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Ezreal Build Guide by Klawsqt

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Klawsqt

AD Ezreal The Right Way!

Klawsqt Last updated on November 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ezreal can be played almost however you want, and you might think some of my builds are ****, and sure some are better than others, but Ezreal is more about the skill than the items. If you know what you're doing you can adapt to either of these builds and still have a good game. I'm just giving you different options so that when you get tired of one build you can just switch to another.

First pick,

Next recall at 1400 gold

and 2

What this does is increases your damage on mystic shot by your BASE attack damage which should be about 69 at this point, it also boosts your AP a bit and the hp and mana pots are just for killing the lizard and still be at full hp and mana when it's dead, you do now have a lot of damage early game and you can still decide if you want to become AD, AP or a Hybrid. So this is your core build and you should get this every game, side laning or mid laning doesn't matter, this is the way to go.

Note that if you feel like you die too much early/mid game i advice you to buy either a or a , this will make you a little less fragile and hopefully give you that extra second of survival to kill an enemy. What item to get depends on the enemy team, if they have a lot of CC initiation and you feel like you'd have to buy later then grab the if not get the to build later.

*Update* I find it best to keep until you build your . Once your have your sell the to help build your .

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How to play Ezreal early game

First of all CHECK WHAT SUMMONER SPELLS YOUR OPPONENTS HAVE!!! And mostly check which ones the one going mid has (or those most likely going mid), you should take the mid lane, seriously you have way more power than most people think as Ezreal. Ezreal has a reputation of sucking, really bad. He has a reputation of being weak early game, with low hp and low damage output. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!! I've been playing so many games (and one just today actually) where players have told me that Ezreal sucks in the mid lane and every time i've got an apology, so too in the game i played today. Today Malzahar and Sion in my team started to complain that Malzahar should go mid because he's better, well maybe he is but that is very much up to the player not the champion. Anyway, when Vladimir from the enemy team shows up in mid my team is like, look now Ezreal will feed, when the clock hit 2:24 Vladimir was dead, you might think this Vladimir just sucked, but i've encountered more Vladimirs in mid than i can count and not a single one of them has beaten me. Truth is i get first blood in 90% of my games, and so can you if you just follow my guide.

I'm gonna ask you a question and i want you to think about it before you read the answer. What are your objectives when taking the mid lane?

You shall, while going mid:

- Make sure your enemy in mid is disabled, meaning he is a lower level than you and has less gold than you do, most easily done by simply killing him. Doing so will avoid the enemies mid champ (who's supposed to be the strongest among them for most of the game) to get powerful and be even weaker than his sidelane allies.

- Make sure the enemies at the sidelanes are lower level and has less gold than your side lane allies.

- Make sure their jungle is warded. If an enemy is missing and you are farming gold at mid what do you do? Continue to farm and risk getting ganked or do you back away from the creeps? Well you should back off, but if you warded the enemies jungle a bit and you notice that an enemy is getting the golem buff then you and your allies can continue doing whatever you please.

- Make sure you have control of their jungle buffs, or atleast part of it.
Basically you should while going mid make sure not only you are more powerful than the enemy, but make sure your whole team is and i will explain just how to do this. If you succeed with your objectives then your team willl have a major advantage and the game should almost be decided right there. Ofcourse even if you do everything right your mates can still feed the enemy or the enemy may be more skilled or have a better setup of champions than your team, but one thing is for sure, it will be better for your team!

This is not easy to do in every game and a lot of things can go wrong, but the more of these objectives you are able to complete the better for your team!

This game can trigger feelings which we cannot control, one of them is fear. We need to find a way to make the enemy afraid of you, if you do this then you can dominate just about anyone. In every game there is always a dominant one in the mid lane, he has the control. This person has to be you, and as Ezreal and with a little bit of practise it will be you. So start thinking right now, i am the dominant one and i am not afraid of anyone! The easiest way to do this is to be overly aggressive, and as Ezreal you can. Once the enemy has low hp he has to return to his tower only to stand there watching you as you farm while he isn't getting any gold or exp. Once he is pushed back it's very important that you continue to harass him SUPER FREAKIN HARD. Now that you understand that you can actually fear an enemy you can continue to read how to do it properly as Ezreal.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about which enemy champion to use as an example for this section, and i've seen a lot of people complain about Mordekaiser in mid. The problem most people have when facing Mordekaiser is that it seems like no matter how hard you harrass him his hp does not decrease, so most people just don't bother. Most players who play Mordekaiser will play him like this when going mid early game, they go to your creeps boost their shield hit a few creeps and back off, this way he will push more than you do, and you must not let him do this.

