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Sion Build Guide by phoenixlizard

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League of Legends Build Guide Author phoenixlizard

AD Sion OP - Now, I'm dead serious!

phoenixlizard Last updated on December 22, 2013
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Hey! Welcome to my Sion guide!
I haven't really been playing AD Sion a lot, but I've studied other players, and this guide is basically just the information I've managed to dig up. (Whoa, long sentence!)
The guide contains the item builds/strategies that has been THE MOST SUCCESSFUL for other players.

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Why AD Sion?

"AP Sion has better earlygame!"
Durrr.. And what happens in lategame?! He sucks!

AD Sion, however, is BROKEN if you get to lategame, and imo, you almost ALWAYS get to lategame!

"Pfft, you won't reach lategame with Sion! Your team will surrender at 20 because you fed too much!"
Wrong.. Common misebelief is that AD Sion has weak earlygame, but the key is playing defensively, farming under turret, until you get your Ravenous Hydra.
Sion is like Nasus, weak until lategame, where he eats everyone!
Same with Poppy, only she has a HORRIBLE laning phase..

If you start playing AD Sion, you'll have the satisfaction of doing a 1v5 pentakill sooner than you think!

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- Best lategame (In my opinion)
- Broken ultimate
- Low ELO stomper
- Crazy lane sustain past-6


- Can be kited easily if beginner.

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Summoner Spells


You should ALWAYS pick ghost!
This spell is really good with Sion, especially when you get your Phantom Dancer.


Do I really need to explain this one? Everyone know ignite is a good choice!


It's good if you wanna stay in lane all game/splitpush, but hinders your killing potential a little bit. (Without ignite)