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League of Legends Build Guide Author EbaGaming

AD Carries, ÉbaGaming

EbaGaming Last updated on April 30, 2012
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AD carries I usually play.

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey my name is Éba. I´m rookie doing guides and videos, but I´ve played League of Legends for long time and I´m pretty good with it. I love PvP, and I get these questions to make guide to YouTube, or here MOBAfire. So I decided to make little and simple guide how I play AD carry, and how to improve with AD carries.

Hope you enjoy, Heippa!

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To get started

To start playing AD carry, you have to choose do you want carry with hybrid damage, survivability, burst damage or CC. There is many choices for everyone, and if you´re playing ranked games, there is always the possibility that enemy picks your "main ad" so I have the thumb rule to learn at least 3-4 to fulfill that role.

Playing with friends

When ever you can play with friends. Communication is one of the best advantages for LoL, and if it is possible, why not to use it? Skype and other communication programs are easy way to tell your teammates to do something, plan out things, or just warn about something. Playing with support(for example) in bot lane, you can survive ganks easier, do high damage poke, and focus some target easily down together!


Searching through google and youtube, you find tons of guides and video clips which helps you out with some specific champion. Doing little research your self, can make you get interested in things, find out some secrets, or teach you to counter that specific champion in-game.
Reading helps!

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Runes are the most important part of preparing AD carry. Runes will give you the little advantage against the enemies through whole game. There is also down side of runes, they are expensive. The cheapest runes are 205 IP´s and the most expensive runes are 2050 IP´s.
Counting fast the most expensive rune pages can be... 9x4x820+3x2050=35670 IP´s.
Is it worth it to buy runes? TOTALLY!
It looks so small bonus to early game and/or late game, but thinking that if you have those, and enemy has thought that he does´t need those, and goes play some free weekly AD carry, you can totally dominate him!


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality
This is my primary AD carry build. Flat attack damage and armor are for laning face, they help out with farming and decreases damage taken from enemy AD carry. Magic resistance is there for late game content, because you should´t stack armor and magic resistance in game so much. Armor penetration is just normal to every AD carry.

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All AD carries use offensive build to maximize their damage output, but every AD does´t use same masteries, or neither runes. Here´s and example of my Mastery page which I use mostly on Corki, Urgot and Ezreal.

Something to notice in this the extra mana and movement speed. All those AD´s I mention above uses mana, and also shoots some sort of skill shots. Everytime they use skill shot their movement delays and then you lose range to their enemies. In general this is just basic build.

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Planning itembuilds.


Common things between AD´s

All AD carries must have high physical damage source, and reasonable amount of the survivability. Every AD has their own methods to deal damage, some of them has it in auto attack, some in skills and some in on-hit-effects. Still every AD uses Infinity Edge, and why? It´s simple, every AD carry uses auto attack in some point, either for farming or damaging baron/dragon/buffs. 25% critical change is really good with this item, 80 attack damage for 3830gold is really high prize, but you´re not buying it for attack damage, you´re buying it for the 250% critical damage. Also all AD carries buy lifesteal, other wise they would need pocket healer for every single second in game, and everyone should know how much AD carries are getting focused, they need the lifesteal.

Auto Attackers

Auto attackers such as Ashe and Sivir, need high attack speed to success in teamfights. Their potential to take single target is amazing, even though their abilities deal also AoE damage, but just their potential on their auto attacks are just terrific.

Skill related

Those AD´s who use skills to make the most damage are usually linked for high burst, but it´s not because of the skills only, they might build something which gives them some extra advantage for the skill, such as Sheen or Trinity Force. These items are like made for champions like Ezreal and Corki, because they both have the one ability which they can use in their rotation of auto attack> Mystic Shot>auto attack(with sheen effect). It maximizes their damage magnificently. People might be thinking like "Why sivir shouldn´t use trinity force?", my answer is just, because I did´t felt it would´ve been good for her, even thought it´s on her recommended items list.


On-Hit-Effects are really useful. Taking example from Miss Fortune, her Impure Shots increases auto attacks damage with magic effect which stacks when attacked on same target, and when activated gives 50% less healing receive debuff for each auto attack, and also attack speed. So much for one skill, it might sound really lame, but after all it´s one of the best abilities Miss Fortune has. With little extra high attack speed you can stack the on-hit-effect with other effect such as The Black Cleaver or just combining Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge.


About the recommended items, never use exactly the same build as the recommended item list tells you should get, they are just parts which won´t work together usually, every1 needs to learn the way what they need and in what order, example I build always Wriggle´s Lantern for Kog'Maw(because i´m ****** :P) and Trinity Force for Ezreal.

