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Miss Fortune Build Guide by astrolia

AD Carry AD Carry Miss Fortune

AD Carry AD Carry Miss Fortune

Updated on October 22, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author astrolia Build Guide By astrolia 685 29 5,797,883 Views 171 Comments
685 29 5,797,883 Views 171 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author astrolia Miss Fortune Build Guide By astrolia Updated on October 22, 2013
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The Guide

Miss Fortune is an AD Carry that has a strong lane phase thanks to her high base stats and dueling capability. Aside from her early game strength, she is also defined by her ultimate. The AoE is incredibly strong and makes her right at home with AoE teams. The Amumu and Miss Fortune combo has picked up the nickname "Curse of the Sad Bullet Time" recently. With her movespeed passive, she can also quickly clear minion waves then rejoin her team to push objectives. Miss Fortune has gained popularity recently thanks to nerfs to Ezreal and Corki, and is very capable of laning well with any support, even the more passive ones. By shutting down and denying the enemy AD carry early, she can look forward toward a bright late game.


The mana regeneration from Meditation can supply the vast majority of ADCs mana regeneration needs, without having to use mana regen runes. Additionally, because we're taking Cleanse, Summoner's Resolve is very beneficial. Thus, with that 1 point in defense, you can't make use of the 9 point talent in the Utility. Plus, with most ADCs starting Doran's Blade recently, the extra early health from Veteran's Scars is not as useful as it previously was. If you feel you don't need Meditation , feel free to pick up 9 points in the defense tree to round out your masteries. I personally find Miss Fortune to be fairly mana hungry, so I prefer the 21/5/4 route.


greater mark of armor penetration

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal compliments starting with Doran's Blade. You need some kind of innate sustain if you aren't going to start Health Potions. Life steal quints have been popular lately since they scale better than flat AD quints. If you have trouble last hitting or are being extra aggresive early, feel free to use Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage. Very early on, Miss Fortune relies Double Up to harass. Armor pen compliments skill damage, so Greater Mark of Armor Penetration is preferred over Greater Mark of Attack Damage. You have Impure Shots for some extra last hit damage anyway. You can also add a crit rune. () Read more Greater Seal of Armor helps you trade damage better with the enemy AD carry. Greater Glyph of Magic Resist are useful versus laners who rely on magic damage skills early game such as Sona, Zyra, Corki, or Leona. You could use scaling magic res too, but the flat versions are more convenient if you are playing blind pick and don't know who you're laning against.

Summoner Spells

Flash is a must-have on Miss Fortune. She has no gap closer but every other assassin character in the game has one. For your 2nd summoner aside from Flash, Barrier, Cleanse and Ignite are all good candidates.

Cleanse is great for a heavy crowd control team, or even just for cleansing the enemy's Exhaust during laning phase. I find the higher elo you get, the more attractive Cleanse becomes. Alternatively you can choose Ignite damage to compliment Miss Fortune's strong laning phase to help secure kills. Barrier is also an option versus, say, Karthus, or burst like from Evelynn. It's also pretty useful for dueling since it's like temporarily having an extra Ruby Crystal or Elixir of Fortitude to help you out.

In my opinion there are 2 very basic core builds for Miss Fortune: A generic AD DPS build, and a very manly AD caster-ish build.

Generic Sissy AD DPS Build

This is a fairly standard AD carry build. Start off with a Bloodthirster since it can stack to have the most AD. Having higher AD is very useful early game with Double Up since it doesn't crit. After, work on your Phantom Dancer to gain some autoattack DPS with crits, then a Last Whisper to deal with tanks in team fights. AD carries often need to hit whatever is closest, and that will 9 out of 10 times be a tank. You can also change it up a bit and go Zeal then Last Whisper then Phantom Dancer. After, you can buy a component for a defensive item (such as Phage if you want Frozen Mallet or Warden's Mail if you want Randuin's Omen). Next, buy an Infinity Edge for even further increased autoattack DPS, then finish off your defensive item. If you aren't in very much danger, you can start building your Infinity Edge earlier.