Here is what you do, you follow the creep in the front of your creeps and once you see Mordekaiser you immediately start to auto attack him (if you can land a mystic shot great, do it!), he will still try to boost his shield and then immediately back off, just follow him and continue to auto attack, his shield will be broken in one hit and the next will decrease his hp. Warning: if you attack an enemy champion with creeps around you will take aggro from the enemy creeps, so be smart and make sure he lose more hp than you do. After 6 seconds he will return to gain his shield again, be on your toes and when you see him walking to your creeps start attacking him (ofcourse if you can land a mystic shot, you should also do this) if you just continue to do this his hp will decrease more and more and eventually when he has about 50% hp you make your move (preferably when there aren't too many creeps around), you arcan shift in, pop ignite and exhaust and just give him everything you've got, this will kill him for sure. And now you have successfully completed one of your objectives, you have now made sure the enemy champion in the mid lane has less gold and exp than you do. You should still be having quite some hp left because Mordekaiser can't really do much damage to you yet. So while he's gone continue to last hit creeps with auto attack and regain your mana. When he returns he will be afraid of you and you should be about 2 levels above him (unless he has teleport, but seriously who picks teleport as mordekaiser?). Continue doing the same thing, be the dominant one. If he decides to test your might and tries to attack you, do NOT be afraid of his size and start to run, just stand still auto attack and use mystic shot and if you need to arcane shift away, but you should win a 1v1 battle against Mordekaiser, especially if you are a higher level than he is.

Now when you have 1400 gold you recall (You should be between level 5-7 at this point). Avoid recalling if his creeps are too close to your tower, you do not want to risk losing your tower over this. Anyway now you buy a Sheen, 2 health potions and a mana potion. Head for the lizard buff, if you have your ultimate you can use it and if you decide to use it then make sure it also hits the creeps in the mid lane, to make sure your enemy is not pushing your tower while you're away. Also when you start attacking the lizard, drink a hp pot and a mana pot to be at maximum health and (almost) maximum mana when the lizard is dead. Now with the lizard buff and sheen you will be dealing more damage than anyone on the map. So walk around the water to the mid section (he should have pushed his creeps to your tower at this point) and just kill him, your mystic shot will slow him and deal about 250 damage to him so you will kill him really quickly, now check which lane needs your help the most. Head over there and do not be afraid, you can kill just about anyone, with your superior damage and hp you can even take on 3 enemy champions at the same time, even if they all attack you, just stand still auto attack and mystic shot. I hope you understand that once you start to run in a fight you will lose, even if it seems like you will die atleast try to kill an enemy! When you're done with that lane head to the enemy lizard buff/golem buff depending on which one is closer to where you are, kill it and recall. Now grab boots and 2-5 wards quickly head back to mid because he will most likely be back by now. At this point the mid champion you're facing will die even faster, if you've followed my guide successfully he will be very gimped and you should have no trouble taking him down. When he's dead or has escaped with low hp run to the other lane kill them and take the buff closest to you. Now start warding their jungle, ward their lizard, golem and the dragon. If you have wards left place them around the mid section to avoid getting ganked.

You can continue to harrass all enemies on the map as long as you like or until team fights break out. Since you have control of their jungle right now, take advantage of it!! Try to avoid leaving buffs for the enemy team and snipe them with your ultimate or just head there once you see it's back again.

Now if you did this correctly you have completed all your objectives! You have made your team superior to the enemy team. You have warded their jungle. You have gimped their mid champ. You have control of their jungle buffs. GOOD JOB!!

If this sounds like it's a bit too much then take it one step at a time, starting by killing the enemy in mid!

So let's say you're not a very skilled Ezreal or the mid champion you're up against is just really good, or you're just having a really bad start. then you probably wonder what should i do now? Let me tell you ;)

Just farm gold from creeps, if you died once by the enemy mid champ it would be stupid to try to kill him, he is higher level now and has more power than you do and you no longer have the upper hand. So just farm until you have 1400 gold and now proceed with the plan, meaning grab sheen and lizard buff and now you can easily take back the command of the mid lane.

But Klawsqt, what if we have a jungler, he will take all the buffs?

If this happens you take the enemy lizard instead.

But Klawsqt what if they also have a jungler?

Well then you ask your jungler if you can have the second spawning lizard.

But Klawsqt what if he don't want to?

-.- then you ward the enemy lizard and steal it from him!

If you find this strategy to be impossible or if you think everyone i've faced must have been noobs, then i'm sorry but you are not as skilled as you think you are. Just because you can't do it doesn't mean nobody else can, so if you don't believe me, try it for yourself and i'm sure if you're skilled with Ezreal already you will have no problem doing this. If you do not know how to counter a specific enemy check out the section "Tips and Tricks to counter specific enemy champions in the mid lane".

If you have any more questions about this or about anything leave a comment and i will add an answer to this guide.

