus the 30 from your passive, you pretty much get 42 extra damage with this ability. USE IT!

Simple and effective: This ability is truly worthy of a god such as Rammus. It makes him really damn tough and even makes your oponents hit themselves! Could you ask for more?

puncturing taunt Puncturing Taunt - E

Puncturing taunt will turn you into a living nightmare for the enemy team. With the taunt lasting up to 2.25 seconds, this is no fun to be caught in. This ability synergizes so well with both Defensive Ball Curl and Tremors. But how does it help him as a tank? Well, your job is to keep the enemy from hitting your carries. And if you can make them hit you, your doing it right. This will also keep your enemies from casting spells, but be aware that they might nuke you down after this ends. Be prepared to take serious damage. But wait, you are Rammus. And Rammus is a god. So he does not care. And so do you (not care).

Helps lock down enemies and keep them away from your teammates. Good for initiation too.

Tremors - R

Aaaaaaahhh yes... Tremors. I just love this ability. It is perfect. A low cooldown combined with moderate to high damage and also an ability that can damage TURRETS! How this helps you as a tank? If you didn't get it yet, I'll repeat it. It can damage TURRETS! When you feel like not giving a **** about the universe, run up to a turret, pop your ult and see the tower crumble before your cosmic might. But for real. This ability will emit 8 waves of damage one by one with a periodical delay. The low cooldown (only 60 seconds!) allows you to use this at will and without fear of wasting it. Because you are a tank, you will have an easy time staying alive in teamfights, which means you have good chances at fully hitting enemy champions with this. While the damage is moderate on level one, it grows pretty quickly and by level 3, you can easily take down turrets with this.

This ability doesn't help you to be a tank, but it actually gains importance from the fact that you are a tank. The tankier you are, the more effectively you can use this. And if you can use it well, you win.

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Items to get and some situational stuff

This is the build I have constructed for myself after playing rammus extensively and trying and adjusting. It really does not vary at all from my old jungle build, yet it does cover a little different items.

Starting Items

I ALWAYS start out with a Crystalline Flask, 2 Health Potion's and a Warding Totem. I would like to stress the importance of the Crystalline Flask here. This is a must have for many top laners, as it provides you with sustainability, which will ultimately win you the lane. Being able to fight and trade well is nice, but having to leave is what get's people behind on xp. That one level really can matter and make the difference between a won and a lost lane.

Early Game

Here we go. This is where we start. First, you have to do some work. Don't worry, nothing hard. Simply identify whether your oponent is building AP or AD. If you cannot quite tell (For example, there is a Nidalee with a Flask), then go safe and buy a Null-Magic Mantle. Even if the enemy team has about no noticable AP, [Spectre's Cowl] is still a viable item and I like picking it up for the regen it provides. Lategame you can still sell it or just complete the Spirit Visage with it.

Should you encounter an AD focused oponent, your choice shall be the Chain Vest. This will build into your choice of a Thornmail or Sunfire Cape. If you are running against a right-click champion, like riven, I recommend the Thornmail, but if their damage comes more from abilities, I prefer the Sunfire Cape. You should also check your enemy team's composition, as sometimes Thornmail will be viable even if your direct oponent is not the right fit for it. Thinking ahead is very important when making this decision, I cannot stress enough how significant this choice can become.

Lastly, your gonna want to pick up [Boots of Speed]. So by now you should have, in addition to the boots, either a Null-Magic Mantle or a Chain Vest and a Crystalline Flask.

Core Items

This is where the fun begins. Now, I shall cover both AP and AD, but in seperate parts, as not to cause confusion in the ranks.


If you are running up against a mainly to totally AD focused team, your first big Item should be a Thornmail. This is just so good with Rammus, as it also provides you with 25 Attack Damage due to your passive, Spiked Shell. Again, you have to analyze the Situation. If the enemy team has reasonable amounts of magic damage, for example a strong midlane AP-Carry in addition to an AP Support, I recommend getting a Spectre's Cowl. At this point you won't need anything more, as this item already provides you with great stats. Now you will want to build a Warmog's Armor. Gettin 900 additional HP is amazing and will actually enable you to last in the teamfights that should start emerging. Having a good amount of HP is vital for Rammus, and the regen just tops it all off. This will keep you in lane. Finally, after that you should complete your Spirit Visage. Somewhere along the lines here you should also pick up some Ninja Tabi's. These are great boots for Rammus as even though it does reduce the damage you reflect, who cares? You survive longer and these can really make the difference, whether you notice it or not.