Manly AD Caster Build

When playing Manly Fortune, you basically want a bunch of Bloodthirsters because they give the most AD on any item, then a Last Whisper for piercing tank armor. This combo of items will make your Double Up and Bullet Time do something like 8 gazillion damage to everyone on the enemy team. If you have a lot of AD on your team, you can replace a Bloodthirster with Black Cleaver. You can use Berserker's Greaves early on, but you should sell them later and replace them with a Zephyr because frankly shoe shopping is a girl thing. Keep in mind that you're playing Manly Fortune. The obvious flaws to this kind of build are that having Bullet Time interrupted decreases your damage significantly, and that while you will be able to autoattack with Impure Shots's ASPD buff, you will do literally 0 crit damage since you have no items giving you above 0% crit. Guardian Angel is a pretty good survival item for this build because you won't die even if they kill you.

Disclaimer: The Guardian Angel in this build is a joke. The build itself is basically what Genja of Gambit Gaming builds on Miss Fortune. His team plays very aggressively and dives through enemy lines often leaving him to die. Thus, he builds stuff like Guardian Angel and Boots of Swiftness or Mercury's Treads. Guardian Angel does fit the "every man for himself" type of team, and it also helps when you know you can close out a game immediately / after the next big team fight and you need to live through it somehow. This is especially true on an AD carry because they're often the best member on their team for taking down towers and inhibs to close a game out. Otherwise, Guardian Angel is fairly outdated, and Warmog's Armor gives you more effective HP versus both AD and AP.

Other Offensive Items

If you're really ahead early game, grab Statikk Shiv instead of Phantom Dancer. Statikk Shiv's magic damage proc is stronger earlier in the game, whereas Phantom Dancer scales as time goes on and you get more AD items. Blade of the Ruined King can be bought if you're having a terrible time in lane and coming back to town with very low amounts of gold (translation: you're having trouble saving up for a B. F. Sword but you still need to come back to lane stronger). Black Cleaver gets applied with each wave from Bullet Time. It's not used in place of Last Whisper, it's used for the debuff when you have a lot of AD on your team (like a mid Kha'Zix or Zed).

Other Defense Items

These are some other options for defensive items aside from Frozen Mallet and Guardian Angel. Warmog's Armor makes you incredibly tanky vs both magic and physical damage, and it actually gives you more theoretical defense versus both types of damage than Guardian Angel's armor and magic resist does. Guardian Angel on the other hand is specifically built for the resurrection. Randuin's Omen is useful versus a lot of AD - tons of armor, tons of HP, and a way to kite melee. Banshee's Veil is useful for not getting caught out by stuff like Blitzcrank's hook, Malphite's ult, or poked down by Nidalee's spears. This applies pre-30, after 30, and at all levels of ranked gameplay. Mercurial Scimitar is specifically useful versus suppression champs since it's the only thing in the game that removes suppression. It's also useful versus lots of stuns and crowd control.


When to enchant your boots is highly situational. I tend to upgrade them quite a bit later in the game, but if you find yourself at base without enough gold to purchase a specific item but enough to enchant your boots, feel free. I tend to choose Enchantment: Furor. Enchantment: Homeguard also works for base defense, and the movespeed is hilarious with Strut. To be realistic, 8 out of 10 times you will probably get Enchantment: Homeguard because they save you time.


Going back to lane with Tear of the Goddess will make your laning pretty weak unless you're versus very unskilled opponents or bots. Muramana also doesn't do anything for her skill damage, only her autoattacks. The damage active only affects single target spells, and all of Miss Fortune's hit multiple targets. Runaan's Hurricane might sound good because of Impure Shots, except Impure Shots doesn't scale very well since you don't build AP. Compared to Statikk Shiv and Phantom Dancer, it doesn't give movespeed either.

Skill Info

Strut allows Miss Fortune a movement speed increase that ramps up over several seconds. Use this to roam the map, push objectives, chase opponents and position yourself in team fights. You can easily Bullet Time to push a wave then rejoin your team and push an objective or force a fight once the enemy team has sent someone to defend the lane you pushed.