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Summoner Spells

I want that early kill, if you get a good start it's a lot easier to own later in the game, and an + combo usually results in a first blood. I love this combination and without them i'd have a much harder time getting that first blood. I promise you that if you practise a bit you will improve your game if you use these two summoner spells along with my runes and masteries, They can also be useful throughout the whole game. I know a lot of players like having a defensive summoner spell, but i'd say try to take advantage of the fact that Ezreal already has a spell quite similar to flash and now that i'm used to not having any defensive summoner spells i really don't miss them.

However those are just my recommendations if you don't like them i'll give you a few other options.

- Well it's great and all, and on Ezreal you can double flash with it, but since they are removing it from the game why bother working on it? Anyway if you still choose this as your spell i might as well give you a few pointers. It can be used both defensively and offensively. You can tower dive with arcane shift and immediately flash outta there. It's a great spell for any champion really, but at the same time i get the feeling it's sometimes a bit useless on Ezreal, atleast in my play style. But don't get me wrong it can be good, but when it comes to getting that first blood, it can't really help you much.

- This spell is great overall, if you're playing AP you can use it to chase or to escape, as AD it's mostly escaping though since with my playstyle you're gonna have the lizard buff most of the game so if you're kiting someone they'll be slowed and killed so quickly you won't really need it for chasing, great escape spell though, if you like it a lot then take it.

- I used this spell for a long time on Ezreal i didn't think i could survive without it, i had mana regen runes i had mana regen items but i wasted so much mana that clarity was a must for me. Nowadays i've learned how to save my mana for when it's important and i'm rarely out of mana even with no mana regen runes or items. So if you're like me when i first started playing Ezreal and you feel that no matter how much mana or mana regen you have you still want more, then this is the spell for you. It's mostly useful early game and the reason i don't like it anymore is that it can't save your life or kill someone. Try to learn to live without it!

- Well, it doesn't really work well on Ezreal, if they target you you're kinda dead even if you cleanse your way out of their crowd control, but hey maybe it might save you sometimes, i've never really used it.

- It's a great spell, i like it a lot, mostly when i just recalled and a team fight is coming up, but i rarely use it on Ezreal because i don't have to recall ever early game because i'm never harrassed enough to recall, and when i first make my recall i head to the lizard buff anyway so i won't need it to get there. However if you are playing a more safe playstyle, without the lizard buff and you get the feeling you will get owned in mid then by all means take it, it will reduce the level gap between you and your opponent in mid by a lot, so for that it's great. And since your ulti can take care of creeps around a tower you don't need Teleport to go there and kill them.

- Really good spell, it gives you a lot of map control, however i do not use it because if you just pay attention to the side lane enemies you won't get ganked, and even if you get ganked when you have sheen, lizard buff and elixir of fortitude they won't succeed with the gank anyway, unless they are like people ganking you and you have low hp. And if you've followed my guide and put wards around the map you will have enough map control anyway.

- Also a spell i used in my early games as Ezreal, my arguments to use it was "Hey if i have low hp i can lure my opponent to attack me and then i use heal and BAM i kill him instead". Now that might seem like a good way to go, but then i met a player in mid with ignite. I had low hp and i lured him to attack me and as soon as he did i poped heal, but to my suprise i was ignited so my heal spell was heavily reduced and he killed me. And from that moment on i never used it again, now i just laugh in peoples faces when i see someone in mid with heal, as soon as i attack they pop heal but they die anyway so it's kind of a waste of summoner spell. Ofcourse it can save your life a lot of times, like when karthus uses his ulti and sure it's nice to heal your team in the middle of a team fight but again it won't help you in getting your first blood, atleast you can't count on it.

- Not even gonna discuss this one, just don't take it.

- Same thing no discution, just don't take it.

- Well if you think Ezreal is a great jungler then sure take it.

I'd highly recommend + , or atleast pick one of them.

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Confidence is key to owning the mid lane, i often get questions like "What to do if my enemy is more aggressive?" or i get comments like "You faced a noob". What these people fail to see is I actually know what is going on in my enemy's brain. Players who goes mid are usually quite passive, they focus mostly on last hitting with the occasional move of harassment, some champions are better at harassing and they will be more aggressive because of this, but what almost no other player expects is an overly aggressive player, almost no other player expects you to charge them at level and the result of doing this causes the enemy to panic. Players who panic do stupid things that they normally don't do and they will most likely make mistakes that will cause them to get killed.

Players play their best when they have confidence, this happens mostly when they sense that they have a feeling of power, for example when they are fed. At level A though, they only have confidence when they get the feeling they are stronger than their enemy. So to answer all those questions I get about players I face being noobs or not aggressive enough, the answer is I have more confidence than they do. If you fail against your enemy in mid your opponent had more confidence than you.

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The importance of last hitting


I am not an expert on this myself, recently i've started to really practice my last hitting, going into practise games just to practise. The optimal idea would be to last hit every creep while at the same time killing your enemy but that is very hard to do so we would need some kind of guideline on how much time to spend on killing the enemy.

