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Warwick Build Guide by INSANEghosit

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League of Legends Build Guide Author INSANEghosit

A warwick jungle analysis

INSANEghosit Last updated on June 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys welcome to my first Mobafire guide :

As you can see this is a warwick jungle build for a balanced Ad/Ap enemy team.
It's also a agressive warwick build who is always ready for a towerdive to cover many kills for your team.

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RUNES: a little bit physical damage and armor especially for the jungle start , magic resist per level and movement speed.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Vitality

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

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nothing very unexpected , for Q and ultimative skill 10 % magic penetration which is quite a lot;
I dont think that the addtioal 1,5 % damage are as important as 10 % magic penetration , especially in early game

Health regeneration masteries are very useful at start so you can stay in jungle very long...

The bonus damage masteries against minions are good but not that necessary with Warwick, other things are much more important;

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-> u need them to make powerful ganks because you dont have any Crowd Control abilities. YOu just have red buff. i additionaly take 3 Health Potions to gank with full life.

-> to make my Hungering Strike and my ultimative Infinite Duress much more dangerous

-> if the enemies are full of crowd control and ap carries take those boots.

-> you need the cooldowns very much, also the mana and armor.

-> for health, magic resist , - 10 % cooldowns, steps up my passive and life regeneration + spellvamp of my abilities

-> attackspeed , magic resist, bonus damage...
( Infinite Duress stacks with hit effects)

-> to finish Glacial Shroud

-> permanent per hit slow + much health

Situational Items :

-> Atackspeed (which is nice for your passive), damage , armor bonus damage ( 4 % of max health per hit -> nice vs tanks in late game...( also stacks on Infinite Duress) -> INSTEAD OF Wit's End


Shurelya's Reverie

Zeke's Herald

At least I want to say:
Somebody might ask himself why much more armor than magic resist ?

1) Towers make physical damage and no magic one so armor is more important to towerdive.

2)Monsters in the Jungle/ Minion creeps on lanes also make only physical damage.

3)In nearly every teamfight you will suffer more physical attacks if the teams are balanced.
cause there is no cooldown of physical attacks.

4) Magic resist is more expensive than armor and I'm not ready to use 1 item only for magiuc resist - the magic resist items in my build have many useful other effects too...

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Skill Sequence

At first you have to skill Hungering Strike or Hunters Call - it doesnt really matter...(I prefer Hungering Strike)
- then skill the different one.
At lvl 3 Blood Scent if u gank early or follow an enemy. But sometimes deactivtae it because your enemies see that you come if they are under 50% life and they would run away...

then skill Hungering Strike because it makes the most damage ( also thanks to sorcerer's boots)...

then skill Blood Scent the most to be faster and bigger range of smell

and in end game Hunters Call

skill your ultimative Infinite Duress always when possible...

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Route + tactics

Start at blue in the enemy jungle if they dont have a jungler. Then make the witches , red, golems at your jungle and then try out a gank after buying boots. Then refresh your blue and red or give it to your teammates. If there is no necessary or useful gank , farm in jungle until you reach lvl 6 where you get your ultimative skill . ALso tell your teammates dont to push to much that you can gank successful.
Use your E skill to cover many kills your teammtaes wouldn't get because they aren't fast enough. Always use your W skill in teamfights 1 vs 1 battles and at pushing because also your team gets these bonuses. Always try to gain some life with your Q Hungering Strike skill when needed.(It also helps a lot when you are close to death). The useful thing on it is , that it's damage stacks with the enemy health in %.
Also use your ultimative skill Infinite Duress to open a teamfight against enemys who make much damage. That's the reason why I play him tanky because otherwise he would die in teamfight during his ultimative skill. But don't overdo it with playing agressive...
Warwick is a strong 1 vs 1 fighter so don't run away from enemies also when your health isn't full.(Especially in early game when your enemies fon't have liesteal but you still have because of your passive skill). But care if you fight in the enemy jungle because there maybe come help very early and then you can hardly escape. One funny thing that often happens to me is when I fight 1 vs 1 and my enemy is under 50% health but then he gets help from his teamates and I escape. He follows me so I get more movement speed because of my E skill Blood Scent and I can escape easily which is very funny - your enemies will be pissed ;)...

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Summoner Spells

: great item for escaping and finishing through walls ( I take it with nearly every other champion too)

: Jungling will be much faster which is very important if you are needed anywhere else

all different spells aren't as important as smite in my opinion...
Yes Exhaust, Ignite, Teleport - all are very useful too but I prefer Smite

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Creeping, Jungling, Farming

I don't think that I have to tell you to make lasthits and so on. The only farming tactis which is either a jungling tactis is the following skill order with whose you will be faster and saver( it uses more mana but when you have blue that doesn't matter):

At first use your Q skill Hungering Strike , imediately after the W skill and as soon you have Q skill again use it during the W skill Hunters Call so you will have it ready when W is over. Use it because it makes more damage than a normal hit and you gain more lfie back. That's the reason...

The last thing which is for beginners I suppose is that you have to use Smite to finish or close to finishing a important monster for the case that anybody wants to steal your buff/monster etc...

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Ranked Play

In ranked games junglers will have this problem:

In nearly every ranked game there is a supporter with an AD carry on bottom lane who puts wards in the river so enemies will see you if you come from the river. So you have to possibilities:

1) When your teammates are pushing too much, then come from your tower , go in the bush and wait until the enemies come in the range of your ultimative , BUT DEACTIVATE E Blood Scent if they are low !!! - otherwise you fail !

2) when your enemies push too much because they make or may get a kill or whatever , come from the river also if they see you (they wont look on the mini map when they are close to a kill). Then activate E and try to focus your enemies while they are in tower range with your ultimative to make so the tower will make damage too. Also use this skill if a teammate is close to death to save him.
3) Or you just come from the side although your enemy knows that you come but that doesn't matter if you are able to make a save towerdive with your teammates. But come from the side because otherwise if you come from your tower the enemy could just run in the different direction. so if you come from behind or the side he wont have any chnace to escape - but care , there will arrive some help from the enemy jugler or the mis lane soon !

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All in all this is a build with a great mix of tankyness and damage. Also very useful in 1vs1 fights how Warwick generally is...
I don't play him too much on Ap because I think only a Q skill (but with amazing damage) isn't as good as this one.
I also don't play him like a classic AD because he has really good and useful abilities but doesn't make as much physical damage as Tryndamere for example...

This is a allrounder build without big disadvantages in my opinion.
I think/hope I have mentioned all important to help you !

All in all thank you guys for reading my build - I would be happy about some productive comments and advices to improve this !

I hope you enjoyed and you can improve your Warwick/jungling gameplay with this guide/build !

See you and have fun with (this) Warwick !

So far, INSANE ghosti