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Ahri Build Guide by KST Midnight

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KST Midnight

Ahri - The 9 Tails Fox [UPDATED - Patch 4.5]

KST Midnight Last updated on April 4, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

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Utility: 9

Hey guys! This is Midnight and welcome to my Ahri guide. It took me some time to make this guide so I would appreciate if you guys would read this completely and give me some decent feedback!

Ahri is a very fun champion to play. Although she's quite difficult to master, you can do a lot of great plays with her. She's one of the champions which can burst you down without a chance of retaliating. Once she lands her Charm on you, "GG WP". She's also pretty versatile and can re-position herself during teamfights with the help of her Spirit Rush.


+ INSANE burst
+ Has the ability to 1v1 almost anyone

By just her standard skill combo, she already has an insane amount of burst. And it increases by tenfold or more with Deathfire Grasp -- and because of that she has the ability to 1v1 almost anyone -- Even Teemo.

- Has low mobility without Spirit Rush
- Skillshot Heavy

Don't get me wrong having high mobility and re-positioning power is also her pro but, when Spirit Rush is on cooldown, she's basically just a walking-nine-tailed-squishy. She's so skillshot heavy that it makes her inconsistent.


Sorcery is an all-around great mastery because it provides 5% CDR for just 4 points in Tier I! You never wanna miss that one right? Butcher isn't really a big mastery but it sorta helps you with last hitting with your auto-attacks and spells. Mental Force is pretty much straight-forward, AP per level, done. Feast adds a tiny amount of sustain in lane which can/might help you in certain occasions. Arcane Mastery gives Flat AP, straightforward. Executioner is just really good -- it guarantees a cleanup combo against low HP champions. Archmage increases your AP by a %, pretty straightforward still. Devastating Strikes is a great mastery for Ahri and most offensive champions because MPen is really good on burst/nuke mages. Arcane Blade increases your harassing potential using your auto-attacks by a little bit, but it's really neat. Havoc increases your damage by a %, straightforwardly great. Fleet of Foot helps Ahri compensate a little for the lack of mobility she gets without her Spirit Rush. Meditation increases your mana sustain early game, making you last longer in the laning phase. Summoner's Insight allows your spells to be up faster which is neat, eh? Runic Affinity -- Allows your blue buff to be with you for 30 more seconds! Amazing!


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Ignite: A really good summoner spell for a lot of reasons. Mainly for kill securing but it can also help shut down those nasty healing/regenerating maniacs. (e.g. Aatrox, Dr. Mundo, Garen, etc.)

Flash: Probably the mostly used spell in the game for high leveled summoners. This is probably because it can help in chasing/escaping or even to combo it up with Spirit Rush.

  • Essence Theft: This can make you have more sustain in lane which in turn, allows you to be extremely aggressive, that's what makes this passive so strong.

    TIP: It's very wise to use Orb of Deception for your passive, if and only if it hits 4-5 or more targets on both ways. If not, then better use Fox-Fire instead.

  • Orb of Deception (Q): This skill is very strong indeed. It help your wave clear speed, and because it deals true damage on the way back, it'll surely hurt your lane opponent.

    TIP: Landing a successful Charm can help you land Orb of Deception easily. If needed, re-position yourself by using Spirit Rush or Flash to hit your Orb of Deception accurately.

  • Fox-Fire (W): Pretty straightforward skill overall, and is quite useful for dealing more damage with your Charm and Orb of Deception combo.

    TIP: A big minion wave isn't a problem! Just make sure to position yourself near the enemy champion and the Fox-Fire will prioritize them over any minion that's nearer to you.

  • Charm (E): Ahri's extremely strong skill. Don't you find it amazing for a spell that makes the target walk slowly towards you and amplifying your damage to the target by a bit?

    TIP: Always try to use Charm before your other skills for an easy combo. The standard combo is usually Charm -> Orb of Deception -> Fox-Fire.

  • Spirit Rush (R): Ahri's main mobility skill. This skill makes her extremely difficult to chase or to escape. Once you hit 6, the lane pressure you put on the enemy mid laner gets to a whole new level.

    TIP: Don't just spam your ultimate because of the damage. Be wise enough to re-position yourself while you can (but not too far) from a teamfight.

Starting Items

It gives you a slight amount of AP and HP that will surely help early game and have extra mana sustain.

Even if you have Essence Theft, you'd still need more of these to help prolong your sustain in lane. This should be bought AFTER buying a Doran's Ring until your gold runs out.

Take this trinket because... why not?

Boots of Choice

This is what you'll mostly end up with since, Magic Penetration.

I don't usually go for this but I advise you only take this if the enemy team has tons of Hard CC or even atleast your enemy mid laner has a hard CC.

Core Items - Offensive

This item's active, makes the enemy carries cry like Amumu. Aside from the AP that it gives that'll obviously increase your damage output, but if you use Deathfire Grasp before your Charm combo, it'll literally disintegrate them in a matter of seconds.

The whole point of this item, which is probably applicable to every AP Carry right there, is the HUGE amount of AP that it gives. Which in favor, allows you to deal tons of damage.

Core Items - Defensive

A really decent item for AP Carries, because this saves them from sticky situations. This might be a good idea to rush when against AD Mids. Oh and this item's pretty useful when negating strong ults like Ace in the Hole.

This item allows you to cast spells continuously without the need of the blue buff. The CDR and MR that it gives is pretty decent too.

Viable Offensive items

There's nothing better than Void Staff when countering someone who is stacking magic resist. Get this after your core items and you'll shred them! (and their MR)

Don't get this that often. Unless your against someone with a low range (preferably melee) which will allow you to harass them even more. Do note that you can cast up to 6 times which (obviously) grants you 6 times to trigger Lich Bane.

I don't really take this most of the time, and I feel like it's only useful to counter champions who can regenerate quickly when they're on low health (e.g. Tryndamere, Dr. Mundo)

Viable Defensive Items

Provides a decent amount of AP and MR. The MR is great for reducing the damage taken from the enemy AP Carry AND the aura helps you deal slightly more damage to them.

This is very useful for Ahri, no kidding. It allows you to survive longer in lengthy fights/teamfights AND applies a slow on all your skills which will greatly benefit your entire team.

Pretty straightforward if you ask me. Gives you extra MR, HP and a decent passive that'll help you block CCs.

Provides decent armor and magic resist. Straightforward still -- basically you enter a fight, deal some sick amount of damage, die & revive, fight again (but be careful).




Ability Sequence
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Special Thanks to jhoijhoi for the guide on how to make a guide, which you can find here.

  • 12/23/13 - Guide Created
  • 03/19/14 - Completed Summary Chapter.
  • 03/19/14 - Completed Introduction Chapter.
  • 03/19/14 - Completed Pros / Cons Chapter.
  • 03/19/14 - Completed Masteries Chapter.
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  • 03/22/14 - Guide Published