If you are not facing significant amounts of AP then you should go for a Sunfire Cape instead. Now the reason I don't get this in the above situation is that even though it is a nice item, Rammus can get better, more stat-efficient items, and the damage over time is really not THAT much. Yet, if you are facing AD, get it. The health will be a welcome buff and the Armor will increase your damage a little and your survivability by a lot. It's also nice for trading, as you will always deal some extra damage, which will add up eventually. Finish this build off with a Warmog's Armor as well and your done. Well, kinda. Halfway.

By now you should have a Thornmail, either Spectre's Cowl or Sunfire Cape, Warmog's Armor, a Crystalline Flask and Ninja Tabi's.


If you are laning against an AP-heavy Champion and / or the enemy team has great amounts of AP, you should first buy a Spectre's Cowl. This is NOT optional. It's one of my favorite items in the whole entire game, because for what you are paying, you are getting some serious buffs. Extra health, magic resistance and regen! Literally everything you need. Next you should straight up finish your Spirit Visage and move on to buying a Warmog's Armor. This will give you the health and regen necessary to survive nukes. You should also pick up some Mercury's Treads. The tenacity is really good for Rammus and the magic resist just makes it much better. Don't miss out on these!

Now, your next item will be Banshee's Veil. But why this and not Guardian Angel? Guardian Angel is a nice item to have, but in the early game I find it rather less useful. Banshee's Veil provides you with a regenerating spellshield, which can block any targeted ability. Veigar about to finish you off with his ult? Nope. In addition to that it provides health and regen, which are both welcome buffs.

By now you should have a Spirit Visage, Warmog's Armor, Banshee's Veil, a Crystalline Flask and Mercury's Treads'.

Late Game

Alright so you've followed the build so far and successfully reached lategame. Congratulations. Now the hard part starts. On a sidenote, I recommend selling your crystalline flask when starting these items, as by now it has lost it's value for you.


If you are running up against significant amounts of AD, your next item should be a Randuin's Omen. First off, this item is great on Rammus. It makes your enemies attack slower, which ultimately means it will take them longer to kill you. It also boosts your armor and health appreciably and provides an optional ability which greatly slows enemies nearby. Now the 6th item. This is really up to you and how you assess the situation. The 6th item will shape the whole rest of your game and really makes an impact on whether you will be successful or not. When I cannot quite decide what exactly I want / need, I like to go for a Guardian Angel. I personally think this is a viable item in pretty much any game, and I don't think I need to explain why. It's outright versatile and just does. Note though that the cooldown has been nerfed to 300 seconds, which equals 5 minutes. So don't waste it. Now, an optional replacement for this would be the Frozen Heart. I rarely find myself in the need of buying this, as it really only works well against hard carries like Vayne, Lucian or generally guys and gals who right-click to win. It's really nice and the mana is much appreciated, but in the end it remains a situational, yet viable 6th item.

Here is an example of how your build might look now: Thornmail, Spirit Visage, Warmog's Armor, Randuin's Omen, Guardian Angel and Ninja Tabi's.


If you have to cope with lots and lots of AP, then I would definitely recommend you consider buying a Guardian Angel now. This is personal preference, but here's why I do this: Usually, when they try to kill you, they might blow the one or other ult on you. If your lucky you eat a couple of combo's for your teammates. If you die now and get back up, their abilities might still be on cooldown and their ult's will probably be gone already. This will enable you to escape or tank some more, even though that might spell eventual death. But dieing is alright, as long as your trading well. Also, the Guardian Angel will give you some armor and magic resistance, which is nice to have. As a 6th Item, I like to pick up the Maw of Malmortius. There are 2 reasons I do this:

1. It will provide some extra attack damage, which you are lacking due to building no armor. That's nice to have against squishy carries.
2. The shield it provides is awesome. It absorbs quite a lot of damage and can really save your *** when there's an ult or 2 flying at your face.

Another nice item I like to pick up instead is the Locket of the Iron Solari. It is quite a useful item, as even though it's stats are a bit on the mediocre side, it makes up for this with an aura-buff that increases your nearby allies magic resistance and health regen. I do actually prefer this over the Maw of Malmortius, simply because it helps your teammates. Note that a support might purchase this earlier into the game, so make sure not to get this if someone else already did, as the aura does not stack.

