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Malzahar Build Guide by Amneziaad

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Amneziaad

Ad Malzahar its fun to play and works

Amneziaad Last updated on June 3, 2013
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Hey Guys my name is Max ( Amnezia) and welcome to my first Guide on Mobafire i love to play strange builds an try to break the Meta . AD Malzahar is one of the most funbuild ever. You should watch this video before

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Pros / Cons


+ High Burst Dmg
+ Wins every 1v1
+ Fuuuun Build
+ Break the Meta
+ Adc that brings Silence,Stun
+ Fastest tower push on earth
+ Awesome Farm
+ Voidlings
+ Malzahar has awesome Skins if you ask me

- Weak against fast Champs or Champs with escape mech like nid Kassa
- Its kind of troll :D
- Your Team will hate you
- High mana waste cause you need to spam abilitys for voidlings
- Kinda squishy

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Explanation of my Runes:
Marks: are easily to explain the Strength in this Build are my Voidlings they copy some of my Ad and my Armor Penetration . Thats why i need Amor Penetration.
Glyphs: Def is allways nice
Seals: See Glyphs Defense is allways nice to have
Quintessences: More Penetratiooooon

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Summoners Wrath: You still take use of Ignite if its on Cd more Ap and more Ad means more Dmg and if you take exhaust you can lower the def of your enemy .

Sorcery: CDR is your most important stat with Amor Pentration.

Butcher: We need one more Point for the End talent of the Skilltree .And it makes Farming a little bit faster .

Deadliness : More Ad sounds awesome to me

Destruction : If you have this Skill and 3 Voidlings + 300 Ad Dude i tell ya you will be the fastest pusher ever

Havoc: More Dmg <333

Weapon Expertise :Pentration :D

Brute Force : Moreeeeee DMG <33333

Sunder : Pentration like allways

Durabillity : More Health

Resistance : More Mr if you know your enemy and its ad swap

Wanderer : We need movement speed so we can burst down enemys which try to escape

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Ability Tipps and Tricks

When in Base Spam your abilitys so you get passive Stacks without wasting Mana and have them earlier rdy on lane.

Try to allways kill the Enemy/Minion which has MALEFIC VISIONS on it so you restore Mana and ofc try to allways have 1 malefic vision up better two so enemy has hard time to farm and you easy time.

Skill Combos :
You Start every fight with malefic vision so your voidlings will focus the enemy BUT never start a fight without having a voidling better start one with 2 or nearly 3 or 1 and nearly two but be sure you have one or you will get one.

2Voidling + 3 Stacks Fight

E R Q should give them the rest but if they surrive or e is not on the enemy use your e

1 Voidling +3 Stacks

3 Stacks

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Boots :
Berserkers: Attackspeed so you can attack faster and hit the enemy down with your autohits.

Ninja Tabi : Against Ad laners or a strong ad enemy team

Mercurys: Against Ap lane or a strong ap enemy team

Swiftness: AD Malz needs a lot of Movement speed if you are not fed or haven´t got your items yet so you can run after escpaping champs


Homeguard : if your team got pushed to your inhibitors so you can def more easily

Furor : If you are winning so you cant run easier after champs

Dmg Items :

Black Cleaver : This is a must have it gives you cdr amor pentration health and ad your 3 of 4 of your most important stats .

Muramana : Also a must have you can spam abilitys and get a lot of Ad also the passive makes you stronger

youmuu´s ghostblade : Cdr ,Amor Pentration , movement speed ,ad this item has all of your 4 most important stats and gives crit and attackspeed if you ask me this is also a must have item

last whisper : Tons of Dmg and 2 important stats

hextechgunblade: Sustain cause of the vamp and gives a little piece of ap so your abilitys will also deal dmg and you can farm more easily with your e the passive slows your enemy so you voidlings will bring him the death easily

Trinity : Tons of Dmg and Sustain and you can slow the enemy

Zephyr : Movement Speed , Cdr and Attack Dmg also gives you sustain cause of the passive buy this item against teams with much cc

Rageblade : awesome item if your team is back you will get more op the lower your lp are .

bloodthirster : More Ad and Vamp nice item but i wont buy this there are much butter ones for Ad Malzahar

Spirit : Cdr , BUUUUUUUUUUUURN , Ad and mana + health reg

Def Items :

Frozen m: Slow+ Health + Ad <33333

Veil : You often get focused and you squishy so buy this item and it stacks with muramana more dmg :)

Visage : more Vamp , more health and ofc most important cdr

warmogs : if you are to squishy and need to be more tanky

gauntlet: An Amazing Items bad *** with murmana more amor , massive slow , cdr , and more dmg cause of passive and ap

zeke´s : more ad dmg and vamp for everbody , also hp and cdr for you awesome :D

scimitar : more Dmg magic resist ad a save for you