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Lulu Build Guide by MyLifeForAura

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MyLifeForAura

Ad Bruiser Lulu (In Depth Guide)

MyLifeForAura Last updated on April 19, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Lulu with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Teemo Ap teemo is super simple to beat. Without ignite you still destroy him all you have to do is wait out the blind while shielded. Rush Bork and buy a brutalizer after phage.
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Why use this guide for your ad bruiser top LuLu?

Welcome to my Ad Bruiser Lulu Guide!

Hi my name is F u k b o i (no spaces) i have been playing league since the end of season 3 around the time that jinx came out. Honestly this guide is just for fun but i enjoy playing out of meta things that can still do a lot of damage late game as Lulu does with her passive and auto attacks together. There isn't much to talk about really but some general things about playing in the top lane, what to build and what abilities to level up.

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Pros/Cons of Lulu Top

Pros & Cons

*Lulu is a champion that can take lots of poke and still be able to poke back
+ She has a reliable shield that can soak damage
+ She has three forms of CC with her q slow, her ultimate knockup, and her whimsy silence
+ She gets alot of her stats boosted with few items
+ Works very well with trinity force
+ Can help her team engage with her ultimate and also disengage with her speed up
+ Easy to farm waves with
+ She can run away from enemy champs for a long time
+ Gets lots of extra damage from her passive that lets you build more tank

*She can be a mana hog if u have to spam abilities
- Easy to kill without her ultimate or shield
- Hard to catch back up if you are behind
- Gets punished by the new jungle because of hard engage (Vi, Lee, Rek'Sai, Jarvan)

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

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Lulu's abilities are the main way to outplay other top lane champions. With her shield, slow, whimsey, and her ultimate knockup she has the ability to out play a lot of top lane champions. Lulu can use her abilites for engage and disengage, all around making her a great team fighter and top laner.

Ability Sequence
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Pix, Faerie Companion

Lulus passive makes her shoot a barrage of homing bolts when she auto attacks that make her
deal extra damage. Since the only ap that you get is from trinity force it wont do as much damage
as it could do, but it will still do around 100 extra magic damage for each auto attack. The bolts
travel slower than lulus normal auto attacks so sometimes when someone thinks they have
escaped lulu its just because the bolts have not hit them yet.


This ability is Lulus main ability for farming. You can shoot this through waves to get last hits on
minions or lower them when you are solo pushing and minions are not pushed up yet. Aside from
its farming uses lulus Glitterlance also slows and damages enemy champions when they are
hit with it. This comes very handy when you are chasing loser Riven's to their death.


Lulu's W is her bread and butter for winning 1v1's or getting away. When it is used on an enemy
champion it turns them into a useless polymorph that cannot use abilities or attack allied
champions. This can be used against champions that engage on you heavily such as Riven or
Zed. When they use their ultimate on you, you simply Whimsy them so they don't do any
damage to you until they are out of polymorph. Lulu's Whimsy when used on herself or a
teammate gives movements speed that you or an ally can use to either run away from a battle
when low or catch up to a running champion such as Udyr.
Help, Pix!

Lulu's E is another great tool to your survival in the top lane. This ability gives you, an ally a
shield that lasts 6 seconds. When E is placed on an enemy or an ally it allows you to shoot
Glitterlance off of them. This can be used to your advantage such as if minions are coming
towards you and they are running away you can place your Help, Pix! on a minion and then
Glitterlance the enemy slowing them. This allows you to catch back up to them and continue
auto attacking them. The shield you get from your E can easily help you win fights by keeping
you alive and healthy.
Wild Growth

Lulu's ultimate Wild Growth enlarges lulu knocking up any enemies in range around her and
giving her bonus health. This can be very usefull for when enemies engage on you as you can use
it to get them off of you and gain some extra health. Lulu can also use her ultimate as an engage
tool by using it on an ally or herself to knockup the enemies and start a fight. Her ultimate can
also be used to save allies that are low by giving them bonus health. After the ultimate wears off
some of the bonus health is left behind.

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Starting Items:

Doran's blade is a great start for auto attack champions as it gives you some ad, health and base life steal. Doran's blade is a viable starting item for almost any lulu matchup as long as you dont run out of mana. This start works well against champions that don't have any way to immediately engage on you because with your auto attacks you have the ability to kick them out of lane or force them to farm under turret

Flask is a great starting item for spamming your abilities. Crystalline flask when used acts as a mana potion and a health potion. If your vs a poke heavy champion you may have to go flask in order to out trade them. Flask also gives you the ability to safely stay in lane a lot longer as long as you don't take too much harass.

Core Items:

Blade of the Ruined King is a great item when used on lulu. Bork gives you bonus attack speed life steal and attack damage and an active. When this active is used on an enemy the enemy is slowed and it deals 10% of the enemy's health as physical damage. This can be used when chasing an enemy to slow them and when fighting head on to deal more damage to the enemy. This item is great because it allows you to put your passive's extra auto attack damage to use by giving her more attack speed. It also gives you more life steal aside from your Doran's blade which is great when you are split pushing because you gain health back.

Tri-Force is an great item to build on Lulu. Tri-Force helps lulu in many ways. First Tri-Force gives you damage and health with phage then, Ap and man with Sheen, then extra attack speed and critical chance with Zeal. Tri-Force has a unique passive that boosts your auto attack damage after using an ability. This can be used for burst after using your Glitterlance on an enemy or for farming.

Armor Pen Items:

Black Cleaver is my main choice of armor pen item since it does give you some extra health and damage that you don't get from going Youmuu's. This is very useful as you are supposed to be an off-tank top laner. Black Cleaver also has a special passive that reduces the enemy champions armor that can stack up to 5 champions allowing you to do lots of damage with your autos to tanks.

Youmuu's is also a great item for armor penetration. Youmuu's gives you increased critical strike wich can count towards allowing you to do more damage. This can be a great item for split pushing. Its active gives you bonus movement speed and attack speed wich is great for running and outplaying other champions.

Last Whisper is another good armor penetration item. This item gives you the most armor pen out of all the armor pen items. This is good vs heavy tanks but it is still recommended to get either Youmuu's or Black Cleaver still. Last whisper also gives you some bonus ad which is also useful.

Optional Damage Items:

Since ad lulu's damage is based on her auto attacks Infinity Edge works great with her as it increases her damage majorly. This item helps lulu have a lot more critical strikes and its unique passive makes critical hits do 250% more damage, overall making you do more damage with crits and get them more often.

Vs heavy burst champions or just champions that you have to 1v1 often its best to get a life steal item. Bloodthrister is a great item for life steal as it gives you 20% life steal and a unique passive. After lifes stealing to full health you gain a shield that goes from 50 bonus health to 350 bonus health based on your in game level that goes away after being out of combat for 25 seconds. This item is also great because it gives you lots of attack damage.

When going against an ap champion the best item to buy early on is Maw. This item is great since it gives you a lot of damage and magic resist. Maw also comes with a unique passive to where when your health goes below 30% of your maximum health. The shield blocks 400 magic damage which is really useful for outplaying ability power based champions. This item is very useful vs annoying ap champions such as Kennen, Swain, Mordekaiser, ect...

Mercurial scimitar is a great offensive item, and it can also be a great defensive item. This item gives you bonus attack damage making it a great offensive item. Merc Scimitar also gives you some bonus magic resist and a unique active. When activated it grants you 50% increased movement speed for 1 second and removes all debuffs. This is great vs heavy engage or lockdown champions such as Warwick, Lissandra, or Malzahar.