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Aatrox Build Guide by Shadow_of_Ares

AD Carry Aatrox Top Lane Killer (Revised)

AD Carry Aatrox Top Lane Killer (Revised)

Updated on July 9, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shadow_of_Ares Build Guide By Shadow_of_Ares 15,402 Views 4 Comments
15,402 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Shadow_of_Ares Aatrox Build Guide By Shadow_of_Ares Updated on July 9, 2013
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From The Author

Please rate and discuss. I enjoy this build with Aatrox, but some might like him to have less attack speed and more tank qualities. If anyone believes I can improve my build please leave me a message it will help appreciated!

-Shadow of Ares
ELO 20
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Aatrox is a legendary warrior, one of only five that remain of an ancient race known as the Darkin. He wields his massive blade with grace and poise, slicing through legions in a style that is hypnotic to behold. With each foe felled, Aatrox's seemingly living blade drinks in their blood, empowering him and fueling his brutal, elegant campaign of slaughter.
The earliest tale of Aatrox is as old as recorded history. It tells of a war between two great factions remembered only as the Protectorate and the Magelords. Over time, the Magelords won a series of crushing victories, leaving them on the brink of obliterating their sworn enemy forever. On the day of their final confrontation, the Protectorate army found themselves outnumbered, exhausted, and poorly equipped. They braced for inevitable defeat.

Just when all hope seemed lost, Aatrox appeared among the ranks of the Protectorate. With but a few words, he urged the soldiers to fight to the last before throwing himself into battle. His presence inspired the desperate warriors. At first, they could only watch in awe as this unknown hero cleaved through their enemies, his body and blade moving in unison as if one being. Soon, the warriors found themselves imbued with a potent thirst for battle. They followed Aatrox into the fray, each fighting with the furious strength of ten until they had won a most unlikely victory.

Aatrox vanished after that battle, but the Protectorate army's newfound fury did not. Their surprising triumph led to many more until they were able to finally return home victorious. Their countrymen hailed them as heroes, but though they had saved their entire civilization from destruction, darkness lingered in the mind of each warrior. Something within them had changed. Over time, their memories of battle faded, only to be replaced with a grim revelation: their acts of heroism were, in fact, brutal atrocities committed by their own hands.

Tales like these appear among the myths of many cultures. If they are all to be believed, Aatrox's presence has changed the course of some of the most important wars in history. Though these stories remember him as a savior in dark times, Aatrox's true legacy may be a world filled with conflict and strife.

"Some fight for honor, some fight for glory. It matters only that you fight."
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Aatrox is a sustained top lane melee fighter. He self heals, and maintains. His auto attack is his biggest utility. Blood Thirst Heals him and Blood Price does additional damage. Dark Flight's dive is a way to initiate OR leave a fight. Blades of torment is a your way of slowly knocking down an enemy from a safe range, and it helps in chancing fleeing prey.
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My game plan is what I use most.

Core Items. Controversial. I have played many builds experimenting on AI and normal randoms. These items always seem to get me a few extra kills. These core items give what is wanted most attack speed and complete mobility; these items help catch enemies quickly, with the help of dark flight and massacre.

Offensive Items: Infinity Edge gives some extra critical chances moving is up to 55% which with mastery gives bonus attack speed. Frozen Mallet is just a way keep enemies like Teemo and Ashe from getting away, the slow and extra life is a huge help it getting the kill. The Black Cleaver is the tank kill, its armor pen and reduction kill those pesky tanks that never seem to die. I rarely use the bloodthirster unless I am just farming people with ease.

Defensive Items: Randuin's Omen is a good option to slow champs and if the main damage is from AD champs, combining it with thornmail makes Aatrox very tank like. Guardian Angel is one way to annoy the enemy to death, it takes three times too kill one champion and why they focus Aatrox in team fights the rest of the team can them wipe out.
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Dark Flight is for the most part is just a way to engage, or escape battle. It has a relatively long cool down and can only be used once per fight. Blood Thirst and Blood Price are the most important spell to level quickly auto it is the quickest way to fill Aatorx's blood well, as well as heal up. It also is what will kill champions the fastest, out of any of your abilities. Blades of Torment is a good way to knock down enemies from a safe range, and to slow fleeing enemies.

1v1: Hit with Blades of Torment, turn on Blood Price knock down till the start to flee use dark flight and massacre*
*if you don't need it don't use it

1v Multiple: Dark Flight Massacre with blood price on, Massacre and go to town.

5v5: You are a tank and a distraction. Dark Flight in the middle as the team prepares. Blood well is used. Your team comes in for kill. Come back to life massacre, blades of torment, and blood price them down.
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Ignite is useful because early game because many time enemies will jug a tower after a fight and this will finish them off.

Teleport is great way to gank enemy champs or push quickly up a lane that minions have done much of the work. Massacre, like yi's highlander, is a great way to burn a tower while the enemy is more occupied.

Flash can replace Teleport to get away or chase down. With the combo of dark flight flash can quickly get Aatrox into or out of fights.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shadow_of_Ares
Shadow_of_Ares Aatrox Guide
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Aatrox Top Lane Killer (Revised)

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