A finished build might look about like this for you: Spirit Visage, Warmog's Armor, Banshee's Veil, Guardian Angel, Locket of the Iron Solari and Mercury's Treads.

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Choosing the right Summoner Spells

I have recently started to use Barrier instead of teleport, and here's why. In the early game, you will find yourself in situations, or at least I do, where that little bit of extra health would have saved you from death. I did it just to see if it would actually affect my survivability and it did. I got away a few times with extremely low health simply because the shield gave me the edge in the fight. Now here are a few Pro's and Con's:


  • Provides a temporary shield which absorbs damage
  • Can save you in a dangerous situation
  • Becomes less and less useful as you enter lategame

  • Amazing mobility, get's you where you need to be
  • Is great and becomes better and more important the more the game progresses
  • The high cooldown makes this very situational
  • It's a channel, which can be interrupted and prevents you from using abilities

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Rolling in too Deep

Rammus on top is a fun thing to do... Anyways, it's also a hard thing to do. The first problem you will face is the mere fact that you are a melee champion, which means that especially if your are running up against a ranged opponent, your gonna have a hard time. Add to that the fact that your trades are not the best, and you've essentially got a rock. Your hard, but you don't do much unless your up close and then someone can just come out of nowhere with a hammer and break you. The hammer in this case being the enemy jungler. So here are some tips and tricks on how to stay safe in lane and get to level 6 without dieing.

  • Do not be aggressive. In the early game, you really want to stay back and soak up that xp and grab some last hits. Don't sweat if you fall behind on farm, you can make up for it later.
  • Only take secure lasthits. Don't get hit when you don't need to and avoid just running past the enemy champion to grab dat ranged dude.
  • Generally, stay either between your melee and ranged or behind your ranged minions. This is a good spot to be in. In case they try to zone you, take some damage, but do not miss out on xp, as that will be really, really bad for you.
  • You should recall when you have about 20% HP left, but never leave a pushed lane unless you have to. Defend under the tower and take lasthits, you usually don't push so just let them come and get that money.

If you are running against someone like Riven who needs to rightclick you for damage, I recommend to try and wait till she is past your melee creeps. Now you taunt her and pop your Defensive Ball Curl while auto-attacking her. This will ensure you get some serious damage out there. The trick with this is to start running away just when the taunt is about to run out. This will make it less likely for you to get locked down or severely wounded.

Always keep your river warded. When the river is not warded, stay back and play defensively (even more than you should already be). Getting ganked is usually the way you are going to die, as long as you avoid extensive trading you should be fine otherwise. Remember that your Powerball can and will collide with creeps, so choosing the long way might pay off instead of trying to rambo through the creepwave.

When your behind on gold or there's a considerable creepwave building up (or both), don't be afraid to use your ultimate, Tremors, to clear the wave. It has a 60 second cooldown on all levels and having that extra gold is totally worth it. This is how you can catch up once you hit level 6.

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Some general strategy / advice

Rammus is, basically, a pretty easy champ. Like, I'd say he's about as easy as Soraka (before the great update). Essentially your job is to take all the damage and reflect as much as you can and hope that you win the teamfight. But remember, this is just a very basic description of Rammus. In reality, he can do much more than that. But, as said before, I am assuming that you just wanna try out Rammus / are new to the game, so don't sweat if you don't know every single trick or outplay you can perform with Rammus. It's all about practice! But anyways, here are some tips:

  • Rammus is a great Initiator. To start a fight, simply activate your Q and roll into their team. Then pop your W so you have better chances of surviving the carnage.
  • When a fight breaks out, try to stand in front of your carries to absorb damage. What you really want is people attacking you because of your Thornmail and your Defensive Ball Curl
  • When in a team/general fight, try to first use your Puncturing Taunt on the enemy ADC, then pop your Defensive Ball Curl and activate Tremors. This will guarantee that you deal all the damage you can.
  • Dieing as a Rammus in a Teamfight is not bad. You are the tank, therefor you will and want to take damage. Yet, there's a difference between dieing and feeding. Don't dive headlong into a fight, try to make the best out of every situation.
  • If you get fed, either through assists or kills, do not go into a partial AD-Build. Keep on going tanky and you will be nearly immortal (seriously tough).

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