Double Up is your basic harassing skill that can deal significant damage early to mid game, and also applies on-hit effects such as Blessing of the Lizard Elder and life steal. However, it can't crit.

Impure Shots is a strong ability that does many things for Miss Fortune. It's an Attack Speed buff, on-hit damage that scales to B. F. Sword damage after 4 hits, and even a healing debuff. This is incredibly strong versus self-healers and sustain champions like Soraka and Yorick, and more importantly other AD carries with life steal.

Make it Rain is an AoE slow and damage spell. Because it scales with Ability Power and deals magic damage, the damage for AD Miss Fortune is quite low. It does, however, give vision into bushes. Used primarily for the slow and vision.

Bullet Time is an excellent ultimate that deals a significant amount of damage, thanks to the recent buffs to it. It can be used to farm minion waves quickly, but be sure it's available, especially for early and mid game team fights. Late in the game, Miss Fortune's auto attacks will deal more DPS than Bullet Time on a single target, but if Bullet Time hits many targets then it's better than auto attacking. You should take into account how bunched up the enemy team is and how long they would be in the AoE to determine whether to continue auto attacking or using Bullet Time.

Skill Order




Double Up is good for doing damage in a level 1 fight, or just being aggressive the second you see the enemy champion in lane. You can use your Double Up damage to force aggressive damage trades as early as level 1 and win lane from that. If you can attack/move fluidly, Impure Shots also works for level 1 trades, but it did recently get nerfed.

However, taking Make it Rain first severely decreases your ability to be an aggressive laner. With lack of escape skill, Miss Fortune really needs to shine early game before team fights with bruisers start. You'll also want to max Double Up first. The harass damage you do with it is very strong. After, start maxing Impure Shots for the ASPD active and bonus damage. The healing reduction is also useful versus bot laners with sustain, like Soraka.

Once you've gotten Berserker's Greaves, your autoattack harass from Impure Shots's passive will be quite strong. Max both Double Up and Impure Shots by level 13, and remember to level your ult, Bullet Time, at 6/11/16.

Max Make it Rain last. The cooldown is quite long and it doesn't go down with levels. Not a high priority skill. (If you are feeling very Korean, you could not put a single point in Make it Rain until level 13.)


Miss Fortune is one of the stronger early game AD carries in the game. If played correctly, this early game power can snowball you into the mid and late game as a strong carry.

Harassing Because of Miss Fortune's strong laning, you want to force trades often with your Impure Shots and Double Up to force the enemy AD carry to miss minions or to take trades in your advantage. You can also use your Double Up to harass the enemy lane if they're standing behind the enemy creep wave by using Double Up on the minion when the enemy player is the closest target behind it. Also note that Double Up is an autoattack reset, so you can do autoattack -> Double Up -> autoattack harass very quickly. This will also apply 3 stacks of Impure Shots.

Last Hitting As with most characters in the game, last hitting and farm is essential for Miss Fortune. Work on your last hitting and always compare how your farm is compared to the enemy AD carry. If you're a beginner, try focusing on only last hitting and once you feel comfortable with it you start incorporating harassment and trading between last hits in. Using Greater Mark of Attack Damage instead of Greater Mark of Armor Penetration also helps your last hitting.

Utilizing Bullet Time Miss Fortune's ultimate, Bullet Time, was buffed in a season 2 patch, giving her significantly more threat once she reaches 6. Bullet Time is a long range AoE damage spell that can deal a significant amount of damage. Try to save it for when the enemy AD or support are in a position to stay in the AoE cone as long as possible to maximize damage. But don't be afraid to use it to clear the minion wave faster so you can roam or go back to town.

Supports There's no particular high synergy support for Miss Fortune. She can do well with any support whether they're a poke support, kill support, or a sustaining support. Even Soraka, who is considered very passive, can do a great deal for Miss Fortune by continuing to pump her mana through Infuse for more Double Ups.

