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Shaco Build Guide by balzdeap

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author balzdeap

AD shaco to 2k+ elo Dominion

balzdeap Last updated on November 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Might remake the build... I didnt enforce comments for votes and it got thumbed and I dont know why....There are not many decent guides to dominion. I have decided to give out my perfect Shaco build. I do this mainly because I want the dominion community to grow and I have become bored with playing Shaco. I've played Shaco with this build to the top .1% of elo on dominion. Easily 20+ kills every game and usually first place on contribution. I have had 10 wins in a row with all first places with this build. Just saying that so that you know it is a consistent build. Having said that you still have to understand Shaco’s limitations and over all how to play the champion. Even though this looks like a glass cannon build do not look at it in that way. Shaco is a strong champion because his skills allow him to get away with not building tanky at all. If you want to go ad tank there are much more viable champs. My grammar is terrible I don't really care that much =). Feel free to ask any questions or make comments or see the build in action.

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Summoner Spells

Starting with summoner spells. It is very simple. You must take Revive in dominion. This is not an option it is a must. There are so many reason and examples of why it comes into play and why other summoner spells are not as viable. I will give one. I found myself taking Ghost when I was new to dominion. I found the only times that I would Ghost would be right after I rezzed to get back to top quickly and stop the other team from capping. You get 2-3 revives a game which give you a speed boost (basically a Ghost) to get to top or bot as quickly as possible and pick up kills that you might have missed.
I take Exhaust for my second summoner. Why? Two reasons. One, you are already extremely fast and Ghost is not needed to get away or chase someone down. Two, you need Exhaust to stand up to tanky ad carries when your Hallucinate is down. Sometimes you even need it when your Hallucinate is up against heroes like Jax and Darius in a 1 on 1 situation.
Ignite is not viable because of how much you need Exhaust to mitigate damage and because you don’t need to dot someone for a kill if they get away because they can not get away.

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The Masteries give you the best possible AD damage output. This build also gives you some cool down reduction because there is none in your item build. Arcane Knowledge was just the best selection because you already have four points in Sorcery. I take 3 points in Resistance to mitigate a little of the poke at the beginning top fight. Speaking of starting and top fight...You must always cap mid as ad Shaco. AD Shaco is a ramp up champion and the extra 100 gold is huge. If someone claims that you must go top to drop Jack In The Box they do not know what they are talking about. As ad Shaco your Jack In The Box do almost no damage, there is true sight on the actual tower and they will most likely be taken down by random poke. Furthermore, you will hit level 4 right as you are making it to top and get your second point in Two-Shiv Poison making your poke better. I would suggest setting up Jack In The Box so that you are able to run more than for offensive purposes if they have a lot of poke or the fight is not going in your favor.

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Skill sequence

Basically with your first 3 points you take a point in each of your Q,W,E ( Deceive, Jack In The Box, Two-Shiv Poison). You want to max your Two-Shiv Poison as quickly as possible because until you get your B.F. Sword you are putting out small amounts of damage with your normal attacks. You still take your Hallucinate every chance you get but max your Two-Shiv Poison as quickly as possible.

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Rune Build

With almost any champion in dominion you want to stack level runes whenever possible because you start at level 3 and continue to level quickly passing the flat runes shortly into the game. In a normal map you might stack armor pen for Shaco. However, there is already passive armor pen that everyone receives in dominion so because of diminished returns on stacking more it is better to just stack attack damage with Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage and Greater Quintessence of Scaling Attack Damage. Shaco’s attack speed is very slow and even when you have Phantom Dancer you still do not attack fast enough. For lack of level attack speed runes you have to take Greater Seal of Attack Speed for your seals. End game you will find yourself living and dying within seconds of your skills coming off of cool down. For this reason you must take Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction.

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The item order is as it looks. The nice thing about ad Shaco in dominion is that you do not have to change up your item build for different team comps. If you don't believe me I can show you in a game on my stream for 5 games it really does not matter. You can change it up slightly but I would not make any major changes. The only thing I occasionally do differently is get B.F. sword prior to Zeal if I get a quad at the start or don't die or have to go back to heal for a while.
Now I realize that simply telling you the item build is perfect doesn't convince many people so I will go item by item and explain. Prospector's Blade gives you 200 health and 20 damage which will help you stay up in the first team fight and through out the game. It is a solid all-around item and even adds 5% life steal which is handy to have late game when it stacks with your other life steal items. Boots of Mobility allow Shaco to move around the map quickly and gank bottom or top when needed. There are long periods of time when Shaco is out of combat and these are perfect for that. Infinity Edge is extremely important because it offers increased critical strike damage which stacks with Lethality . Also it gives increased over all damage and 25% crit chance which is highly needed. Phantom Dancer gives Shaco a sustained source of increased movement speed unlike Youmuu's Ghostblade which only offers 4-8 seconds of movement speed. It also gets Shaco's attack speed where it should be and increases crititcal strike by 30%. Shaco needs to stack life steal end game so you grab the best life steal item in dominion which is Sanguine Blade. This also adds a lot of damage so it scales well against the enemies tankier late game items. Finally you get the only other viable life steal item which also adds more crit which is Executioner's Calling.
Basically you want to stack crit, damage, attack speed, movement speed and life steal. This build gives you all five of those things.
The only other thing I would change is that against Teemo and only against Teemo I would get Mercury's Treads. The only reason for this is that Noxious Trap is going to ruin your Boots of Mobility by putting you in combat. So you might as well take the magic resist and tenacity.

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Team Work

So at the start there is a big fight top where people are going to blow their Revives on death. On the chance that you do not win top there are 3 things you can do as a team but only 2 things you can do as Shaco. First, if you have a coordinated team, if you lose top you can go to the enemy’s mid-point and begin capping. At least two of your teammates should be in the jungle to pick off players as they come to stop you with one pushing top point. If on the off chance the enemy champs run to you but not through the jungle get a half cap and gank bottom. This is nice because it is another 100 free gold and 1 of their players pre occupied. Second if you do not have a coordinated team, (usually when you que solo) go kill bottom. Burn bottoms Revive then peel back up to top as you won't be able to get the point because of the Revive and your cds are down. This should make one enemy peel to bottom from top to help. When this happens your team should push top hard. If you still fail to get top then wait 2 minutes after the enemy Revive was use on bottom lane and gank him again. The two minutes will give exactly enough time for the Revive extra health to wear off. You are a mobile champ. Move around pick up kills don't die and its gg. DO NOT OVER EXTEND ALONE TO THEIR MID WHEN YOU CANNOT GET A CAP. I cannot stress the importance of not over extending.

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current issues/things to look out for

Alright so if you do not know by now there is a problem with Blackfire Torch. Obviously it is an overpowered item. However, it is somewhat manageable on any champion except for Teemo. Late game you will be hitting Noxious Traps that do 500-1000 damage even with Mercury's Treads. The only way to counter this if you do not have a three cap is to go and push and take and hold bottom. This gives the emeny team a huge advantage as your cap is so close to the enemy base. Also pushing minions top and not running through jungle might work. However, there are most likely mushrooms on tower and this is a slow process that they can prepare for and have the advantage of defending without any surprise. Will this get nerfed eventually? Yes. Until then I would suggest countering a Teemo with a Teemo on your team. The problem makes the game boring and stupid but I have no other answers.

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I'll add pictures of runes in the guide section and other stuff later. Working on another guide.