Basic Build
Item Sequence

Infinity Edge

Banshee's Veil
This is basic for every AD carry. It contains the Infinity Edge and Boots of Speed which every AD should get. Banshee's Veil isn´t totally necessary, but it´s really good to block spells.
Auto Attackers
Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves

Phantom Dancer

Vampiric Scepter
This build is totally focused on maximizing auto attacks damage. Doesn´t have any other purpose. This is just basic, you can add to this build more defense items, or more damaging items. Last Whisper is the best for damage, and Banshee's Veil for defense.
AD with skill related damage.
Item Sequence


Vampiric Scepter

B. F. Sword
This is just basic what you should build when you play Corki(example). Sheen is to build Trinity Force in late game, or why not in mid game. B.F. Sword is for you to choose what you want. Usually I don´t use Berserker Greaves when its spell related damage dealer, because you get your auto attacks global CD reseted with the most of spells you use, so extra magic resistance or armor isn´t bad at all.
Item Sequence

Vampiric Scepter

The Black Cleaver

Boots of Speed
Taking notice on The Black Cleaver, its really powerful item which gives attack speed and also shreds enemies armor when getting struck by auto attacks. Those who uses similar builds like this and has also some other passive on-hit-effect, can easily shred enemies carries a part, not even soraka can´t heal them enough.


I also use this recommended item list changer(link on credits), and I change it for the items I usually use on the certain champion. These build are not the completed builds, because you should build what you need against your enemies. It totally depends what you should build example against high physical damage team than really tanky team. USE BRAINS WHEN BUYING ITEMS AND REMEMBER TO USE WARDS AND ELIXIRS!

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Summoner Spells

Mirror Image

Choosing Summoner spells
I´m going to tell only what I use, I don´t really know how to tell you what to pick because every playstyle would need different summoner spells, and I can´t tell what everyone should get.

I personally use either Heal & Flash or Exhaust & Flash

After all those "close call" and "LUCKER" spams on /all from enemy I realized these are the best ones for me.

Using Summoner spells
Using Summoner spells on right target is important. In teamfights you always need to choose who needs to get, for example, Exhausted, Ignited or when you need to Flash away or after enemy.


Simply used on targets who needs to get focused down, so they will receive extra damage based on level, and also reduces healing received by 50%. Common targets are also, bulky bruisers and supports. NEVER USE IGNITE ON MINIONS OR TANKS!

Exhausts target slowing them and also reducing their damage for 2.5 second, and also reducing their resistances by 10. Its obvious to use this on the target who deals the most damage. Carries before bruisers, carries deal more damage, because bruisers have higher CD´s and usually they can only do 1-2 times their full combo, in one group fight. Carries in other hand will do damage all the time. Exhaust should be used on target who is preparing for burst down someone in your team.

The best spell ever! I thank everyday RiotGames for inventing something this useful, and every can use this! I tell you, you should only use this to escape! I use it also to kill someone, but only when i´m 99.99% sure I can get kill out with it. Other wise it will be waste and the cooldown is enormous. Really guys use it ONLY TO ESCAPE! Saves you from feeding enemy.


Try out your self what to use, and also notice what your team has for their summoner spells, example I have thumb rule that every team needs at least 1x Ignite, 1x Exhaust and 1x Heal.

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Just little notice about the farm. Farm is the most important think for carries. Without any farm you are not going to get any items. To help out your farm I prefer to go do custom games by your self and just learn to last hit. I don´t use skills primary to last hit, and you should´t either. It´s just waste of mana, which you need when engaging. About laning, you need to out zone enemies from exp range if it´s possible, so go check this YouTube video on credits, her voice is anoying yes, but she knows what she´s talking about.

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Ok every AD wants support with them, if they would get bruiser for example to their lane they would be totally underfarmed after laning phase. But if you want to succeed in your lane perfectly, you need to try out some combinations on your own.

Here´s few combos I find working pretty well:

Leona& Ezreal
Leona& Tristana
Leona& Corki
Leona& Twitch
Shen& Ezreal
Shen& Tristana
Shen& Corki
Shen& Twitch
Lulu& Miss Fortune
Lulu& Ashe
Lulu& Sivir
Lulu& Vayne
Nunu& Kog'Maw
Nunu& Ashe
Nunu& Sivir
Soraka& Graves
Soraka& Corki
Sona works with everything.
Janna works with everything.
Karma& Corki
Blitzcrank& Caithlyn
Blitzcrank& Urgot

And these are those who I remember!


I haven´t tried combos with few supports, such as, Alistar, Heimerdinger, Kayle, Lux, Maokai, Morgana, Nidalee, Nautilus, Orianna, Shaco, Taric or Zilean. (I have seen these "supports" on use in bot lane few times, but I haven´t find any working combo with those so if you have some great combo with those i´m happy to try it!)

Go try these, some of them might work with you really well and some not so much.

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Pros / Cons

-High physical damage
-Is required to have enough physical damage for the team
-Easy to farm with

-Really vulnerable
-Needs lots of gold to get maximum damage output
-Needs support, otherwise easy to 1 vs. 1 down.
-Hard to escape, not enough self mobility
-No spells to defend your self
-Focus number one!

Even thought pros/cons makes the kind of image that AD carries are all bad, but making right decisions and playing with team, makes you be really useful for the team.

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I wanna thank Stevii(EUW) and Matske(EUW) for helping me with this guide. Love you both and also people on EUW in general, you have been huge support for my livestream and this guide.

Please vote this guide and comment on it, all comments welcome. Please check out also my livestream!

Link for Recommended item list changer:

Link for Zoning guide:

Link for my livestream(Doing Livestream random times!):


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