A great thing about Ezreal is that he has a long range attack. Between last hitting you can easily hit an enemy with mystic shot if you get the chance to. As an AD carry you can also harrass the enemy with an auto attack every now and then. At some point you should find an opening to combo your opponent down. So how many creeps can i miss to benefit from my kill? The answer is about 15 creeps. If you miss more than 15 creeps due to harrassing the enemy you will have wasted gold.

What's not calculated in this is the loss of gold for the enemy champion, while you miss 15 last hits the enemy should also miss about 15 which is good. As Ezreal you have the power to force the enemy to retreat and not get last hits which is great. You also have the power to kill the enemy quickly.

How to last hit

here isn't really that much i can say about how to last hit, if you see a creep with low HP kill it. There are however a few tricks that you might not know but you should know.

1. If 2 creeps are low at the same time and are both being focused by your creeps, auto attack one and mystic shot the other.

2. If the enemy creeps are under your tower then the melee creeps needs 2 tower shots to have low enough hp for you to last hit, so wait 2 tower hits then last hit. The ranged creeps has lower HP and will die from 2 tower shots but will not have low enough HP for you to last hit it after 1 tower shot. What you need to do to kill a ranged minion under the tower is either mystic shot it right after a tower hit or auto attack it 2 times. It's quite hard to pull off every time and you need to focus to do it properly. As soon as you see the tower charging up for the first shot at a ranged creep start auto attacking it, you will then be able to attack the minion 2 times while the tower does it only once.

3. ALWAYS look at all three lanes and spot which lane is gonna be pushed next. Whenever you see a big wave of enemy creeps closing in on your lane run there as fast as possible to grab the last hits.

4. If all the lanes are pushed and you have no creeps close to any of your towers then don't just run around doing nothing, if there are jungle creeps go kill them, if your team has warded the enemy jungle then you can even grab some gold in their jungle. Remember, every time your not out getting gold you are wasting time and you should always be greedy. If you see a huge creep wave but you know you won't make it in time shoot your ultimate should give you around 100-200 gold. Ofcourse you shouldn't use your ultimate to kill creeps while you are running into a team fight but you know what i mean.

5. After a team fight don't just teleport back right away, (assuming you won the team fight and are alive) the look if there are any enemy creeps closeby you can last hit and on your way there go through the enemy jungle (if the fight was on that side and if it's on the way to the creeps) kill everything in sight, take the enemy minions and THEN recall. Even if you have low HP with the life steal you have you'll have full hp in no time. You should not do this if the enemy team has too many players alive and the jungle is not warded at all.

In conclusion, last hitting is just as important as kills. Practise to get better. Combining kills with creep kills is the way to go, focusing only on creeps isn't good and focusing only on kills isn't good you need both to maximize your gold per minute. So just be greedy think of everything as gold and take it whenever possible.

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Annoying Ezreal Tricks

Some tips and tricks i've picked up or forgot to mention before.

I've watched some Ezreal players play and one thing i've noticed is that they don't time their mystic shots. By timing i mean it should have the same rhythm as your auto attacks. To make it simple let's say you shoot 1 auto attack each second. When you use an ability you stop auto attacking for the duration of the animation of your abiity. So if you were to cast an ability right when you were supposed to shoot an auto attack the auto attack would be canceled and you would then need to wait 1 second in order for your next auto attack to shoot.

So whenever you're fighting a champion, the lizard or anything that requires you to use a lot of your abilities ALWAYS use them right after you have shot an auto attack for INCREASED DPS!

Another little trick that i REALLY love is how to screw with a Malzahar.

This is a little hard to pull off but when it does work it's awesome and you can laugh that malzahar in his face. One thing i've noticed is that once you start the animation for your ultimate it cannot be canceled by a silencing spell like Malzahar's Call of the void. So if you're deciding to go head to head with a malzahar and you notice he's starting the animation for call of the void immediately start your animation for trueshot barrage and it will still launch and by the time your trueshot barrage is finished the silence will be gone. Yeah, take that Malzahar!

The slippery hand of Blitzcrank.

This is a similar technique but using Arcane shift instead. We all know how annoying it is to be grabbed by Blitzcrank and it usually results in you being dead. Working up your reflexes will save you and also grant you a laugh in Blitzcranks face! Whenever you see Blitzcranks animation for Rocket Grab starting be ready if it's about to hit you start your animation for arcane shift. Even if he hits you and starts pulling you pack your arcane shift still trumphs his rocket grab and you will jump out of his hand and it will look as if you made a longer jump than usual, and you are making a longer jump.
This can be done with any snare, stun, pull or any form of CC, if you learn to time it right you can escape in time for their CC to wear off.