Sona is a fairly common support these days. Her and Miss Fortune have great pokes, and her Crescendo creates perfect positioning for Bullet Time. Nunu & Willump can't heal, but he gives you more autoattacks and movement speed, and he can protect you very well with Absolute Zero.

If you have some spare gold after a town trip, it's a good practice to help your support out and buy a couple Sight Wards. They're fairly strapped for cash early game. Hopefully, they will eventually buy items that help you out as well, like Shurelya's Battlesong or Mikael's Blessing.

Team Fighting

Hopefully you took advantage of Miss Fortune's laning phase and are now a strong threat to the enemy team! But to be successful in team fights, you need to do three things.

Communicate... One of the biggest weaknesses of Miss Fortune is her lack of escape. It's absolutely crucial that you take advantage of Strut to position yourself in team fights to do the maximum amount of damage possible. Because of Miss Fortune's lack of escape, always inform your team when your Flash, Quicksilver Sash/ Mercurial Scimitar, or Guardian Angel is up or down to aid your initiator's decision on whether to engage a fight or not. patient... One of your biggest assets in team fights is your Bullet Time, but there's many ways to interrupt it. If you are running an AoE composition and you have a strong initiator who can crowd control people for you, such as Malphite or Amumu, be patient and wait for them to start something so you can try to get in as much damage with Bullet Time as possible. Once your ult is on cooldown, you're reliant on your autoattacks, Double Up's autoattack reset, and your items to do serious damage.

...and have good positioning This is an example of poor positioning for an AD carry. I had no vision of that bush with three people in it and got killed almost immediately. Had I waited for our team to gain vision on the rest of their team, I could have positioned myself behind our front line of tanks. As Chaox says, "Team fights are where truly good players shine, because there are far too many numbers to crunch."

As the AD carry, you need to be tucked away safely behind your tanks and hit whatever you can, but also do so effectively when enemies don't pose threats to you. New players often have the idea that they're supposed to hit the enemy carries. If you catch them by themselves, then yes you should be killing them. But in a 5v5 team fight, this isn't true. You yourself have built damage. You're not super tanky. You need to work your way through the enemy front line, or pick someone off if they have poor positioning. As they say in Mother Russia, "kill the closest."

While not a Miss Fortune clip, this replay clip from Marn vs CLG at MLG Dallas shows an extreme example of AD carry positioning as well as a team working to protect their carry. At the beginning of the fight, each team jumps on the other team's carry. Elise eliminates Tristana while the rest of Tristana's team leaves her for dead and bum rushes Vayne. This strategy actually makes sense for Marn's team: All 5 champions on Marn have a gap closer. They really want to jump in and blow someone up in seconds flat.

By constantly repositioning and switching targets, Vayne survives the fight with help from her team. She doesn't stand in one place the whole time, she constantly positions herself using Tumble and animation canceling. She doesn't dive into the enemy team to focus Tristana either. Not only that, but Vayne's team reacts to her getting jumped on by 4 enemy champions and they support her. (Of course, teams in solo queue won't be so kind.)

Also notable is how Vayne prioritizes her targets. She not only targets the closest, but she also switches targets when they're no longer threatening to her. An example of this is how at 10 seconds, Shen misses taunt on Vayne and instead taunts Ryze. You can see that switches targets to Shen because the rings from her Silver Bolts appear under him. A big part of being effective is knowing what the other champion can (and will) do.

Improving Your Gameplay
  • Learn how to cancel your animations. Generally remembering to "move while attacking" instead of just standing there like a big derp while you autoattack will improve your AD carry gameplay.
  • Get better at last hitting. The Creep Score Calculator illustrates just how much gold you're missing by not last hitting very well. You can walk around to dodge enemy skills, or you can hit "S" to hold your position while waiting for a minion to get low health before you last hit it.

That concludes the guide. Thanks to my friends and guinea pigs for their assistance in taking screenshots and such. If you'd like to check out my other guide, I also have guides for Quinn and Ashe.
League of Legends Build Guide Author astrolia
astrolia Miss Fortune Guide
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